iPhone 14 Plus Review: Comprehensive Look at New Model website
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Apple iPhone 14 Plus: A Bigger iPhone for the Masses

Apple iPhone 14 Plus: A Bigger iPhone for the Masses


Introducing the incredibly amazing member of the iPhone family—the Apple iPhone 14 Plus—available exclusively on our website, Filpz.com. The all-new model packs in cutting-edge technology with aesthetics and a user-friendly design, synonymous with Apple. The biggest feature of the 14 Plus iPhone is the new massive 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display that gives super color vibrance, plus unmatched clarity for all your visual content.

The A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 14 Plus peaks performance while gaming, streaming, or just using most apps at once. The device also boasts better battery life, which lets users enjoy longer times of use without frequent charges. For lovers of photography, the iPhone 14 Plus now hosts a new dual-camera system, giving gigantic enhancements in low-light and high-resolution shooting to make everything beautiful.

The iPhone 14 Plus would also emphasize the user's safety with all-new Emergency SOS via satellite and crash detection features to set smartphone safety standards like never before. These are features designed to put the mind of the user at ease in critical times and cement Apple's stance on user security.

The iPhone 14 Plus is priced starting at Rs 52,500, all the way up to Rs 61,000, and is available on Filpz.com to give price-sensitive options. Find this elite gadget on our website and walk in the world of smartphone technology.

Prices and Availability

Introducing the all-new Apple iPhone 14 Plus, only available on our website, Filpz.com, for buyers who have unlimited choices and a desire to remain technologically current with the latest smartphone. Buyers can purchase this smart gadget within the price range of Rs. 52,500 to Rs. 61,000, depending on the model and specifications that the buyer opts for.

At Filpz.com, it is to be ensured that the availability of each variant of the iPhone 14 Plus is to such an extent that it would leave no wants of our varied customers. Be it more storage space or color preferences, our site has you covered with all the details.

iPhone 14 Plus—larger in size and for those interested in gaming, streaming, or just wanting a larger view of their screen in general usage. We are proud to provide an exclusive platform for the latest Apple releases. Your purchase experience with us is associated with competitive pricing, full explanations of the products you are shopping for, and the convenience of having your new iPhone delivered to your door. Shop with us and experience competitive pricing, complete explanations of the products you seek, and the convenience of having your new iPhone sent to your door. Find out today why the iPhone 14 Plus is the number one choice of millions of smartphone users around the globe, only at Filpz.com.

Design and Build Quality

The Apple iPhone 14 Plus is nothing but a stunner, available on our Filpz.com website. Its form factor is huge but still elegant, giving the vibes of the Pro Max models, only a bit lighter. The model sports a robust build with a flat glass back, smoothly rounded corners, and a flat aluminum frame that brings a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Strong build, fully rated IP68 for water resistance up to 6 meters deep—so it can be used in day-to-day practicality and with style.

It centers around a beautiful 6.7-inch OLED display capable of displaying visual elements with an approximate 460 PPI density.

The large screen can bring about a maximum brightness of roughly 800 nits; combined with HDR10 and Dolby Vision, the iPhone 14 Plus has excellent contrast and color accuracy, so it can only satiate the eyes of the most demanding customers.

While a higher refresh rate may be missed by some, it is a bright, vivid display that gives a very nice experience and truly enhances everything from video streaming to web surfing.

And it is for the same reason that anyone interested in purchasing this luxurious gadget will part with an amount ranging from 52,500-61,000 INR on Filpz.com. It is because of this price range that makes iPhone 14 Plus a priceless option in the next-level technology with equally high-quality design in the smartphone industry.

Battery Life and Charging

Both batteries—the one in the Apple iPhone 14 Plus and that in the Pro Max model—add up to 4,323mAh in capacity. While the Pro Max model enjoys a better endurance rating than the iPhone 14 Plus, which managed to pull up an endurance rating of 102 hours in proprietary tests, it still pales in comparison to the Pro Max stellar 121-hour endurance rating.

The iPhone 14 Plus also supports 20-watt Apple fast charging. After the feature test, the phone charged from zero to 47% in only half an hour, which is definitely an instant and convenient option for users.

Sound Quality

Available on our Filpz.com website, the Apple iPhone 14 Plus is a model with audio capabilities par excellence. The model falls in the price range of Rs. 52,500 to Rs. 61,000 and is loaded with the latest stereo speaker setup, resulting in rather full and clear audio output. The quality of sound remains crystal clear and full of life, be it music one is listening to, a video one is watching, or simply on a call.

