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Discover the Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen, 500GB,4GB Ram Laptop

Discover the Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen, 500GB,4GB Ram Laptop


Now in stock at is the high-performer and reliable Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen, 500GB,4GB Ram Laptop. This laptop has been engineered for new-age professionals, equipped with solid and powerful features inside a slim and lightweight profile that enables you to efficiently tackle just about any task.

Say goodbye to sluggishness and experience speed and power at its best, all thanks to the 5th-generation Intel Core i5 processor of the Dell Latitude 3350. Whether you're working with dozens of massive spreadsheets, building powerful multimedia presentations, or just swinging it back to some good old Netflix, this laptop delivers an experience smooth and responsive.

The Dell Latitude 3350 is built with a 500GB hard drive—literally massive enough to store every file, document, and media that you've got. Say goodbye to all the hassle of having to take much external storage because everything you need in terms of memory will be available in your hands.

It's also coupled with 4 GB of RAM, which means your applications will run smoothly with minimal hitches, even with multitasking. Its storage and memory capacities are sure to make the Dell Latitude 3350 equally crucial at work and play.

It's in where quality and affordability come together, selling for only Rs. 16,800—the actual values of quality and affordability enwombed with the two qualities that truly define the Dell Latitude 3350.

This is the purchase for students, professionals, and others who need a dependable solution to computing. Be sure to get this hot deal now and visit to purchase your Dell Latitude Laptop 3350, taking the computing experience to an all-new level.

Price and Availability

We shall be very excited to offer this powerful machination at, which will be equal in meeting the needs in your computing: the Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5, 5th Gen. Now powered with 5th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, this laptop guarantees to deliver outstanding performance either working or enjoying entertainment on the notebooks. It has a 500 GB hard drive.

4GB RAM; this makes multi-tasking utterly easy on this machine, a reason it is not going to disappoint anyone, be it a student or a.

Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Generation 8GB 500GB, available on our website,, for only ₹ 16800. Pricing gushes with greatness for this caliber of laptop. This notebook will never leave anything more to desire; it will enable you to work either in an office mode or in a casual browsing mode with media consumption.

We really appreciate the factor of availability and convenience, more so at that time of purchase of the products one favours, and so we have put this product on the shelves, in stock, and just waiting to be bought. You only have to place an order over the web, and your product will be brought to your location directly, without any hustle, giving you a chance to buy a top-class Dell laptop at a price you can't imagine.

Buy the Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen today at excellent prices, only on, and enjoy the most computing performance.

Processor and Performance

The Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 at has an integrated Intel Core i5 5th Generation processor. The best brand-new processor is available for the smooth running of personal or professional applications. Multitasking is not a problem, and the 5th Gen Intel Core i5 processor takes precedence in completing the balance between great performance values and speed to do justice for workloads or applications that have been missing until now. With a clock speed that adjusts itself to arm accordingly for the conduction of various tasks, the Dell Latitude 3350 ensures that one is rarely left behind working or playing with rare frequency. This system can handle massive spreadsheets, complex software running, and even video conferencing without any hitches.

The high-performance processor is indeed complemented by the 4GB RAM, which empowers it to run several programs at a go without dropping in speed. This, therefore, guarantees a very smooth workflow—one that is about to be interrupted—and would hence be recommendable to a user in need of multitasking efficiently.

The 500GB hard disk allows you to store all kinds of documents, media files, and software applications. This opulent storage will assure you of getting essential data accessed super-fast without worries about the remaining space.

In short, the Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen is a beast powerhouse that can cater to the performance demand and requirement of today's on-the-move users. It features the perfect mix for an efficient, high-performance consumer: powerful processor, decent RAM, and colossal storage capacity. This complements the purchase of one at Rs 16,800 for those having a taste of quality and performance, so grab this extraordinary device at

Solid-State Drive (SSD) and Keyboard

We at are excited to have Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen in our collections and to offer it to professionals, students, and faculty to take care of their needs. The single different prominent feature is that usually produced in the laptop is a solid-state drive, abbreviated as SSD.

Well, no longer is it the same scenario with those several drives that are old and bulky because many times the system can boot faster, transfers of files are fast, and improvement can be noticed in the system responsiveness. This will make multitasking a smooth activity and reduce the time taken by applications to load. In turn, the SSD will prove to be the actual ideal innovative device for users who need efficiency and speed.

Combining the leading SSD with just the right functional keyboard in the Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 gives one comfort in typing. It is ergonomically designed with well-spaced keys for typing comfort, reducing fatigue from typing documents, notably long documents, managing complex spreadsheets, or just spending the day on the Internet.

As for the keyboard, the tactile feedback and precision make every key actuation an enjoyable and satisfying experience. This one comes with lots of 500 GB storage and 4 GB of RAM, and that too is very pocket-friendly, priced at Rs. 16,800. Not very expensive to acquire, hence worth having as an ideal companion to a personal computer for your day-to-day computing needs. Do not miss securing your share of the Dell Latitude Laptop by visiting our website today.

Graphics and Display

It's HD powered by the Intel HD graphics; hence the images will pan out smoothly, and the motion through the multimedia content will be handled with ease. In that case, with the 13" HD display, you'll surely get sharp and vibrant images for both work and entertainment. The use of Intel HD Graphics and the HD display makes it one of a kind, totally engaging a user in different tasks and activities.

