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ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3 Inch Laptop: A Mixed Bag of Pros and Cons

ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3 Inch Laptop: A Mixed Bag of Pros and Cons


The new ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3" laptop is now out for sale on It's an ultra-portable, efficient notebook, always on and smooth, great for students and professionals. In other words, the ASUS Chromebook C301 is ultraportable and light, making it the right choice for people toting around functions and collections of devices.

The ASUS Chromebook C301 is rather powerful under its hood, powered by an Intel processor that allows you to carry out tasks without slowing down. The excellent 13.3-inch Full HD display is bedecked with vivid color and details, giving great experiences watching videos or working on your project. In addition, it is excellent for portability with a long-lasting battery for working and entertainment.

At a mere Rs. 13,101, it's a steal with the number of features one gets with the ASUS Chromebook C301. It's ultra-slim, sports an ultra-comfortable keyboard, and forms an overall responsive touchpad design that lets you use it effectively in any environment. With the bundled Google Chrome OS on board, you are just a few clicks away from many applications and services. has the ultimate mix in style, power, and affordability: the latest ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3-inch Laptop, which is on Amazon. Never get left behind—get on our site today, and we shall inform you how to place an order. Experience the ease and power that ASUS Chromebook C301 brings; bring productivity back to life.

Price and Availability

This is's congratulatory offer. ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3 Laptop. This is a super-sleek, super-efficient gadget, and it has just been added to our collection of elite gadgets. This Chromebook will give you everything and anything you will ever need: an ultra-portable form factor with hardy performance, from a minimalistic student to a professional or just a connected guy on the go.

The ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3 Inch Laptop is priced at a super competitive Rs 13,101, firmly fitting in the sweet spot of being one of the very best values to be had.

This in turn makes our customers feel that they are being fairly treated regarding technology. We perfectly understand that the issue of affordability is very needful, more so with most vital gadgets like laptops at is selling the ASUS Chromebook C301 to you. is known for its processing services, and hence, your brand-new laptop is a few clicks away from getting into your hands. Buy the new ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3" Laptop at today and make your computing much better.

ASUS Design Aesthetics

So get your hands on the ASUS Chromebook C301 Laptop now—avail of it only at, at an MOP of Rs13,101, coming in the chicest style that is classic ASUS, designed for the modern world, with a distinguished flair to boot. This makes the ASUS Chromebook a lightweight option for those on the go, having easy flexibility for students, business people, or just casual wanderers.
The ASUS Chromebook C301 comes in an efficient and chic design. The 13.3-inch display fuses into a very compact body, hence reducing the waste of the screen and keeping it bulk-free. That makes the narrow bezels more of an enhancement when one works and entertains from it. A chiclet keyboard makes for easy and comfortable typing—almost precision-soliciting—to be productive without compromise in the name of style.

But beyond the good looks, the ASUS Chromebook C301 is designed to stand the test of time. You can never go wrong knowing that this particular device can take the test of everyday wear and become your companion for years because of the durability of the build. This intersection of the ability to look appealing, have functions, and be durable makes the Asus Chromebook C301 a revelation among classy laptops. Head over to to check out the fantastic design and performance of the ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3-inch laptop that retains the best-in-class form factor and is highly price-competitive at only Rs. 13,101.

Expectation vs. Reality


These expectations gave birth to the Asus Chromebook C301 13.3 Inch Laptop designed for Rs 13,101; it is budget and effectively methodological for easy multiple tasks.

Supposed to be easy to operate, the Chromebook is light in nature, using Chrome as its operating system, which is friendly and light itself. Further, the 13.3-inch display should have images and objects displayed with pin-sharp and vivid clarity, hence making it suitable for quite several activities.

There is also the critical fact that portability is going to hold a very significant role in the success of the laptop. One could generally surmise that this gadget's portability will work perfectly for students and people on the move every hour.


Most of them are content with what they found in the ASUS Chromebook C301 – performance and value. The point is that, in many respects, the device is well-rounded, leading to an intelligent and prompt user experience, more than anything else, with apps and tasks related to the web.

The Chrome OS is laid out to keep things as simple as possible, while the 13.3" display keeps the same setup regarding clarity and color quality. On this device, performance is not going to be impressive, as it has to run more intensive applications and undergo multitasking. Overall, the build quality is good, though it perhaps seems a bit less premium compared to other more expensive models.

Battery life is another strong point for this particular Chromebook, as it can last a full day with moderate use—precisely as one would expect. Overall, the ASUS Chromebook C301 is a good compromise between cost and functionality, making it possibly the most trustworthy pick on a budget.

Build Quality Concerns

Overall, the ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3 Inch Laptop has build subpar quality. The plastic construction feels extremely cheap and flimsy, much like an older netbook device that has made its way from an era long past. The bounce and give of the keyboard deck are such that inconsistency is felt running through this entire budget-feeling device. Without a doubt, though, the laptop creaks and bends in use, and the bottom has a different shade and texture of this general sense of it not entirely belonging together.

That is all the more evident on the ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3 Inch Laptop, where there are an awful lot of textures and colors vying for your attention; with different colors on the lid, screen surround, keyboard surround, and bottom, it feels more fragmented than a premium experience for the user. But the build doesn't let it down too severely : that firm screen portion and decent hinge provide at least some relief. Now, though, the low-quality body is used on soft surfaces and especially on one's lap, where it doesn't feel secure due to the constant movement.

Ports and Connectivity

Connectivity and Ports The ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3 Inch Laptop is equipped with a regular set of ports and connectivity options, most suitable and convenient for day-to-day use. This includes the full-sized HDMI, USB 3 ports, the rare, with full-sized SD card slot, and to add, the microphone or headphone jack, along with the power direct. There's an adequate set of connectivity located on the left side for several peripherals and accessories. On the right is one last USB point, matching it identically to the other of the user's most essential accessories for easy use.

