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HONOR Magic6 Pro: HONOR's BIGGEST Software Update Yet! - MagicOS 8.0

HONOR Magic6 Pro: HONOR's BIGGEST Software Update Yet! - MagicOS 8.0


MagicOS 8.0: The biggest software update ever. And here comes the HONOR Magic6 Pro with MagicOS 8.0 out of the box—their biggest software update to date. This way, it will allow a good amount of new tools and improved capabilities of the software, proving how much the brand is committed to enabling more resources in its equipment.

Let's now get into the newsletter and take a closer look at some of the main features of MagicOS 8.0 and how they actually take the user experience a notch higher on HONOR Magic6 Pro.

Magic Portal: A Game-Changing Feature

The software changes present in this device include:

- MagicOS 8.0 introduces a set of features for HONOR Magic6 Pro that enable a new level of functionality and will significantly boost the user experience.

Drag and Drop to Share:

It shows a magic portal that allows easy drag and drop of images for sharing directly to the favored application. Either for Instagram, email, or Facebook postings, it is rather an easy and effective way to share and disseminate information.

Image Search and Address Navigation:

The Magic Portal also allows users to drag images in order to search for certain items on the web very conveniently. Users can also drag addresses to their maps to start navigating and get directions to a certain place.

Enhanced Functionality:

Overall, Magic Portal, a new tool, brings much convenience to the HONOR Magic6 Pro, such as the ability to share, search, and navigate instantly on the device.

Magic Capsule: Enhancing User Experience

The game-changer feature of the HONOR Magic6 Pro device will be the Magic Capsule feature on MagicOS 8.0, with which it introduces a number of functionalities that should level up the user experience in meaningful ways.

Enhancing User Interaction:

The interactive function with the phone becomes very easy for the users since Magic Capsule does not need a user to navigate through many menus. This means the users can control music, timer, and other quick actions straight from the Magic Capsule.

Improved Multitasking:

With the Magic Capsule, users can pile a lot of applications for easy access, hence improved multitasking and more output. This feature, therefore, allows users to set multiple applications for an easier way of access, which, in turn, saves most of the time they spend switching through different applications.


The Magic Capsule also comes with a high level of customizability that allows the users to create shortcuts and quick actions tailored according to what the individual needs. This high level of customizability makes the overall user experience one of the friendliest and intuitive.

Smart Folders: Simplifying App Navigation

Smart Folders: This helps users organize the homescreen with shortcuts that give access to favorite apps and the functions in those apps to make app navigation pretty easy for increased user productivity.

Here are some key aspects of Smart Folders and how they can benefit users:

Efficient Access to Functions:

In other words, users can be allowed to avoid going through menus to get to a particular feature in their favorite apps. This, therefore, means that the Smart Folder can be easily located to find a specific feature within an app.

Customizable Shortcuts:

Smart Folders are pretty customizable and allow the user to come up with their shortcuts just the way they need them. Anything from a shortcut to a camera mode, access notifications in a messaging app, or even start a quick message in a communications app.

Enhanced Productivity:

It saves the user precious time, and this yields more productivity because Smart Folders enable easy access to important functionalities within the applications. From handling emails to managing music play or even starting navigation, interacting with apps is easy with Smart Folders.

Customizable Lock Screen: Personalize Your Experience

Customise your lock screen: A feature from MagicOS 8.0 that lets the user make their HONOR Magic6 Pro feel more like their HONOR Magic6 Pro. This ensures that users can have the freedom to make necessary changes to the device in a manner that it pleases and how they would like it to look by offering different styles and designs of the lock screen.

One can either choose from the various designs according to taste as per the magazines or go for a pretty basic lock screen; literally, there is no way that you will fall short of getting to make the lock screen your own.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal:

With the ability to customize the lock screen, users can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of their device.

It doesn't matter whether one likes laconic and elegant designs or something brighter and more active; the possibility of the custom lock screen lets one show one's individual approach and even personal features of style.

Increased User Engagement:

This, therefore, brings even an enhanced level of user engagement with the device. Users can also get to interact with the device easily at a more personal level; hence, more fulfilled and pleasant user experience as they can freely choose a lock screen style that works well for them.

