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15 Things You Didn't Know Your iPad Could Do

15 Things You Didn't Know Your iPad Could Do


Uncover 15 astonishing features of your iPad that are likely new to you. iPads harbor numerous hidden functionalities that significantly enhance how you use them. Whether it's activating orientation lock or finding emojis, these features are both practical and convenient. Delve into the video to understand more about these incredible capabilities and how they can enhance your iPad experience.

Toggle Orientation Lock based on App

Are you aware that your iPad's orientation lock can automatically adjust based on the app in use? This can significantly improve your user experience and add convenience. Here’s how to set it up:

Step-by-step guide:

I. Open the Shortcuts app and click the plus button.

II. Look for "Orientation Lock" and select "Toggle" to activate it.

III. Create two shortcuts: one to enable and one to disable orientation lock.

IV. In the Automations tab, craft a personal automation and pick the app you want the orientation lock to respond to.

V. Select "Run Shortcut" and choose the relevant shortcut.

VI. Turn off "Ask Before Running" for a smooth experience.

VII. Save your automation, and you're ready!

Now, the orientation lock will automatically activate or deactivate according to your preferences whenever you launch the specified app.

This feature is a boon, removing the hassle of manual adjustments and ensuring optimal screen orientation for each app you use.

Search Emojis on the Emoji Keyboard

Did you know that the Emoji Keyboard now allows direct emoji searches? This convenient addition in iOS 14 makes finding and using your preferred emojis a breeze.

To search, simply access the Emoji Keyboard on your iPad. Notice the search bar at the top. Tap it and begin typing the name or description of the desired emoji.

As you type, the keyboard will display relevant emojis. Select the one you want, and it will be inserted into your text or message.

This feature saves time and effort, eliminating the need to scroll through countless emojis. Whether expressing feelings, adding flair to your texts, or just having fun, the Emoji Keyboard search is a true game-changer.

Use Emoji Keyboard as a Trackpad

A lesser-known feature in iPadOS 14 is using the Emoji Keyboard as a trackpad. This allows quick emoji entry without shifting fingers to the keyboard.

To enable this, open the Emoji Keyboard on your iPad. Notice the small space button. Press and hold this to activate trackpad mode.

In this mode, slide your finger across the Emoji Keyboard to navigate the cursor. This enables easy emoji selection and entry without toggling between the keyboard and the screen.

Particularly beneficial for frequent emoji users, this feature streamlines the typing process and eliminates the need to switch keyboards, offering a seamless typing experience.
Note that this feature is exclusive to iPadOS 14, so ensure your iPad is updated to utilize this handy capability.

Using Search to Access Apps

The revamped Search feature in iPadOS makes app access a breeze. Directly access apps through Search, saving time and effort.

With a physical keyboard, press the command button and type the app's name. The app will appear in the results, allowing you to launch it with a single click.

Without a keyboard? No worries. Activate Search access via AssistiveTouch. Go to Settings, then Accessibility, and turn on AssistiveTouch. Customize the double-tap action to activate Search. Now, a simple double tap lets you search and open any app.

Keyboard or not, using Search to access apps is a convenient, efficient way to navigate your iPad.

Calculating with Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search on your iPad doubles as a calculator. This hidden feature lets you perform quick calculations without a separate calculator app.

Swipe down on the home screen to access Spotlight Search. Type your mathematical expression, like "2+2" or "sqrt(16)".

Spotlight Search instantly displays the result. Tap and hold the answer to copy it for use in another app or document.

This built-in calculator is a boon, removing the need for third-party calculator apps. It's always ready with just a swipe and a few taps.

However, if you prefer a dedicated calculator app with advanced features, the App Store offers many options, including PCalc, Calcbot, and Calculator HD.

Whether you use Spotlight Search for quick calculations or opt for a third-party app, having calculation capabilities on your iPad is handy and improves your iPad experience.

Utilizing Guided Access

Guided Access, an underutilized iPad feature, lets you disable touch or specific screen areas, ideal for limiting user interactions.

To enable Guided Access:

i. Go to Settings.

ii. Tap "Accessibility," then "Guided Access."

iii. Toggle on Guided Access.

With Guided Access on, you can disable specific screen areas:

i. Open the app you want to restrict.

ii. Triple-click the Home or Side button to enter Guided Access mode.

iii. Tap "Options" and select "Touch."

iv. Draw circles to disable touch in those areas.

Available on both iPhone and iPad, Guided Access is great for parents limiting children's app access or individuals minimizing distractions while using certain apps.

Creating Transparent Widgets on iPad

Transform your iPad's home screen into a personalized space by adding transparent widgets. Here's a step-by-step guide to achieving a custom look:


• Ensure your iPad is updated and you have the Widget app installed from the App Store.

Setting the Scene:

• Go to the home screen page where you'd like your transparent widget to appear.

• Capture a screenshot of this page. This will be used later to blend the widget seamlessly with your background.

Creating Your Widget:

• Open the Widget app and tap on "Manage."

