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Discover the Power of the HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5, 7th Gen, 256GB, 8GB Ram

Discover the Power of the HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5, 7th Gen, 256GB, 8GB Ram


Welcome to Filpz.com, your number-one source for excellent technology at stupendous prices. We take pride in presenting the HP EliteBook 440 G5: ideally balanced performance and reliability in an ultra-sleek laptop. With a 7th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB SSD, and 8GB RAM, this machine has been tuned to satisfy all the demanding, portentous requirements of professionals and students alike.

The 256GB SSD will provide enough storage for you to keep all your essential documents, files, and media while, at the same time, it, allows faster boot times and application launches. The 8GB RAM enables you to work on massive spreadsheets free of lag or presentations with rich multimedia content.

The HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5, 7th Gen, 256GB, 8GB Ram is an ultramobile, thin, powerful note. This stylish yet robust design is in tune with modernity and functionality so that it moves with you wherever you travel. Being light-weight, it is maneuverable to move around anywhere, hence highly portable.

The high resolution on its display makes for good quality visual clarity, which imparts excellent value for money. One can type comfortably anywhere because of its backlit keyboard that helps people work productively, irrespective of ambient light conditions. The HP EliteBook 440 G5 will be vital in ensuring security, featuring things like the fingerprint reader and HP Sure Start technology to protect against a BIOS attack. Apart from protecting your data, naturally, you will look to keep your laptop safe from unwanted access.

Price and Availability 

HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5 7th Generation with 256GB storage and RAM of 8GB.

This strong and trustworthy laptop is designed to meet the needs of a professional for his daily machinery. It could be a complex project that demands several running applications or just Internet surfing; it gives you the required speed to handle this workload. We take great pride in offering our high-end laptop at the most unbeatable price of just Rs. 25,200.

Filpz.com goes all out to ensure it delivers value to customers in every purchase, and we take immense pleasure with these HP EliteBook computers. It's dolling up with might on the body, fitted with advanced features, proving to be quite an investment for your personal and professional needs.

Such an opportunity to have this top-notch laptop at an affordable cost rarely comes. Please visit Filpz.com for availability and booking purposes to get your HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5 7th generation, 256GB, 8GB RAM. Get value for each penny you spend on the website since we guarantee continuous performance on your device.

Operating System and Processor

This HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5, 7th Gen, 256GB, 8GB RAM, available on our website, Filpz.com, is superpowered, with a solid operating system and high-performing processor. This laptop runs on Windows 10 Pro, which creates a platform that is easy to use, more secure in terms of operation, and a package of applications aimed at increasing productivity in business or daily use.

Under the hood is the 7th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor, endowed with creative speed and efficiency for the best performance following the demand of the HP EliteBook 440 G5. It bids unwavering capacity for heavy tasks.

Core i5 from Intel assures balanced performance for lag-free involvement while working with complex software, streaming media, and huge documents.

This is also supported by 8GB of RAM, allowing for the laptop to boot fast and switch through your every app with total ease. With support for Windows 10 Pro and powered by an Intel Core i5 processor from the 7th Generation, the HP EliteBook 440 G5 is an ever-reliable versatile machine. With its improved operating system and powerful processor, productivity will stall through this stalwart platform while efficiency will be driven through it.

This can go as low as Rs 25,200 on Filpz.com, so this will be a pretty wise investment for those who are looking for a robust and dependable computing solution.

RAM and Storage

HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5 7th Gen is a very physically strong, versatile, and professional. It supports up to 8GB RAM; the ensured work provides smooth multitasking and perfectly running various applications simultaneously. With plenty of RAM, you can work on complex projects, peer at the internet with one another smoothly, or at playtime with multimedia files.

Besides the powerful RAM, this HP EliteBook 440 G5 backs it up with ample 256GB storage in an SSD. The swift solid-state drive will give you ultra-fast boot times, faster program response, and good storage of critical files, documents, and media.

