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Exploring the Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB Ram Laptop

Exploring the Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB Ram Laptop


Introduce the Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB Ram Laptop, a powerhouse, and versatile budget laptop designed to tackle all your professional and personal computing tasks. Equipped with a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor, this high-performance system allows for seamless and efficient performance in working multi-functional tasks, streaming, or on resource-intensive applications. More importantly, the 256GB SSD makes for a super fast boot time, and you can access your files faster. On top of that, it has 8GB of RAM, which assures not only smooth performance during operation but also fluency when many programs are running concurrently.

The Dell Latitude 5590 Touch Screen is responsive and geared to make interaction with the device easy. This feature makes navigation instinctive and enables effortless control. The touchscreen feature of this model will especially be fitting for creative professionals, students, or anybody who likes immediate and on-screen input. Its 15.6-inch display boasts vibrant colors with crisp visuals—great for presentations, video editing, or watching your favorite movies and shows in exquisite detail.

The Dell Latitude 5590 aims at professionals in business with improved security, and it comes fitted with a fingerprint reader, using advanced techniques to protect your information. Durability assures it is for everyday rough usage and makes it very feasible to be a great partner everywhere—both inside the office and during travel. The Latitude 5590 design, sleek and professional looking, obviously shows Dell's dedication to quality and attention to detail in their work—any setting would suit it.

This touch-screen Dell Latitude 5590 Laptop from Dell is available exclusively at starting at Rs. 33,390. With this price tag, considering the specifications and features of the laptop, this turns out to be one treat of a deal for buyers looking for robust computing solutions. Please do visit our website to learn more about this fabulous laptop and give yourself this treat of a deal.

Price and Availability

This Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM Laptop is, in class the most powerful and versatile device designed for professionals who work hard on their tasks and want an operational computer. proudly presents this top-of-the-line laptop designed to answer fully to the demands of business usage, education, and tech enthusiasts through its robust design and innovative features.

Exclusively available at, the Dell LATITUDE 5590 has a 7th Generation Intel Core i5 processor that provides lag-free and seamless multitasking. This unit comes equipped with a 256GB SSD large enough to accommodate all your files, applications, and multimedia. The 8 GB of RAM provides for easy running of resource-intensive applications without system hangs and jittery movements. The touch screen feature adds convenience and makes navigation and interaction with the device interactive.

The alluring price that the Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5 comes at starts from Rs. 33,390. These competitive prices indeed give you value for money and set it distinguished for use in both personal and professional spheres. Sleek in design but mighty in performance, this laptop deserves its read-through in its respective category.

Our team at ensures that you get a hassle-free shopping experience, from easy navigation on our website to secure payment options and prompt delivery services. We always strive to offer you the best customer experience. From the sale of the Dell LATITUDE 5590, you are assured of its authenticity and quality when buying from

In a nutshell, the Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop highly supports anyone looking for high-performance and compute-intensive tasks with plenty of space. With an opening price of Rs. 33,390, get the ideal mix of performance, productivity, and value for money on, a premium brand. You most definitely will not want to pass up this gizmo-like laptop that supports all styles of your computing needs. Visit now and place your order to experience the best combination of technology and customer service.

Physical Specifications

One robust yet very reliable device is the Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen. 256GB, 8GB RAM Laptop, available only on our website,, with an exclusive price starting from Rs. 33,390. This unit brings excellent efficiency and is very sturdy; it was constructed for on-the-go professionals and, therefore, is very suitable for business.

The Dell LATITUDE 5590 is designed to be stylish, imbued with modernity, and dimensioned at 22.45 millimeters of height, 376 millimeters of width, and 250.65 millimeters of depth. It weighs about 1.88 kilograms and is, therefore, very light, portable, yet strongly constructed to hint at sturdiness. For display, it has a 15.6-inch FHD Touchscreen Display that gives its users a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for crisp, clear visuals—enough to suit both work and entertainment.

Touchscreen capability enhances the user's interactivity level by providing a more effortless and intuitive experience.

