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Discover the Powerful Features of the DELL LATITUDE E3340 I3 4th Gen 256GB,4GB Ram Laptop

Discover the Powerful Features of the DELL LATITUDE E3340 I3 4th Gen 256GB,4GB Ram Laptop

Introduction of DELL LATITUDE E3340 I3 4th Gen Laptop

Wallow in the press of essential features that come with the DELL LATITUDE E3340 I3 4th Gen 256GB,4GB RAM Laptop—on a budget, versatile, and flexible gadget for all students and professionals. Hear about its leading technology features, easy-to-use options, and unbeatable performance in the following comprehensive review.

Price and Availability

At, we are excited to introduce you to the versatile solution you can always count on: DELL LATITUDE E3340 I3 4th Gen 256GB, 4GB RAM Laptop. This sturdy all-rounder is the right one for persons looking for a reliable workstation for general loads and gestures.

DELL LATITUDE E3340 has an Intel Core I3 4th Generation processor, which provides more than adequate power to multitask, browse the internet, or easily run office applications.

A 256 SSD offers enough room for space, thereby enabling this laptop to boot up faster and retrieve files or applications faster. With 4 GB RAM, simultaneously working on different applications by multiple users at any time on the laptop is a breeze. This makes it suitable to use in schools, business, or at home.

It is available exclusively at, assuring the customers of the best prices for the original product. We do not compromise on quality at the expense of competitive rates, and the DELL LATITUDE E3340 that comes under the same umbrella weren't either. This brilliant piece comes in a starting price of Rs. 22,050, which, if for a laptop of such specification, means out of the world.

At this juncture, availability is excellent and robust, but it is our fair recommendation to potential clientele for prompt action because of the boom in the market and piqued interest in seeking out reliable and very affordable quality laptops.

Our stock levels are continuously updated, literally, so you're kept up to date with our latest inventory at any given point to ensure that you have the latest information when making a purchase.

At, we have worked to provide very easy online shopping for every customer by giving detailed descriptions of products and precise pricing of objects to be shopped, not to mention quick delivery of goods clear of defects.

Shop at confidently, assured of a quality product at the best price.

Exploring the Laptop's Functional Features

Get the maximum comprehensive usability from DELL LATITUDE E3340 I3 4th Gen 256GB,4GB Laptop, in providing several practical features that increase both user experience and productivity.

One of the handy features of the laptop is that a user can easily lock his device with a single keystroke defined by the user. Locking is vice versa with the computer; a user can easily unlock the computer by using an appropriate function key to quickly access the system.

These keys make it easy to control the sound settings of the laptop. One can switch off the sound entirely by pressing just one key, and another sort of key help adjust the sound volume, making the use of audio simple and convenient.

Changing screen brightness on the DELL LATITUDE E3440 I3 4th Gen laptop is easy, thanks to the different function keys. The function keys effortlessly allow one to brighten or lower their screen's brightness according to personal preference or surrounding conditions.

With such a feature, it's pretty simple to take hold of Wi-Fi connectivity in a laptop through the function keys. That is to say, with the corresponding key combination, it will be easy to turn on or off with great ease in control of wireless connectivity.

Advanced Customization Options

It helps individuals to personalize the DELL LATITUDE E3340 I3 4th Gen 256GB,4GB RAM laptop to their specifications and requirements with the many options available.

Users could easily set the laptop to project their screen on another peripheral display by pressing only one function key. The latter makes multi-monitor multitasking easy and effective.

With the two included software programs for function keys, the laptop can help manage tiny controls of the screen brightness that allow adjustment based on what is correct to achieve optimum comfortable viewing—thanks to such minute control and optimum comfortable viewing even under extreme lighting variations.

You may create and switch between individual sound profiles with audio personalization that assures you get a rich and immersive sound experience tailored to your preference using the function keys on your laptop.

It's easy for users to quickly turn on or off their Wi-Fi connectivities, perhaps with function keys, thereby commanding wireless networking and access to the Internet.

Examining the Laptop's Specifications

ESTRELLA's DELL LATITUDE E3340 I3 4th Gen 256GB 4GB RAM laptop comes with fully installed updated technology, with unbelievable specifications that satisfy the different needs and likes of the users.

