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EASY TIPS for Beginners! (iPad 10th Gen)

EASY TIPS for Beginners! (iPad 10th Gen)


Welcome to our Filpz newsletter! Here, we aim to guide you through the fascinating world of the new iPad 10th Generation. This device is packed with a plethora of innovative features and capabilities, and our mission is to help you leverage these to their fullest potential. Whether you're a newcomer to the iPad universe or upgrading from an older model, our curated tips and tricks are designed to enhance your user experience significantly.

Understanding new technology can sometimes be daunting. That's why we're here - to make your transition to the iPad 10th Gen as smooth and enjoyable as possible. In our Filpz newsletter, we'll explore a variety of topics. These include mastering Siri commands, optimizing battery life, discovering hidden gestures, and using shortcuts effectively.

Our guidance is geared towards helping you uncover the myriad possibilities your new iPad holds. So, let's embark on this exciting journey together and explore everything your iPad 10th Generation has to offer!

Connecting and Using Accessories

When you're ready to explore the full potential of your 10th Gen iPad, an array of accessories awaits to elevate your user experience. Here's a guide to seamlessly integrating these enhancements into your daily use:

1. Syncing the First-Gen Apple Pencil:

Have a first-gen Apple Pencil? Connect it effortlessly using the newly introduced USB-C to Lightning port adapter. Once paired, your creative or note-taking endeavors are just a tap away.

2. Powering Up Your Apple Pencil:

To keep your Apple Pencil juiced up, employ the cable accompanying your iPad, or plug it into a wall adapter for a quick recharge. Remember, you'll need to pause your pencil work while it's charging.

3. Pairing with Bluetooth Devices:

Your iPad 10th Gen isn't just a standalone wonder—it's a hub for connectivity. Dive into the Bluetooth settings to link up with your favorite gaming controllers, including those from Xbox and PlayStation, or connect a Bluetooth keyboard for an enhanced typing experience.

4. Mastering the Bluetooth Keyboard:

If efficiency is your game, a Bluetooth keyboard is your player. Activating Bluetooth on both the keyboard and your iPad syncs them effortlessly, transforming your tablet into a productivity powerhouse.

5. Expanding with the USB-C Port:

The USB-C port on your iPad 10th Gen is a portal to expanded functionality. Connect external drives or USB docks directly for an elevated approach to file management and device connectivity.

By leveraging these tips, your 10th Gen iPad becomes more than just a tablet—it's a versatile tool at your fingertips. Whether for artistic endeavors with the Apple Pencil, enhanced gaming, or streamlined work tasks, your iPad is ready to adapt to your needs.

Efficient File Transfer

Transferring files efficiently is a breeze with the 10th Generation iPad, thanks to a handy feature called AirDrop. This tool simplifies the process of moving files, particularly large videos, from your iPad to a Mac with just a few taps. AirDrop shines by doing away with the necessity for external drives or USB cables. You can directly send files to your computer, by passing the traditional method of using external storage as an intermediary. This not only saves time but also makes the process much more straightforward.

In the event that AirDrop isn't functioning as expected, there are some basic troubleshooting methods to attempt. Ensure that your iPad and Mac are close to each other and that the Mac is not in sleep mode. If problems persist, toggling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off and then back on again on both devices might help.

The benefits of using AirDrop over conventional file transfer methods are clear. It provides a fast, wireless way to move files, eliminating the clutter and inconvenience of wires and physical storage. This feature is particularly beneficial for iPad 10th Gen users looking to transfer files to a Mac, offering a streamlined and efficient alternative.

Customizing Control Center

Customizing the Control Center on the iPad 10th Generation involves a few steps that tailor it to your specific needs. Here's a guide on how to do it:

1. Accessing the Control Center:

First, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen. This gesture reveals the Control Center, which is a hub for quick settings and features like brightness and volume controls, media playback, and more.

2. Adjusting Brightness and Volume:

Within the Control Center, you'll find sliders for screen brightness and volume. By tapping and holding on these sliders, you'll get more options. For instance, with the brightness slider, you can turn on Dark Mode, Night Shift, or True Tone. Similarly, holding the volume slider allows for quick volume adjustments or muting the device.

3. Exploring More Options:

The Control Center is more than just sliders. By tapping and holding on different icons, you can discover further functionalities. For example, if you tap and hold on the media playback icon, you get additional controls like skipping tracks or changing playback speed.

4. Personalizing the Control Center:

To make the Control Center truly yours, go to the iPad's settings. Under "Settings," find "Control Center." Here, you can add, remove, or rearrange controls based on your preference. This customization ensures that your most-used settings are just a swipe away.

Adding Shortcuts: For even quicker access, you can add shortcuts to the Control Center. These could be for an alarm, stopwatch, screen recording, or other frequently used functions. You can set these up in the Control Center section of the settings. Once added, these shortcuts are easily accessible with a swipe and tap.

By customizing the Control Center on your iPad 10th Gen, you streamline your user experience, making sure that the tools and settings you use the most are always at your fingertips.

Taking Screenshots

Taking screenshots on the 10th Generation iPad offers two simple methods. Traditionally, you can capture what's on your screen by pressing and holding the power and volume up buttons simultaneously. But there's a quicker way: just swipe up from the screen's left corner. This gesture allows for rapid screenshotting without juggling multiple buttons.

