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Apple iPhone XS: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Apple iPhone XS: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis


Apple's iPhone XS, part of their latest smartphone lineup, represents an incremental upgrade in the "s" year tradition. Having personally used the iPhone XS, the reviewer confirms that this review is applicable to both the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Design-wise, the iPhone XS mirrors its predecessor with slight variations like the new gold color option and more pronounced stainless steel sides. Internally, it impresses with the seven nanometer A12 Bionic chip and 4GB RAM, ensuring high performance and responsiveness. The iPhone XS benefits from a faster Face ID and enhanced speakers, despite sharing the iOS 12 update with the iPhone X. Its camera is a standout feature, excelling in low light photography, improved portrait mode, and post-capture depth of field adjustments.

For those upgrading from an older iPhone, the iPhone XS is a solid choice. The iPhone XS Max, with its larger screen, caters to those preferring bigger displays. Both models offer significant improvements and a robust smartphone experience.

Design and External Features

The iPhone XS retains the iPhone X's design with noticeable changes like the new gold color, which has received mixed reactions. It also features more prominent stainless steel sides and altered antenna placements, resulting in a slightly asymmetrical bottom speaker grille.

The camera module, marginally larger than the iPhone X's, is noticeable only when using XS-specific cases. The glass design necessitates protective measures against scratches and fingerprints.

In summary, the iPhone XS’s design evolution includes a new color, altered stainless steel sides, and camera module adjustments, making a protective case or skin essential for this elegant device.

Internal Specifications

The iPhone XS's A12 Bionic chip and 4GB RAM deliver top-notch performance. This six-core chip, made on a 7-nanometer process, outperforms the iPhone X by 15-30%. iOS 12 further enhances its speed, although some resolution-related bugs have been reported.

Face ID is faster, though there are rumors of future models incorporating under-display fingerprint technology. This would offer an additional secure authentication method.

Audio and Battery

The iPhone XS boasts superior speakers and stereo audio effects, ideal for various multimedia experiences. Its battery life is commendable, offering around 4 to 4.5 hours of screen-on time. However, the slow charging speed with the included charger is a drawback, prompting users to consider faster charging alternatives.

Camera Performance

The iPhone XS's camera is a significant upgrade from the iPhone X, with two 12-megapixel sensors and Smart HDR technology for better dynamic range and detail. It competes well with other flagship smartphones like the Google Pixel 2. Enhanced Portrait Mode and adjustable depth of field post-capture, along with stellar 4K video capabilities, underline its prowess as a powerful camera.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The iPhone XS is an advisable upgrade for those with older iPhones but may not be essential for iPhone X users. Its standout features include the A12 Bionic chip and an excellent camera, especially in low light conditions. The iPhone XS Max, with its larger screen, is recommended for those preferring bigger phones.


1. Is the iPhone XS worth the upgrade from the iPhone X?

For those who already own an iPhone X, upgrading to the iPhone XS might not be essential. The XS does boast enhancements like a quicker processor and a more advanced camera. However, these improvements might not be sufficient to warrant the upgrade cost if you're content with your iPhone X.

2. What are the standout features of the iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS shines with its A12 Bionic chip, offering stellar performance and quick responsiveness. Its camera is another highlight, excelling in low light photography. The XS also enhances Portrait Mode and introduces post-shot depth of field adjustments, giving users more artistic freedom.

3. How does the iPhone XS camera compare to other smartphones?

The camera of the iPhone XS ranks among the top in the smartphone market. It stands out in low light photography, thanks to its advanced sensors and enhanced Smart HDR. While rivals like the Google Pixel 2 are also known for their camera capabilities, the iPhone XS holds its own and impresses with its results.

4. What are the downsides of the iPhone XS?

A notable drawback of the iPhone XS is its sluggish charging with the provided charger, which can be a source of frustration due to the lengthy charging duration. Additionally, some minor bugs related to the phone's new resolution have been reported, but these are expected to be fixed as app developers release updates.

5. Who should consider buying the iPhone XS Max?

  The iPhone XS Max is ideal for those who favor a larger screen. Its 6.5-inch display offers an enhanced viewing and gaming experience. If you're a fan of bigger phones and want all the features of the iPhone XS, the XS Max is an excellent choice.

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