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Realme P1 and P1 Pro official with 120Hz OLED screens, 50MP main cams

Realme P1 and P1 Pro official with 120Hz OLED screens, 50MP main cams


Realme P1 and P1 Pro go official with 120Hz OLED screens and 50MP main cameras: The Realme P1 and P1 Pro are now official, and it brings along a host of specifications. A couple of game-changers in the mid-range segment due to their high-end specs but really affordable pricing, they are. This blog entails the specifications for Realme P1 and P1 Pro and explains what makes the two devices different from others in the market.

Whether it is in their processor power or in their cutting-edge display technology, Realme have innovated some serious ground-breakers.

Realme P1 and P1 Pro Key Features

Here are some of the key features that make the Realme P1 and P1 Pro stand out:


Both devices will be in a position to power the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip, designed with a 7nm process, and certainly support 5G that guarantees great and smooth operations in gaming and generally day-to-day task handling.
The display on the front reaches 6.67 inches with Full HD+ resolution—a 120Hz AMOLED panel is equipped for best colors and fluidity in every media content and gaming.


On the camera front, the Realme P1 and P1 Pro will sport a 50MP main sensor, bringing unmatched photography capabilities to the lineup, besides classy video recording options such as stabilization and good quality audio.

Battery and Charging:

The devices draw power from an enormous 5000mAh cell that supports 45W fast charging for a long time of usability with less frequent recharging.
This is based on Realme UI, custom Android 14 built with fluidity and efficiency in mind. It comes with a promise of at least 3 years of regular updates.

Design and Build:

Crafted with the concept of premium quality in both, for durability and also additional features of double-reinforced glass for reinforced glass.

Realme P1 and P1 Pro connectivity:

Moving on to the connectivity feature, Realme P1 and P1 Pro come with a 5G connectivity hybrid SIM slot, as some of the users will require the 5G technology for quick internet, and they will be having 2 sim cards in the device, respectively.

All these are aspects that make both Realme P1 and P1 Pro very competing devices in the market of mid-range smartphones, with being able to perform, be design and function-oriented, and still come at an attractive but affordable price.

Performance and Processor

Realme P1 and P1 Pro will be operated with an efficient MediaTek Dimensity 700, ideally suited to the hassle-free performance of your day-to-day task and gaming. Connectivity-wise, it is important to mention that 5G comes with a hybrid SIM slot, which means that it can address such users who want their respective high-speed internet along with the requirements of dual SIM functionality. The devices support UFS 3.1 storage that allows much quicker reading and writing, ensuring the device runs fast.

The phone runs on the custom Realme UI based on Android 14, which offers an ad-free and bloat-free experience, as per the company, with a minimum commitment for three years of regular updates. There will be 5000mAh battery-equipped in both devices, carrying support for 45W fast charging that can provide a long usage time and can recharge very quickly. Realme P1 and P1 Pro are going to be such phones that will bring many stunning capabilities to the camera department, including the most advanced features offered for video recording, such as stabilization and high-quality audio. That would squarely put them in a pricing bracket very much competitive in the mid-range of the smartphone market, representing an attractive balance between performance, design, and functionality for less expenditure.

Camera Capabilities

The type of camera capabilities both the Realme P1 and P1 Pro have to offer is surely going to make them a tough one to beat in the midrange of the smartphone market. The 50MP main camera sensor guarantees excellent clear and detailed imaging in any lighting. Features such as stabilization and high-quality sound, along with others that are advanced in nature for video recording, will let you for sure make the footages that look entirely professional with ease. In addition to all that, it also supports 4K 30fps video recording to ensure users take video clear in detail. The front selfie camera doesn't disappoint but rather manages to deliver at its best, both clear and detailed images, perfect for video calling and social media use. Whether capturing the most beautiful moments of life or creating content that's engaging, both in Realme P1 and Realme P1 Pro, it's enough to meet each customer's need and the best pick in their segment.

Software and Updates

P1 and P1 Pro from Realme will bring to you a custom Realme UI, designed based on Android 14, giving you the best experience that is ultra-friendly. Realme has also given a commitment to regular updates of at least three years, ensuring that the devices continue to feature the latest in functionality and security patches. Furthermore, the device is free of bloatware, ensuring that users can easily uninstall applications and games that come with bloatware at a go. Realme UI boasts of an always-on display customization feature and call recording that other smartphone users can really demand from most others.

Regularly updated, promising a clean user interface and putting software optimization and usability at the forefront for the long term of usage of Realme P1 and P1 Pro.

User Experience

Display: Realme P1 and P1 Pro are meant to enhance user viewing experiences with their 120Hz AMOLED display, befitting fantastic color and glitch-less visual. The 6.67-inch full-HD+ screen is good enough for an immersive viewing experience, and with a 120Hz refresh rate, it makes the display apt for gaming and consuming media.

