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Huawei Introduces Nova 12i, Nova 12s, and Nova 12 SE for International Markets

Huawei Introduces Nova 12i, Nova 12s, and Nova 12 SE for International Markets


Just a while ago, Huawei released new smartphones to the international market, which include Nova 12i, Nova 12s, and Nova 12 SE. The three are meant to provide the ultimate mobile experience to tech-savvy consumers across the world through top-notch features, design, and performance. Most importantly, the models are distinct in specifications and features, hence targeting various user experiences and preferences. Ultimately, Huawei’s Nova 12 series will help it strengthen its global market active as an effective and innovative mobile phone provider.

Unboxing and First Impression of Huawei Nova 12 Ultra

"The Nova 12 Ultra is Huawei’s latest smartphone. The Nova 12 Ultra is filled with features that will surely appeal to both the tech geeks and the average consumer. The following will be a detailed unboxing and initial impression of the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra device, covering the device’s form and design, display,

performance, and picture quality. The first thing you notice when you open the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra box is the device’s smooth and well-crafted image. The device is absolutely top-of-the-line and excessive, thus setting the bar high for an exciting unboxing experience. Additionally, the accessories that come with the Nova 21, such as the fast charger, show the company’s dedication to putting cutting-edge technology at the fingertips of consumers."

One of those beckoning features of Nova 12 Ultra is the Huawei dynamic screen that engulfs the front face, and the always on display restores the visual trance. The optically maximum brightness determination and gamut coverage results were great display features. A feature which is particularly beneficial for users, especially gamers, is that the Kirin 9000 SL processor adapts to any situation, making the phone responsive. Secondly, the game for some reason lags, but how come the performance mode is turned on, then everything disappears.

With a special offer 50MP rear camera onboard, the unexpected beauty of the astronomy can be captured with a variable aperture lens which delivers professional level shooting skills even during a night. The two-lens setup placed on the front, which contain a 60MP ultra-wide-angle lens and 8MP close-up lens, offer the user a fantastic experience of taking selfies and shooting a group of friends and relatives.

Having a competitive starting cost, signal strength, great design, and remarkable user experience the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra will create an indelible memory on consumers’ mind, offering a solid competition to other smartphones as the phone to go for.

Design and Display Features of Nova 12 Ultra

The design of Huawei Nova 12 Ultra is chic and showcases exceptional display that impresses the user to a great extent.


• The standout feature of the Nova 12 Ultra is undoubtedly, its quad-curved surface that evenly distributes the width, providing the gadget with a unique and sophisticated look.

• Smooth leather covering the back plate, which creates a comfortable and luxurious feel with color options like Color 12, Smoky Cloud Gray, and Bright Gold Black.

• At only 200g, the Nova 12 Ultra is sizable and well-balanced for everyday practicality that doesn't jeopardize comfort.


• The screen is propelled by ltpo Dynamic refresh technology with the always-on display enabled at any time, hence offering to the users a convenience and accessibility opportunities all the time.

• While it has a measured maximum global brightness of 572 nits with auto brightness, 1278 nits for HDR video contribute to remarkable clarity and striking brightness in different environments.

• The Nova 12 Ultra boasts a 99.5% RGB color gamut coverage, which means every single shade is rendered accurately and the entire viewing experience is conveyed visually in real life.

Performance and Gaming Experience

The stylish design of Huawei Nova 12 Ultra is followed by the excellent display of the phone which provides a seamless user experience.


• The design of the Nova 12 Ultra is truly exceptional and the most impressive feature is the quad-curved surface. This feature ensures an even distribution of the width, which makes the phone look so unique and classy.

• Finished leather at the back plate firmly positioned with color choices such as Color 12, Smoky Cloud Gray, and Bright Gold Black.

• With only 200g weight, the Nova 12 Ultra is sufficiently big and gentle and will offer you ultimate comfort and practicality at the same time.


• This phone is propelled by ltpo Dynamic refresh technology which has always-on display and it can be enabled at any time thus giving the user a convenience and an accessibility option throughout.

• The display of this phone has a controlled maximum brightness of only 572 nits with auto brightness, but the HDR video increases this limit to 1278 nits. It gives good clarity and great brightness in different places.