Sleek and Portable Design

The Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen, 500GB, 4GB RAM, is a perfect infusion of stylish portability packed into a small bundle, meaning you can carry along the device without it causing any compromise in the user's performance. This makes it light in weight and relatively compact, so carrying it will never make you feel bulky.

Durability and Reliability

The Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen is beefy in design, making it the best choice for anyone looking for a solution in solid computing. The design is strong and very capable of dealing with challenges at both professional and personal levels.

The toughened chassis and firm hinge mechanism succumb to long-term performance, leaving all users with nothing to worry about except thoughts of having a reliable device.

Another good reason to consider it a reliable laptop is that, apart from being physically durable, it packs 5th generation Intel Core i5 that is effective in multitasking.

It has a 500GB hard drive for storage, which means you should be able to download and save essential files as many times as you wish, and 4GB of RAM will run several applications all at once efficiently. This hardware configuration will keep the laptop responsive and reliable over time, hence minimizing unexpected slowdowns or crashes.

The same applies to the Dell Latitude 3350, designed for business customers and bundled with options rugged on security to protect your data. With TPM installed and optional fingerprint readers, the laptop does assure that your sensitive information is under excellent safety.

The Dell Latitude 3350 is basically different for someone searching for a computer assured it will serve them any purpose in their everyday life, ensures high durability of the design combined with reliability in performance. Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen is one fine resource available at at the most coveted price of only Rs. 16,800—an investment that will prove extraordinary. Don't miss the chance to grab this very laptop and the performance it promises.

Versatile Connectivity

The laptop easily connects to multitudinous USBs, HDMI output, and SD card readers, which are peripheral connection devices that help in increasing the working space.

Affordable Price Point

The Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen, 500GB, 4GB RAM, is stated to become a powerhouse in terms of performance and reliability that is available on our site. Now up for grabs on our website,, at a highly competitive price. A very high-quality personal and professional-use laptop, now at your disposal for a mere Rs. 16,800. As the name suggests, this laptop is genuinely what the characteristics are: excellent ways of computing and building, high-end processing power, and a load of memory for students, professionals, or anybody.

At, we strive to provide the best in gadgets at competitively low prices, and the Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 is no different. The Intel Core I5 5th generation processor ensures smooth multitasking with easy use of many other applications, while the 500 GB hard drive provides enough storage for all types of files. With 4 GB of RAM, overall performance in the entire system is further enhanced to remain lag-free and quick in any kind of experience.

Buying from promises assurance not only of a lower price but also of safe shopping, with a superior service experience. We believe in the rendering of affordable technology to everybody, and this opportunity for our customers makes the prices of the Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 unbeatable. This is an offer not to miss, so upgrade your tech armory with this reliable and efficient laptop only at

Ideal for Various Applications

The Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen, 500 GB, 4 GB RAM Laptop is strong and designed for a complete solution when it comes to computing for any application a user may have.

The processor performance of the Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Generation is one on which most people can rely for the rest of the business and productivity tasks. It runs very smoothly and efficiently to increase work productivity in the professional field while working on office applications, management of spreadsheets, and video conferencing, among others.

The Intel HD graphics on the laptop, coupled with an HD display, turn it into a rapturous viewing ground for entertainment, multimedia, and mixed purposes. One can enjoy content streaming, casual gaming, and multimedia consumption with a lush and smooth, vivid tint of colors to bring some bliss into pastime.

What makes this laptop-friendly is the fact that it is portable and quite robust in association with a learning-friendly gadget for either the teachers or students. The Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen is perfect for all your learning and academic activities, be it research work, presentations, or group projects.

The laptop holds the web browsing facility, email management, creating any document and online communication facility that holds up to the needs of an average computing task. It stands to be a faithful companion for all around the globe, understanding that hassle-free computing is done around the world in everybody's daily tasks.


1. Explain elaborately the salient features of Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen?

Powered by an Intel Core i5 5th Generation Processor, the Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen has solid but efficient performance in engaging all routine computing tasks. The notebook boasts 4GB of random access memory, ensuring it performs better in multitasking, and the 500GB hard disk offers adequate space to store all you need. It is hugely built for any kind of professional or house-related work.

2. What is the battery backup of Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen?

Dell Latitude 3350 I5 5th Gen Laptop: Features a long-lasting battery that is designed to consistently last for up to 8 hours on a single charge, ensuring that it is always by your side on even the wordiest workdays, whether you are on the road, at home, or whatever place you prefer.

3. Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen supports which of the following operating systems?

With the Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen, users will at least be familiar with it. Windows 10 is packed with advanced built-in security features, regular updates, and access to many more applications available via the Microsoft store.

4. Can the configuration of Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Generation be changed to connect to an external peripheral?

Moreover, this Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen works well with many external peripherals, in case of multiple USB slots, an HDMI slot, and even a slot for an SD card reader. Examples of peripherals would be a printer, a monitor, or a keyboard. Highly functional.

5. Can I get a gaming rig with Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen?

The high-end gaming tasks are not optimized on this Dell Latitude Laptop 3350 I5 5th Gen, designed for business and home uses. The laptop will also be capable of light gaming and multimedia tasks. For heavier gaming, one is advised to try other laptops supported by a dedicated graphics card.

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