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Google Pixel Watch 3 Features Leaked, Rumours Hint Launch Details

Google Pixel Watch 3 Features Leaked, Rumours Hint Launch Details


This is one of the last rumors that two variants, possibly Google's first-ever two, might be released as Pixel Watch 3 towards the end of January 2024, opposed to it launching in one size, as always.

That comes after a recent leak that may reveal some of the measurements for the larger variant and shed a few lights toward a sequel to the Pixel Buds Pro. This is a size that certainly appealed to some ever since the days of the original Pixel Watch. But then, a 41mm size is what Google has stuck with, even for its other products, so they'd likely want to feel the pressure coming from clientele who would want the larger size options.

Now, the tech giant explores the possibility of a larger model that could appeal to more customers and revamp its smartwatch lineup, according to him. The publication quoted its sources saying Google is planning to introduce a 45mm version of the Pixel Watch 3 at the launch, but didn't reveal details about the smaller model.

It is speculated that Google will continue to offer the 41 mm option for users who prefer a more compact smartwatch.

Rumored Release of Google Pixel Watch 3 in Two Sizes

Speculation that the company will debut a Pixel Watch 3 in two sizes has really stirred the fans and industry observers.

Where the company may likely shift from offering just one size, now, the company will offer the product in both 45 mm and a 41 mm. This really does show how Google is paying attention to the consumers' desires and shifts in trends in the wearable technologies industry.

Potential Features and Specifications:

Many of the would-be buyers for Pixel Watch 3 would like to hear more of the possible features the watch may have and its specs. Most specifically, the anticipation around it is centered on the larger battery in the 45mm model, the operating system it will debut with, e.g., Wear OS 5, and any other improvements that could differentiate it from its predecessors.

Impact on the Market:

According to the whispers, the Google Pixel Watch 3 may come in two sizes at launch. That right there would be big news for the smartwatch space. While a range of sizes to choose from would allow the appeal of Google's smartwatches to grow, ultimately, it will be one more instance of more choices, less innovation.

Shift in Google's Smartwatch Strategy

That is a big departure from its previous moves when Google had decided to offer only one size option for its smartwatches. Therefore, a significant, if realized, departure from the historical adherence of the company would be one in which they only have a single size of 41 mm.

This should evince a gesture on the part of Google to show its preparedness for the voice of their consumer, not in his likes as a customer, but also in the trends of this ever-growing market around wearable technology.

Potential Impact on Consumers:

The release of the larger model, then, could help Google appeal to users who want more real estate on the wrist for all features and smartwatch benefits they might need.

Google's smartwatch will be available in two sizes of the watch, to attract the broadest reach of the market and to echo the message of expanding commitment to diverse consumer needs.

Market Trends and Consumer Demand:

The move of exploring a bigger model comes as Google sees the demand for bigger smartwatch options to be in line with what has been seen from the industry and consumer behavior. Meanwhile, another potential Pixel Watch 3 model could, in fact, show the switch to having two different sizes as it paints a picture of changing market dynamics within wearable technology.

Potential Introduction of a Larger Model

Notably, it's said that Google will react to the increasing demand for larger smartwatch variants with a bigger model for the Pixel Watch 3. The original Pixel Watch hasn't been considered since the early phases, and up to now, there is only one size on the market—41mm. It's very possible that this variant of 45mm will soon be available on the market because the company finally seems to pay attention to consumers' voices within this segment of the market. This could attract more customers to the Google smartwatch lineup, hence increasing its customer base.

Details surrounding the larger model have yet to be shared, but it raises questions about the potential inclusion of a bigger battery. The question that seems to be in the air is whether Wear OS 5 will finally come with the Pixel Watch 3, or will it run on some other OS. In fact, many of them are already waiting eagerly for more details and updates regarding specifications and features in the larger model.

Moreover, the deviation from the only single size option to probably two options, 45mm and 41mm, clearly indicates how much flexible Google has become with its trend changes in technology and consumer choice behavior. If that materializes, it would be a major shift from what the company has done to date and would be in line with what many in the industry have come to realize: that consumer demand is for more options in larger-sized smartwatches.

