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Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch Introduced In India: Price, Specs

Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch Introduced In India: Price, Specs


The Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch has been recently introduced in India, offering a blend of affordability and impressive features. This smartwatch boasts some specific specifications that users can explore, including a rotating function for the display.

Let's dive into the details of this new smartwatch

Key Features of Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch:

• Sports Mode with a 30-day battery life

• Standard pricing with extra features

• Available in Navy color

• Sleek and lightweight design

Functionality and design:

The Model Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch comes with sports mode, users can track their activities for 30 * show more days on a single charge. The sleek design and light weight construction makes it comfortable to wear all day long. The Navy color adds a stylish touch to the overall look of this smartwatch

Display and Controls:

The smartwatch features a rotating function to help users easily navigate among various menus and settings. Users are able to change brightness settings that way and obtain a range of controls directly from the watch--including heart rate monitoring and call briefing.

Features of Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch

The Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch is jam packed with numerous features that make it a very attractive choice for people wanting an inexpensive and functional smartwatch.

Sports Mode:

The smartwatch comes with a Sports Mode that allows users to track activity accurately. With this mode, users can follow their exercises, number of steps, range covered and burnt up calories that give them useful feedback about how fit they are.

Long Battery Life:

The Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch's battery life is impressive indeed. It boasts up to 30 days of usage off a single charge-a convenient solution for those who don't want to have their device constantly on the charger.

Stylish Design:

With its slender design and low weight, the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch isn't just a functional timepiece but also quite chic. Its navy tone adds touch of grace-making it a versatile accessory that can complement any attire or trend.

Rotary Function:

With the smartwatch's rotary function, using it is easy and convenient. Users can easily flip through menus, notifications and settings with a simple turn. This enhances the overall user experience and makes it easier to quickly access different functions.
Wearing built-in heart rate monitor, you can trace back to each past day your heart rate. If you are a beritesth enthusiast monitors their heart rate during exercise and tries to keep within target hra zone, this is useful.

Call Notifications:

With call notifications right on their Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch, users need not wait for their phone in proximity--they're always within reach. This function is handy for everybody who does not want to miss incoming calls and have an independent second electronic device in order to nurture its replacement subsystem.

Bright display:

The smartwatch's bright display means excellent visibility. What's more, users can adjust the glow settings according to their whim. This makes it is easy for them to see notifications, messages and other information on the screen clearly as they come in.

Overall, the Itel-Zenfone 6 offers an unbeatable combination of features, looks, and value for money. At its price point it is a hard act to follow. Something to bear in mind: Whether or not you have already purchased a smartwatch in hopes that it will be your friend for life is another question entirely.

Design and Display

Design and displayWhen you take a closer look at the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch, this inseparable blend of fashion and practicality sets it apart from other smartwatches that are available on the market.


The Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch has a slim and lightweight frame, so that it is comfortable to wear all day long.Fashionable navy color adds a feeling of elegance and versatility, making it suitable for any outfit or style choice.
One of the outstanding features of the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch is its rotating function which provides easy navigation through menus and settings. This kind of intuitive control mechanism is conducive to a pleasant user experience, simplifying operation and quick access to various different functions.


For instance, heart rate monitoring and call notifications are all available directly from the watch---all that's needed is to wear it on your wrist. The result is a smooth user interface that allows people to interact conveniently with the features of their device.

Appealing Stylishness:

The Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch, with its styish design and navy color option, brings a superior look plus function for those consumers who are not satisfied with merely benefit. Combining style with practicality makes this smartwatch a great choice for everyday wear.

Battery Life and Charging


Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch is solidly built and robust The watch used a very special structure guarantees that it won't suffer wear and tear from everyday use.Users can count on this intelligent watch to keep up with their active lifestyles. Nor does it lose out in performance, or compromise on style.

Battery Life and Charging:

If the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch the users will find a long battery life as well as easy charging options. Here's everything you want to know about this smartwatch's battery and charging abilities:

Long Battery Life:

Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch has easily exceeded the "30-day standby" benchmark, with a single charge lasting users upwards of just over one month. In terms of extended battery life and usage, this makes sure that people won't constantly have to think about recharging their smartwatches all the time.

Battery saving mode:

In addition to its ultra-large lithium battery, in the itel Icon 2 Smartwatch users also have the option of using its battery saving mode to stretch battery life even further. In this mode, on the one hand, power usage is optimized and on the other, periods of time between charges are extended.

Wireless Charging:

For added convenience, the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch also supports wireless charging, so users can power up their timepiece without having to mess with tangled cords or cables. You simply place your smart watch on a wireless charger and enjoy easy recharging.

Battery Indicator:

A battery indicator in the smartwatch provides good real-time information that is more specific than that of its predecessors. It allows users to check and plan when to charge, so they don't have any unexpected power failure problems again.

Overall, the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch has great battery life and easy charging, making it a convenient and user-friendly device for daily use.

Price and Availability in India

The recently launched Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch in India has attracted praise for its cheap price and strong functionality. Here in is all that you need on how to buy this smartwatch in India

Price Details:

Designed to be affordable without sacrificing functionality for the user, Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch is priced very reasonably. The standard prices of this smartwatch make it an appealing option for people who want their wearable devices to be reliable and moderately priced.

Colour Options:

Navy color is available as a new option for the smartwatch, adding some class to its design. The Navy color can be matched with various types of clothes and hairstyles to offer a good addition to your daily dressing.


Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch can be widely purchased online or at any retail location across the nation in India. This watch is widely available, so there are no problems for those who are interested in acquiring it.

