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Huawei's Apple Watch Clone: A Closer Look

Huawei's Apple Watch Clone: A Closer Look

Introducing the Huawei WatchFit 3

Looks like Huawei is coming out with a Huawei WatchFit 3, but this time it takes the form of an Apple Watch clone. Leaked images show a new smartwatch that had its photos leaked.

The WatchFit Series: The Introductory Range

Huawei WatchFit 3, or rather the WatchFit lineup, happens to be more of an entry-level lineup for Huawei. This lineup is going to be cost-effective and targeted at only those people in real need of basic features meant for simplicity and affordability.

Design Similarities between the Apple Watch and Xiaomi's MiBand

While that may be, it is easy to take the essential design ethos of the Huawei WatchFit 3 to mirror that of the iconic Apple Watch; a sleek, square-shaped screen in a gently curved glass envelope gains extra protection. Even though the form factor of the display looks similar to that of its Apple counterpart, the thickness of the bezels is easily distinguished and a tad thick relative to those adorning the Apple Watch. Another of the key features which accentuates the homage to the design language of Apple is the digital crown button.

This one is placed in just the right manner in which it references Apple's design language in its most iconic form of input, albeit with the slightest hint of that special style found in Huawei's offerings. At that, this is an element that is not only functional in terms of navigation but also a tribute to the design philosophy that has been the hallmark of modern wearable technologies by Apple, which is a digital crown.

What further drives the point home of the Apple Watch being the inspiration is the detailing in design and placement of elements on the Huawei WatchFit 3. The symmetrical display, button, and sensor placing, each minor nuance, is made to resonate with the user used to the design aesthetics of Apple but in some kind of Huawei vision.

While the Huawei WatchFit 3 is trying to project its identity, it just proves that it has design similarity with the Apple Watch, which has already etched a huge legacy on the landscape of wearables.

Leaked images and details that have been put up

Recently, leaked photos of the Huawei WatchFit 3 have found their way to the internet, affording some early glimpses at its design and features for those who care much about these kinds of things. These have since caused a commotion, mostly for the apparent resemblance the smartwatch bears to the iconic Apple Watch. This has elicited several conversations around potential sources of inspiration and creativity in the wearable tech space.

Besides the images, information on the specifications and functionalities of the Huawei WatchFit 3 has leaked. This, in turn, has raised the level of curiosity and fueled speculation in the tech community. All of this has brought about even more heightened anticipation among tech lovers until its actual release.

Therefore, fans are getting more excited, picking every small detail and trying to make some assumption on what could be in store in terms of improvements and unique selling propositions. Leaked details going viral on various social media and technical forums, where numerous users are going ahead with the probable effects and consequences of the latest Huawei introduction into the already competitive smartwatches marketplace.

Therefore, these images have leaked and the details shared about Huawei WatchFit 3 are not just a source of excitement but have set a lot of chatter running about how the landscape is going to change when it comes to wearable technology. So the anticipation now goes towards Huawei for the official release where enthusiasts hope for their expectations to be beaten and new benchmarks to be set in the realm of smartwatches.

Less functionality than an Apple watch

As much as it looks like an Apple Watch, the features that the Huawei WatchFit 3 come with are left in wanting for great features like those of an Apple Watch. Though both may appear in the same line in some aspects, Huawei WatchFit 3 possesses relatively fewer features and functionalities that the user finds in an Apple Watch.

One area of limitation would be the software ecosystem, particularly in the case of WatchOS. WatchOS perfectly dovetails into the larger Apple ecosystem—it easily integrates and syncs to other Apple products, namely iPhones and Macs. The improved ease of use realized by this integration is in features like seamless transfer of data between devices, cross-device notifications, and app compatibility.

The Apple Watch features an abundance of functionalities in the health and fitness tracking capabilities, which are much more in-depth for running, cycling, or swimming. This is in addition to health monitoring, with features like ECG and blood oxygen saturation. All this is supported by Apple's very strong health platform, which enables the data to give valuable insights toward the well-being and fitness progress of users.