Impressive Display

It has been able to make a promise of breathtaking visual enjoyment from most angles with a 178-degree—broad—in addition to putting a 13.3-inch anti-glare IPS screen with 1080p. Its color coverage is excellent, with 100% sRGB, 72% NTSC, and 75% Adobe RGB gamut, so the colors are vivid and very lifelike. The matte finish and high brightness make it perfect for use outdoors. In a word, the good angles and color reproduction make the display enhance the user's experience in viewing.

Laptop-Only Design

The ASUS Chromebook C301SA is more an interior design choice, though, since other convertibles with these same screen specs are at the exact cost when they come out in the market and are sold on probably the same or lower profit margins. But people love convertibles, and one format that of a dedicated laptop ensures an entirely conventional and faithful user experience. This decision, on the other hand, will make the user's tool simpler and more efficient, able to tackle many tasks without losing its essential functions and versatility. In this case, the design is laptop-only, flush from distractions, which could be an attractive selling point for those who want a traditional notebook-like experience at the lowest cost.

Keyboard and Trackpad

Keyboard and It's also another win for the 13.3 ASUS Chromebook C301 notebook, which comes with the design of the new butterfly hinge, providing about 1.5mm of essential travel. In use, the keys are substantial and solid when typing. Which quickly makes it one of the best keyboards to type with a Chromebook. This keyboard is fantastic to type on. The trackpad's pretty clicky; it's ample for you to do swipes and all the basic gestures a Chromebook can do. The click mechanism is stiff. There's no bounce and no rattle, and down, it feels very reliable and consistent in use.

Storage Capacity Controversy

The ASUS Chromebook C301SA, scored a vast popularity point because of the 64GB worth of internal storage that it brought in at a effective price for consumers. The real news incoming from some of the buyers who got this device was the fact that this Chromebook came with only 32GB of internal storage, and the other 32GB was nowhere to be seen. What was supposed to be actual versus what was advertised left them frustrated with the features of the device. Well, this recent price drop to Rs. 13,101 might ease off some of that frustration for the buyers.

Battery Life and App Support for Android

It has great battery life: up to 8 hours for an ASUS Chromebook C301SA, from a single charge, at 75% screen brightness—meaning not that much. This longer-lasting battery goes a long way to ensure a more enriched overall experience, guaranteeing freedom to work and have fun without constantly bothering to charge up the device.

We recently learned that the ASUS Chromebook C301SA will be enhanced to give better functionality and versatility through support for Android Applications in the development channel. With all the powerful performance that an Asus Braswell processor can deliver, users will obtain a flawless experience when using their apps and games on the device. The support for Android apps adds usability and value to this device, which now becomes a much more compelling choice for users who want several applications available in their hands.


The most attractive deal open to the exclusive importers is the ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3-inch Laptop, which goes at Rs. 13,101. Beautifully designed for a performance-based, reliable laptop for home or professional use, it's gorgeous and easily carried. With its 13.3-inch bright display, it's easy for you to view your working documents and the web or streaming video.

Hardware on the C301 Chromebook is one of the strengths that will make it great—flawless and responsive. You can multitask better with a brand-new selection of apps available through the Google Play Store, with smooth integration into Google's ecosystem. The commendable battery life means one stays productive for the better part of the day without noticing moving from one power source to another.

Moreover, user convenience was always in mind with the design of the ASUS Chromebook C301. It features an ergonomically designed keyboard and responsive touchpad to remove your typing worries. You will never run out of storage space for your important files, pictures, and applications.

This kind of device is versatile, powerful, and available at an appealing price of Rs. 13,101 on It is set up to be a happy student, professional, or one who enjoys browsing the internet seamlessly with the ASUS Chromebook, perfectly balancing performance and portability, now cost-effectively available for buyers. Make sure you take this golden chance and try the better computing experience on the ASUS Chromebook C301.


1. Specs: ASUS Chromebook C301 13.3" Laptop?

The ASUS Chromebook C301 comes thoughtfully crafted for a 13.3" Full HD screen that will let everyone enjoy clear, nice pictures through usability. It sits under the command of an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage for smooth functioning daily.

The laptop also promises the comfort of use with a battery life reaching up to 10 hours, perfectly suitable for the device's on-the-go use. And, of course, with Chrome OS running the show, this device also ties up nicely with all Google apps and services.

2. Can the storage in an ASUS Chromebook C301 be expanded?

Yes, it has in-built expandable storage through a microSD card slot in the laptop. Internal storage is only 16 GB, but you could quickly expand that and have more space to put all your files, photos, and videos.

3. Can this ASUS Chromebook C301 be used offline?

Most definitely. The ASUS Chromebook C301 functions optimally when the internet is accessible; it can indeed be used offline. Courtesy of Google Drive plus other apps supported, you can make changes to your documents, spreads, and presentations offline. Then, in next to no time when online, it syncs everything in, and you're sure not to lose your work—not even one jot of it.

4. What I/O options does the ASUS Chromebook C301 offer?

This ASUS Chromebook C301 has been very thoughtfully filled with many connectivity options. There are two USB 3.0 ports, then an HDMI port, and finally a headphone/microphone combo jack. For networking and communication purposes, users can use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connecting to the most common peripheral devices both on the internet and off.

5. Is the ASUS Chromebook C301 Designed for a Student or Professional?

The ASUS Chromebook C301 is perfect for either a student or a professional. Lightweight and with good battery life and performance, it is ideal for taking notes, research, and project-related activities. Professionals can also enjoy faster startup times and full integration with Google Workspace, where work becomes more productive and collaborative.

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