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APPLE IPHONE 6S PLUS: The Best S Model Yet

APPLE IPHONE 6S PLUS: The Best S Model Yet


Released exclusively on, the Apple iPhone 6S Plus is a smartphone that continues to capture the fascination of people with a unique and stylish design combined with powerful performance and lots of innovative features. Loaded with advanced technology and boasting of Apple's hallmark quality, this device promises a premium experience at an affordable price point.

One of the appealing features of iPhone 6S Plus is its 5.5-inch Retina HD display—edge to edge—with great visuality, delivering maximal sharpness. Now it brings better, more engaging views from wherever—be it the scenes from your videos or high-end games.

The iPhone 6S Plus is powered by the Apple A9, one powerful chip that ensures every operation runs smoothly and promptly. This chip is so powerful that multitasking should not be a piece of cake.

Also, the iPhone 6S Plus has one of the better camera sets: a 12-MP iSight camera on the back for great photo taking and video shooting. Each moment is sure to be snatched with clarity and details, for it comes with an optical image stabilized 4K video recording camera.

Apart from the fantastic performance and camera, the iPhone 6S Plus introduces a few other new features that are meant to enhance user experience: now with Touch ID, users can access their devices with easy and secure authentication; Siri is always there to ask for help and make calls; and Apple Pay makes mobile payments easier, more secure, and more private.

Replete with spellbinding design, performance-oriented features, fresh innovation—all mark this new iPhone 6S Plus, available exclusively on, ranging from Rs 8,006 to Rs 12,999, and giving incredible value for money. It is quite a steal if someone really needs a high-end but reliable, feature-bursting device.

Price and Availability

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus is one fantastic device that creates lots of waves because of its stylish performance and reliability. We bring forward this iconic smartphone to our customers at, with a surety of extending a product which has stood the test of time.

This makes price one of the key determinants that drive iPhone 6S Plus to the many people who own it. The device can be accessed via at prices ranging from Rs 8006 to Rs. 12,999, topping the list for many people when considering value and quality for an affordable and reliable smartphone.

Further, getting an iPhone 6S Plus on sale at is seriously a golden opportunity that one cannot miss out on. If you need an upgrade from your current smartphone, or if you just want to experience what the Apple ecosystem is all about, then the iPhone 6S Plus is the answer.

At, we are proud to offer all our customers a very simple purchase experience. An easy-to-use website ensures purchase convenience of the various iPhone 6S Plus available for you, and with our safe payment method, your shopping is just a few clicks away. More importantly, we have prompt delivery of the device to ensure fast track in enjoying its features.

The new Apple iPhone 6S Plus has a great balancing factor between performance and affordability. Available at, it will turn out quite nice for the new, stylish, and reliable smartphone purchase.

Design and display

Design-wise, the iPhone 6S Plus doesn't deviate from its predecessor. The 7000 series aluminum offers improved resistance to bending and a little bit of roughness in texture but still feels slippery. It might not be a great looker with wide radius corners, pronounced antenna channels, and chubby bezels, but it actually offers a nice hold—especially since the phone is large now.

A 5.5-inch display with a pixel density of 401 ppi shows a dense and sharp image. However, its resolution is relatively low in comparison with competing aspects, but the viewing experience through an iPhone 6S Plus still remains pretty good.

But the iPhone 6S Plus is still stuck with a much smaller battery than most of its rivals, yet it seems to be doing a good job at maximizing the juice it holds. In heavy-usage tests, the phone survived for about seven hours, which is an excellent score and outclasses many other devices. With power-saving mode on, two days of moderate use are almost achievable — a fairly solid endurance for a phone of this size.

Touch ID and Taptic Engine: New Features

The new iPhone comes packed with quite a few new features, such as the Touch ID fingerprint reader and Taptic Engine. The Touch ID fingerprint scanner is just blisteringly quick: The lock screen notifications hardly show up. On the other hand, the Taptic Engine gives off subtle vibration impulses in fine-tuning the whole user experience.

3D Touch: A Smart Interface Enhancement

The new iPhone debuts with 3D Touch—a very smart addition to the interface, which now can let someone peek into shortcuts and all sorts of information by applying light pressure. By touching the screen a bit harder, a user can instantly jump into different functionalities—like beginning a new note in Evernote, checking the number of waiting messages from VIP contacts, or initiating Shazam to identify a song. However, the strength of 3D Touch is not necessarily that everything about its potential is brought to the table right from the get-go, but that this does make for a pretty nifty way for Apple to squeeze way more utility out of the display—that does affect the overall user experience.

iOS 9: Improvements and Irritations

There is a new multitasking screen with iOS 9, making shuffling between apps really easy. And with the fact that there is 2GB of RAM, this means waiting for apps to reload from idle very rarely.

It is still within reach, which aids in the single-handed operation of this big phone. Making a search using Spotlight is probably one of the easiest ways to find or do basically anything with the phone. The new proactive panel on the leftmost home screen delivers contextually relevant shortcuts and information. However, notifications are still at the top of the screen, which is quite inconvenient.

The Notification Center is much improved, but there's a fair amount of duplication with badges drawing attention on the home screen, unless actively maintained and pruned. The springboard grid of icons and folders is also a bit inflexible; voice dictation can be somewhat unreliable. Safari loads pages lickety-split, but makes a page annoying to navigate with some weird interface behaviors. While iOS 9 does offer some really cool features, it seems to be in dire need of refinements.