On the other hand, the Huawei Watch Fit 3 can give basic tracking for health and fitness, but its features are less likely to go deep and sophisticated compared to the Apple Watch. That will easily bar one from getting tracked for good health analysis data, forget about the integration of popular fitness apps and services.
So, on the whole, the Huawei Watch Fit 3 is probably slick enough that a user in the market for a design of this kind, more in keeping with an Apple Watch, will find it attractive. However, it lacks in form and substance compared with the original and, in relative terms, with the rest of the market.

Bigger Battery Life: A Possible Selling Point

The Huawei WatchFit 3 has significantly much better battery life than most other smartwatches in the market, including the Apple Watch. In this light, it presents a potential game-changer for customers who need a smartwatch that can go the distance without multiple visits to a recharging point. Improved battery life stands for extended use all day long in a non-stop manner, without the hustle of moving back and forth to a charging point regularly.

This will, therefore, afford the consumer the most uninterrupted living with extended battery life on the Huawei WatchFit 3, where there are no boundaries to very busy and active lifestyles. The smartwatch will remain unbeaten, either in the gym, in meetings, and even out with friends. With enhanced longevity, the user would stay informed and keep updated without their electronic device suddenly running out of juice.

On the other hand, it may be very attractive to some users who care much about sustainability and environmental consciousness with the longer battery life of the Huawei WatchFit 3. It reduces the time taken between recharges, therefore cutting down on energy use, leading to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The tremendous battery life on the Huawei WatchFit 3 is therefore bound to be attractive to many users who are interested in getting endurance, reliability, and sustainability in their smartwatch experience. Appealing to Users with Particular Needs

When coming into the market, Huawei's smartwatch apparently should have a significant appeal to a set of the population who may have eyes for the sleek appearance of the Apple Watch but value good battery performance and better battery life over cutting-edge technology. So in that regard, this new smartwatch from Huawei could well find a very good balance in what it offers, possibly serving the needs of those users who put much focus on endurance and reliability of their wearable technology.

In the world of the struggle of extended battery life against the exploration of new functionalities, one could observe Huawei's truly laudable strategic orientation towards its users having concrete needs. An idea of a watch being smart yet remaining operational in cases where a person would be on the move all the time should be very appealing to people living the dynamic life.

The attention toward practicality and convenience is very much a reflection of the changing consumer expectations, in looking for technology to continue to infiltrate in very integrated ways into their day-to-day lives. With an understanding and catering to their unique taste in target market, Huawei's latest smartwatch is bound to cut a portion of this competitive market for wearable devices.

Adding a level of style to the device—while adding the stamina that contemporary users look for—it is a good option for those who are looking to last long without sacrificing their sophistication. And, with changing markets, tailor-made solutions of this kind are good examples of continued innovation in the next wave of wearable technology.

Compatible with iPhone

The Huawei WatchFit 3 may be very inspired by the Apple Watch in the aesthetic aspect, but when paired with an iPhone, it probably will not be quite compatible. This is what the potential buyer may be considering, because this integrates and uses a smartwatch with the iPhone, and it may impact on the experience.

While there are so many features and functions that the Huawei smartwatch is bringing to the table, it might not be as strongly integrated into the Apple ecosystem as the Apple Watch does. It's for the customer to find out if these core features and functions—notifications, health tracking, and app integrations—serve his or her needs and patterns of iPhone usage.

Moreover, the potential synchronization and differences in possible difficulty variations between the Huawei WatchFit 3 and the iPhone may pose a user experience that is bound to be different. Incompatibility, software updates, access to some features, and the like could be different in the two devices, making the consumer properly weigh their preferences and priorities.