Online Retailers:

The Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch is carried on major e-commerce platforms inside India, so it is convenient for users to browse and buy this product online. Users of this device can enjoy discounts which are only given to those who purchase online.

Offline Stores:

Users preferring to buy the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch offline and in person can look up price and availability on various store and retail sites around India.

Smartwatch users can drop by these stores to experiment with options available before they've made up their mind.

In summary, the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch offers its users a winning combination of modest price and rich features, making it the most popular choice among smartwatch owners in India looking for an inexpensive solution that does everything well.

User Experience and Functionality

In the area of user experience and overall function, Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch will offer an experience that is seamless and intuitive.All you need to do now is think over these three points for a moment.

Intuitive Operation:

The smartwatch comes with rotating function. This way, users can more easily access menu items and set their own preferred parameters. This kind of control system directly affects the user experience: by letting them switch rapidly from feature to feature without any effort at all.

Adjusting Settings:

Brightness levels can be altered to suit different occasions and a number of user controls - from call notification to pulse rate monitoring - have their own direct settings right on the watch. This means you can customise your watch in precisely the way that best suits yourself.

Wearing Comfort:

You can wear the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch all day long, carefree, in its slender and lightweight design. The deep navy hue presents a note of cleverness and simplicity to any outfit. It's a versatile tool for daily wear.

Extended Battery Life:

One battery charge can power the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch for up to 30 days. With such an energy-efficient battery, users can rest assured that they won't be simply recharging the smartwatch all the time.

Advanced Features:

From heart rate monitoring to call notifications, the smartwatch offers an array of advanced features to meet user needs. Whether it's home to comprehensive exercise data or providing updates on smartphones, Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch covers all possibilities

Seamless Connection:

Users receive phone call notifications directly on their smartwatch, and stay connected while on the go. This seamless connection service means that even when the phone is out of reach, users never miss important calls, resulting in a better user experience.

As a whole, Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch brings together user-friendly function and design style in one attractive package. The result is a unique wearable device for everyday life that satisfies the demands of modern users.

Pros and cons

Typically, when users consider the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch, they can ponder the advantages and disadvantages, Then you can make a decision based on this electronic gadget. Some points to consider are below.


• Cheapest cost compared to any other smartwatch

• A 30-day battery life, which can last for both calls and texts

• A stylish type of modeling, combined with the color navy blue

• Rotating function, convenient for navigation

• For people who love getting fit, heart rate monitoring

• Call notifications on one screen with your car odometer

• Bright display--easy to see even in direct sunlight...


• Available color options are limited.

• Maybe won't have some of the features built into more expensive smartwatches.

• Rotating may not be the simplest method for all users to use.

• To maximize efficiency, compatibility with certain pieces of equipment may be necessary.

• Such as what one can expect from comparable products, there may not be much room left for changes.

• Wireless charging won't be included with the standard package.

Comparison with Other Smartwatches

Comparison notes on the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch vs. many other smartwatches on the market? Here you go:

Affordable Price Point:

The Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch is priced to compete with many other smartwatches in the market. This makes it a good deal for those who are looking for some basic quality wearable tech without having to pay too much money out of pocket.

Battery Life:

The 30-day battery life of the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch leaves many other smartwatches powerless to watch. In addition being the merchant with the longest period between charges was of some convenience and novelty at that time—it's something that users might like nowadays too.

Possible Applications:

The Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch satisfies users' needs with a rich set of functionalities and it accommodates nearly every feature from A to Z. Its high-end functionality and ease of use stimulate people greatly.

Connection and Interoperability:

Although this Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch connects calls smoothly while supporting notifications, than additional hardware is needed to enable it to function fully on specific devices. And buyers by choice should also take this device's compatibility into account vise.


The variety of adjustments that the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch permits set this feature apart, but within its price bracket there possibly are still more customizable functions for buyers to find. With this in mind, buyers who want customization options should weigh how significant that is against.

Overall Value:

Considering its affordable price, long battery life, stylish design, and functional features, the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch presents a compelling value proposition for users seeking a reliable and versatile smartwatch solution. Its blend of affordability and functionality makes it a worthy contender in the smartwatch market.


1. What are the unique selling points of Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch?

Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch adds Sports Mode, a long battery life, stylish and user-friendly design, rotating function, heart rate monitoring, call reminders built in and a bright display.

2. How long does the battery of Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch last?

Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch could last you 30 days on a single charge, as we did all the math in advance. No more frequent recharging to enjoy that lasting performance again.

3. What color options do Itel Icon 2 Smartwatches come in?

The smartwatch is available in a stylish Navy blue colour, adding sophistication to its design making even more versatile than before.

4. Can users follow their fitness activities with the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch?

Yes, the smartwatch includes a Sports Mode which makes it possible for the user to look back at workouts completed, number of steps taken, amount of distance covered on foot and how many calories were burned. These all be turned into valuable fitness information that can't harm anyone at all.

5. Does the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch support wireless charging?

Yes, With wireless charging you no longer need to use unsightly cables or tangle of electric wires.

6. Where can users buy the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch in India?

This smartwatch can be found on major e-commerce platforms in India as well as offline stores throughout the country to provide convenient access for potential buyers.

7. Can I customize Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch to my liking?

You can adjust the brightness and change the controls to receive heart rate reminders, call notifications and everything else all tailored exactly to your preferences.

8. What are the selling points for JVlink?

This wearable combines affordability and excellent functions in a chic, design. Its long battery life is absolutely incomparable. Advanced features make it an attractive choice for the user looking to find a reliable wearable device.

• These FAQs hope to answer some of the typical questions, and give you a clearer picture about the Itel Icon 2 Smartwatch in terms of functions and benefits to users in India.

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