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Itel P55T With Android 14 Go Launched In India At This Price

Itel P55T With Android 14 Go Launched In India At This Price


With its feature-packed devices, Itel has carved out a place for itself in the budget smartphone market in India. By virtue of more than 8 years experience, Itel has won out in the offline market with a presence that has established itself--to do their arithmetic its customers as single cell phones counting more than 10 crore satisfied persons. Its network of service centers extends to 1200 and reaches 1.2 lakh dealers across the country.

PartyTime: Though Itel first began by focusing on offline sales, they have now also entered the e-commerce market and added other services like after sales action togetherMore channels for you to purchase or service-it's all just one click away!

Itel's Presence in the Indian Market

The Indian smartphone market has been opened up by Itel with products of fine quality and economic affordability. It opens up the presence of all the traditional big companies in India. Itel has a nationwide scope with a dense network of service centers and retail outlets, Ite1 guarantees good availability and strong after-sales service. It also makes your phone-replacement experience easy and hassle-free.

Also, in recent years Itel has begun venturing online as well. This move extends Itel's reach to cater for a broader customer base, selling their reasonably-priced smartphones over the internet. Itel's devices can be bought in shops Or online, it makes no difference to you if you prefer the former or the latter.

The launch of Itel P55, P55 Plus and P55T in the Indian market has been remarkable. In this newsletter, we will highlight the P55 Plus model because it has some interesting features and configurations.

Unboxing and Design Features

Next, we will unbox and take a look at the design of the Itel P55 Plus. The cell phone ships in a bright red package, providing eye-catching first impressions. When you pull the box open, you will find a card, the phone itself, and a TPU grade back cover.

Its leather back cover is perhaps the most impressive of design elements of the Itel P55 Plus. Itel has shown that it takes a little more than a switch from one type of leather look to another: using double-layer and double-patterned design, this phone has an overall fit and feel. P55 Plus, being the first budget-priced smartphone with a leather finish, occupies a unique niche in its price bracket.

The rear camera setup is neat and the phone is surrounded by plastic. Plus a single mic, a 3.5 mm jack, a Type-C port and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner - four functions all combined conveniently in one device.

The Itel P55 Plus is available in two sexy shades, designed to make you stand out in the crowd: Royal Green and Meteor Black. Moreover, the P55T version has unique lighting on its back that rotates to indicate notifications or incoming calls.

Durability Testing

We conducted a drop test to see how tough the Itel P55 Plus is. Although we do not suggest deliberately performing such a drop experiment on your mobile phone, it is for the quality of this budget-friendly product that we decided to add this.

Straight from the factory, plunged two times we did. Once off that supple leather back and another shot over top at shoulder height. In both cases what surprised us was how Itel's P55 Plus came through totally unscathed with everything in working order. The findings of this testing seem to indicate your Itel P55 Plus will take an accidental fall fairly well.

It is important to note that the durability of a given product will vary depending on circumstances, and repeated falls or severe impacts can cause damage. However, in terms of our test, the Itel P55 Plus seemed fairly durable for a phone in this price range at least.

Performance and Display

It is equipped with Unisoc T606 chipset, which performs well in budget devices. With an AnTuTu score that exceeds 250,000, this device offers gamers and multitaskers a smooth experience. The phone's overall performance receives a boost from LPDDR4X RAM as well as UFS 2:2 storage.

A 90Hz refresh rate and a 6.5-inch HD+ display in the P55 Plus provide a smoother and more engaging browsing experience. With punch-hole display design and slim bezels, the screen is surrounded by almost nothing. The screen's peak brightness reaches 500 nits: protected by Panda Glass, even outdoors you can easily see it with good visibility to boot.

The Itel P55 Plus also supports Max Full HD videos for YouTube. You can enjoy high-quality content whenever and wherever as you travel. Moreover, the phone has features such as Dynamic Bar and Face Unlock. And there’s even software to put calls in the background, a feature which will enhance users’ King This service.

Software and Camera Features

The Itel P55 Plus phone is powered by the Android 13 and Itel custom OS. The pre-installed apps that it comes with can be disabled from use. The phone also has support for a stock dialer and call recording, making it one matter less to have finished in advance.Time.

As for camera, it is impressive that the P55 Plus has a 50MP rear sensor. This is a significant feature as lower megapixel counts are generally found on budget smartphones. This phone also includes AI features and an LED flash, as well as shooting Full HD videos. With an 8MP front camera plus LED flash, selfie quality is good for those snaps in hours of daylight or well-lit rooms.

But although the P55 Plus does offer a night mode, this may not result in the best low-light photography. Despite this, overall the P55 Plus's performance in still photos is well worth commending for what it costs.

Battery Life and Charging

At 5000mAh, the Itel P55 Plus is unlikely to let you down with its ongoing performance charge. With normal use, the phone can still just as easily make it through a whole day. In this price bracket, the device further supports 45W quick charging. Using the supplied Type-C cable, it fills up a phone basicly within one hour.

Itel offers a trio of new charging modes - Hyper charge, Smart charge, and Low temp charge. These modes provide additional features and allow users to fine-tune the charging process according to their own requirements.

Network Connectivity and Additional Features

Itel P55 Plus supports Dual 4G VoLTE, guaranteeing that you can receive reliable and fast connect with both SIM cards. In addition, Bluetooth 5, FM radio, and all required sensors are included to enhance the smartphone experience further.
Furthermore, the P55 Plus provides moreover Wi-Fi 5 support. NFC support is enabled as well allowing users to make contactless payments conveniently and use other NFC enabled operations.

Price Comparison and Conclusion

For a phone in its price range, the P55 Plus has good cameras, including the 50MP rear sensor and 8MP front camera. Its video playback is excellent too. Similarly, as a messaging machine. It'll last all day if you need a batteryingfor your waterproof phone with Eye Emmision Control - 500 Amp charger is supplied too.
When combined with a 45W fast-charging function, running on a dual 4G VoLTE network and NFC make the juice last even longer. The Itel P55 Plus is equipped with a richly featured Android 13 and Itel Custom OS. User interfaces handled with great attention to detail are among the advantages here as well. Furthermore, you can record your calls.

All in all Itel P55 Plus is a highly recommended low budget smartphone in India. It comes with a range of attractive features including high-value design, strong performance, fine display quality, gorgeous photography ability, long battery life with efficient charging and most importantly for the current market situation, an excellent price. At the same time that it is affordable priced in the market, today's P55 Plus brings you good value for your money.


1.Where can I buy the Itel P55 Plus?

I tell P55 Plus is available both online and offline. You can check on internet businesses such as don.comng, or go to buy at an Itel authorized dealer near you. That phone then becomes your very own property. It's definitely not hard to see wherever they sell phones belong right here in Nigeria. THEY DO NOT BELONG ANYWHEN ELSE OF THE WORLD! You will find this line on my web pages often.

2.Does the Itel P55 Plus support 45W charging

Yes, the Itel P55 Plus supports 45W charging. This means that you can quickly charge and replenish your battery.

3.The battery capacity of the Itel P55 Plus is also quite impressive?

The Itel P55 Plus has 4000mAh battery with long-lasting performance for everyday use.

4.Does the Itel P55 Plus take good pictures?

Yes, the Itel P55 Plus sports 48 Megapixel rear camera and 5 Megapixel front camera which give high-quality pictures in this price range. If you want lowlight photography though it suddenly cannot hardware support your demand for a top

5.What type of operating system does the Itel P55 Plus use?

The Itel P55 Plus runs on Itel's independent operating system, OS Android. A seamlessly smartphone user experience, easy to use interface and added feature makes it a very smooth.

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