Camera capabilities

The iPhone 6s Plus is a device known for its "live photos"—tiny videos that, basically, breathe some life into the gallery. These can be animated using 3D Touch or even set as a wallpaper for a unique experience. However, what should be noted here is the fact that this feature comes with a storage penalty, so it goes well with high-storage-capacity devices.

The new 12-megapixel camera hardware is easily excellent in taking impressive conventional photos, with the digital and optical stabilization on the 6s Plus combining to make recording video smooth and seamless, despite any movement. The iMovie app onboard on the phone itself lets you edit most videos right on the device.

While stills may seem a little underexposed, low-light photos are surprisingly good, with or without the color-correcting dual LED flash. The selfie camera saw a major revamp, with it now having 5MP and a nifty display-based flash that can change its color temperature, based on the lighting of a scene. A worthy mention here, though, is with this one; Apple failed to put a wide-angle lens, something that is present in other competing devices.

Shortcuts and Ecosystems

What is further added complexity in the iPhone 6s Plus means getting used to the short cuts that are very inconsistent.

But where the real value in the ecosystem comes is with the fast fingerprint sensor and Apple Pay; Apple's motion coprocessor is there for contextual awareness, enabling hands-free Siri to be activated, though without some advanced features available on other devices. While Apple does not provide these optimizations within its ecosystem, such as split-screen multitasking and a persistent number row, most things can be found throughout devices from its competitors.

Missing Features and Optimizations

Features not supported: And there are a few of these big-screen optimizations that the iPhone 6s Plus lacks—uo to and including split-screen multitasking and a number row that remains persistent—compared to other devices on the market right now. Also, many features like automatic display activation when the phone is taken out of your pocket don't make the grade here in terms of screen optimizations.

The reception on the iPhone 6s Plus is not that great compared to most other devices. Also, in many apps, the dual-pane interface has been applied to maximize screen usage, which could also limit user experience. The User Interface available with iOS is not available for other platforms, with expectations to have the advanced functionalities found elsewhere

The iPhone 6S Plus: Great Smartphone Basecamp

As the iPhone comes up to its ninth generation, it remains an excellent smartphone with a deep ecosystem of apps, strong battery life, 3D Touch, and very good cameras. It might not be the most exciting thing out this year, but the iPhone 6S Plus is certainly one of the best oversized iPhones the company from Cupertino has ever made. Head on over to for our in-depth written review.


Conclusively, the Apple iPhone 6S Plus offered on gives a very strong proposition for those individuals in search of the perfect combination of great performance and neat reliability, hence enjoying that iconic Apple experience. It belongs to the class of those models that are a few years old but are still continuously making their place in the market for smartphones due to some of their features, which remain useful to fulfill several user needs.

The design is where the iPhone 6S Plus plays a trump card; it's all aluminum with a 5.5-inch Retina HD display, and the feeling of the device is premium. Its display pops with vibrant color and sharpness of detail – top-of-the-line for video and gaming.

The iPhone 6S Plus is powered by the A9 from Apple; performance is really fluid and responsive for daily tasks, and even to a few demanding applications. It's also natively running on iOS 15 out of the box, assuring users of the latest features and top-notch security updates that will be offered by none other than Apple themselves.

One of the new features you should expect is on the iPhone 6s Plus. It booms with a 12-megapixel back camera that takes detailed photos with accurate color settings. The front-facing one holds a 5-megapixel shooter perfect for selfies and video calls.

The battery size of the iPhone 6S Plus, on the other hand, performs relatively okay, getting through the day for an average user. The device further supports fast charging, which helps users top up their battery quickly when there is a need.

In conclusion, it is a great phone to buy into if one wants reliability and features with the Apple iPhone 6S Plus from The premium design, capable performance, and an impressive camera system are there to impress even further.


1. What is the most striking aspect about the Apple iPhone 6s Plus?

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus possesses an array of sharp and bright visual features on its 5.5-inch Retina HD display. Running on an A9 chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture, the embedded M9 motion coprocessor avails smooth performance without a hitch during multitasking. The phone mounts a 12-megapixel rear camera shootable for photo and 4K videos, with a front camera that is 5MP in resolution for selfies.

It also has Touch ID to keep your phone—and Apple Pay—secure.

2. How much can the Apple iPhone 6s Plus pack in battery life?

The iPhone 6s Plus has an inbuilt Li-Ion 2915 mAh battery, rated for up to 24 hours of talk time on 3G and up to 16 days on standby. Fast charging is also supported, so you should be able to get your phone somewhat replenished just in case.

3. Can you update the new iOS on Apple iPhone 6s Plus?

Yes, the iPhone 6s Plus from Apple can run the latest updates for iOS. It was shipped with iOS 9 from the factory and can be updated to the highest version of iOS that this device supports. With these new software updates released periodically by Apple, your iPhone 6s Plus will keep up to date and secure, with all these new features and improvements.

4. What are the storage options with an Apple iPhone 6s Plus?

This iPhone comes in three storage capacities, including 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. This could really be important, depending on the space you will need to store your media files, apps, and other kinds of content on your device.

5. The Apple iPhone 6s Plus is resistant to water?

Although not totally waterproof, the iPhone 6s Plus is water-resistant to a certain extent. Anyway, this phone should not be allowed to get wet with water or with any other kind of liquid since this will result in a fault in the phone. HepGroup suggests to protect your gadget inside out from accidental spillage or moisture with the help of a case or cover on it.

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