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7 Majedaar AI Tools you Should Try in India

7 Majedaar AI Tools you Should Try in India


The remarkable surge in the popularity of AI tools in India has been a game-changer for both businesses and individuals. These innovative tools have transformed various sectors, paving the way for growth and increased efficiency. Amidst this technological revolution, there are concerns about AI's impact on employment.

For businesses, AI tools have been a boon, enabling the automation of tasks, sophisticated data analysis, and more informed decision-making processes. They've significantly enhanced customer service, refined product recommendations, and streamlined overall operations. Individuals have also benefited greatly, as AI tools have simplified and improved the efficiency of tasks such as crafting professional emails, summarizing content, and generating polished responses.

Despite the redundancy of certain jobs due to AI, it's crucial to recognize the emergence of new career paths in areas like AI design and analysis. In today's digital era, it's imperative for both individuals and businesses to experiment with and adopt AI tools to maintain a competitive edge. Embracing these technological advancements is key to driving innovation, boosting productivity, and achieving greater success.

AI Tools for Image and Video Editing

AI tools have brought a significant transformation in the realm of image and video editing, offering users advanced features for automation and creativity. Here's a list of seven intriguing AI tools worth exploring:

1. Thumbnail, Overlay, and Layer Creation Tools:

• Discordio and Subsequent:

These AI-powered tools are excellent for crafting captivating thumbnails for your videos. They offer easy-to-use features for adding overlays, text, and multiple layers, enabling you to create visually striking graphics.

2. Realistic CGI Image Generation Tools:

• Microsoft Bing's Photosonic and Stable Diffusion:

These tools are superb for generating realistic CGI images. They have the capability to turn basic sketches or rudimentary structures into detailed, lifelike images, making them ideal for graphic design endeavors.

3. Automated Email and Message Writing Tools:

• GPT-3 Writer Extension and Voiceify:

Crafting professional emails and messages can often be a tedious task. These AI tools simplify the process by generating automated, well-structured email replies. Just input your message, and these tools will assist in producing professional and grammatically accurate responses.

4. Tools for Summarizing and Generating Professional Responses:

• Summarize It! and Runway ML:

For those overwhelmed by lengthy emails or documents, these tools can be a lifesaver. They specialize in condensing extensive texts into concise key points and can generate professional responses, significantly saving time and effort.

These AI tools represent just a fraction of the extensive potential AI holds in the domain of image and video editing. By incorporating these tools into your workflow, you can significantly boost your creativity, productivity, and efficiency in a variety of projects.

AI Tools for Music and Sound Effects

AI advancements have significantly impacted music and sound effects, bringing about a revolution similar to what we've seen in image and video editing. Let's delve into seven exciting AI tools that have made waves in this arena:

1. AI-Driven Music and Sound Effects Creation

• Tools like Teleport HQ and Reface AI:

These platforms are a boon for musicians and content creators, simplifying the process of crafting music and sound effects. They offer a plethora of choices for exploring various genres, instruments, and styles, enabling the composition of unique and appealing tunes.

2. Transforming Text into Imagery and Videos with AI

• Runway ML and Subset:

These innovative tools are capable of converting written text into images and videos. You just type out a description or a script, and the AI generates corresponding visuals or animations. This feature is particularly handy for producing captivating content for platforms like social media or for enhancing presentations.

3. Personalized Music Creation Based on User Preferences

• Music Gen (Facebook) and Runway ML:

These AI tools excel in analyzing your musical tastes and crafting personalized tracks. Regardless of your preference, be it pop, rock, or classical, they can produce music that aligns perfectly with your style. Imagine having an AI composer that understands and caters to your unique musical palate!

4. AI for Text-to-Speech and Voiceovers

• TensorPix and Runway ML:

These are ideal for adding a professional flair to your videos or podcasts. Capable of converting written text into lifelike speech, they are perfect for crafting voiceovers or narrations without the need for an actual voice actor. This not only saves time but also allows for complete control over the voice's tone and style.

The realm of music and sound effects has been greatly enhanced by these AI tools, offering a canvas for limitless creativity. Whether you're a professional musician, a content creator, or someone who loves experimenting with audio, these AI innovations are certainly worth exploring!

AI Tools for Design and Creativity

AI tools are transforming the landscape of design and creativity, offering users groundbreaking and efficient features. Here's a rundown of 7 exciting AI tools worth exploring:

1. AI Tools for Image Manipulation and Design

Innovative tools such as Discordio and Subsequent enable the creation of captivating thumbnails for videos. These tools allow the addition of overlays, text, and various layers, significantly enhancing the visual appeal of your thumbnails.

2. Creating Interactive Designs Without Coding

AI solutions like Microsoft Bing's Photosonic and Stable Diffusion are capable of turning basic sketches or frameworks into detailed, lifelike images. This feature is especially beneficial for graphic design projects, where realism and detail are paramount.

3. Using AI to Upscale Image Resolution

TensorPix stands out as an exceptional tool for upgrading the resolution of low-quality images. It transforms these images into high-resolution versions, improving clarity and detail significantly.

4. Generating QR Codes and Colorizing Images

Tools such as QR Code Generator and Hotspot Colorize serve dual purposes. They not only generate QR codes for a variety of uses but also bring black and white images to life by colorizing them, adding a new dimension of vibrancy and aesthetic appeal.

These AI tools open up a world of possibilities for designers and creative professionals. They empower users to unleash their creative potential, streamline their processes, and create stunning, high-quality designs and visuals.

