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New iPads will ‘probably’ arrive week of May 6, says trusted analyst

New iPads will ‘probably’ arrive week of May 6, says trusted analyst


New models of the iPad are always out for release, and this is something the company's buffs and tech aficionados who are mostly fans of Apple look forward to very much. The fact that the company has always shown new models of its tablets, be it rebranding and sometimes redesigning, it is seen what the next bunch of iPads will be like.

This round, we estimate the launch timeline of the new iPad models, as suggested by a reliable analyst, and detail some of the likely upgrades and features that will be seen in this series.

New iPad Release Timeline

Now, in what is considered to be reliable information at this time, the refreshed iPad will be unveiled during the second week of May. It will, more particularly, be around May 6th. The report is attributed to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, considered a very reliable industry analyst with quite a number of accurate predictions on earlier releases of the iPads.

Gurman, in his latest report, claimed that one of the first weeks of May is a good estimate for the new iPad model to be announced, based on what he heard from his sources in Apple's supply chain.

That further set in place such a timeline by the fact that preparations had been done at the Apple retail stores, and the new marketing materials of the products expected to be launched later in the week started coming in.

Trusted Source's Prediction

A trusted source says that Apple may announce the new updated iPad around the second week of May—basically May 6th. An industry analyst who has a very high accuracy prediction, or at least when it comes to new iPad launches, is Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. This, Gurman now says, seems to set up the new iPad models for first-week debuts in May, using this information from his sources within Apple's supply chain. The timeline was further supported by preparations at Apple retail stores, a new marketing push for upcoming products expected to be in stores towards the end of the week—items that often signal an incoming product launch. It falls in the category of the manufacturing hiccups that have had the product's release delayed this year over previous ones because of the intricate new iPad screens. Gurman stated that iPads were supposed to be released in March, but complexity in new display technology held it back.

Previous Expectations vs. Reality

It is an event that nobody should be surprised by: gadget enthusiasts all over the world have predicted Apple to launch new versions of the iPad in 2023, with forecasts going up to updating the iPad Air and iPad Pro series. However, 2023 came and went without any major upgrades to the iPad from the company, leaving Apple fans disappointed.

Initial expectations were that Apple would introduce new iPad models in March, like it had done in previous years.

It would come in time with the standard cycle of iPad releases. However, those expectations would not be met, and Apple, through a press release, would announce the M3 MacBook Air. No official media event, no iPad updates. That will come as a surprise to many, given the usual schedule and tradition of the company that sees the tablet lineup from Apple playing a major draw for the company. That leaves customers and industry analysts wondering for what reasons this or that update was postponed and when the long-expected iPad updates would finally appear.

Reasons for Delay in iPad Release

According to a trusted analyst at Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, the delay is likely to be linked to manufacturing issues surrounding the new intricate screens for the iPad.

Gurman reports that iPads were actually scheduled for March, but the postponement of the new iPad Pro's release became a result of new display technology delays. Though many may find the delay in releasing the iPads rather disappointing, it seems that Apple is doing so thoughtfully and strategically to make sure that the new iPad models have the improvements its customers expect.

Hence, until the company grapples with issues in manufacturing, tech junkies are allowed to expect the new product lines for the much-awaited updates in iPad within the coming two weeks.

Confirmation from Other Sources

The report from the trusted analyst, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, is not the only indication of an imminent iPad release. Strong reports of last week suggested that as many as four new models of iPad had been listed on the Bureau of Indian Standards registration site, which clearly established that soon, both iPad Air and iPad Pro versions would be headed to the market.

That underpins Gurman's forecast that Apple is gearing up to announce changes to both the iPad Air and iPad Pro in its imminent release. All of this further strengthens the likelihood that new iPad models will, in fact, be introduced in the coming weeks—more precisely, in the first week of May, with such reports coming from a couple of reliable sources.

Multiple sources now confirm that an iPad refresh is in the works, adding to the huge list of changes. Of course, the expected refresh for iPad Air and iPad Pro models, along with the rumored update of Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories, all add up to some sort of over-arching all-encompassing effort from Apple to refresh the lineup.

If we were to go by the latest reports and rumors, techies and Apple fans must anticipate that the unveiling of the new iPad models will be done in the following weeks—maybe in the first week of May.

Combining Gurman's solid analysis with corroborating industry talk produces a very clear signal: the long-awaited iPad updates are finally on the horizon.

Expected Updates for iPad Air and iPad Pro

Referring to a reliable analyst, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, he says that with Apple's next release, the company brings out refreshes on the iPad Air and iPad Pro lineups.

Those are expected to join new iPad models at the expected event, which is also expected to host refreshed versions of Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories. The company is also believed to introduce revised models of the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, accompanying its new iPad models. These revisions could mean improvements in design and functionality, even reaching all-new compatibility with the most recent iPad models.

Those putative The new iPad Air and iPad Pro together, with the refresh of their accessories, lend some speculation that Apple might be doing some build-up of the overall iPad experience. The highly awaited devices may still be announced within the next couple of weeks—perhaps in the first week of May—if the company still follows the same pace of improving its tablet lineup.

