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Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue- A Powerful Budget Smartphone

Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue- A Powerful Budget Smartphone


Get allTemporal[C] the Realme 5i 32GB RAM 3GB in Blue only on This smartphone is specially crafted to raise bars in your mobile experience with its incredible features and stylish design. The Realme 5i hosts the mighty Snapdragon 665 processor for smooth performance and efficient multitasking that will cover all your daily needs.

The Realme 5i offers users brilliant visuals with its 6.52-inch HD+ display for video playback, web browsing, and gaming. It is fitted with a large 5000mAh battery for exceptionally long use to make your day on a single charge; no more worrying about running out of juice midday.

The Realme 5i quad-camera system follows with a 12MP primary camera, an 8MP ultra-wide lens, a 2MP macro lens for getting close to things, and finally, a 2MP depth sensor. Besides, an 8MP front camera is tailor-made for selfies and video calls, making this quite versatile.

With 32GB of internal storage, expandable up to 256GB via a microSD card, you will have enough space to hold all your apps, photos, and videos. Performance is smooth and responsive, guaranteed by 3GB of RAM, so you can quickly run many applications simultaneously. It also features a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor for added security and convenience.

Starting at Rs 6,561, brings Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue. Nowhere else would you find the variant at such an unbeatable price for that blend of performance, style, and affordability. Visit us today.

Price and Availability

Now live on our solely owned online store,, is the 32GB 3GB RAM variant of the Realme 5i in blue. This would have been a desirable smartphone – all in performance, looks, and price. With its long battery life, bright display, and robust build, the Realme 5i finds many mentions among the lips of every budget-minded customer.

Now, the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue is available at an affordable price of Rs. 6,561 on It is just excellent value to ensure that our customers get the best value for money without compromising quality or features. Now, this turns out to be a student, professional, or even an enthusiast; the Realme 5i packs functionality and performance that should cover one in a modern smartphone.

Fast and reliable delivery is everything; thus, we see that your Realme 5i gets to you as fast as possible but safe. Our customer service team is at your beck and call whenever you encounter a hitch, thus ensuring that shopping with us goes as smoothly as possible to the satisfaction of our customers. Grab excellent offer now; buy your Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue from while stock lasts!

Build Design

The design of the Realme 5i 32GB and 3GB RAM, blue in color, is so fine that it has attracted many users. There are no scratches, even after months-long use, which is enough to say volumes about the durability and quality of the build material itself.

It has used special-treated polycarbonate that looks good and provides excellent scratch resistance. This specially made pattern design not only contributes to the aesthetic looks but, more importantly, resists scratches, making it one of the unique features of the phone.

Even though it comes with a beastly 5000mAh battery, Realme 5i 32GB, 3GB RAM, Blue, is lightweight and feels pretty great in your palms, making it an ideal choice if one wants their balance between performance and convenience served correctly.


The Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue smartphone is based on the process-oriented Snapdragon 665, fabricated on an 11-nanometer architecture. This octa-core processor gives exemplary performance and leaves most of its contemporaries way behind in this range. There will be seamless multitasking, smooth working of apps, and efficient RAM management—all being the adept features that define the device's performance.

For gaming, the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue will work fine with popular games like PUBG since it can easily handle them. The performance of the device allows for a lag-free gaming experience; thus, one can indulge in their favorite games without compromising on anything.

The Smartphone's software management efficiently saves the application usage data under RAM for easier access to those who recently used apps. This optimization adds in along with many other features, making the performance of the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue truly appreciable for the user under various tasks and activities.


The Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue is fitted with a quad-camera setting that includes a 12-megapixel primary sensor with an f/1.8 aperture, an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens, a 2-megapixel depth sensor, and lastly, a 2-megapixel macro lens. Furthermore, at the front, it is fitted with an 8-megapixel lens with a selective aperture of f/2.0. This system in the camera ensures excellent photo and video captures; hence, it is suitable for photography applications.

Be it bright light or dim, Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue clicks brilliant images with incredible details and color reproduction. Even the wide-angle lens does its job decently by empowering the users to shoot vast scenes without sacrificing image quality.

The Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue has outstanding video performance. It captures excellent-quality videos in any kind of light. These Admirable video abilities, even in dim light, make the device versatile for clicking memorable shots with outstanding clarity and details.


The Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM blue comes fully fueled to power with a robust 5000mAh battery. Combined with this, it offers exceptional battery life. In its price category, no other model has ever managed to integrate such a high-capacity battery with efficient power management to provide the longest usage time without frequent recharge cycles.

Battery Life

The 5000mAh battery in the Realme 5i 32GB, 3GB RAM Blue offers excellent endurance that lasts up to 2 days for ordinary use. Even heavy users can be guaranteed at least one and a half days of battery life from this smartphone, making it one of their top choices for high and extended battery performance.

One could look forward to a screen on time of about 8-10 hours or more, which is ideal for extended use and sans worry of frequent recharge. Be it multimedia consumption, socialization, or general usage, the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue will let you in for a long, seamless experience and living.

While the included 10W adapter of the device might need almost as long as 3 hours to charge the 5000mAh battery fully, efficiently the Realme 5i 32GB RAM 3GB Blue could squeeze in overnight charging for one to have it up and running by the following day, suitable for prolonged use.