Display and Webcam

The HP EliteBook 440 G5 comes with a 14-inch Full HD screen that offers the user vivid and crystal-clear pictures. This lets it to deliver resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 pixels for pinpoint-precise visual experiences, whether you're typesetting Word at laptop size or watching HD videos on your phone's webcam whilst just browsing the internet. It's built with an anti-glare coating also designed to reduce reflections.

So when nestled comfortably in your bed or out in bright sun for hours at a time as might be necessary for remote workers everywhere working across times zones why should they have any more stress on their poor eyes than necessary.

This display of superb quality raises productivity and the level of entertainment owing to the bright colors and very high contrast.


You are set to get clear and professional video meetings with its HD Webcam and the accompanying audio: the HP EliteBook 440 G5's got to cover видеозвонки or онлайн собрания. This 720p resolution gives razor-sharp images that you can converse easily with your colleagues, friends, and family.

It comes with built-in dual-array microphones, which appear to work on audio clarity so the noise from the background is eradicated, making your voice clear. The other feature is its Webcam privacy shutter, meaning one can tell when the camera goes out of vision.

It is a feature that puts your privacy and security in your hands when you are not using the camera. Sold at our website Filpz.com, the HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5 7th Gen, 256GB, 8GB RAM, starts at Rs. 25,200. Therefore, this very laptop powerhouse brings you excellent display quality and a reliable webcam. Hence, it's quite an apt choice for professionals as well as students.


The HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5 7th Gen, 256GB, 8GB RAM is generously bestowed with various connectivity features to remain connected and be productive. This also permits the connection of a laptop to an external display, in case of presentations or leading screen extensions, using the HDMI port.

The HP EliteBook 440 G5 has wireless connectivity integrated, offering Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 to the users.

These features provide seamless connectivity to a wireless network or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The RJ45 port equals steady wired Ethernet to establish a steady internet in an environment where Wi-Fi could be weak or spotty. You will also find the headphone spar mic combo jack on the laptop, which makes it easy to connect an audio device for video conferencing or multimedia usage.

The same is possible on our website, Filpz.com, in a unique offering at Rs. 25,200—the HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5 7th Gen, 256 GB, and 8GB RAM. This supernal laptop is one that any serious professional would want to do business with, as it brings versatile and efficient solution-providing options that can unfold services unique in making work both more accessible and efficient.

Battery and Sound

One machine that has been professionally designed to provide reliability and performance as expected is the HP EliteBook 440 G5 with an I5 7th Generation, 256 GB, and 8 GB RAM.

Its outstanding features include a battery life of up to more productivity all day. Using a lithium-ion battery guarantees a dependable runtime of hours on this EliteBook from a single charge. This laptop is going to live for long meetings, trips, or while working from home. Even optimized for the last available drop of power, advanced power management technology in battery-operated devices is achieved.

Whether it is editing documents, delivering video conferences, or streaming movies, the HP EliteBook 440 G5 will never disappoint you with all the add-up through long, demanding days without charging.

Aside from the exemplary battery life, the audio on the HP EliteBook 440 G5 worked superb. This notebook is churned toward better sound delivery, making multimedia more interesting.

Stereo speaker systems are built to have clear sound and total sound output in stereo music, multimedia movies, and video calls.

Amp up the fun with great visual branding—simply play one back on your favorite playlist, watch a high-definition movie, or join some virtual business conference. And concerning the audio angle, it certainly won't let you down.

Noise-canceling microphones with the HP EliteBook 440 G5 ensure that your voice—concerning sources communicating from either end of the call—reaches the other party, indecipherably, with no record of background noise or distraction. This can be pretty helpful to any professional joining online meetings frequently or clearly communicating during remote work sessions.