Personalized Functionality:

More than an aesthetic value, the lock screen functionality is personalized according to users' preferences. In relation, therefore, users will be in a position of choosing lock screen styles that look amazing and serve best-interest needed in relation to specific needs and usage habits that will be important in improving usability of the HONOR Magic6 Pro.

Magic Camera and Nano Crystal Shield: Improved Hardware Features

The Magic6 Pro is powered by an array of improved hardware features for the best improved experience. The magic camera, powered by Falcon AI, captures moving objects with the best improved quality performance.
The T photo lens also has the 2.5x and 5x zoom to enable users to capture even the smallest details with great ease. And the display is super-tough, coming with a Nano Crystal Shield, providing formidable protection even against the clumsiest drops and impacts.
It bears a tough screen that has resistance power to accidental impacts, bringing with it peace of mind for the users. The HONOR Magic6 Pro will come with a seamless hardware experience, including Magic Camera fused with Nano Crystal Shield.

Magic Display: Durability and Strength

Hjsonor Magic6 Pro has a Nano Crystal Shield—a screen that is more resistant and offers excellent protection in the case of drops and impacts. The tough screen is intended for the best safety against accidental impacts. It wouldn't concern the users with anything. Magic Display ensures you get a seamless, reliable hardware feel on HONOR Magic6 Pro, with extra assurance coming from the strength and durability of the screen.

Magic Battery: Long-Lasting Power

This simply means that the Hjsonor Magic6 Pro houses a large 5,600 mAh battery powerhouse, providing lasting energy for users in their day-to-day varied activities and functionalities.

And the silicon-based battery that comes from the EV industry makes sure the device is left relatively slim, not minding the enormousness of the battery.

Efficient Energy Consumption:

The Magic Battery is also designed to ensure that there is minimal wastage, promising to minimize the consumption of power. The HONOR Magic6 Pro is bound to have a leading industry feature for battery technology, ensuring that the user can power through their day without having to go through continuous charging episodes.

Fast Charging Capabilities:

These include ultra-fast charging, aiming to give enough battery for important use to the user of HONOR Magic6 Pro in the shortest time possible. It also supports fast charging, assuring users of their battery charge within the shortest possible time whenever needed. This gives an additional convenient time since one is assured that the battery of the phone can be charged in a short time when power has been depleted.

Enhanced User Experience:

Long-lasting power with the Magic Battery will be a great improvement for overall user experience, as they will stay connected, productive, or entertained, and not worry about the emptying of their device battery. Simply, from business use to play, HONOR Magic6 Pro offers long-lasting and reliable power tailored to any need on your mobile.

Launch Details and Freebies

Set to be officially unveiled on March 20, the HONOR Magic6 Pro will come with a pre-installed MagicOS 8.0. With this, for the early birds, a tantalizing offer of a deposit of 66 ringgit, put before the launch date, would assure them freebies worth 2,259 ringgit. This affords a good opportunity to the user, not only to upgrade to the latest but also to get freebies out of the upgrade. Users may find more information regarding the freebies and launch details on the official HONOR website.


1. What is MagicOS 8.0?

MagicOS 8.0 is the new software update for HONOR Magic6 Pro, which provides the users with all the latest features along with the improvements in the device.

2. What are the key features of MagicOS 8.0?

Prime among the features of MagicOS 8.0 include Magic Portal—for drag and drop sharing, image search, and address navigation—Magic Capsule, which is an interface providing seamless access to phone functions, Smart Folders for easy app navigation, a bunch of shortcuts on the lock screens, and lots more.

3. What are the hardware features of the HONOR Magic6 Pro?

Magic6 Pro Hjsonor features include Magic Camera with Falcon AI, Nano Crystal Shield for the display to protect it, and a Magic Battery with 5,600mAh power, capable of quick charging without much power consumption.

4. When is the launch date for the HONOR Magic6 Pro?

The HONOR Magic6 Pro comes with a bundle of freebies worth 2,259 ringgit and is open for pre-booking from March 20th.

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