Speculations on the Smaller Model

The Pixel Watch 3 is expected to include a larger variant, although the exact size of the smaller model is not known at the moment.

The 41mm is supposed to be an alternative from Google for the ones who don't find the 45mm right for them and opt for a smaller, compact smartwatch. None of the details have been disclosed about whether the smaller smartwatch will bring differences, specifications, or improvements.

Now, fans are looking forward to hearing more about this smaller model, including the different battery capacities it will hold and any special features that would make it stand out from the other models.

It would even support smaller and larger models, so in fact, it may truly reflect the intention of Google to meet so many different preferences found in the smartwatch market and their very widespread, diverse customer base.

Uncertainty around Inclusion of a Larger Battery

While this 45 mm Pixel Watch 3 variant does suggest the company is preparing to launch a larger model, it does remain to be seen if that model will ship with a bigger battery. Now only add details and updated specifications and features of the bigger model are awaited, which include the battery capacity and likely features that could make it unique from the prior models.

With a larger 45mm battery variant, that would really make a difference in the smartwatch's performance, this would definitely be one of the things that would attract consumers seeking prolonged battery life. Until official information from Google, these are some of the things that will remain speculation among users.

Hints on Google's Development of the Pixel Buds Pro 2

Google's history with wireless earbuds dates back to the original Pixel Buds, which were announced back in October of 2017. The company would unveil a second generation of these earbuds in October of 2019. The mid-range Pixel Buds A-Series arrived in June 2021, and a year later, in May 2022, the Pro version was announced. Building on that history, the company has released a new earbud product about every two years or so, so there had been some speculation that the Buds Pro 2 could be coming in 2023. However, until official confirmation is provided by Google, these rumors should be approached with caution.

The leak adds weight to earlier reports about the imminent Pixel Buds Pro 2 release. Although details on the product were not given, it's likely that the company will have some fans and industry observers doing double takes when they read this.

The notifications prepare the enthusiasts in place for more updates, and, in that case, the reliable source and channels covering product releases for Google are the place to get them.


The few examples that are likely the result of innovations Google might be working on in the wearable technology domain include the development of Google Pixel Watch 3, likely to come in two sizes, and improvement of the Pixel Buds Pro 2.

The coming of a larger model for the Pixel Watch 3 will make Google, for once, meet the wide needs of consumers.

These, together with the expected new earbuds, show the willingness of Google to meet market trends and consumer likes.

This means that always the.json can follow in this space since enthusiasts eagerly wait for updates, even as they would follow reliably covered sources and dedicated channels of information on product releases by Google.


Q1: What are the potential features and specifications of the Pixel Watch 3?

A: On new features and specifications, one would look for further updates on whether it will host a bigger battery on the 45mm model and other new inclusions on this version, such as the operating system it will be coming with.

Q2: How will the potential release of the Pixel Watch 3 in two sizes impact the market?

A: If the rumors of a Google smartwatch come to fruition, the argument over the smartwatch will seem insensible, with the offering from Google not only standing up against some other top names but being more open and flexible.

Q3: What is the significance of Google's exploration of a larger model for the Pixel Watch 3?

A: And there is potential; the Google company could sometimes introduce a larger model to show that it recognizes the market segment that always prefers larger options. This potential move could get more customers in the smartwatch lineup for Google and is in line with industry watch and with what consumers want for larger options in smartwatches.

Q4: What details are still undisclosed about the Pixel Watch 3?

A: Confirmed to have no potential battery capacity, model size smaller than the previous, and it cannot have any unique features that would differentiate it from any of its predecessors.

Q5: What is the status of Google's development of the Pixel Buds Pro 2?

The document did not specify the date of the launch, but this, in turn, added to the ever-accumulating anticipation for the event, anyway. Fans and well-wishers now await more announcements and updates in respect to the same, which they would be following through some reliable sources and channels, particularly dedicated to Google product releases.

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