Now live on our Filpz.com website, the HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5 7th Gen, 256GB, 8GB RAM, is going for Rs. 25,200. Every takeout: This ultra-thin notebook ensures long-lived batteries without compromising spectacular sound quality. The HP EliteBook 440 G5 is designed to check today's pro needs by assuring performance and dependability in one cleanly shaped handle and stylish design. Take this opportunity at your doorstep to achieve more by doing several fast things and accelerate your multimedia experiences with the HP EliteBook 440 G5.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The HP EliteBook 440 G5 has an I5 7th generation processor, 256GB storage and 8GB RAM, and a full-sized keyboard with a slim thin, color-silver touch-pad. This ensures that the input is comfortable and efficient. The design of the keyboard layout has been done to provide excellent tactile feedback. On the other hand, the touchpad allows excellent control and navigation.

Design and Build Quality

Found on Filpz.com, the HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5 7th Gen is, beyond doubt, great design mixed with high-art and quite inspired thinking—features that have been long attributed to HP machines. Sleek and beautiful in looks, this machine spells professionalism in every respect and could prove quite handy for business and personal uses.

Sheltered in an aluminum-finish solid chassis, the EliteBook 440 G5 merges elegance with robustness to give resistance against daily wear and tear. The anodized aluminum casing sponsors not only its poor appearance but also resists scratching and average hits.

If anything stands out in the HP EliteBook 440 G5 notebook, it has to be its design, which has to agree with all the OUT there ergonomic experts.

The laptop is made user-friendly. It has a well-spaced keyboard that allows the user to type in no time even when working for long periods, all in comfort. Also eliciting responsive warmth are the very immersive buttons to press down on hence cutting pressure exerted on the typing fingers.

Moreover, it is smooth and very responsive in navigation by swiping, tapping, and executing multi-touch gestures right on the surface of the glass precision touchpad.

The build quality of the EliteBook 440 G5 is excellent, and hence, it can sustain itself over time. Its hinges are more than adequate, allowing both a stable platform on a desk and moving around. It also has a good selection of ports: USB-C, USB 3.1, HDMI, and an SD card reader, so you can keep all your connectivity options in one place without chasing extra adapters.

The 14-inch screen features ultra-narrow bezels that maximize real estate, and the screen is visible for superlative viewability. Anti-glare coating that spans across the screen increases superb usability in brighter environments, resulting in less ocular stresses and optimum vision.

Get this HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5 7th Gen 256GB 8GB RAM for as low as Rs 25,200, available only at Filpz.com. Not something to use, more like an investment in quality and performance, be it for professional use—a reliable workhorse—or for a student needing an all-rounder. Made to meet an elevated combination of business kernels with beauty, this EliteBook shall cater to all your needs.

Model and Specifications

HP EliteBook 440 G5 belongs to the business-class laptops, making this laptop suitable for practical professionals configuring power with reliability throughout their busy day.

Exclusively available on Filpz.com, the Digimerge range somehow manages to marry the high performance expected with ruggedness and a sleek design to present an optimum solution for working in the office and on the go. At the center of the HP EliteBook 440 G5 is processing power courtesy of the Intel Core i5 7th Gen processor, which spells out fluid and fast performance witnessed even while running two or more applications concurrently.

Further, 8 GB RAM lets the laptop work under different tasks without slowing down a user's computing experience. A 256GB SSD is great for storing almost all the pertinent documents and files that run on the laptop, a fast boot-up time, and quick access to data.

It offers a 14-inch display with full HD, clear and sharp enough for you to enjoy the dielectric pictures either while working or entertaining yourself.

The anti-glare screen allows one to use the laptop comfortably at work or place for long hours of gaming without putting excess pressure on the eyes. Besides, there are also related connectivity options available within the device, such as USB-C, USB 3.1, HDMI, and an SD-card reader, which keeps one in constant connection with so many devices or peripherals at a time.

Towards the very top of features, the HP EliteBook 440 G5 includes a strong sense of security with a fingerprint reader and an integrated privacy screen to keep sensitive information from snooping eyes. It has an added measure of HP security software suite with an 'if it' facility for extra safeguards if threats rear their ugly heads.

