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Samsung Galaxy A35 And Galaxy A55 India Launch Date Revealed 

Samsung Galaxy A35 And Galaxy A55 India Launch Date Revealed 


They both feature 3.5mm headphone jacks, and a headphone jack design that can be folded away. Samsung is expected to announce its official launch within the next few weeks. Having received certification in India for both BIS India certification and Bluetooth SIG , we can anticipate the closely oncoming appearance of new domestic shipments from Samsung in advance of their worldwide retail release. Our initial leaks of smartphone design styles and features has moved on from sticking a fake, head-mounted earphone on the top of your head to inserting needless 3.5mm jacks into body that weaves across an entire career. But now after much time waiting without any action from either Chinese authorities or those claiming global distribution rights ourselves (meaning Samsung ), Samsung's first pair has gotten its first official certification.

• It's rumored that the Galaxy A35 5G will be equipped with Exynos 1380 chipset, 6GB of RAM and Android 14 OS.

• The Geekbench tests have shown that it has surpassed the performance of the Galaxy A34, its predecessor.

• The Galaxy A55 5G is expected to incorporate 25w fast charging, a 6.5-inch Full HD+ OLED display featuring 120Hz refresh rate, and the AMD GPU-enhanced Exynos 1480 (SoC).

Launch Date and Availability:

They believe that Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 are going to arrive between April and June 2024, with features such as attractive high refresh rate display design and rapid charging. Perhaps the smartphones could be released in the second quarter of 2024, but there is a possibility of them coming out early. Samsung has given its customers more than a few surprises about this sort thing.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G Specifications

The model number of this smartphone is SM-A356U, and it is supposed to carry an Exynos 1380 chipset in order to generate better performance than its predecessor.Other features include:

• 6 GB of RAM, convenient for pimping your internet use. No more annoying interruptions between apps to exchange data.

• For a more user-friendly experience, this operates on the latest Android 14 OS.

• In Geekbench benchmarks, there is a single-core score of 697 and a multi-core score of 2332.

• The size of the display, camera specifications and battery capacity have not yet been given.

Geekbench Benchmark Results

Samsung's Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 Benchmark Results
These devices are not yet on sale, but Geekbench's test results for that time in late January give a glimpse of their processing power.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G Benchmark Results

• The Samsung Galaxy A 35 5 G device running the Exynos 1380 achieved impressive scores on Geekbench tests.

• With its 697 points, the Galaxy A35 moves along quite sluggishly in our single-core whisk test and we don't estimate that it can greatly enhance multitasking throughput.

• Samsung Galaxy A35 multi-core benchmark score can reach 2332, can see from this how well it business multitasks and how smooth.

• These benchmark results suggest the Galaxy A35 5G will deliver a better user experience with smooth and powerful performance.

• Rumors indicate that the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G will feature the Exynos 1480 SoC with an AMD GPU, so it was subjected to rigorous Geekbench testing.
In the initial reports, Galaxy A55 is all the rage in single-core and multi-core testing as well, in line with its strong processing capacity.

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G Features

Enthusiasts are all ears as the launch of a Samsung Galaxy A55 5G draws nigh about what features this phone will offer. As specifics are not to hand yet, is some expected functions of the Galaxy A55 5G--based on leaks and rumors:

• 5G Connectivity: The Samsung Galaxy A55 5G is expected to come with built-in 5G connectivity, enabling users to enjoy internet speeds and seamless communication.

• 25W Fast Charging: With 25W fast-charging ability, users can recharge your phone quickly and keep in touch on the move without long stoppages for battery charging.

• Very Happy + Display OLED 6.5 inch: The Galaxy A55 5G might be awesome foretell to a 6.5-inch full HD+ OLED display, letting you feel its vibrant images and engage in an immersive sightseeing trip.

• Refresh Rate 120Hz: With its 120Hz refresh rate, users can expect an effortless experience when it is the Galaxy A55 5G that is doing the thinking and moving; seamless scrolling together with clean transitions mark this pioneer which lets you more naturally use your hands in all manner of ways.