However, with the way things were on the iPhone 14 Plus, it seemed quite hard to beat it in loudness and clarity, hence making it a prime candidate for audiophiles who also want a phone that doubles up as a great audio device. The speaker quality is good enough to diminish distortion at very high volumes yet still carrying a very natural, balanced sound profile across different types of media. That means every sound, from deep bass to piercing treble, gets rendered just right.

Even with spatial audio support, it feels great with the iPhone 14 Plus. The feature gives 3D audio, whereby one is made to feel like the source of the sound is surrounding them. It becomes quite noticeable when one uses AirPods or any other compatible headphones; it almost makes it feel like you've been put into a theatre experience right off your device. The complete audio quality of the iPhone 14 Plus is engineered to amaze, up for grabs at Filpz.com. It will bring anyone the very best expectations from a smartphone at that price, worth the investment for anybody who cares about super quality audio output from a mobile device.

Performance and Chipset

It's got an A15 Bionic under the hood, not the current A16 Bionic, but still churns out excellent performance in any sort of benchmark. The chipset churns out almost exactly on a level with last year's iPhone 13 Pro Max, with five GPU cores in it. The iPhone 14 Plus is furnished with 6 gigabytes of RAM and offers storage options of either 128, 256, or 512 gigabytes—space enough to meet the user's needs.

However, it's worth noting that there is no 1 TB storage option for this model.

Softwares and iOS 16

Apple iOS 16 on the iPhone 14 Plus offers a lot of changes over the earlier version. Now, it is not like it has brought some revolutionary features with it, but surely the overall experience gets enhanced. Even the lock screen, not always as functional as the one in the Pro Max, allows you to have notification previews and add widgets.

These would be accommodated in several layouts of the lock screen in iOS 16 that can accommodate plenty of diversity. In other cases, the Focus profiles feature would manage to have different forms and work in different contexts to make the users more adaptable.

There is also new functionality on the Focus profiles, where a user can now connect emails and messaging apps to the Focus so that it filters the message and notification from the source. It also has new updates featuring different apps such as FaceTime and the wallet app, which overall improve the experience with its software. Moreover, it adds another dimension of connectivity users have by being able to use a region-specific satellite connection, thus improving their communication and data accessibility capabilities.

Performance in Daylight

This Apple iPhone 14 Plus, only available on our website Filpz.com, is superlative in taking the most delightful photos and videos under daylight conditions. This model, priced from Rs 52,500 to Rs 61,000, is continuing to impress with camera capabilities. There is a 12MP main sensor on board, which does extremely well in the taking of daylight photos with plenty of detail and vivid realistic colors.

Noise is quite low in the images, and though it is not a very wide gamut, the dynamic range is actually quite competent; well-balanced exposures are easily achieved in most shots one will attempt under the most challenging light conditions. It holds on to that visual consistency of which Apple is known.

Though there is a slight tendency for the processor to overcook finer textures, like leaves or grass, to appear smoother than they do in reality. The portraiture by the primary lens really stands out in the photos. Good subject separation is a feature of the camera, whereby it is able to distinguish very well where the subject ends and the background starts, as well as blurring the background nicely.

This complements the object focus very nicely, and it allows for portrait photos to be shot in a pro look. The iPhone 14 Plus pairs the main camera with an ultra-wide 12MP camera. This offers a broad enough field of view to make it great for wide landscapes—or even capturing detail in architecture. In broad daylight, the ultrawide camera manages to keep the images pretty detailed and contrasting, reproducing colors quite accurately and even managing dynamic balance.

The only problem is the close-up photography that this can be applied to is restricted by its focus—although it still manages to capture excellent shots that are both sharp and filled with color. Overall, the iPhone 14 Plus in Filpz.com is a very good pick for people who want to click high-definition photos during daylight settings, offering manifold features appreciated by casual as well as serious photographers.

Performance in Low Light

The iPhone 14 Plus captures clean and detailed photos while taking shots through the main camera. When the scene gets dim, the details in the shadows are pretty well maintained, while night mode ensures clean, detailed, and well-exposed images with some impressive output even under harsh lighting conditions. It also features automatic night mode processing with its ultra-wide camera photos, which balances exposures to enable colours to pop in low light, though it does so somewhat at the cost of detail levels as compared with daylit shots.

