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Discover the Versatile Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB,4GB Laptop

Discover the Versatile Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB,4GB Laptop


Good performance with style and a reasonable price can be quite a handful, available only from Filpz.com. The perfect laptop for students, almost any casual user, or professionals for bringing forth that natural computing experience without needing to break the bank in the process. This notebook has a powerful Intel Core i3 5th Generation processor, so you will surely achieve outstanding performance when running all your daily tasks.

Be it working with documents surfing the web, or even viewing an online video, this Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB,4GB Laptop does it pretty fast.

It comes with a 500 GB hard drive, giving ample space to all the files, media, and applications. With 4 GB RAM, it has more of its performance implemented to allow running numerous applications without noted lag. This gives clear and bright images on the 14-inch display, apt for work and entertainment. It is firmly built with design finesses, hence making this laptop highly durable and stylish for that person on the move.

Live a little more on the computer with the unbeatable Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB, 4GB Laptop, and pay only Rs. 15,225 for an experience you will always treasure. Get the fantastic device at Filpz.com for a computing experience that is reliable and efficient. Do not let this go, as this is just the deal you will ever want for your digital life with more on the Lenovo G40 80.

Price and Availability

Now, price and availability Finally, the Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB, 4GB Laptop is available only on our website. A robust, all-around laptop that is a student's and professional's delight when performance is considered at a pocket-friendly price. Whether it is a workhorse one seeks, a friend in one's studies, or an entertainment device, the Lenovo G40 80 doesn't let you down with unique features and superb design.

At Filpz.com, we proudly present this laptop to our respected customers at a very competitive price, starting at just Rs. 15,225. So, all these price factors are of great value with respect to the money invested in technology. Affordability with an assurance of good quality means you don't have to hit the bank for it.

The Lenovo G40 80 has a 5th Generation Intel Core I3 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 500 GB of storage—an altogether pretty reliable package of specs for most the people.

For instance, this great spec, such as the Lenovo G40 80, can be easily purchased from our website.

You can scroll down and find no trouble going through the details, high-resolution pictures of the product, and customer reviews to decide for yourself. We at Filpz.com promise a happy shopping venture, customer service at its best, and quick delivery. Do not miss a great deal; go to Filpz.com today and buy the Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB, 4GB Laptop for the least possible cost.

Exploring the Laptop's Design and Connectivity

Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen Laptop using Filpz.com has superb style, performance, and affordability. It is within the range of Rs. 15,225 for users' needs for both aesthetics and performance. It has a slim, firm build, and its design is professional and personal.

Design: One of the most eye-appealing designs of the Lenovo G40 80. Regarding its design, this laptop has a rough chassis just to ensure its durability and a smooth finish to bring out style. Ergonomically, the keyboard is nicely designed; you can type without any hitch, as the keys are spaced widely from each other in a bid to ensure more efficiency and save your hand from straining with extended use durations. It is also responsive to the touchpad, supporting multi-touch gestures for easy navigation.

Not only that, but the connectivity on the Lenovo G40 80 is also first-class. The laptop guarantees fast data transfer through multiple USB ports, one USB 3.0. It is a plus point for those who, with all certainty, will often transfer large files. Added to that is the general necessity of connecting external devices like printers and hard drives. Moreover, one can use an HDMI port to connect this device to projectors and other devices because they would want to present their findings or even watch the movie on a broader screen.

To be more precise, the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilitate networking. The Ethernet port provides another alternative to attach to the Internet via a wire and, therefore, can be online in places with an unstable wireless network. With this degree of versatility in its connectivity options, the Lenovo G40 80 is bound to be a trustworthy companion for home use and on-the-go in office environments.

Its appeal as a laptop is also due to its audio and visual functionality. The built-in webcam and microphone are just perfect for video conferencing, while stereo speakers produce crystal-clear sound, just best for a well-rounded multimedia experience. The 14-inch HD Bright-View screen is ideal for movie watching and photo browsing or even doing tasks heavily based on graphics.

All in all, the Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB 4GB laptop, which starts at Rs. 15,225 from Filpz.com, is a brilliant pick for those who need an equilibrium between design, performance, and connectivity.

Its solid build, connectivity of varied nature, and easy-to-operate interface will be the best suited for personal and professional use amongst modern consumers and, thus, a great deal to invest in. Visit Filpz.com and learn more about this laptop now.

Powerful Performance with 5th Gen Intel Core i3

Excellent performance with 5th generation Intel® Core™ i3 processors. Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB, 4GB Laptop—it is embedded with the 5th generation Intel Core i3-5010U, now amalgamated with clock speeds that peak at 2.1 GHz, hence ideally attuned to the meek power in all your rigorous tasks so it could exert excellent work capacity and, alongside, carry out perfect performance for the most basic of your functions of computing. Running in your laptop is a configuration running with 4 GB worth of working memory clocked at 1600 Mhz, ensuring smooth multitasking that is very responsive for you to breeze through a slew of applications and activities.

Vibrant 14-inch Display and Dolby Audio

14" Full HD Touch Display and Dolby Audio Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB Laptop has a bright 14-inch HD LED TN Glare Flat eDP Display. This display yields a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which renders colors in a way that they appear just perfect for gaming, surfing, and watching videos. It supports Dolby Advanced Audio technology with 2 x 1.5 W stereo speakers, enhancing the sound to make it all-round and comprehensive for good multimedia and entertainment.

Lightweight and Portable Design

The device is light and easily portable, with a weight of just 2.1 kg and a thickness of 25 mm; hence, the Lenovo G40-80 I3 5th Gen 500GB,4GB Laptop proves a better gadget for those on the move. Moreover, it is designed to be compact and slim, so that design is made to be easily portable with no hassle.

