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OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition India Launch Date Revealed

OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition India Launch Date Revealed


The OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition India Launch Date has officially been revealed, generating buzz in the world of smartphone enthusiasts. The latest edition of the OnePlus 12R caught the attention of a number of folks online, and for some very good reasons. The OnePlus 12R brings promise of even better specifications and some premium features, and the excitement about the phone seems to be quite contagious having seen it already in comparison with its predecessor, the OnePlus 18, where differences in design and materials are very apparent.

The metal frame and use of Gorilla Glass draw a fine line of distinction between the OnePlus 12R and some of the other phones in its price bracket, a display that makes the phone look anything but low quality, and in terms of performance, OnePlus 12R’s got fast charge. That’s not to say there has been no criticism of it, for example, a few have had reservations about the OnePlus 12R camera setup and some do wonder how smoothly the internals would be after the Android 18 based OxygenOS 17.

OnePlus 12R Overview

The OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition is drawing quite a bit of attention in the world wide web. After all, with the kind of attention that it has seen in largely controlled conditions, does the OnePlus 12R really have what it takes to be your next phone?

As the OnePlus 12R gets put through its paces by users, and the reviews continue to pop up, you will get a fair bit of an idea about what the phone is capable of, based on user preference. For starters, the metal frame and Gorilla Glass protection are duly noted in the pros, as these add the essential bits of premium-ness to the build of the OnePlus 12R.

The display quality is also noted, and there are more complaints about the consistency of color accuracy in photos. The software, OxygenOS based on Android 18, gets the same detailed hands-on as the OnePlus 18 from a day back.ComparePhones. And in gaming, details such as a smooth gameplay, with high frame rates provide a fair idea of this phone’s capabilities.
It does heat up though. 20° in five minutes with intensive gaming, to be precise.

Design and Build Quality

The device comes with a nice metal frame with Gorilla Glass protection (maybe the back, but they’re unclear on that) and the 12R trademark sleekness to the design. It’s a phone that looks a little more premium than its price bracket would indicate, although it’s still not quite flagship territory. A good display and fast charging are the cherry on top for a device that offers a balance between style and function.

Build quality has been a pain point for OnePlus for a while, but their last couple of phones have shown improvement, and the 12R appears to be solidly put together. The metal frame makes the phone look just a little bit more sophisticated, while the Gorilla Glass will help with durability, though also making it look like every other phone. That being said, they seem to have refined the color scheme this year and the rounder and slightly more ‘bulbous’ design gives the device just a little more character. The camera module is maybe a little more special, but it’s right in line with what we’ve seen already.

While camera performance and software support might turn out to be as questionable as users have been in the comments (we really hope that isn’t the case, but we don’t have the final retail unit to speak to), at least in terms of the build and design, the OnePlus 12R is looking good. I think I’ll still prefer the look of the Nord 2, but the 12R is certainly still a very good looking device.

Display and Performance

The OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition has a wonderful screen, as well as fast charging that will greatly simplify your daily driving and give you an unforgettable experience with this phone. The metal body frame along with the Gorilla Glass bring in a touch of premium feel to the phone. This device has a very practical build quality, which I like, with a pleasingly strong and solid feel and all of the materials are good quality. Under the hood, the OnePlus 12R unleashes the intensity and the stiffness to handle the daily life's computer challenges with the least effort. The phone delivers good playing game dynamics due to high frame rate which is smooth as silk.

The photography is one of the best features of the OnePlus 12R because it takes images with sharp details and has the colors close to the real life. The night mode in the phone is turned on and the image gets better and contains less noise as the visuals are processed from bottom to top. The front camera was not up to the mark as far as rendering of small details and accurate skin tones was concerned, as is a standard dilemma with a male Indian complexion.

Camera Quality

The OnePlus 12R features some substantial camera upgrades over its predecessor, the OnePlus 18. The OnePlus 12R produces more natural looking details and colors that result in a perceptible bump in image sharpness and color reproduction. The phone manages to produce good details and attractive pictures with minimal noise in a variety of lighting situations.

The OnePlus 12R, in night mode, produces exceptionally clear and well lit pictures. The phone’s processing capabilities have been boosted considerably for these scenarios and you can see it in the coherency and higher brightness of those night shots. The 12R’s front camera, too, holds good details and good, true-to-tone skin, so you get to further indulge in those selfies to your heart’s content.

The phone isn’t without its minor hiccups, naturally — it may over-sharpen a little in certain scenarios for your liking. But it represents a significant upgrade in camera quality to what OnePlus has been offering previously, and one that is, potentially, a harbinger of photography capabilities to come.

Battery and Charging

The OnePlus 12R is the first phone to wear an officially licensed GoPro badge, launching in India. And its fantastic camera array and its ‘100W Ultra Mega Dash Charge’ let you fill up your tank in a half an hour, then drive it for ages, imbue the 12R with an air of flexibility and ease that make for a very attractive device. Seriously: being a pro has never been so enjoyable.