• For Nova 12 ultra, the color RGB gamut coverage is 99.5%. Each color is rendered perfectly. All the colors of real life are able to be presented.

Battery and Charging Performance

"The smartphone utilizes a 4,500mAh battery, ensuring you can engage in a variety of activities without constant interruptions. Let's delve into a detailed analysis of the battery and charging features:

Battery capacity:

With a 4,500mAh battery, the phone supports extensive use, allowing for prolonged periods of fun, productivity, and communication without frequent recharging.

Charging speed:

The Nova 12 Ultra incorporates 100W fast charging technology, significantly reducing downtime and ensuring you remain connected with minimal disruptions. This feature is particularly beneficial for users with active lifestyles, allowing them to quickly recharge their device's battery."

Signal Strength and Connectivity

By comparing to other rivals, Huawei Nova 12 Ultra has the signal strength and connectivity as its strongest points which increase usage of the phone. undefined

Signal power-NUMERATE THE CHRONOLOG ‘Signals’ are being felt strongly and at an even level between different areas rather than having ‘dead-spots’ where connectivity is low. No matter where and in what situation, even in an elevator or little signal reception hotspot, the Nova 12 Ultra smartphone supports you in all the necessaries by providing internet connectivity and meeting all the requirements in a modern daily system.

Connectivity_INSTALL THE CHRONOLOG WITH NUMBING The phone can accept two SIM cards at the same time, sending signals won by a network provider. It gives an opportunity to people to connect in many network services at the same time without having to change line, therefore important for those who have different lines. The phone connects well to the internet because it uses the cell tower to access it faster and can connect to the satellite as well that is great for internet use.

Photography and Camera Features

The Huawei Nova 12 Ultra comes with a camera system that is quite powerful, featuring the ability to capture quality photographs and trendsetting upgrades. Let's explore the remarkable aspects of its photography and camera features in detail:

Rear Camera:

• Here is an impressive device, which is boasting a 50MP rear camera with a variable aperture lens, making it possible to take outstanding photos, as well as to adapt to different lighting conditions.

• People through high-precision images can now obtain with the help of the camera optimized optics and the great technologies reliable.

Front Camera:

• On the front the Nova 12 Ultra has a dual lens with 60MP wide angle camera and 8MP close-up lens. Therefore, users can capture pictures with details and high quality when group shots or selfie shot.

• The front camera system offers not only immersive interaction devices but also shows creativity from the users because the images will be incredible with the great camera.

AI Photography Features:

• Smart photography tools that the Nova 12 Ultra equipped with AI like intelligent scene recognition, auto adjustment, and better imaging enhancement bring ease to users and help them capturing the best pictures with high quality automatically.

• In addition, users will be offered to select the multiple functions, and photography effects, such as night, macro, and portrait, shoot with fun and get the excellent results.

In general, camera and photography features of the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra are made to give users high-quality experience through the latest technologies, which makes the phone become a confident decision for a users who want to shoot amazing pictures.

Pricing and Market Availability

The closing words regarding the Nov 12 Ultra by Hualai enlisting the most advanced technology, as well as multimodal features, all at a price that is competitive enough in the international smartphone market would be the only suitable explanation. The following are the pricing and market availability: The Nova 12 Ultra is a Dhs. 9,428 ultra-low-end variant. For stylishness, cool design and high-grade hardware this price of Nova 12 Ultra is a real great model featuring this kind of functionality. Price parity is the best marketing style when there is a situation where the majority of potential customers find the price just at the optimal level.

The end users from the described and not only markets will have an opportunity to check in the stores or online the newest created smartphone prototype as it will be available at the places like recognized stores, online shops or carrier partners. The product’s exibility in terms of regions will be coordinated and will be within reach for consumers in these and other regions. Hence, the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra that is going to be released with these incredible prices and will be available on a large scale is certainly going to compete with other high-level mobile devices brands that are widely used by consumers from the premium segment who look for quality and feature-rich smartphones.

Comparison with Previous Nova Models

The Nova 12 Ultra indeed is a major milestone for Huawei’s Nova lineup with lots of useful new and refreshed features over its predecessors.

Design and Display:

• In contrast to the earlier Nova primaries, the Nova 12 Ultra contains a quad-curved surface giving an exclusive and elite appearance with an even width on all four sides. The fact that the back cover has smooth leather makes it superior to others, adding to the comfort and aesthetics of the device.