Windows 10 Home and Intel HD Graphics

The Lenovo G40-80 comes with Windows 10 Home, which is more familiar and personal. It also features Intel HD Graphics, ensuring smooth and easy-to-the-eye visuals in tasks, from multimedia and light gaming to productivity applications.

Both Windows 10 Home and Intel HD Graphics interwork to grant a seamless and pleasing user experience that can cater to diversified computing needs.

Detailed Specifications and Model Overview

The Lenovo G40-80 contains a 5th generation Intel Core i3 5010U clocked at up to 2.1 GHz, equipped with 4 GB of RAM at 1600Mhz.

It has a 14-inch HD LED TN Glare Flat eDP Display that gives a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, hence making gaming, surfing, and video watching all the more affluent. Added to that will be an integrated graphics card and a 1TB SATA hard disk at 5400 rpm, which allows for more effortless multitasking and being more responsive while working with basic computing.

The laptop is powered by Windows 10 64-bit and has an inbuilt .3 MP Webcam for video calls and recording. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0, HDMI, a 2-in-1 multimedia reader, and an audio combo jack. The USB 3.0 port harbors an enhancement in the data rate together with charging. The laptop also comes with a 9.0 mm Super Multi Optical Drive besides a 4-cell Battery that provides usage to a maximum of four hours. This equipment has 2 x 1.5 W stereo speakers built on advanced audio technology from Dolby, thus enhancement of audio.

Keyboard and Touchpad Experience

It has an AccuType keyboard and touchpad to facilitate comfortable and practical typing and navigation in the Lenovo G40-80 laptop. The AccuType keyboard is designed with ergonomic and responsive keys to perform accurate typing yet is very comfy, making it ideal for long usage. It has a touchpad for the easy interfacing of the laptop's applications, precise cursor movement, and multi-touch gesture support for smooth operations during navigation through the interface.
Coupling this with a quality keyboard and touchpad, a friendly and productive experience is assured during computing. In this manner, the Lenovo G40-80 becomes the best choice for everyday use.

Versatile Configuration Options

Lenovo G40-80 laptop: Flexible configurations that can be adapted according to your varied computing demands. Moreover, loaded with a 5th generation Intel Core i3 5010U processor and 4GB of RAM running at 1600Mhz, the promise of practical and sharp general task application shall be laid, thus the same for productivity and entertainment. The laptop additionally has a SATA 1TB hard drive running at 5400rpm, which makes a tremendous amount of storage for documents, files, and media.

The integrated graphics, together with the vibrantly high 14-inch HD LED TN glare flat eDP display with a 1366x768 pixel screen resolution, complete the gaming, video, and browsing experience of any kind. The most positive point is a Windows 10 64-bit Operating System, easily using an interface abounding in features and application availability.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB, 4GB Laptop is a perfect choice for a person needing an adequate but not expensive appliance.This device balances performance and price: with an available Notebook, going for a very reasonable price of Rs. 15,225. This caters to the best for students and professionals, not meant for casual users. Equipped with a 5th Gen Intel Core i3 Processor, this laptop works very efficiently where multitasking performance is concerned, whereas 4 GB RAM paves the way for all types of everyday computing tasks to keep them supported.

A big 500 GB hard drive in your Lenovo G40-80 can carry many documents, media, and software applications. The ergonomic design, along with solid build quality, ensures sturdiness for comfortable use over long periods. This lovely clear image display in a 14-inch display makes this good for any work and entertainment.

The Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB, 4GB Laptop from Filpz.com is a budget laptop, great for a person who wants to purchase a computer that works and performs. Available for a fair price in exchange for the performance and storage blend, this laptop has real value in its category. It will not drop you at any point while doing your assignments, taking care of your daily work needs, or even multimedia sources.

This offer is for Filpz.com website users alone.


Q1: The Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen Laptop Key Features?

It comes with an Intel Core i3 5th Gen processor, ensuring smooth, fast performance for general purposes. It configures 4GB of RAM, convenient for multitasking, and 500GB of hard drive, a feature that very much comes in handy to accommodate huge storage files, documents, and media. With a 14-inch screen, this laptop gives quality graphics to the eyes and works perfectly for both work and entertainment.

Q2: Can I play games on a Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen laptop?

The Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen is designed for everyday computing but can support light gaming without any issues. Its Intel HD Graphics 5500 will be able to run basic games and old titles. But this laptop is not suitable for those hardcore gamers with high-end graphical requirements; it's just more inclined toward productivity, web surfing, and media consumption.

Q3: What operating system does the Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen laptop come pre-installed?

The Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen laptop typically arrives with the in-built and preloaded Windows 10. This operating system provides easy solutions and several practical applications and features. Moreover, it's also equally crucial that Windows 10 regularly updates with the best security patches to keep your laptop safe from the latest threats.

Q4: How long does the battery last for the Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen laptop?

Depending on different uses, the battery life for a Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen laptop will differ. Ideally, the battery lasts 4 to 5 hours after being fully charged. This gives ample time to most activities or chores that one may want to run throughout the day, for instance, browsing, document editing, or viewing media. When it must run longer, however, it is critical to keep the charger close and work with a nearby power outlet.

Q5: Is the Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen laptop available on sale at Filpz.com?

Can You Buy Lenovo G40 80 I3 5th Gen 500GB, 4GB RAM at Rs.15,225 at our website—Filpz. com? Just go to our website and place an order to experience the best services; you can rest assured that the delivery will also be fast.

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