This laptop performs seamlessly in various computing tasks, demonstrated by its powerful i3 4th Generation processor. This model has 4GB of DDR3 RAM for easy multitasking without lag or hiccups in running applications. Now, the laptop is quite spacious enough, with storage space totaling 256 GB to store very many files, documents, and multimedia. Add a 13.3" touch-screen display for a highly bright and interactive viewing experience.

It has a camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, and 1-2 hours battery backup. For some of the most needed functions, by which a user can feel relaxed and more productive. Not including a DVD ROM forms one of the prominent features of this laptop.

Detailed Hardware and Port Analysis

Going through the DELL LATITUDE E3340 I3 4th Gen 256GB,4GB RAM laptop, one finds it essential to note some of the hardware components/ports' usability their functionality in the general aspect of its use and connection.

It also includes an HDMI port to ensure a high-quality connection to external displays for all multimedia and presentation needs. And, of course, it also features USB ports that allow better peripheral connectivity and data transfer.

Its users will have their safety and privacy with an app lock at their fingertips. It can also lock your system and keep your information secure, saving you from unauthorized access to your system and information.

Comprehensive Indicator Lights and Connectivity

Dell Latitude E3340 I3 4th Gen with 256GB, 4GB RAM Laptop at respective brackets starting from Rs. 22,050. This is one superior yet versatile kind of device when it comes to performance and even connectivity. A few of the main features that make the product outstanding are its use of full indicator lights and connectivity options configured to help in the kind of experience the user gets under productivity intents.

The laptop has an array of indicator lights that provide real-time information on the state of the system to users. The lights include power, battery status, and strenuous drive activity. The power status indicator light is obvious, identifying whether it is on, off, or put in sleep mode, so obviously, at a glance, one can notice the state the system is in.

One critical condition the battery indicator light shows is the amount of battery life remaining, and whether or not it is still charging, so one will not be caught unawares by instant power off. Another feature is the challenging drive activity light that, with a flicker, keeps one informed of when the computer is either processing or storing data, which may occur during heavy processing or troubleshooting.

This Latitude e3340 is designed to keep up with users regarding apace connectivity. It comes equipped with various types of ports, the likes of USB 3.0 ports that offer high-speed data and connections to peripheral devices. The laptop is also installed with an HDMI port to facilitate attaching a projector or external display when, for presentation purposes, a means of connecting to these devices presents itself in turning the view on the screen into something comfortably visible. For assured network connectivity to the Latitude E3340, an Ethernet port assures stable and reliable internet access.

Moreover, this laptop supports Wi-Fi connectivity, so it is flexible in connecting without wires where necessary.

Equally important is the presence of the SD card reader, which works to aid users in transferring files from a camera and PDAs quite quickly. The added feature of a headphone/microphone combo jack gives the laptop high-quality application output in audio, which is suitable for all valid communication and multimedia presentations.

The Dell Latitude E3440 I3 4th Gen 256 GB, 4 GB RAM Laptop on offer at is a very sturdy and dependable machine, boasting a few innovations in indicator light display and connective interfaces. These are implementations that let the user stay informed about just everything concerning system states in obvious sight, with many connective interfaces to varying needs.

Even if you are using this for work, you can expect a lot of performance and connectivity with this laptop, making it suitable for anyone who wants a reliable personal computer.

Powerful Performance and Impressive Design

The DELL LATITUDE E3340 I3 4th Gen 256GB, 4GB RAM laptop represents a landmark in performance and design. Universally crafted for students and professionals alike, it's packed with a highly desirable range of user-friendly features with high-end technologies to ensure a seamless experience in computing.

The laptop has a powerful i3 4th Generation processor allows smooth processing in multiple computing operations. With 4GB DDR3 RAM, users can now run numerous applications simultaneously and handle them quite proficiently.

That is a feature that serves to optimize user engagement, productivity, and interactive visual experiences by having a 13.3-inch touchscreen display. Touch capability offers the latest interface interaction in a modern and intuitive way with the device.