Software and Features

OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition comes with OxygenOS 14 out of the box, offering the latest features and significant performance improvements across the experience. The OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition is also paired with UFS 3.0, which allows quick transfers of files and a smooth experience overall. The OnePlus 12R remains a capable device in overall details retention and color accuracy, and shots are better in a variety of shots, but there are still going to be scenarios where you see detail discrepancies.

The device also benefits from regular security patches, which improve system stability and security, and remains committed to updated software that will provide a reliable experience on differing OnePlus 12R units across time. Users will notice some minor OxygenOS 14 interface problems once in a while, but nothing that can't be improved overall by the ability to manage and eliminate pre-installed apps that aren't needed.

After this first-look hands-on with the device, it's clear that the Red Magic 7 provides users a lot of performance in negotiations with OnePlus for customer dollars with their newest device. The OnePlus 12R is able to go toe-to-toe with the best we've seen thus far, with both an efficient heavy multitasking environment and a snappy overall experience as a top-level hardware producer. The 12R isn't just snappy, but it's got a photo setup that actually delivers similar detail and similar enough color accuracy in final photos that you'd not really be able to show a big win in camera CPU power as compared to the OnePlus 18.

In making this phone, OnePlus focused on performance over raw numbers and photo camera optimization over mere size gains and innovation for the sake of one-upping itself. In this era, where performance can be had for a comparatively low price, OnePlus wanted the OnePlus 12R to feel like the most powerful sort of blend you could possibly get – to make this device feel like our final (or latest) phone.

Comparison with OnePlus 18

While comparing the OnePlus 12R's build with last season's OnePlus 18 might not yield a winner outright, you'll find some significant improvements in several specs. While the OnePlus 18 suggested users roll with a polycarbonate frame – not necessarily an allure for the higher number of users searching for that metal and Gorilla Glass experience, while at the same time, the OnePlus 12R opted for said metal and Gorilla Glass

Furthermore, going IP65 and adding Gorilla Glass Victus 2 to the glass on the back and front for the OnePlus 12R gives it that extra little bit of, “you won't ruin your phone with a tiny amount of water/you left it face-down on the table again” peace of mind. I've also found the front side camera detail and color accuracy improvements on the OnePlus 12R to present much better of a bump than to suggest any red tones marrying skin tones in certain light isn't going to slather the OnePlus 18 right in overly warm color.

In photos, the OnePlus 12R's details and color accuracy could be seen as mixed with midrange on better days, but never worse and finally not at the same or higher dollar amounts you'd be asked each month to buy one – tablet or phone – in either budget cohort.

Final Thoughts

With its ambitious specification sheet and stylish design, the OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition has certainly piqued some interest within the smartphone industry. Comparisons with the OnePlus 18 have pointed towards noticeable design and material improvements, but there have been a few concerns raised among fans. Namely surrounding its camera setup and the software performance of their chosen skin, however, if testing proves anything, it’s likely that you’re going to have a device that presents a nicely balanced mix of performance, design and features, that all players within its price point should be worried about.

Between the high-quality display, its super-fast charging capabilities and what has become a regular in the 8-Gen CPUs, you’re going to get a device that will certainly offer a more than capable device for the everyday phone user, while also hitting any of those more intensive mobile games for some pretty serious gaming, too.

While we all get to grips with the device, it would certainly be best to keep those feedback submissions coming and let us paint a clearer picture of the device’s capabilities for those users that are still kicking around on the fence waiting to jump over.

Being as honed in on performance, design and software optimisations, as OnePlus are claiming to be, it feels pretty clear that they’ll have a solid answer for users that are looking for much more innovation and ‘oomph’ than just a standard issue Android handset.


a. What OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition key features?

OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition comes with metal frame, Gorilla Glass protection, high-quality display, good color accuracy, good details, fast charging speed, good software and fast processor that helps its performance a lot.

b. How is OnePlus 12R camera setup different from its predecessor?

OnePlus 12R offers better details and better color accuracy than its predecessor, which means the images are sharper in most cases and colors are more accurate. Also, it captures much better in low light — night mode works perfectly even in near darkness.

c. How fast does the OnePlus 12R charge?

OnePlus 12R can easily hit 100W speeds, which means it is well capable of getting fully charged in under 30 minutes. The phone, in this course, remains very, very cool, so if you are using it, you won’t notice the heat.

d. What is the OnePlus 12R software and what are its features?

OnePlus 12R uses OxygenOS 14, and ha around UFS 3.0 storage — really quick storage — which means both data transfers, and internal system operations, are very fast.

e. Is the OnePlus 12R upgrade worthy over OnePlus 18?

Yes, as for design and durability, OnePlus 12R certainly stands as more worthy upgrade over the OnePlus 18’s polycarbonate frame, its 12MP depth sensor 18MP ultrawide sensor and 24MP main camera. Also, its front camera setup looks identical to OnePlus 3 and under, i.e., egular, ultrawide, and depth sensor, as to how it should be.

f. Will OnePlus 12R manage good gaming performance?

Yes, OnePlus 12R indeed stays cool (70F) after 60 minutes of Play, with a 70% battery drain, at 60% brightness, so you should get high framerates and low detail settings without much issue.

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