• SoC Exynos 1480 with AMD GPU: It is said that the new machine can be expected to have an Exynos 1480 SoC + AMD GPU configuration . This chip combined with an AMD GPU of And excellent performance for gaming or multitasking.

• Camera Setup: The Galaxy A55 5G could opt for a versatile camera setup in which its user will find a high-resolution primary sensor, ultra wide-angle lens, macro camera, it meets any photography needs.

• Battery Capacity: The Galaxy A55 5G is expected to carry a 5,000mAh battery, giving users ample juice for long-time operation without having to keep recharging–a convenience sure to be appreciated any time and place.

• Design: With a modern, stylish look, curved corners and sleek design are expected to appeal to the young-minded user who wants both functionality and aesthetics in their products.

Expected Launch Date

The Samsung Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 are expected to hit the Indian market from between April and June 2024. While BIS India certification has already been obtained for these two Smartphones, official details concerning launch dates and sales venues have yet to be officially announced. So what do we know about the likely launch?

Launch Timing:

• In the second quarter of 2024 the Galaxy A35 and A55 are likely to be launched, seen very much by Indian consumers as Samsung's latest budget tools.

• The gossip suggesting an April to June launch time frame for Samsung's new smartphone, a sequel of sorts certain points come into view from the close of March on that in year may well have warranty period extended beyond one year to two.

Potential Early Arrival:

• In presvious history, Samsung customers have been surprised more than once by an early arrival. It is conceivable that the latest models, Galaxy A35 and A55 may make an appearance before scheduled time in Indian shops.

• Estimate dates are still fixed in concrete for the second quarter of 2024. Samsung should inform us if the Galaxy A35 and A55 are launched earlier than expected.

Excited About the Features:

• With features such as high refresh rate displays, fast charging capability and top-of-range processors; the Galaxy A35 and A55 will offer you quite inside the phone-pc world!

• Vibrant OLED display experience, power saving respects for long-lasting efficiency whatever you are utilizing your brilliant OLED screens for; and revolutionary camera setups from these new Samsung varieties which are going to improve your telephone life.

Design and Display Details

With the Samsung Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 Launched in India,Purists are hopefully eager the design and display of these new smartphones. Here are some key trends peculiar to versions Galaxy A35 and A55:


• In Samsung's LA 35 and AA55 area recently came to be one-year anniversary they're likely expected to have the sleek design that s popular now, combining both stylish appearance and ambitious functionality.

• With curved edges and a premium design of this nature--if carried out properly--the entire device will glow with new light & something fresh altogether will come out

• Samsung takes ergonomics into consideration Therefore, on these models With its excellent arc design enhanced feel groped as you mobile can be.

Display Specifications

• Galaxy A35 will reportedly sport a generous 6.6-inch screen, allowing users plenty of space for consuming multimedia or doing work.

• On the other side, Galaxy A55 will probably come with a slightly smaller 6.5-inch Full HD+ OLED display screen, bringing people airy colors and vivid images.

• Both mobile phones are said to carry a heavy refresh rate, if rumors are accurate. However, the A55 might even have a 120 Hz refresh rate for smoother scrolling and more fluid transitions.

• Because of their high-resolution displays and optimized screen technologies, both devices promise to offer users an immersive viewing experience.

Camera Specifications

This kind of view camera specification, Samsung Galaxy A35, A55's main selling point as mid-range smartphones expects exceptional Imaging for users. HWe now look forward to specific details being officially confirmed but judging from leaks and rumors, here are what withe await as camera-related details:

Main Camera Setup Galaxy A35 and A55 will adopt a main camera setup with multiple possibilities. this will likely consist mainly of high-resolution primary sensor, capturing images with high-definition, ease control and versatility of an optical camera lens and basking in the refinements for which Samsung is famous.

Expect the main camera to be joined by an ultra-wide-angle lens. This will allow wider angle to shoot more of what you want and gives users greater freedom in choosing what type images of scenes or landscapee likely have a market tomorrow.