• Select the widget you wish to customize.

• Opt for a transparent background setting within the app.


• Upload the screenshot you took earlier as the background image for your widget.

• Adjust the size and position to fit your aesthetic and functional needs.


• Drag and place your newly customized transparent widget back onto your home screen.

• Arrange it to complement your layout for a unique and personalized appearance.

Note: With the release of iPadOS 15, the process of creating transparent widgets may become more straightforward, reflecting Apple's ongoing commitment to user customization. Keep your device updated for the latest features and enhancements.

Using Sidebars for Organizing

Sidebars in iPadOS are great for organizing files and albums. Easily drag and drop items between folders or albums to stay organized.

Tap and hold a file or picture to move it to another folder or album. Rearrange files and pictures quickly without complex maneuvers.

Sidebars also let you preview albums and set main pictures, so you can see album contents before opening them and choose a representative main picture.

Sidebars make organizing files and albums on your iPad convenient and efficient, helping you manage your digital content effortlessly.

Customizing Wallpaper Adjustments

Your iPad lets you adjust wallpapers separately for the home and lock screens, offering a personalized touch.

Access wallpaper settings in the Settings app. Tap "Wallpaper," then "Choose a New Wallpaper."

After selecting a wallpaper, tap "Set" and choose to apply it to the home screen, lock screen, or both. Adjust the wallpaper by pinching, zooming, or dragging.

If your iPad has multiple accounts, set different wallpapers for each, enhancing each user's experience.

Enhancing Spotlight Search within Apps

iPadOS's revamped Search feature makes accessing apps easy and quick, directly from the Search function.

With a physical keyboard, press the command button and type the app's name to open it from the Search results.

Without a keyboard? Use AssistiveTouch. Enable it in Settings under Accessibility, then customize the double-tap action to activate Search. Now, a double tap lets you search and open any app.

Search also makes managing tabs in Safari easier. Tap the search bar to see and switch between open tabs or close them without leaving the current screen.

This enhanced Search functionality is a boon for iPad users, offering quick and efficient app access and navigation.

Setting Signatures for Multiple Accounts

Customize your email signatures for multiple accounts in the Mail app to manage and personalize communication.

In the Mail app, go to Settings, scroll to "Mail" or "Mail, Contacts, Calendars," and tap "Signature." Select an account and enter your desired signature. Repeat for each account.

Having different signatures for personal and professional use helps maintain a consistent brand image or convey different messages.

This feature is available on both iPad and iPhone, allowing easy customization of email signatures on any iOS device.

Adjusting Keyboard Size

Adjust your iPad's keyboard size to switch between a small and large keyboard based on preference and typing style.

Activate the floating keyboard by tapping and holding the keyboard icon on the bottom right. Drag the floating button anywhere on the screen. The smaller keyboard is easier for one-handed typing or smaller screens.

To revert to the larger keyboard, drag the floating keyboard down or pinch out on the regular keyboard.

This feature, available on both iPad and iPhone, provides a seamless experience across Apple devices, letting you customize your typing experience.

Searching on a Webpage

1. Initiate the Search:

Tap the Share button on the Safari interface.

2. Select "Find on Page":

From the options presented, choose "Find on Page."

3. Enter Your Search Term:

A search bar will appear. Type the text you're looking for into this bar.

4. Navigate the Highlights:

Safari will highlight occurrences of your text on the page, making it simple to locate and navigate to the specific content you need.

5. Alternative Access:

Alternatively, you can access this feature by tapping and holding the search bar in Safari. This provides a direct route to initiate a text search within your current webpage.

This functionality is particularly useful for pinpointing information or key terms in lengthy articles or webpages, efficiently saving you time and hassle.


The video highlighted 15 incredible, lesser-known iPad features. These functionalities enhance your experience and make your iPad more convenient.

From app-specific orientation locks and emoji keyboard searches to using the keyboard as a trackpad and the enhanced Search feature, these capabilities are both practical and time-saving.

The video also covered calculating with Spotlight Search, using Guided Access, creating transparent widgets, adjusting wallpapers, organizing with sidebars, customizing email signatures, adjusting the keyboard size, and searching webpages in Safari.

By exploring these hidden features, optimize your iPad usage for a more personalized and efficient experience. Thank you for watching, and remember to subscribe for more iPad insights!


Common questions related to iPad features include device compatibility, feature availability across models, and resources for enhancing the iPad experience.

1. Is the iPad compatible with other devices?

Yes, iPads integrate well with iPhones, Macs, and Apple Watches, enhancing productivity and convenience.

2. What features are available on different iPad models?

Some features are universal, while others depend on specific models due to hardware limitations. Check your iPad's specifications to see available features.

3. Where can I find resources to enhance my iPad experience?

Apple's website offers guides, tutorials, and tips. Online forums and communities also provide valuable insights and recommendations.

4. Can I ask more questions in the comments for future videos?

Yes, feel free to leave additional questions or concerns in the comments. They may be addressed in future videos or responses.

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