This is more in line with making the user understand the level of compatibility and integration that the Huawei WatchFit 3 will have with the iPhone for a seamless experience. Once these issues are considered in an isolated manner, prospective buyers will be in a good position to make informed decisions that are to match their preferences and needs regarding a wearable.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When considering a possible alternative to the Apple Watch in terms of the Huawei WatchFit 3, there are a number of potential key strengths and weaknesses that one would need to weigh. They guide a user to make informed decisions that are tailor-made to fit their needs and preferences.

One of the pros is exceptional battery life, which is relatively long and will, therefore, provide a lot more usage period to the users compared to the Apple Watch. This translates to lesser periods to be constantly charged and hence will be convenient and a peace of mind for the user on the move. The WatchFit 3 is part of Huawei's budget lineup, so it's inexpensive for whoever appreciates simplicity and savings but still wants some of the most important features.

In addition, the design of the Huawei WatchFit 3 is very impressive and looks like the Apple Watch, so it should be attractive to those customers who appreciate the design of this incredibly popular smartwatch but want a cheaper replacement. But with these benefits, some drawbacks have to be mentioned. Though it appears, for the most part, that the WatchFit 3 will have an overwhelming number of features, it will lack the wide range of characteristics and operations of an Apple Watch, which places it in potential unattractiveness to users in need of all of their needs to be incorporated in a smartwatch. In this area, compatibility issues will also bother iPhone users because the WatchFit 3 will not integrate with all iOS devices to the level of the Apple Watch. Such pros re-emphasize the importance of carefully analyzing a person's personal needs and priorities when selecting a smartwatch.


The Huawei WatchFit 3 introduces a very strong addition to the smartwatch market, given its compelling mix of style, durability, and budget that influences many. This fashionable gadget, mimicking the iconic Apple Watch, is particularly meant for such people who are not ready to compromise between the aspects of look and usage. It appears that Huawei has borrowed a leaf from Apple, sprinkling a unique touch and its characteristic sense of detail as seen in the digital Crown button.

One of the features of Huawei WatchFit 3 that certainly stands out is the impressively increased battery life that allows users to engage it in use throughout the day with no interruptions. This increased durability remedies a usual pain point with smartwatch users and brings great convenience and peace of mind, particularly to someone leading a very busy and active life.

The Huawei WatchFit 3 would be perfect for its user base that needs an affordable device with an extended battery life; however, it lacks the features and ecosystem integrations of an Apple Watch. Compatibility issues, especially for iPhone users, and no top-of-the-line health and fitness tracking features may not be all the rage with enthusiasts looking for dependent connectivity and total health monitoring.

In short, the powerful battery life is a great buy proposition for the Huawei WatchFit 3, and it is a must for users valuing durability, reliability, and sustainability in the entire smartwatch experience. Since the market is having up-to-the-minute technologies, a move like Huawei's reflects consistent innovation in the next generation of wearable technology.


1. Can a Huawei WatchFit 3 be a good replacement for an Apple Watch?

The Huawei WatchFit 3, of course, comes with a cheap price point, considering the appealing design it has, including the battery. Still, users need to understand their priority accordingly. This might be one of the apt options for them, simple in design, extended battery life, and cost-effective. On the other hand, the Apple Watch is best for the people who rely on the developed features of smartwatches and their compatibility with the iPhones.

2. How does the Huawei WatchFit 3 fare in terms of battery life when measured up to the Apple Watch?

Moreover, the battery life on the Huawei WatchFit 3 is much higher than that on the Apple Watch, making it more desirable to the people who prioritize a long time between changes. That offers much more convenience and peace of mind, particularly for users leading active lifestyles.

3. Distinction between Huawei Watch Fit 3 and Apple Watch?

The Huawei WatchFit 3 will be a model that will go in an approach in design almost identical to the Apple Watch and likely will be an under-performing model compared to its counterpart. The WatchFit 3 will be a bargain model when it comes to design, though one with a pretty long battery life relative to all models, while the Apple Watch will be packed with features and functionality.

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