In addition, there will be a dedicated macro camera on both models to make close-ups of small subjects on the earth's surface (or elsewhere).

Front Camera Details:

Set to satisfy the selfie enthusiasts, the Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55 are reportedly equipped with a high-resolution sensor front camera that is great for capturing clear and vibrant self-portraits.

With advanced AI features, the front camera might have all kinds of beautification modes and adjustments to tailor self-portraits for social media sharing.
In this sense, the front camera holds promising potential to deliver shots with natural color and high detail, capturing the perennial good looks of these smartphones in image form.

Video Recording Capabilities:

The state-of-the-art video technology makes it likely that both the A35 and A55 will be enabled to record high-quality video, offering users extremely good images and resolution.

Along these lines, it is expected that video features like 4k video recording, electronic image stabilization (EIS), as well as multiple video modes will further enrich the overall video recording experience on these gadgets.

From vlogs to videos for social media and family gatherings, the Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55 should serve as a powerful filming tool.

Battery and Charging Information

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55, the battery and charging capabilities of these two phones are reliable as well as efficient in power management. Here's one paragraph related to key details for these upcoming smartphones:

Battery Capacity:

• The Galaxy A35 is rumored to offer large battery capacity, which ensures long-lived usage on a single charge.

• The Galaxy A55 can be expected to also possess a high-capacity battery, achieving long usage without frequent charging.

• As long-lasting batteries, users can enjoy extended screen time, games or productivity tasks without ever worrying about running out of juice for power.

Fast Charging Technology:

• The Galaxy A35 and A55 are expected to be able to offer fast charging technology, so users won't have to take much time to recharge their devices at all.

• Fast charging technology makes it easier for users to quickly replenish their smartphone's battery life before going out, guaranteeing that they can be utilized throughout the day.

• The result is a productive day with minimized waiting periods while you work or entertainment without breaks from your screen to Intent.

Battery Optimization

• Samsung is well known to how its Smartphones incorporate battery optimization features. This means that the battery lives are longer and the whole phone can work more smoothly.

• Battery-saving methods and optimizations might be automatically used on the Galaxy A35 or A55. Including extension mode (ac). This depends on what sets of your own.

• With the addition of intelligent battery management software, Samsung ensures that the maximum possible length is reached for a phone's investment in power without sacrificing quality.


1. What makes Samsung Galaxy A35, A55 so special?

With advanced processors, and innovative camera setups, the Galaxy A55 are expected to offer high refresh rate displays and fast charging capabilities, which is sure to interest anyone looking for the best smartphone experience possible - all in one attractive package.

Now we're just waiting after all these signs, No word on pre-ordering information to provide yet also it remains unknown whether there will be a midnight sale on launch day for limited-carrier versions mounted with X-NINE wireless charging induction tiles.

2. When is the expected launch date for the Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55 in India?

Samsung normally introduces its A-series. products over the summer, so this year we should have seen the A35 and A55. Despite the current difficult situation though, Samsung made a clean sweep of product releases in 2024 - maybe this means good news for the Galaxy A series market still!

3. What are the camera specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55?

The camera configuration on the Galaxy A35 and A55 phone is just what connoisseurs want.

In this day and age, when everybody takes photos with their cell phones' cameras, it's only natural that SoC-discrete CPUs became scant. Surprises are still possible-future SoCs may sport cameras as well.

4. What about the batteries and charging performance on Galaxy A35-A55 models?

To expect reliable battery capacities on both the models is something of a steady feature, which means a shorter duration between charges for the phones like these. Should Qualcomm's Quick Charge 5 technology finally become ubiquitous throughout the world, we are very likely to speed up slower charging times.

5. What are the design and display details of the Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55?

Both phones are expected to have clean lines, shiny surfaces, smooth contours and high-quality workmanship. A 6.6-inch display could be part of the Galaxy A35, whereas the A55 may sport a 6.5-inch Full HD+ OLED screen with it make for slick action on the display.

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