The Dell LATITUDE 5590 is crafted with quality materials and designed to stay ahead of your everyday activities. It has a solid chassis and a spill-resistant keyboard that would extend durability and reliability further. The laptop offers variations of connectivity options, including USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI port, and an SD card reader, among many others, which means connecting several devices or peripherals at once is not a problem.

It's also added with the power performance of an Intel Core i5 7th Gen processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD for fast and efficient performance. The visual experience is even intensified by the addition of the Intelligent HD Graphics 620 to handle tasks in multimedia and light gaming activities.

This, in a nutshell, means that the Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB Ram Laptop, brings good balance in performance, durability, and portability. It is an aesthetically excellent and faultless machine for professionals who need to work long hours on laptops, available at for Rs 33,390.


In terms of connectivity, the Dell Latitude 5590 has a variety of ports and slots available to meet multiple business needs.

From the right side, there's a wedge lock slot for nobles, after which comes the classic VGA connector. This is trailed by a USB 3.0 type B port. Between that and the headset connector comes the optional SIM card slot. On its left flank, users will have a USB-C port with DisplayPort support another USB-B, an SD-card reader, and an intelligent card reader.

Around the back, we find an RJ45 for Gigabit networking, an HDMI port, a third USB B port, and a power connector. While there's nothing up front, we have two speakers built in, along with a status LED to help improve the overall user experience.

Screen, Trackpad, Keyboard

The full HD resolution screen greets when opening the laptop, although not highly resolved by modern computer standards, renders an image quality that is clear and incisive. The brightness reaches quite decent levels, and viewing angles are adequate—both of which are pretty good for providing a proper viewing experience for users.

For mouse control, the Dell Latitude 5590 has a sturdy trackpad fitted with actual buttons. The clicking is decent, and the responsiveness is good. There's also a pointing stick, called the Trackpoint, between the keyboard keys. Some will appreciate the ability to use the Trackpoint, while others prefer the traditional trackpad for navigation.

The keyboard on the laptop provides a comfortable typing experience with its tactile feedback and well-written layout of the keys. Although it appears very minimalistic, the quality in it is readily apparent, and its usability extends to being used continuously throughout a day while typing up documents and reports.

Inside the laptop

Dismantling the Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop to expose its internals is pretty simple. Just hold it underneath and remove its eight screws, and the internal component will be at one's beck and call. There aren't any hidden screws under the stickers or rubber feet, so disassembly is made more accessible. I am finally, releasing the bottom cover exposes internal components and reveals how spacious the layout truly is inside a laptop.

On the inside, the Dell Latitude 5590 features a 68Whr 4-cell battery, an open bay for a standard 2.5" SATA drive (with an optional proprietary SATA cable), an M.2 SATA SSD, a CMOS battery, Wi-Fi card, an optional LTE modem slot, a CPU cooler, the display connector, and two DDR4 SODIMM slots for memory. One of these DDR4 SODIMM slots is populated with an 8GB module; there is another slot open for memory expansion.

Memory Upgrade

The most prominent improvement options on the Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop are memory upgrades. It is pretty easy to upgrade the memory of a Laptop from 8GB to 16GB by simply adding 8GB module in the second free DDR4 SODIMM slot. A subclass from Dell shows that this laptop supports up to 32GB of memory, leaving room for extra users who want more added to its performance and multitasking capability.

Upgrading the Dell Latitude 5590 memory with an additional added memory module is a pretty straightforward exercise. It offers an effortless method of boosting the general aspects of performance and responsiveness in your laptop.

BIOS Setup

Detailed system information can be reviewed and a few settings can be configured on opening the BIOS setup in the Dell Latitude 5590.

This also contains the installed memory modules, where the user can make out the total memory capacity. In addition, it contains information on the model number of the CPU and type of storage drive with possible upgrades. The BIOS provides everything in one shaft as far as configuration options are concerned—that is, settings can be tuned according to one's taste.

Windows 11 Boot

Exiting the BIOS setup, this Dell Latitude 5590 laptop boots into Windows 11, refreshes the OS experience. Of course, as it shipped, it had Windows 10, but still, with the changes that Windows 11 brought, refreshed UI and more inclusions provide revitalized computing surroundings for users. The update to Windows 11 introduces new functionality and visual enhancements to enrich the user experience on the Dell Latitude 5590.

