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First ever Pixel 9 Pro hands-on images LEAKED!

First ever Pixel 9 Pro hands-on images LEAKED!


In the first instance of leaks having been publicized, the Pixel 9 Pro-hands-on images have already made the crowd feel very giddy. In a view, these images give a peek into what might be the next generation of Google's smartphone lineup. In a view, these images provide a peek into what might be the next generation of Google's smartphone lineup. Now, let's dig into the nitty-gritty of these interesting leaks and what they reveal about the highly awaited Pixel 9 Pro.

Revealing the hands-on images

These leaked images of the Pixel 9 Pro will be of pretty high interest. These show the device in the real world and take a closer look at the design and features of the much-awaited Pixel 9 Pro.

Additional pictures showed the front and back of the phone, indicating some of its major features, from the display and camera module, down to some of the hardware components in some cases. The other photos have further context when it comes to the size and form factor of the Pixel 9 Pro, indicating it against other phones.

These hands-on photos have filled many with expectations and excitement toward the official launch of the Pixel 9 Pro. Most of the media leaks have caused high buzz and speculation about the alleged capabilities and performance of the upcoming Google flagship device.

Display Details

Show Details Some quite exciting photos of leaked Google Pixel 9 Pro are going around, showing a sneak peek into the new Google smartphone. These pictures have brought us up close to some designs and features that will be integrated into the much-anticipated Pixel 9 Pro. The leaked photos show both the front and rear sides of the phone, giving details related to the device's display and camera modules, among other hardware components. Apart from that, the leaked photos give a rough approximation of the actual physical measurements and form factor of the Pixel 9 Pro, which the users are quite easily going to juxtapose with other contemporary devices. These hands-on images have already set a wave of excitement and anticipation running among tech enthusiasts, waiting for the official release of Pixel 9 Pro. The leaked photos have brought forth a lot of rumors and speculation about the capabilities and performance that Google's upcoming flagship device is going to be able to offer.

Analysis of the Camera Module

Image leaks from the Pixel 9 Pro will allow you to glimpse the new phone camera module, which can quickly point to the imaging capabilities the device is expected to sport. The new camera module will be uniquely rounded, and hence, it seems this is not the camera bar we saw on previous Pixel models. This design goes on to align with the material theming throughout Android, hence showing a concerted effort by Google to make the hardware and software aesthetics of the Pixel 9 Pro in agreement. Most notably, the camera module sports a periscope telephoto zoom, insinuating sophistication in zooming capabilities that will lift the photography and videography experience of the Pixel 9 Pro.

Though the exact configuration of the camera system is still not confirmed, a periscope telephoto zoom is assumed to be equipped in the phone, which will carry on with the advanced imaging technology developed in the Pixel 8 Pro. The leaked images also show a detailed look at the phone's back camera setup, adding credibility to a few previous design leaks from reputable sources.

In general, the analysis of the camera module builds up a very compelling picture of the imaging excellence of Pixel 9 Pro, driving excitement into the minds of photography aficionados and technology enthusiasts.

The Legitimacy of the Leak

Today, leaked Pixel 9 Pro images are rocking the tech community. The authenticity cannot definitely be confirmed, but a couple of crucial details seem credible. The images included within the link draw a comparison of the Pixel 9 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, thereby giving an obvious size difference between these two devices. Further, more details can be seen of the product revision, RAM, and storage available on the bootloader screen of the Pixel 9 Pro, which again helps legitimize the leaked images.

In addition to prior design leaks, the new camera module further legitimizes the leaked images. Although chances of fake images cannot entirely be set aside, the level of detail and coherence in the leaked content posits that such hands-on photos of the Pixel 9 Pro could well be authentic and accurate, giving tech enthusiasts an upper hand in getting a pre-peek of what to expect in Google's upcoming flagship device.


Q1: Are these leaked photos the actual photos of the Pixel 9 Pro?

A: While the authenticity cannot be confirmed definitely, a few key details give the leaked images some credibility. Further hands-on photos of the Pixel 9 Pro with the new camera module, a size comparison with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and detailed specifications when viewed on the bootloader screen make us think it's likely the real thing.

Q2: What other information do the leaked pictures provide about the Pixel 9 Pro?

A: Leaked images reveal the design, display, camera module, hardware components, and overall dimensions of the Pixel 9 Pro, which only make tech enthusiasts excited and very much looking forward to what is on the way.

Q3. What will be the probable specs of the Pixel 9 Pro?

A: Leaked images point at this being a periscope telephoto zoom so the zooming capabilities of this one are likely to be quite good. Also, speaking of the bootloader screen, the detailed spec gives 16 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, which is hopefully good and points towards solid performance with significant storage.

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