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Discover the Power of the Dell Latitude E6420, I5 2nd Gen, 320GB HD

Discover the Power of the Dell Latitude E6420, I5 2nd Gen, 320GB HD


Dell Latitude E6420, I5 2nd Gen, 320GB HD is a potent and reliable laptop that will perfectly cater to the needs of any professional or student, presently being offered at a special Filpz.com exclusive internet offer. The computer is powered with an Intel Core i5 2nd Generation processor, which makes the system very productive, working on multitasking, running heavy applications, and running day-to-day general computing jobs very quickly. The Dell Latitude E6420 promises and delivers responsive performance, smooth running, and working under the hood on big spreadsheets, creating a series of presentations, or surfing the net.

This laptop also consists of one of the most robust storage capacities—one that will be ideal for keeping your files, documents, or media storage. The 320 GB hard drive is manufactured to store all the essential files that you may possess. Storage management has been an issue of the past. Extremely strong and resistant to very rough usage, the Dell Latitude E6420 is ruggedly designed, which means it is perfect with this laptop for people who need a reliable machine, both for work and play.

The Dell Latitude E6420 is a pretty valuable product that is justly tagged at Rs. 11,550.

At Filpz.com, we have promised to bring nothing but the best quality products at the most outstanding prices, and the Dell Latitude E6420 is an exception to this ideology. It is a good investment, crammed in with performance enhancements, disk space for storage, and strength that will lift the computing experience for everyone. Visit Filpz.com now and get this fabulous offer.

Design and Build Quality

Our deal jumps out at a beautiful Rs 11,550. This is one of those unique laptops that a business professional or student could have. The wear resistance and durability of this laptop have increased dramatically since being developed with a Tri-Metal design and very durable magnesium alloy. It is pretty classy, from the gray brushed metal finish, but it also comes out entirely professional.

It has a spill-resistant keyboard to secure the inner components. It also has a comfortable backlit keyboard, for compelling typing even when there is little light. The touchpad is responsive and supports multi-touch gestures. The hinges give a firmness that ensures tight and smooth opening and closing motions.

The Dell Latitude E6420 is also lightweight, hence enabling traveling users to quickly move from one point to another with the sleek tones and rugged build of the laptop. Advanced thermal management accounted for the fact that the system remains cool in heavy usage and exudes consistent good performance throughout. These are not simply words but the right build quality that Dell Latitude E6420 has, which translates into high-quality, reliable, and durable laptops.

Display and Multimedia Capabilities

Dell Latitude E6420 I5 2nd Gen, 320GB HD: It has an alluring display that represents everything clearly, at this moment reaching an incredible multimedia experience. Great color precision and razor-sharp resolution make viewing crystal clear when watching a movie, viewing photos, or working on some graphic-intense assignment.

The audio system in this laptop is excellent, emanating quality sound that is rich and immersive, thus making the experience of multimedia at its best. With outstanding audio output, the Dell Latitude E6420 laptop will intensify entertainment, letting one get a kick out of music, video conferencing, and content online.

This is a perfect device for the task, handling intensive graphics for all the powerful graphical capabilities stored in this Dell Latitude E6420. This hence, assures flawless performance one may desire to handle photo editing, video rendering, or even gaming—all served by the graphic prowess in catering to a wide array of multimedia needs.

Connectivity and Ports

Connectivity with the Dell Latitude E6420 runs quite wide, providing smooth compatibility and linkage with many devices and peripherals. This model also assures that a user can hook up the PC to external displays, storage, or other different accessories that make productivity and versatility greater.

Dell Latitude E6420 With such vital wireless connective facilities as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it makes one proud to boast of effectively boosting productivity even when they are out. Relying on wireless communication that is dependable and effective, notebook computers are suitable for various functions that range from online resource access, file sharing through wireless means, and connecting other peripheral devices.

The Dell Latitude E6420 occupies the market with some flexible options for connectivity. The machine has approximately several ports that may include USB, HDMI, and VGA, which has raised the possibility of extending the workspace with much ease in connecting it to any peripheral, an external display, a projector, or something else necessary. The several expansion ports in the machine provide subsequent advantages: first, the laptop can be practically used at different workstations with the flexibility of adding any peripheral.