Additional Products to be Released

Besides, with the standard refreshes for both the iPad Air and iPad Pro lineups, the Cupertino giant in technology is also likely to announce updated Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories for the new tablet line.

Clearly, the company is making strong efforts with the updated Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil, and the iPad Air and new iPad Pro models to uplift the iPad experience of its customers.

Seeking to unite and provide a more combined and better tablet experience, incorporated with the many tastes and values of customers, the company's aim is to achieve this target with an ecosystem of devices and accessories. More so, Improved Magic Keyboard, alongside Improved Apple Pencil, could mean not only a substantial add to productivity for the users but also to creativity for the users.

These updates could include improved typing and navigation skills, the most accurate and sensitive digital input to date, and just a generally larger set of tools, features, and skills to unlock a user's potential with their tablet in both new and old ways.
As it is all set to unveil its new iPad models and accessories, the posse of technology enthusiasts and iPad users remains poised to receive from them a more cohesive and integrated tablet ecosystem that promises to bring to them a far smoother and, of course, engaging user experience.

Rumor Hubs for iPad Air and iPad Pro

With much anticipation from the tech community over the announcement of new iPad Air and iPad Pro models, leading industry sources have now set up dedicated rumor hubs to provide comprehensive and most up-to-date rumors on everything that will likely be included in those upcoming updates and features.
While visiting these dedicated rumor hubs, tech enthusiasts and current iPad users will be able to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments and speculations regarding the soon-to-be-launched iPad Air and iPad Pro models. Such hubs are critical sources that are one of the best sources for up-to-date news, analysis, and insights from credible sources in the industry.

Such rumor mills would be of prime importance in the weeks as they seek to build up the hype and sustain an already very vocal tech community.

Regular updating with all the leaks, updates, and rumors that are shared on these platforms will enable the users to better arm themselves for the forthcoming launch—armed with the required intelligence that shall be used for making purchase decisions on their next tablet.

Whether you've been an original first with the iPad or just an overall tech fan who likes to keep abreast of all the latest advancements that the world of tablets has to offer, these rumor hubs are a great resource for staying in the know on all the latest updates for the much-anticipated iPad Air and iPad Pro.


1. What is the expected timeline for the release of the new iPad models?

A well-acclaimed analyst, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, has indicated that the refreshed iPad could be announced by Apple in the second week of May, with most indications pointing to around the 6th of May.

Gurman also reports that, from information provided to him by sources in Apple's supply chain, the anointed week for the release of the new iPad models is around the first week of May.

2. What are the reasons for the delay in the iPad's release?

This includes manufacturing-related complications, more so with the complex new iPad screens, which have been quoted as reasons that have delayed the release of iPad. According to Gurman's report, he said that iPads had been originally planned for a March release, but the postponement of the new display technology launch occurred. Supply chain disturbances around the world and scarcities in components for the tech world witnessed in the past years may have added to their delaying the iPad release. That positioning of the new iPad lineup suggests likely significant improvements and enhancements over the last model, as Apple took its time to work through the technical challenges.

3. What other sources have confirmed the impending iPad release?

Last week, we got reports that four new iPad models had been listed on the Bureau of Indian Standards registration site. It actually indicated that both the air and pro versions of the iPad shall be hitting the market real soon. This is in line with Gurman's prediction of Apple ready to announce updates for both the iPad Air and iPad Pro lineup with this release. The meeting of these reports from a wide range of credible sources certainly tightens the probability that the new iPad models will indeed be launched in a couple of weeks—to be more precise, from the first week of May.

4. Since when is it that I can have the information about the latest gossips as well as updates on the Air and Pro models of iPads?

Acclaimed Institute agencies such as AppleInsider, iDropnews, and Mac Rumors, among others, have set up special rumor hubs to provide detailed yet timely update on the plans of the iPad Air and iPad Pro models.

The triumphs of these rumors’ hubs are notably the aggregation sources the news, leaks and rumors of the top trusted industry cheerleaders in addition the analysis of the experts and tech dreams.

Following these rumor hubs as a means of staying in close touch with technology aficionados, and iPad users, is the best guarantee of keeping up with latest developments regarding the release of the new iPad models.

5. The forthcoming updates to iPads, what would be the likely implications?

The rumor has it that the arrival of the expected iPad Air and the newest iPad Pro, not to mention the other remaining updates to the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil devices, is a strong signal that the company is resolved to bringing new alternations to the various sections of its iPad line to deliver better iPad experience to its users.

The iPad upgrades, such as, performance improvements, display enhancements, productivity and creativity features unifications, will certainly bring a better user experience and, most likely, expand the audience dramatically.

Through harmonizing a flexibility with a full package of devices and add on accessories, Apple is able to bring forth a tablet scenario that is enclosed and all which its users can find enticing specially being that all of its needs or fancies will be met.

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