AI Tools for Enhancing Video Editing and Animation

The advent of AI tools has been a game-changer in video editing and animation, offering a blend of automated efficiency and creative possibilities. Here's a roundup of seven intriguing AI tools to enhance your video projects:

1. AI-Enhanced Video Editing Tools

Tools like Discordio and Subsequent leverage AI to assist in crafting eye-catching thumbnails. These tools simplify the process of adding overlays, text, and multiple layers, making it easier to produce visually striking graphics.

2. Animation and Cartoon Creation

For those venturing into animation, platforms such as Microsoft Bing's Photosonic and Stable Diffusion are top picks. They specialize in turning basic sketches or rudimentary structures into detailed, lifelike images, ideal for animations and cartoons.

3. Text-to-Video Conversion via AI

Innovations like Runway ML and Subset are breaking new ground by converting text into images and videos. Input your script or description, and watch as these tools bring your words to life in visual or animated form. This feature is particularly useful for crafting captivating social media content or dynamic presentations.

4. AI-Powered Video Language Translation

To broaden your audience, AI tools such as TensorPix and Runway ML are invaluable. They can transform text into natural-sounding speech in various languages, perfect for creating diverse voiceovers or narrations. This not only saves time but also significantly extends the reach of your videos.

These AI tools are a boon for video editors and animators, fostering creativity, efficiency, and the ability to produce remarkable visuals and animations. They are worth exploring, regardless of your skill level, to elevate your video editing and animation expertise.

AI Tools for Real-Life 3D Rendering

The world of 3D rendering has been transformed by AI tools, offering users incredible automation and creative possibilities. Let's delve into 7 fascinating AI tools that are a must-try:

1. Creating 3D Models and Characters with AI

Tools such as Blender and Bundle Dynamics are at the forefront in crafting realistic 3D models and characters. These tools enable you to substitute characters in videos with AI-generated models, infusing your projects with a new dimension of life.

2. Enhancing Videos with AI: Lighting, Emotions, and Movements

Bundle Dynamics and Blender are equipped with features that allow for the adjustment of lighting, emotions, and movements in videos. This means you can precisely control the atmosphere, facial expressions, and actions of characters, adding depth and realism to your creations.

3. Exporting and Enhancing Projects Using Blender Software

After completing your 3D rendering projects, they can be exported for further refinement using Blender. This software is a powerhouse, offering an extensive array of video editing and animation tools.

The advent of these AI tools for real-life 3D rendering has unlocked a realm of endless creative possibilities for artists and designers. Regardless of your skill level, these tools are invaluable for elevating your 3D rendering capabilities.

Ethical Considerations and Responsible Use of AI

As AI technologies become increasingly advanced and prevalent, understanding and addressing their ethical implications is essential. Here are some critical aspects to consider:

1. Addressing the Misuse of AI in Fabricating Videos

A significant concern is the misuse of AI in fabricating videos, particularly with deepfake technology. This AI-driven method can alter videos to falsely portray someone saying or doing things they haven't, potentially leading to the spread of misinformation and reputational damage. It's vital to prioritize responsible AI usage, ensuring the authenticity and trustworthiness of video content.

2. Ethical Responsibility of AI Tool Users

Those who use AI tools bear the responsibility of ethical usage. This involves employing AI in a manner that respects individual rights and privacy, minimizes harm, and fosters fairness and transparency. Understanding the societal impacts of AI and making informed decisions about its application are key components of responsible usage.

3. Role of Government Regulations and Reliable Sources

Government regulations are instrumental in guiding the responsible usage of AI. They can set norms and standards for AI development and application, aiming to benefit society at large. Additionally, utilizing official and credible sources when employing AI tools is crucial for averting the dissemination of false information.

4. Cultivating Trust and Authenticity Online

AI has the dual capability to generate and identify false content. Promoting online trust and authenticity involves using AI to validate information and detect fraudulent content, countering misinformation and helping users trust the content they encounter.

In conclusion, by acknowledging these ethical concerns and employing AI tools responsibly, we can leverage AI's potential for positive outcomes while mitigating its risks. Staying informed and educated about AI ethics is imperative for individuals and organizations to make conscientious choices in their AI usage.


Here are some frequently asked questions about AI tools:

1. Are these AI tools suitable for beginners?

Yes, many AI tools are designed with beginners in mind. They come with user-friendly interfaces and step-by-step guidance to assist newcomers in getting started.

2. Are there any free AI tools available?

Absolutely, there are several free AI tools accessible to users. These tools provide a variety of functionalities and serve as an excellent entry point for individuals and businesses interested in exploring AI without a significant financial commitment.

3. Which AI tools are popular in India?

India has seen the rise of several popular AI tools, including Discordio, Subsequent, Microsoft Bing's Photosonic, Stable Diffusion, GPT-3 Writer Extension, Voiceify, Summarize It!, and Runway ML. These tools have gained popularity due to their effectiveness and user-friendly features.

4. How can AI tools benefit businesses?

AI tools offer numerous benefits to businesses. They can automate tasks, analyze data, and assist in making well-informed decisions, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity. Additionally, AI tools can improve customer service, personalize marketing strategies, and optimize overall operations.

5. Is AI already regulated by the government?

While there are currently no comprehensive global regulations governing AI, governments worldwide are actively working on developing regulations. Their focus is on addressing ethical considerations and ensuring responsible AI use to harness its positive impact while preventing misuse.

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