Processor and performance

This Dell Latitude E6420 I5, 2nd Gen 320GB HD, is powered by the Intel Core i5 2nd Generation processor, which assures that it is pretty powerful and efficient for most the everyday computing tasks. This powerhouse of equipment with an i5 2nd Generation processor can easily support smooth and responsive performance, which means it can implement even heavy applications for multitasking or extremely diverse users.

This means that the powerful processor in the Dell Latitude E6420 never gives up on multitasking applications; one can easily switch between more applications and handle more tasks almost at the same time without board-parking the performance of the system in the process. The processing power in the laptop creates high workflow and distinctly more engaging productivity for the user in any given scenario.

The Dell Latitude E6420 ensures constant performance—a response system for the user, whether the user is working, entertaining, or being creative. This laptop is from the aggressive acceleration and precision of the processor that guarantees any given task is done with reliability and constancy in computing.

Storage and Memory

The Dell Latitude E6420 I5 2nd Gen 320GB HD comes with a hefty 320GB hard disk drive that aids one to store high volumes of files, applications, and programs to the feeling of where they should reside in their laptop effectively. Also, the computer comes with sufficient support RAM so that one can carry out good multitasking or high-speed data processing, thus increasing the performance of the computer as a whole.

Here, a 320GB hard drive on the Dell Latitude E6420 allowed the users to share ample space adequate to place their digital content, which in turn gave these users a comfortable storage room and a reference for the files that were stored in it, be they documents, media libraries, or software installations on the machine. Most of the storage on the laptop accords various storage needs. This is because massive memory capacity rests within the laptop, enabling changing between the various applications sans any bottleneck performance. The super-responsive work on the most rigid tasks will be given to the user by the external memory, allowing him to switch between different programs seamlessly.

Operating System Support

Dell Latitude E6420 With most of the operating systems supported, alongside the I5 2nd Gen processor and 320 GB HD, it gives the user freedom and choice of their platform to be used throughout the computing. This laptop would run smoothly in diversified computing environments, be it Windows or Linux, and any other operating system catering to Pakistanis.

Pricing and Availability

The Dell Latitude E6420 has the Intel Core i5 2nd Generation processor in combination with 320GB storage, available only from our online store, Filpz.com. This is a lovely laptop to look for something that is performance-worthy enough to be reliable for everyday work or simple things like browsing, working with documents, or watching streaming videos. The Dell Latitude E6420 is one rugged machine with a pro-grade build quality and an okay design. It is excellent for both personal and professional use.

This Dell Latitude E6420 is on sale for a meager Rs. 11,550, and it shapes up as a pretty decent deal for a laptop with such specs. Its reason for existence in cheap pricing is just suitable for students, professionals, or one who is really in need of an affordable, reliable laptop. We at Filpz.com are always devoted to giving you great-priced deals on quality electronic items, and this stands no exception in the Dell Latitude E6420.

You can then enjoy a friendly shopping experience right on Filpz.com; besides this, purchasing on the site is just a snap. Secure payment mechanisms and delivery systems combine to make your shopping experience on this website really smooth and highly satisfactory. Exclusive offer — Get yours today!

Warranty and Customer Support

Welcome to Filpz.com, where we care about your satisfaction and are committed to offering nothing less than the best. Buying from our website will make it very easy to release you from worries about securing your investment—the Dell Latitude E6420, I5 2nd Gen, or 320GB HD. You buy this exclusive Dell laptop for just Rs. 11,550, and for peace of mind with this laptop, it comes with a one-year warranty, securing your computer from any kind of hardware defect or impairment in usage.

Our warranty ensures that you enjoy prompt and efficient service if you identify some deficiencies. If your Dell Latitude E6420 makes trouble, our experienced technicians are on a call to fix the damage or replace it. Do not hesitate to reach us immediately, and we will correct the issue immediately to save you from the inconveniences that might result from this deficiency in your laptop.