After capturing your screenshot, the iPad offers a suite of tools for further customization. You can crop, annotate, and add text directly on the screenshot. Sharing your edited images is easy too, with options to send via email, messaging apps, or social media.

Opting for the swift swipe-up method not only speeds up the process but also enhances the overall experience of taking screenshots. Whether it's for capturing a memorable moment, saving important details, or sharing content, the 10th Generation iPad makes the task effortless.

Personalizing iPad Settings

Personalizing your iPad settings is a great way to enhance your experience with the iPad 10th Gen and tailor it to your preferences. Here are some customization tips:

Set Up Multiple Fingerprints for Landscape Mode:

For ease of access in both portrait and landscape modes, set up multiple fingerprints. This allows you to unlock your iPad with either hand, regardless of how you're holding it.

Customize the iPad's Name for Easy Identification:

If you have multiple devices, name each iPad distinctly for easy identification. Go to Settings > General > About, tap on "Name," and choose a unique name.

Use Personal Photos as Wallpapers:

Personalize your iPad by setting your own photos as wallpapers. Open the desired photo, tap the share button, and select "Use as Wallpaper." Adjust the photo's position before setting it as your wallpaper.

Add Widgets to the Home Screen:

Enhance your home screen with widgets. Long press on the home screen, hit the plus icon, and pick your preferred widgets. Drag them to where you want them and tap "Done" to finalize.

Enhance Text Size for Better Visibility:

If the default text size is too small, adjust it for better visibility. Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Text Size. Select a larger size or use the accessibility sizes to find a comfortable setting.

Personalizing your iPad settings like this can significantly improve your user experience, making your device more aligned with your personal preferences and needs. Whether through fingerprints, custom naming, unique wallpapers, widgets, or text size adjustments, these steps will help you maximize the benefits of your iPad 10th Gen.

Optimizing User Experience

Optimizing your iPad 10th Gen's user experience can significantly enhance your interaction and productivity. Here's how you can tailor your device for optimal use:

Turn Off Keyboard Sounds:

If the clickety-clack of the keyboard distracts you, silence it. Dive into Settings, head over to Sounds, and disable the Keyboard Clicks and Lock Sound. This will make typing a quieter affair.

Instant Camera Access:

Don't miss capturing spontaneous moments. Swipe left on the locked screen, and the camera springs to life, ready to snap a picture without needing to unlock the device.

Mastering Split Screen:

Juggling between apps? Use the split screen feature to multitask like a pro. Tap the three dots at the top of an app, select Split Screen, then pick a second app. You can adjust the divider to prioritize one app over another or balance both.

Customizing App Proportions in Split Screen:

While in split screen, the central divider is your tool for resizing apps. Drag it to give more real estate to the app you're focusing on or to create a more balanced view.

Explore and Share:

The iPad 10th Gen is packed with features waiting to be discovered. If you stumble upon a handy tip or trick, don't keep it to yourself! Share your insights and learn from others to make the most of your device.

Embrace these tips to streamline your iPad experience and make your digital interaction more efficient and enjoyable.

Conclusion and Call to Action

As we conclude our journey through this blog, we've explored numerous helpful tips and techniques for those new to the iPad 10th Generation. Here's a brief recap of the crucial insights we've shared:

i. Connecting Accessories: We delved into how to pair and use devices like the Apple Pencil and various Bluetooth accessories.

ii. Efficient File Transfer: The utility of AirDrop for quick and seamless file sharing was highlighted.

iii. Control Center Customization: We discussed tailoring the Control Center for easy access to your most used settings and features.

iv. Easy Screenshot Capture: A simple guide on taking screenshots effortlessly.

v. Personalizing Your iPad: This included setting up multiple fingerprints for security, renaming your device, and customizing wallpapers and widgets.

vi. Optimizing User Experience: Tips on keyboard sound adjustments, quick camera access, and using the split-screen mode for multitasking.

We sincerely hope these tips enhance your experience with the iPad 10th Gen. We also invite you to contribute any additional tricks or tips you've discovered in the comments section. Sharing your insights can be incredibly beneficial to others in their journey of iPad optimization.

Thank you for dedicating your time to read our Filpz newsletter and explore our tips and tricks. If you found this content useful, please consider subscribing to our channel and giving this video a thumbs up. Your support means a lot to us!


1. Are these tips only for the iPad 10th Gen?

Yes, these tips are specifically designed for the iPad 10th Gen. Some might apply to other models, but it's best to consult the user manual for your specific device.

2. Can I connect a wireless mouse to my iPad?

No, the iPad 10th Gen doesn't support wireless mice. You can, however, connect various Bluetooth devices, like keyboards and gaming controllers.

3. How can I make my iPad's battery last longer?

To extend your iPad 10th Gen's battery life, try reducing screen brightness, turning off background app refresh, limiting email fetch, reducing notifications and location services, and using Low Power Mode when needed.

4. What are some lesser-known gestures and shortcuts?

Here are a few hidden tricks for the iPad 10th Gen:

i. Swipe up from the left corner to quickly take a screenshot.
ii. Swipe left on the locked screen for instant camera access.
iii. Tap and hold icons in the Control Center for more options.
iv. Adjust app sizes in split screen mode by dragging the divider.

5. Where can I find affordable iPads in India?

Look for iPad deals in India on filpz India, and the official Apple Store. Always compare prices and check for promotions or discounts.

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