A power-move-of-a-study-powerhouse laptop coming right for a professional, starting at Rs 25,200, is the HP EliteBook 440 G5 of great value. This one rolls in robust specifications, security features, and sleek design, usable for a professional. A notebook that makes up for excellent value, available only at Filpz.com, is a major fillip focused on productivity and efficiency.


The HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM, specifically, is a fantastic device for duly obtaining peace of mind about reliability and efficiency.

This Filpz. Com-exclusive model was designed with performance and durability combined with sleekness and quickly emerged as one of the best business laptops.

Now, at Rs. 25,200, it is an excellent value for money and will meet all business and professional needs through high-grade computing solutions. The applied tasks will be smooth due to the ease of using the highly sophisticated current system of the HP EliteBook 440 G5 laptop, powered by a 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor. This laptop can easily handle operations of working on some complex spreadsheets, video conferencing, and even multitasking.

Another high point for this model is storage. A 256GB SSD allows booting at super speed, for the first time launching applications and complex applications while finally having enough space for those valuable files or documents. The SSD, moreover, DOES NOT speed up the general literal laptop working tempo itself but affects durability very strongly, giving double performance over the long run whenever users need it to do so.

Featuring robust hardware aside from the excellent hardware that the HP EliteBook 440 G5 boasts, the design speaks wordlessly of strength and style. Slim and light, it makes it easy to take it around, especially for an on-the-go business person. The structure allows it to absorb all strokes to survive the rocking-use-daily activities, at the same time respecting the sleek design that underlines professionalism everywhere one goes.


1. What are some essential features of an HP EliteBook 440 G5?

Among the conditions in which HP EliteBook 440 G5 laptops can be pressed into action are the business-class laptops that can meet the content creators' needs adequately. Working under an Intel Core i5 7th generation processor, this laptop, is, in most cases, smooth.

The 256GB SSD offers fast data access and ample storage for all your programs and files. The more powerful 8GB RAM makes it enhances multitasking capabilities by smoothly running several applications at a go without experiencing lagging. This notebook has a 14-inch high-definition display screen that gives vivid visuals and transparent displays to users while engaging in all business or leisure activities.

2. Is the HP EliteBook 440 G5 for serious business?

Yes, the HP EliteBook 440 G5 is an excellent laptop for business. There's more that gives it an even gloss on advanced security features, such as the fingerprint sensor and HP Sure Start to boot with care every time. Its muscular build and robust design make it an ideal point-for-company for business travelers. The notebook also delivers easy connectivity through USB Type-C, an HDMI, and a GB Ethernet jack to grapple a variety of peripherals along with linking into networks.

3. What is the battery life like in the HP EliteBook 440 G5?

The battery life in the HP EliteBook 440 G5 is long-lasting. Its run time is 13 hours, depending on usage and settings. This serves good for business people, who are most of the time on the move and may not always be in a place to recharge frequently. It also has quick charging, which recharges the battery level by up to 50% in 30 minutes of charge—this lets you be more productive across your whole day.

4. Can the HP EliteBook 440 G5 Run Heavy Applications?

HP EliteBook 440 G5 glides through multitasking applications without a hitch. With the Intel Core i5 7th Generation processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD onboard, the laptop doesn't have a problem with running professional applications that require lots of system resources. Be it working on complex spreadsheets, running virtual machines, or editing multimedia content, EliteBook 440 G5 delivers to ensure you finish up tasks efficiently.

5. HP EliteBook 440 G5 Warranty and Support?

This one comes with a one-year warranty. These include manufacturing defects and hardware issues. Customer care is best known as HP's center of excellence, with options to service users out of most of the problems they might encounter. You could also buy extended warranty plans to extend protection of the investment made by you beyond one year. With those HP support services, you'll never be left in the dark if there are any lapses with your EliteBook 440 G5. The HP EliteBook 440 G5 I5 7th Gen 256GB 8GB RAM is only available on Filpz.com, starting at Rs. 25,200.

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