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Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop - The Ultimate Laptop for Professionals

Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop - The Ultimate Laptop for Professionals


Explore the powerful performance and impressive design of the Dell Latitude E7490 at, your one-stop online shop.

This powerhouse of a laptop is engineered with the robust Intel Core i7 8th Generation processor, which facilitates seamless processing and ease in multitasking all of your computing needs professional or personal.

Therefore, be it data analysis that requires voluminous data, making presentations, or streaming of your favorite content can depend on the Dell Latitude E7490.

In addition to that powerful processor, this Dell Latitude E7490 is fitted with a 256GB SSD. That provides excellent storage capacity and fast data access speed.

It will, therefore, boot up quickly, transfer your files at amazing speed, and provide you with a very responsive experience in computing. It is also offered with 8GB RAM to ensure proper multitasking. You can thus flip through the apps without any kind of lag or drag.

The Dell Latitude E7490 is a sleek, rugged laptop designed to get work done, whether on the go or at the desk. It brandishes high-resolution displays that will give you a sharp, colorful view of whatever spreadsheet or video you view. Expected to be priced around the Rs. 43,470 mark, it's quite a reasonable price for such a robust and reliable machine.

Probably, you will visit today to see the Dell Latitude E7490, a top-tier laptop that has made a cut above the rest in elevating your computer experience.

Price and Availability

The Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM Laptop is available only on our website, It is an electronic gadget of high capability and performance that aims to please the professional as well as the student market segment, which requires potent processing power, extensive storage, and memory for multitasking with ease and effective performance in diverse and demanding applications.

Right now, this excellent laptop is available for our readers at a great starting point of Rs. 43,470. This kind of competitive pricing makes this model a pretty reasonable purchase option for those looking for a reliable workhorse and powerful machine without expecting much more in their account.

The Dell Latitude E7490 is exceptionally good considering its durability, sleek design, and pleasing battery runtime, which serves just fine for those users looking for a reliable workhorse for both work and university life.

Here at, we ensure our customers get the best deals alongside high-quality gadgets, and this Dell Latitude E7490 is no exception. We go the extra mile not just in terms of price but also making our customer's lives more straightforward with online shopping on our website, quick delivery, and excellent customer service. Order now on for your Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM Laptop, and get the best computer technology.

Dell Latitude 7490

The Dell Latitude 7490, otherwise also termed Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop, is nicely selling and might be classified as a hot product for several reasons. First of all, it fulfills excellent value for money. Secondly, premium design makes it very appealing to the users. Thirdly, it has exceptional performance with good body structure. So, let's explore the details regarding this stuff to get to know why it is rated as the top-selling product.

Build Quality

Even in construction, the Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM laptop stands out as a perfect piece. This portable computer's body has been made out of a very strong, yet light in weight and slim in outline, magnesium alloy chassis-finely constructed to provide the very best combination of durability and portability-as is the true hallmark of any outstanding product designed for today's busy, on-the-go professional.

Among the big selling points of the Dell Latitude E7490 is the durable design. This laptop goes several tests to ensure that it achieves the MIL-STD 810G, staying strong under extreme conditions such as thermal, humidity, and shocks. This amount of durability ensures that the E7490 quickly takes the strains of office and field environments alike without any letdown either in terms of performance or reliability.

Also, the hinge mechanism of the Dell Latitude E7490 is very well designed for ease of operation and long-term reliability. The keyboard is also spill-resistant to an extra extent so that there is insurance against accidental spilling furthermore. The design is not only aesthetic but also functional in the sense that significant ports and components are easily accessible for quick upgrades and maintenance.

Available at, this sturdy but finely designed Dell Latitude E7490 is available at the reasonable starting price of Rs. 43,470, which makes it a perfect buy for anyone who wishes to have a highly potent, â€" durable laptop where theâ€"premium feel can be clubbed togetherâ€" with advanced technology.


We are glad to introduce the all-new Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM laptop on our online website, This top-class laptop has been designed to cater to the demands of leading professionals and experts in the IT world who require gadgets that are quick, efficient, and reliable.

This friendly, sleek machine is ideal for professionals and other users who look for top-notch workability in a portable device.

The Dell Latitude E7490 is powered by an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, so you can multitask efficiently. This responsive and fast laptop runs demanding software multitasks across several applications, and streams high-definition video content. The 8GB RAM pairs perfectly with its powerful CPU to bring you sufficient memory for quick access to your files, applications, and other items you might need in your workflow.

There is never an issue with storage while using the Dell Latitude E7490; it comes with 256GB SSD. This solid-state drive not only has ample space to store documents, media, and software but also loads faster than a traditional hard drive at boot-up compared to a hard drive, faster to access your data and programs.

Anyone will surely value these high-speed storage attributes that allow for greater productivity and efficiency.

The many impressive aspects of the Dell Latitude E7490, something that has to be discussed is display. The laptop comes with a bright, sharp screen, ideal any time you need to focus on work projects that demand a lot of detail work, watching movies, or running videos.

The display quality generally makes it a pleasure to view for many hours on end. Whether you are into graphic design, photo editing, or just watching your favorite shows, the Dell Latitude E7490 will not let you down.

The Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM laptop is tagged with Rs. 43,470 on, which fetches the high-end device model at a very reasonable and cost-effective range. Avail this exclusive offer, and you will get an excellent premium device at a price supplemented by reliability and stylish looks. So, log on to, get hold of this exceptional piece of a laptop, and upgrade your computing experience today.


The Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB RAM laptop has a very relatively well-designed keyboard else that complements the experience. Typing on the backlit keyboard is pretty comfortable since its keys are well-spaced, with good travel and an excellent tactile feedback that makes it suitable for extended typing sessions. It hence becomes very convenient and efficient for business professionals and their workflow.


The Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM is available in at Rs. 43,470 or below exclusively. This is a high-performance LATITUDE - insulation BROUGHT TO YOU FOR TODAYS PROFESSIONAL. This array feportsurer provides seamless connectivity and versatility to the user or customers.

On the laptop's right side, you'll have a USB 3.1 Gen 1 that works perfectly well with peripherals such as mice and USB storage. You'll also have an HDMI just in case you want to connect your laptop to external displays or projectors, especially when giving presentations or creating more screen space. All these ports complement each other to enable connectivity to many devices in comfort.

On the left side, the Dell Latitude E7490 has another USB 3.1 Generation 1 port for extra connectivity. There is also a USB Type-C with DisplayPort functionality and Power Delivery so that a more up-to-date connection will support high data transfer speed and power supply simultaneously. It is convenient in times of need when you have a lot of new-generation devices and accessories.

Also included on the laptop is an RJ-45 Ethernet port for stable, fast wire connections to the internet, where the supply of Wi-Fi may not be that reliable. A microSD card reader is featured for easy data transfer from cameras and other similar devices. The headphone/microphone combo jack is present to ensure you connect your audio devices for purposes of clear communication and entertainment. The Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen has all the ports a user may need to make it a very comfortable connectivity device. Now, this very powerful, supreme, and fantastic laptop is available at at an affordable price.


The 'laptop Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB RAM is a very diverse computer in terms of its configuration to meet the needs of different users. It packs processing power through Intel's 8th generation Core i5 or i7, that gives more than enough power to drive various business applications and multitasking.

The DDR4 RAM has 8GB capacity but is expandable up to 32 GB. Hence, this RAM will highly suit users who have diverse performance requirements.
As for storage, the device has a 256GB M.2 SSD for instant data access and an expansion facility. It has a power adapter with a 65W round pin adapter for very efficient charging. It also has a 60Wh battery, constituting long-term durability and a reliable backup to the battery for heavy-duty professionals.


The Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM laptop is a robust and reliable machine built for professionals who demand a lot and any average user. It's elegantly constructed, strong, and offered only on a website, hence providing impeccable performance matched by solid build quality, allowing this machine to cope with a wide range of uses without bargaining much on the performance.

The 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor brings the contributing factor to extraordinary speed and efficiency. Multitasking becomes a natural occurrence as this allows complex software to run on your computer without lagging. No program is too much for this computer with 8 GB of RAM to run multiple programs smoothly.

But the 256GB SSD does about more than simply offer ample storage space for your files and applications, as it also improves overall system responsiveness.

It also means faster boot-up times, quicker transfers of files, and a snappier overall user experience. It's competitively designed in the Dell Latitude E7490, sleek, and professional to make it just perfect for all those who require a general-purpose reliable laptop both for work as well as personal use. Durably constructed to last a long time, you will surely get many years' worth of use from this kind of purchase.

Dell Latitude E7490 is a range that is somewhat expensive, but then the value for money achieved through its performance and high-end specifications is simply incredible. Thus, whether it is business, academics, or general usage related to daily chores, this model will do the task excellently. For more details about this exceptional piece, log on to and get this selling offer today.


1. What are the key features of the Dell Latitude E7490?

Dell creates latitude E7490 with the inclusion of an Intel Core i7 8th Gen processor. It enhances high performance and efficient multitasking. Additionally, it is packed with 8 GB of RAM along with a 256GB SSD. Thus, there is ample storage space with high-speed access. Additionally, it provides a 14-inch Full HD display. It offers straightforward and vibrant visuals. It is thereby perfect to be used both in the workplace and at home.

2. Is the Dell Latitude E7490 laptop suitable for business?

Absolutely. The Dell Latitude E7490 is essentially a business-class notebook with solid security features that include a fingerprint reader and TPM 2.0 to ensure excellent data protection. Durable construction, along with plenty of connectivity options USB-C, as well as HDMI and Ethernet, provides excellent adaptability for a multitude of professional settings. Long battery life lets you work on the go without recharging your battery many times.

3. Can the Dell Latitude E7490 RAM and storage be upgraded?

Yes, the RAM and storage can be upgraded on the Dell Latitude E7490. The RAM can go up to 32GB on this laptop, which implies that the performance can be improved further in case one needs it. There is further scope for upgrading the storage as the existing SSD can be replaced with a higher drive size. That allows one to future-proof the laptop to a reasonable degree against future resource-demanding activities.

4. What operating system is the Dell Latitude E7490 fitted with?

The Dell Latitude E7490 will have Windows 10 Pro installed for the most part. That brings about almost the same interface in both business and individual use.

Advanced competence that includes BitLocker encryption, Remote Desktop, and domain join are some of the significant and essential features of Windows 10 Pro; hence, it is a plus for professionalism in daily life. If one wants, then it is possible to upgrade it to Windows 11.

5. What's the battery life of the Dell Latitude E7490?

The Latitude E7490 also has an awe-inspiring battery life. It is capable of completing an entire workday on a single charge. This is due to the laptop's very efficient power management setup and its energy-efficient components.

This significantly means that one is guaranteed a full day's productivity, provided all the work does not require much running down and up for recharging. In this case, it will be perfect for a professional who requires the laptop to hold throughout the day.

Dell Latitude E7490 I7 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB RAM This laptop is available only at for Rs. 43,470 onwards. Please check the full details on our website.

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