• The ltpo Dynamic refresh screen with its always-on display marks the beginning of a new era in display technology, fostering unparalleled convenience and functionality for smartphone users.

Performance and Processor:

• The Nova 12 Ultra has the privilege of the usage of the Kirin 9000 SL processor which is a huge leap forward in processing power and efficiency for this series. It leads to well-responsive interface and multitasking ability to users.

• Moving on to the Performance Mode, the Nova 12 Ultra assures a smooth user-experience and eradicating any form of lags and disruptions. The device outperforms its past versions in terms of performance optimization.

Photography and Camera Features:

• The photographic power of the Nova 12 Ultra's 50MP rear camera with a variable aperture lens and dual lens setup surpasses the photographic capabilities of earlier Models, and this new setup allows users to enjoy advanced creative possibilities and outstanding image quality.

• The AI-powered smart camera on the Nova 12 Ultra smartphone detects scenes automatically and adjusts the settings, delivering enhancements to the photography experience such as professional-quality captures.

Indeed, this Nova 12 Ultra Ultra represents the best so far in the Nova series with its combination of innovative design, advanced technology and differentiating features that sets as a cut above the rest.

Potential as a Top-Tier Smartphone

The Huawei Nova 12 Ultra is sure to be among the leading smartphone models as it brings together a powerful package of cutting-edge technology, unique features, and high-end design that sets it apart from the crowd.

Cutting-Edge Features:

• The Nova 12 Ultra is aimed to satisfy the taste of the tech addicts with the ltpo Dynamic refresh screen, Kirin 9000 SL processor, and 50MP variable aperture camera on board.

• Outstanding performance, photographic capabilities and display technology differentiate this device from the competition. Thus, it becomes a top-tier smartphone that offers users an unparalleled and highly engaging mobile experience.

Premium Design and User Experience:

• The Nova 12 Ultra's beautiful and fancy design, strong materials, and comfortable feel make your interaction with it amazing, which makes it an outstanding smartphone featuring leadership and superiority.

• The constant-on display of Nova 12 Ultra, the specially designed leather back cover and the better signal strength will make it a leader in the mobile phone market, as a result of which people will be satisfied and delighted with this handset.

Market Impact and Consumer Choice:

• As the Nova 12 Ultra debuts in international markets, its compelling blend of features, performance, and pricing is expected to make a significant impact, positioning it as a top-tier smartphone that resonates with a diverse range of consumers.

• With its competitive pricing and extensive market availability, the Nova 12 Ultra presents a compelling choice for users seeking a premium, feature-rich mobile experience, solidifying its potential as a top-tier smartphone that offers exceptional value and desirability.

In conclusion, the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra's combination of cutting-edge features, premium design, and market impact positions it as a top-tier smartphone that embodies Huawei's commitment to excellence and innovation in the global smartphone landscape.


1. What are the key features of the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra?

The Huawei Nova 12 Ultra offers everything you would expect from a phone at Rs.1,26,766, including a 120Hz refresh rate all around ltpo LED screen; Kirin 9000 SL processor; 50MP variable aperture camera; double camera for selfies and a design that even has smooth leather back cover.

2. What is the pricing of the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra?

The exclusive introductory price of the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra in China is for the single-phase model. It is Dhs.2,567. This product is designed for cutting-edge performance and a design that is of high quality not found in current product lines. Therefore, you cannot miss it!

3. Does the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra support wireless charging?

No, the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra doesn't support wireless charging. It does, however, have 100W quick charging, ensuring short wait times between recharges.

4. What kind of gaming capabilities does the Nova 12 Ultra have?

The Nova 12 Ultra has such strong gaming capabilities that it can play Honor of Kings at 60 frames per second with equivalent smoothness. Future software updates for the Kirin 9000SL processor are expected to further enhance video game performance and also extend support to more games.

5. Nova 12 Ultra will be selling in which international markets?

Inspired by astronomical systems, the Nova 12 Ultra will be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia and other countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Through authorized retailers, online stores and carrier partners, consumers are able to look forward to hands on experience with the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra. We strive for widespread availability and accessibility.

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