CPU Overview

In the Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB Ram Laptop, one has an Intel Core i5 8250U processor. This CPU comes with four cores and eight threads, a 6 MB cache, and runs at a base frequency of 1.6 GHz that can advantageously boost as high as 3.4 GHz.

First, the U in this CPU's name from this CPU family reveals that this is a low-power LAPTOP CPU with a TDP of just 15 W; it simply needs to power the machine by way of a 65 W power supply.

It also has 16 GB DDR4 RAM from two SODIMM modules and an M.2 SATA SSD. The integrated graphics, together with the Dual-Band AC wireless adapter, further support performance.


Running this CPU on Geekbench 5 yielded a score of 3170 for multi-cores, making it almost as powerful as the 6th-generation i5 or even the 4th-generation i7 due to the low-power variant. On Geekbench 6, the CPU had a multi-core score of 3166, showing further how much consistency this machine has over others in terms of performance.

On the Dell Latitude 5590, the M.2 SATA drive delivered about 450MB per second for writes and 500MB per second for reads. In light of these values—or any others that are instead this close to performance—not a word would be said against them; it is pretty well-balanced configuration-wise.

Of importance was the 802.11 AC Wi-Fi adapter, which expressed the laptop using compatible access points efficiently in support of good file transfer speeds. This was in addition to the performance of the CPU and storage to complete the functionality of the Dell LATITUDE 5590.


This Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop is fitted with an inbuilt microphone and webcam. Of concern, though, will be the quality of its web camera, especially in low light. Thematically, one should not expect very excellent performance from the in-built webcam. It seems this feature is shared through almost all inbuilt webcams. Along with this shortcoming in the web camera, other features seem to make this laptop worthy of your money.


In all, this Dell LATITUDE 5590 Touch Screen I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop fabricates a price bundle with rugged build quality, reasonable portability, and a very user-friendly interface. The performance is near mid-range; however, this is compensated by extended battery life and excellent portability.

The sturdy build-up alone catches the device's translation into a comfortable keyboard, responsive trackpad, and display that could sweep one off their feet in use throughout the day. In general, however, the Dell Latitude 5590 offers excellent all-around performance to suit business persons and everyone else searching for something reliable and tough.


1. What are some significant features of the Dell Latitude 5590 Touch Screen Laptop?

Powered by a 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB SSD, and 8GB of RAM, the Latitude 5590 by Dell secures better performance falsehoods over a broad spectrum of tasks. Its touch screen feature makes users interact better and be more productive; hence, the laptop is targeted at professionals who need both power and flexibility. It also features enhanced security that includes fingerprint recognition and Dell Data Protection to keep your data safe.

2. How long does the battery run in this Dell Latitude 5590 Touch Screen Laptop?

The Dell Latitude 5590 is equipped with a high-capacity battery to last long on successive single charges. Users are expecting up to an average usage time of up to 10 hours regarding their usage pattern. From here, one can sufficiently deduce that this is a great choice for anyone looking for a dependable laptop pragmatically designed to keep one going during extensive work sessions without needing an occurrence of incessant recharge cycles.

3. Can a Dell Latitude 5590 be used for multimedia purposes?

Yes, the Dell Latitude 5590 performs well on multimedia. The touchscreen display offers vivid colors and clear visibility that will bring out more striking pictures for video and demonstration alike. Additionally, the integrated Intel HD Graphics guarantees high-definition playback, both smooth for work and entertainment.

4. What connectivity options are present on a Dell Latitude 5590?

The Dell Latitude 5590 offers several options for connectivity, catering to all sorts of demands. It has multiple USB ports, an HDMI, and a VGA output to ensure linking with external monitors and other peripherals. In addition, it is enabled with WiFi and Bluetooth for effortless wireless connectivity not only to the internet but also while pairing devices.

5. Where to buy and the price for Dell Latitude 5590 Touch Screen Laptop?

The touch screen Dell Latitude 5590 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM Laptop can be found on Detailed specifications and the latest offers are available on our website. The price for this high-performance laptop would start from Rs. 33,390—fair enough for its features and functionalities.

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