On the upper side, it will pack a dual-speaker that will give amplified sound to the powerful multimedia experience. Running on a 5000mAh battery with 45W fast charging, the devices afford users an increased usage experience coupled with considerably reduced charging times of their day-to-day activities. The devices will also feature a hybrid SIM slot and, therefore, come with 5G connectivity, which is part and parcel of modern smartphone user needs.

With the Realme P1 and P1 Pro, the company is finally up-to-par with the best of its hardware, paired with one of the cleanest, most powerful, and feature-rich software experiences around.

Comparison with Competing Devices

Realme P1 and P1 Pro were some of the greatest devices, with their specifications and features, to take on all other devices in their own category.

The biggest highlights of the Realme P1 and P1 Pro on the spec sheet would still be their 120Hz OLED screens, high-powered MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipsets, and 50MP main cameras when compared to all other phones within the same price range. Such features will show that Realme P1 and P1 Pro are really stiff competitors in the market.

Two of the greatest boons these devices take: a 120Hz OLED display, really helping to show all the details in popping colors, and both media and gaming refresh rates.

This device has this kind of technology display, which differs from others in terms of price and gives a real sense of viewing experience. Further, a powerful chipset from MediaTek, Dimensity 700, with UFS 3.1 storage, offers great performance not just for day-to-day chores, but also for gaming. It makes it one of the best in the category for Realme P1 and P1 Pro. The series of devices also has an outstanding camera performance through the 50MP primary and videography features that suit users' desires for photo quality.

Complementing these are the 5000mAh batteries in both the Realme P1 and P1 Pro, supporting 45W fast charging that guarantees long-lasting use without interruptions and allows for fast recharging times.

Price and Conclusion

"With top-notch specifications and features at an attractive price," Realme P1 and P1 Pro are all set to bring value to the money for its users in the highly competitive mid-range smartphone segment. "With this launch, Realme is taking to an all-time high a performance, design, and functionality package within this segment. Realme didn't reveal any exact pricing, but with such features and capabilities, one could safely assume that Realme P1 and P1 Pro would definitely be good value for less than $500. With that, the Realme P1 and P1 Pro, both shall bring 120Hz OLED screens, 50MP main camera sensors, robust chipsets, and massive battery backup to give users a dynamic experience like never before and set new benchmarks under the mid-range smartphone price segment. It offers an unbeatable value proposition for a feature-rich high-performance smartphone, making it perfect for tech-savvy users who demand the best user experiences.


1. What are the key features of Realme P1 and P1 Pro?

Realme P1: Features a 120Hz AMOLED display, MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset, and a seven-layer VC cooling system.

Realme P1 Pro: 120Hz curved AMOLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chipset, improved 3D VC cooling system, and an IP54 water and dust protection rating.

2. How does the performance and processor of Realme P1 and P1 Pro compare to other smartphones?

Realme P1 will be based on MediaTek Dimensity 7050, and the Pro model will be built on the basis of Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1. Hence, both models—Realme P1 and Pro—will be positioned as productive in their price segment and will surpass many mid-range smartphones.

3. What are the camera capabilities of Realme P1 and P1 Pro?

Both models sport pretty solid camera setups. For example, in the case of the Realme P1 Pro, it has a dual-camera setup that houses a 50MP primary sensor. Exact details about the camera of the P1 are not fully detailed, but emphasis is made on the Pro model for its high resolution and detailed photography features.

4. What software and updates can users expect with Realme P1 and P1 Pro?

Previously, Realme shipped the devices with Realme UI based on the latest Android version. There is no detail of when and how this software update is going to be rolled out to the devices P1 and P1 Pro; however, generally, users are expected to get updated regularly on their device according to the Realme mid-range device update policy.

5. How does the user experience of Realme P1 and P1 Pro stand out?

Both have large display sizes with a high refresh rate, in addition to an effective cooling system, in order to offer a flawless user experience. And within the P1 series, both models have good battery life in them, as they are able to provide some healthy juice to the device fairly quickly.

6. What are the main differences between Realme P1 and P1 Pro and other mid-range devices?

The Realme P1 and P1 Pro are positioned as competing in the mid-range market, they have attributes that are usually found in high-end models like high refresh rate screens, advanced cooling systems, and powerful chipsets. This grants them a competitive edge over other middle-tier models.

7. The expected range and conclusion for Realme P1 and P1 Pro devices are what?

Realme P1 and P1 Pro are expected to be under INR 15,000 and INR 20,000 respectively. Due to the features and specifications of the phones, they provide good value and will most probably attract consumers who wish to have high performance at a reasonable price.

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