This does not, in any way, mean that the kind of customer support received at Filpz is just average. Our support team would help you with setting up a new laptop and its best usage or come to your rescue in case you face any trouble with your device. We believe in building up that lifetime relationship with our customers for mutual benefit. We believe that our support service will make you derive the best experience your Dell Latitude E6420 computer can offer.

Visit Filpz.com to shop the best in technology and live assured with our warranty and customer service. The Dell Latitude E6420 I5 2nd Gen 320GB HD is well-loaded with the best performance, value, and security, but what is nice is the support.

Why the Dell Latitude E6420 is a Top Choice

Dell Latitude E6420, I5 2nd Gen, 320GB HD: This is one of those products that define what is possible within Pakistan in terms of high value, strong reliability, and total quality offerings. It contains a very rugged design but with a strong processor to allow juggling between tasks; at the same time, this can offer sufficient storage to meet any other need over and above the basic computing requirements.

In addition, it provides a key benefit of being competitive in price with other useful options on the company's list. The value addition comprises a one-month check guarantee and free home delivery for anyone searching for a single effective solution to all their computing needs at a meager price.


Dell Latitude E6420 is one such workhorse, promising excellent reliability and flawless performance—all yours for just Rs. 11,550 at unbeatable prices on our Filpz.com website. The laptop is built with an Intel i5 2nd Generation processor and a 320 GB hard disk, bringing the right combination for ideal performance and storage at home and business.

In this manner, the rugged build quality of the Dell Latitude E6420 and its robustness helps it to stand up to the grind of use and working on a computer daily. Besides the rugged make, the Dell Latitude E6420 also comes with a very comfortable keyboard and an extremely responsive touchpad, which makes using this machine so much more worth it. It has a 14-inch display, providing sharp and vivid displays for any type of usage, be it for creating a spreadsheet or watching movies. Comprehensive connectivity is of its kind, with links to USB ports, HDMI, and an SD card reader; hence, you could easily link with other peripherals and accessories without nuisance.

When you purchase your Dell Latitude E6420 through Filpz.com, you are guaranteed a link to the best prices while being assured of quality that gives the buyer their money's worth. Our customer service unit is very robust and responsive to all the concerns of a customer and any dilemma raised so that they are sure to have the most pleasant experience. Do not let such a fantastic opportunity go to waste.

Visit Filpz.com today and have this for only Rs. 11,550.


1. General Product Description of Dell Latitude E6420?

Another excellent piece of equipment for your everyday use is the Dell Latitude E6420 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 laptop. Because of its 320-gigabyte hard drive, the computer affords enough file storage—really fine design for professional and personal users.

2. Dell Latitude E6420 is ideal for multitasking?

Yes, the Dell Latitude E6420 is a multitasking-enabled system. The Intel Core i5 processor, supported by a large enough RAM, opens up the possibility of good running with many applications. The system is well set for multitasking, whether web assignments, office applications, or even media streaming.

3. Does Dell's Latitude E6420 laptop last?

Constructed ruggedly with elements such as a magnesium alloy chassis, spill-resistant keyboard, and so forth, the Latitude E6420 is built with high-quality materials. Such rugged construction thereby allows the laptop to take a beating, but, at the very least, it avails a reliable choice of computing to users who require a durable device for frequent usability.

4. What is the battery life of the Dell Latitude E6420?

Granted, this varies a lot with usage and settings, but one nice fact about the Dell Latitude E6420 is that it does give pretty decent battery life. Usually, users would get somewhere between 4 and 6 hours of use with a full charge, thus making the laptop ideal for short- to medium-duration work to prevent one from plugging in constantly.

5. Where can I find the Dell Latitude E6420, and at what price?

The Dell Latitude E6420 is available only for purchase at Filpz.com. Our price for the notebook is a dirt-cheap Rs 11,550, equalling the great value our customers get for the features and functioning. Visit our website and order your piece to get reliable and hassle-free computing with the Dell Latitude E6420.

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