On the other hand, flexible viewing angles are tailor-made to fit various user wants and needs using the 180° screen swivel feature. This provides convenience and adaptability in the laptop design.

The laptop is fitted with built-in Wi-Fi effectively and has a battery back-up of around 1 to 2 hours; thus, it is helpful to make it feature-rich, convenient, and productive for the user. The laptop is a versatile solution for portable, wireless power.


Dell This Latitude E3340 I3 4th Gen 256GB Laptop 4GB RAM by Dell is flexible and effective, offering excellent performance at a reasonable price. Therefore, the laptop will be suitable for students, professionals, or a person who wants a reliable device to get through daily chores. Its rigidity makes it strong, thus durable for those needing a laptop that can stand strong use daily.

Moreover, on another side note, it's lightweight and small in size, so it also fits any person who tends to be more outdoors most times.

What makes the Dell Latitude E3340 stand out is a 4th Gen Intel Core processor that puts up reasonable operations for whatever purposes you've got in it: be it browsing, working on documents, or streaming videos. This laptop rips right through those.

The 256GB SSD means lots of space for file storage and will see the device quickly boot and have quick access to your data. Besides, the 4GB RAM is good enough for multitasking, so you will have the possibility to run some apps simultaneously without low performance in the majority of cases.

Furthermore, the Dell Latitude E3340 was designed with user comfort in mind. The typing is done on a keyboard that feels nice, as its keys are very responsive and provide excellent tactile feedback. Display-wise, it spells out clear and vivid graphics, which becomes critical in extended usage of the machine.

Furthermore, it offers a perfect battery life that will suffice for you to keep working during a standard workday, never letting you run out before you get things accomplished.

The Dell Latitude E3340 I3 4th Gen 256GB 4GB RAM Laptop is an efficient and reliable device available at our website: Starting at Rs. 22,050, it proves very affordable but simultaneously very valuable—simply uniting solid productivity with good portability. Without ifs and buts, a reliable laptop for students, working people, or anyone who wants one for everyday usage, the Dell Latitude E3340 model will surely ring bells with its great spiraling value in the international market. Visit for more and have this multifaceted laptop be yours today.


1. What are the key features of Dell Latitude E3340?

The Dell Latitude E3340 boots a decent performance for normal activities powered by the Intel Core i3 4th Gen processor. It has 4GB RAM, suitable for moderate multitasking, and a 256GB SSD for fast boots and data access. A tiny 13.3-inch LED display characterizes it.

2. Is the Dell Latitude E3340 a fit for education?

Yes, the Dell Latitude E3340 fits the bill for students who want a computer more for their educational needs. It appreciates strong build qualities and a good uptick in performance. So a solid device portably carried without fuss is suitable for a student in and out of assignments, research, or online learning. The small size and lightweight construction allow comfortable transportation from one lecture to another across campus, and its long battery life ensures sufficient oomph to carry you through a full day of active study.

3. What connectivity is supported on the Dell Latitude E3340?

There are various options for connectivity on the Dell Latitude E3340 to meet all your to-connect needs: the Latitude has many USB ports where you can plug in as many peripherals as you want. It also comes with an HDMI port, so one can connect to a more excellent external display, allowing one to present slides or acquire extra screen space. Not to forget is an Ethernet jack that provides access to the wired Internet. There is also a headphone/microphone combo jack and an SD card reader, allowing you versatile options for varied connectivity needs.

4. What is the battery life of the Dell Latitude E3340?

Dell Latitude E3340 is crafted to exclusively reserve the battery life that supports extended work without the need for constant charging; therefore very much suitable for students or professionals on the move who work either indoors with limited direct access to a power outlet or during transit. The extended battery life is due to effective power management that extends this battery life during lighter operations.

5. Which Operating System does Dell Latitude E3340 run?

Latitude E3340 from Dell typically ships with the latest version of Windows. It has one of the most recognizable and intuitive OS interfaces out there. With Windows 10, you can receive many neat, inbuilt features reinforcing productivity and security. Among them are periodic updates, availability through the Microsoft Store, and supporting all varieties of applications. That makes this laptop ready to tick both for home and working purposes.

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