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New Teclast M50 Mini: Octa-core Power, 5000mAh Battery, Pocket-Sized Tablet

New Teclast M50 Mini: Octa-core Power, 5000mAh Battery, Pocket-Sized Tablet


Teclast is one of the leading technology firms, and among those now announces its new product—M50 Mini tablet. The tablet is powerful and compact and can serve everyone needing smaller devices but at the same time fearing performance issues.

Octa-core processor, big battery, and pocket design: The M50 Mini is set to change the game for users of tablets.

Teclast's Product Lineup

Teclast is an electronic brand with a diversified line of products, boasting most types of tablets designed to meet, if not all, most of the consumers' needs. Key among the products in the Teclast line includes:

P30T Tablet:

It is a kind of cheap tablet launched in China in the fresh days; hence, it really gives value for money to average users. Sleek design and powerful features sum up to make P30T one of the most wanted tablets by the customers.

M50 Mini Tablet:

The upcoming M50 Mini tablet is the latest addition to Teclast's lineup.
The M50 Mini has an 8.7-inch IPS screen inside the device, compact metal body, and large battery; under the hardware, there are octa-core processors with expandable storage.

M50 Mini: Features and Specifications

The new Teclast M50 Mini comes with a power pack in an extremely compact size of a tablet. The Teclast M50 Mini features the following specification and key features:

• 8.7-inch IPS screen for vivid and immersive display.

• Lightweight and compact metal body, weighing only 345g.

• Powered by the Unisoc 66 octa-core processor for seamless multitasking and smooth performance.

• Equipped with a large 5000mAh battery for long-lasting usage.

• Supports Type-C charging for convenient and fast charging.

• Ample 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, expandable to 8GB RAM for enhanced multitasking capabilities.

• 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera for capturing moments on-the-go.

• Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and dual-mode 4G network support for seamless connectivity.

Powerful Octa-core Processor

Teclast M50 Mini is powered by the octa-core chipset Unisoc 66, resulting in efficient multitasking and performance, with a guarantee to run web surfing or video playback or several other apps running simultaneously without lags.

The M50 Mini is further powered by an eight-core processor that ensures heavyweight tasks are well taken care of. These may involve gaming, editing documents, or even photo editing, which the octa-core processor guarantees to perform without problems of performance.

Further, effective management of the power by the octa-core processor makes the tablet last longer while working without the battery requiring a recharge, hence allowing the maximum use of the device for its intended function.

Long-lasting 5000mAh Battery

Key among the many features of the Teclast M50 Mini includes the very long 5000mAh battery. This assures that through its large size, the battery will give out quite a long usage by the users without having to reach the charger time and again.

Great for everything from watching movies and surfing the web to getting some work done, the M50 Mini's battery life will keep you going.

The addition of a 5000mAh battery in the M50 Mini proves very reliable for the kind of persons who usually spend most of their day on the move, giving them peace that the gadget will not switch off at critical hours.

Whether on the go, for the longest of meetings, or around the tablet in your day, its longest-lasting battery ensures you can get to more with an uninterrupted connection and productive time.

What is more, the M50 Mini is Type-C charging compatible, so it is quick and convenient in charging, and never has to necessarily mean spending long, even when the battery eventually dies.

Ample Storage and RAM

It has got a huge storage capacity and a lot of RAM that makes the Teclast M50 Mini applicable for many tasks and activities that require huge storage.

The 6GB RAM and 128GB storage is bound to guarantee the users easy multitasking and storage of large files from apps and media. The M50 Mini will also guarantee expandable RAM of up to 8GB, making the phone highly efficient for multitasking.

Be it for work with a tablet, recreation, or creation of some masterpieces, this amount of memory and storage will be enough to load all applications at a time, switch smoothly from task to task, and store all the important data without thinking about space.

Further, the expandable storage offers the user flexibility in customizing the device to their point of need. Even better, it is upgradable to an extent that the RAM could be updated for better performance. This categorically makes the M50 Mini a future-proof investment.

Impressive Camera Capabilities

The Teclast M50 Mini features an excellent camera setup suitable for all your needs in capturing the moments that come on the go. It doesn't matter if it's a 13MP rear camera or a 5MP front camera; the video footages and photos from the trip, event, or daily doings will be done to satisfaction.

Its rear 13 MP camera takes all images sharp and bright to make the user capture great landscapes, beautiful macro images, or brightness. Whether you belong to those fans of photography, or, however, are just ready to take shots of life moments with your folks and dear ones, the rear camera of M50 Mini will serve your purpose perfectly well.

Moreover, the 5MP front camera gives you a possibility to take some cool selfies, make video calls, or probably corporate online meetings if you want to stay tuned in to other sunny sides of your personality.

The front camera is also amped up for perfect video recording; hence, an all-round ideal device for vlogging, video calling, and most of your social media content creation.

Seamless Connectivity Options

The Teclast M50 Mini also promises to keep you in touch and productive on the move with its range of connectivity features. Among the key points of connectivity within M50 Mini, we must emphasize:

Dual-band Wi-Fi:

This M50 Mini supports dual-band Wi-Fi, ensuring the best fast and stable internet connection. Or, in other words, when streaming, web browsing, or during online meetings, nothing else can be guaranteed other than the best internet connection.

Bluetooth 5.0:

The M50 Mini has Bluetooth 5.0 support that enables perfect connectivity with quite a good number of gadgets, including headphones, speakers, and input peripherals with Bluetooth technology. With this, users can wirelessly transfer audio and data with new-improved efficiency and range.

Dual-Mode 4G Network Support:

The M50 Mini supports dual-mode 4G networks, which enable the users never to be out of touch by lack of finding Wi-Fi networks to connect to. Either you travel or have some work in remote places, this device will ensure that you are always connected with its dual-mode 4G support.

Dual SIM Standby:

The M50 Mini has a dual SIM standby feature that allows the separation of private and business contacts with the same phone. It is a double SIM card phone; therefore, it will give the users the benefit of two separate telephone numbers for different usages.


1. What are the key features of the Teclast M50 Mini?

Teclast M50 Mini will be powered with a 8-core processor, feature an 8.7-inch IPS screen, carry a 5000mAh battery, and have 6GB RAM along with 128GB storage, expandable to 8GB RAM.

2. What connectivity options does the Teclast M50 Mini offer?

M50 Mini, on the other hand, has support for dual-band Wi-Fi, dual-mode 4G network support; it is also Bluetooth 5.0 enabled with dual SIM standby.

3. What is the weight and dimensions of the Teclast M50 Mini?

The M50 Mini weighs 345g and has dimensions of 125mm in width, making it highly portable and pocket-sized.

4. What is the battery capacity and charging options of the M50 Mini?

The M50 Mini is equipped with a 5000mAh battery and supports Type-C charging for fast and convenient recharging.

5. What are the camera specifications of the Teclast M50 Mini?

The M50 Mini comes with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, which therefore allows the customers to take high-resolution pictures and even videos.

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