It is designed for a seamless user experience with impressive software capabilities. The Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue smartphone, available at our exclusively solo website, has an operating system that makes it run on Android. It has an advanced Realme UI, often known for high efficiency and smooth performance combined with apparent display features. Realme UI enriches the Android experience with easy, intuitive navigation and customization options, unlike other visually appealing features that will delight its users.

One of the standout software features of the Realme 5i is intelligent AI technology. Such technology provides optimization to run it when it has several applications open, doing an overall effective management of system resources so that there won't be any problems or slow-downs. Pre-installed with different kinds of apps—from business-oriented ones down to entertainment—this makes it versatile both for working and having leisure.

The Realme 5i also ensures safety through advanced facial recognition and fingerprint scanning technologies. These features guarantee fast yet secure access to the device and protect personal information therein. More to this, Realme UI comes with many privacy features—app lock and private space that can easily let you lock essential apps or data in your device.

From Rs 6,561, the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue is a very inexpensive variant for any person who wants a mobile that would bring them the perfect blend of solid software features and inexpensiveness. Log on to for more information about this device and avail of our offer exclusively.

Security Features

At, feel good as we bring the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue with an exclusive price starting at Rs. 6,561. This smartphone delivers, apart from powerful performance and stylish design, advanced security features that protect your data and personal information.

One of the most conspicuous or striking security features of the Realme 5i is its fingerprint sensor. This can be located at the back part of this phone, providing users with quicker and much safer unlocking methods. Your unique fingerprint ensures that only you have access to your phone—this is an essential line of protection against unauthorized access.

Other than the fingerprint sensor, the Realme 5i also brings in the technology of facial recognition. An accurate scan to unlock your phone is given by it, with the help of a camera at the front. It offers hands-free and efficient access to your device while ensuring an adequate amount of security.

The Realme 5i has also introduced some software-based security enhancements. It runs ColorOS, which offers users several privacy and security settings. You can create private spaces for apps and files to protect sensitive information. App locking is also supported, letting you lock certain apps using a password or fingerprint.

Besides, the Realme 5i has secure boot technology. This means it runs only software trusted by Realme. This will ensure that during the boot process, your phone can't be attacked. It's protected from new threats with periodical updates of Realme security.

In that regard, the Realme 5i, 32GB RAM 3GB RAM Blue color, available at, was designed with solid safety features: from advanced biometric authentication methods—fingerprint and facial recognition—to high-level software and boot protection, this smartphone ensures that your data is always safe and secure.


Even though the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue is not lacking in some of its striking features, a few cons regarding the product are available, and users must know them before deciding on buying. Therefore, understanding the cons will give an idea to the individuals whether this smartphone will serve their purpose and match their preferences.

The placement of the power and volume buttons on the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue may not turn out according to some user's expectations; they are inlaid within the phone and do not click as much as one would want to. The feel is, hence, somewhat disappointing in usage. A case that has button covers rising above the surface of the phone could be more functional.

One of the visible negatives about the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue is that there is no USB Type-C. It comes with another kind of port that might not appeal to people who like the ease and other advantages associated with USB Type-C connections. This could be a limiting factor for some users.

Another issue is the earpiece sound quality in noisy surroundings. People reported that the voice through the earpiece can be too low amidst crowds, and one has to press the smartphone up against their ears to hear clearly what is uttered on the opposite side. Although under standard conditions, the earpiece sound was okay, it may not pass the requirements of users who constantly keep themselves within boisterous surrounding areas.


In the last segment, overall, the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue has a very much value-for-money deal. It creates an amalgamation of assortment in features and characteristics which can appeal to a wallet-friendly customer. Notwithstanding some downsides, like button placement, no USB Type-C port, and audio quality from the earpiece, this smartphone stands as worthy competition in the market at its budget price.

Well, if you need to compare, then versus the Realme C3, for around ₹1,000 extra, the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue comes off relatively superior to that because of significant updates in all departments. The Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue offers an enhanced fingerprint scanner, superior camera specs, and a superior choice of chipsets for all-around performance.

For users willing to spend more, the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue presents better value than the Realme C3. Considering all functionalities and performance, one should not all hesitate to choose the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue for a brawny and inexpensive smartphone.


1. Is the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue a budget smartphone?

Yes, the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue does stand in the budget smartphone section. The specifications themselves show in the performance for which it comes at this price.

2. What are some of the main features of the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue?

Pack an ultra-strong 5000mAh battery and the ultra-fast processor right out of the box—the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665—put together with a quad-camera setup, the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue leaves many eyes wide open toward consumers who are tight on budget.

3. Does the Realme 5i 32GB with 3GB RAM Blue variant support gaming?

The Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue does well in gaming. One can enjoy a lag-free gaming experience, having fluent performance even on famous games like PUBG.

4. How about the battery life of the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue?

The battery performance of the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue is excellent. It runs for up to two days after a single charge, which is super convenient and one that any person would require accordingly.

5. What are some of the security features in Realme 5i 32GB, 3GB RAM Blue?

Some technologies found in the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue include fingerprint and face unlock. These provide convenient and secure ways through which users can access their devices.

6. What are the drawbacks to investing in the Realme 5i 32GB 3GB RAM Blue?

Some drawbacks involve the placement of the power and volume buttons, no USB Type-C port, and limitations with the sound quality from the earpiece over the noise.

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