Selfie and Video Quality

Apple iPhone 14 Plus, available only on our site Filpz.com, has prices varying from ₹52,500 to ₹61,000 that comprises the best selfie and video recording features. Enabled by solid autofocus, the advanced front-facing camera captures images of high quality and resolution, containing skin tones and textures in a very natural form. The selfie camera pulls out each shot clearly and vibrantly for daily captures and more official portraits.

There is no doubt that with video recording at up to 4K, 60 frames per second, and beyond in some instances, the iPhone 14 Plus is by all means the best in the lot. The result, hence, is extremely smooth videos in high detail with low noise and rich, accurate colors. In addition, users can take advantage of the advanced phone stabilization features that reduce camera shake to give a steady, professional-looking footage.

This is proved most useful when making dynamic videos on the go; the quality of video is not to be compromised because of the moving environment.

All in all, the iPhone 14 Plus comes with an amazing combination of high-quality selfie and video recording features, making this a top choice for content creators and day-to-day users. And this will ensure performance in capturing vivid and LIFO images and videos and will definitely make a mark in this aggressive smartphone market. With these features, get an iPhone 14 Plus today on Filpz.com and get more details and buying options on the same site.


The Apple iPhone 14 Plus is literally the best device buyers looking for a combination of perfect performance and generous real estate can opt for—only on Filpz.com. Priced at Rs. 52,500 to Rs. 61,000, this model is endowed with value for a suite of features set to up the ante for everyday phone use.
The device features an expansive screen, thus boosting the viewing experience in everything from streaming videos to gaming and browsing. The new iOS with the iPhone 14 Plus is so magical; fluid interaction and amazing responsiveness are sure to be stunning. Another drastic improvement made is the increase in battery life, which has been improved greatly to guarantee its users get extended use without necessary frequent charging.

The camera enhancements are massive, with advanced sensors that take beautiful pictures under any kind of lighting. This makes the iPhone 14 Plus a good selection for photography enthusiasts.
Therefore, with your purchase of an iPhone 14 Plus from Filpz.com, you are reassured on two premises: it is a genuine product, and the customer gets it at competitive market rates and unbeatable after-sale services. That really does make the iPhone 14 Plus the intelligent choice for anyone wishing to upgrade their mobile technology.


1. Key features of iPhone 14 Plus on Filpz.com?

iPhone 14 Plus with a big 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display gives an immersive visual experience with colorful details. A15 Bionic chip powers smooth performance across applications and gaming, further enhanced by an advanced dual-camera system for optimal results in low light or high resolution. More peace of mind comes with innovations such as Emergency SOS by satellite and crash detection.

2. How does the battery on the iPhone 14 Plus fare?

The battery life is rated at 4,323mAh on the iPhone 14 Plus, good for extended use. The battery also supports fast charging and can reach about 47% in 30 minutes with a 20W adapter. Even though this variant does not last as long as the Pro Max version, it still manages to trump the standard iPhone 14, so this will be a fine option for those users who need longevity without frequent recharges.

3. Can you describe the camera features of the iPhone 14 Plus being sold on Filpz.com?

At the same time, the iPhone 14 Plus clearly outshines the OnePlus 10 with an equally powerful 12-megapixel dual-camera arrangement. It renders good to great images, especially with natural, well-lit conditions in the environment, whereby photographs are taken with a lot of detail and vibrancy. The main camera has a good dynamic range and performs well in low light. Additionally, the device has great subject separation in its portrait mode, so it can shoot pictures professionally with a bokeh effect. The ultra-wide camera is amazing in expanding views to capture a great landscape or an architectural detail.

4. What are the audio features the iPhone 14 Plus is offering to bring out great user experiences?

Other than that, the iPhone 14 Plus comes with an awesome pair of stereo speakers that spew quality audio for both a clear and rich output, hence great for music or videos. Besides, these support spatial audio for a fully immersive sound experience that feels like 3D audio space, thus enhancing the general multimedia experience. These features indeed make the iPhone 14 Plus a powerhouse for all categories of users who give primary importance to the best sound quality in their smartphones.

5. What is the reason behind the purchase of an iPhone 14 Plus from Filpz.com?

The iPhone 14 Plus sits in a bracket ranging from Rs 52,500 to Rs 61,000—a perfect blend of advanced tech and value prices. With the big screen, processing power, and multimedia—all in a tough, sleek design—this phone is really large, in every way. One can certainly get this big-value purchase by having the authenticity of product quality and customer service reliability available through availability at Filpz.com.

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