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The HP EliteBook 8460p: A Solid Business Laptop

The HP EliteBook 8460p: A Solid Business Laptop


Welcome to Filpz.com: we just launched the HP EliteBook 8460p, which is the combination of durability and performance, available on our platform. EliteBook represents not only advanced design to grace any professional's tech arsenal but also solid build quality and features demanded by business and IT environments.

Extremely competitively priced at just Rs. 13,125, the HP EliteBook 8460p is another feather in this cap of tough and rugged laptops. Sturdy construction ensures that the chassis are robust and tested to military standards for most professional applications. The inside of this laptop is just as strong with strong processing capabilities, which enable multitasking to be easy and efficient in handling a complicated software application.

We know that in today's fast-moving world, one can't afford to stay away from connectivity, so we have built the EliteBook 8460p with many connectivity options and ports. With a number of ports and connectivity features, one doesn't have to worry about getting disconnected from anything: presentation or virtual meeting, this laptop supports one to stay connected and keeps the productivity ball rolling. Do not let this opportunity pass you by to take home this wonderful machine, available only at Filpz.com. Learn how the HP EliteBook 8460p can make one productive by meeting the rugged demands of office use.

Pricing and Availability

Now, the HP EliteBook 8460p is available only at Filpz.com, and our customers get the privilege of availing themselves of perhaps one of the most reliable and robust laptops that there is. With the newly competitive price of Rs. 13,125, it's great value for every professional or even students who may need a high-performing device without breaking the bank.

The EliteBook 8460p is engineered to be reliable and durable for the most stressful and busy business life, thus providing a computer that will fit perfectly into your on-the-move lifestyle. It is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and generous memory that works multi-functionally efficiently, giving you the best performance with many applications. Surely high-definition presentation and multimedia use could be well served with its crisp display and powerful graphics card.

At Filpz.com, we are more than fully aware of the high value that many people place on reliability and efficiency, and we are here to bring it to you with immense pride through the HP EliteBook 8460p. Moreover, this is not just buying; it is investing in quality and performance. Whatever be the task, this laptop will be just right, whether it is your important business meeting or college projects. Welcome to Filpz.com as you navigate deeper with more details and take up this offer to make the HP EliteBook 8460p yours. The platform assures a very smooth shopping experience with all the product specifications and customer reviews to be sure that you can make an informed choice. Order today and experience class performance fused with the power of durability.


Here is the HP EliteBook 8460p, a very elegant model with a rock-solid series of specifications that is likely to cater to many professional needs. Very attractively priced at Rs. 13,125, this laptop is designed for the performance of the inside, wrapped in an elegant design. It makes available three choices of processors for an individual user: Intel Core i3, i5, and i7.

Each processor is also backed up by the Intel HD 3000 graphics, but there is an option for upgrading to an AMD Radeon HD 6470M for those interested in more robust graphical capabilities.

That model goes with the Intel Core i5 2520M processor, regarded as a golden mean in performance versus power consumption. Out of the box, there are 4GBs of RAM, but for those who want better performance, it can be put up to 16GBs because it offers two available 8GB sticks. This makes the EliteBook 8460p a flexible choice regarding everyday activities and more demanding applications.

Last but not least, the HP EliteBook 8460p from Filpz.com presents adaptability and strength combined in one laptop, quite right for professionals whose laptops need to be depended on and upgraded within an affordable bracket. Because of the various options in processors and memory expansion options, it can be configured to any of the intensive processing requirements.

Ports and Connectors

HP EliteBook 8460p, found only on our website Filpz.com for Rs 13,125, brings one of the most comprehensive sets of ports and connectivity options for multi-uses in both work and business environments. This model is specifically designed to take in a wide array of peripherals in a way that would guarantee any user connects everything they will need for a complete and efficient workstation.

On the left side of the machine, there is a power plug, a Firewire port, and two fast-acting USB 3.0 ports providing a transfer of data. Accompanied by this is an optical drive bay which can alternatively be used for the second hard disk drive or SSD for expanded storage. It also features a slot for another expansion card, the Express card slot. Moving up to the front of the laptop we find a whole host of status indicator lights on the EliteBook 8460p. While rather dim under bright lighting conditions, the lights do provide quick at-a-glance status indications for Wi-Fi connectivity, power charging and disk read/write activity.

On the right side, it has independent sockets for an earphone and a microphone, excellent for audio work or chatting.

There is also an eSATA USB 2.0 port, a USB 2.0 with power delivery for peripheral charging, and a DisplayPort connector for high-resolution external displays. On the right side, there is also an exhaust for the CPU and a Kensington lock slot to allow one to easily secure the laptop while in public or communal places.

Finally, at the back of the HP EliteBook 8460p, there are important ports that make it possible to use a vast number of devices; hence, the user has everything that is required to set up an even more complicated and sophisticated arrangement. This is made for the EliteBook 8460p to turn into a flexible, functional notebook fit for professionals who, in general, might not find the laptop they need, where others might lack in ruggedness and autonomy.

User Interface and Features

The HP EliteBook 8460p available on our website, Filpz.com, comes in a practical, utilitarian interface design, therefore serving as an apt option for professional use. It comes with a standard keyboard layout and stands one up in terms of durability against liquid spillage, as the notebook comes with an inbuilt drainage system across the whole chassis.

Users may find the extra shortcut buttons on top of the keyboard most useful for going quickly to the settings for Wi-Fi, an Internet browser, and sound.

Making the EliteBook 8460p even more user-friendly: some models come with a point stick and two additional buttons for more accurate cursor control, and others come with a built-in biometric fingerprint reader for security. This can be pretty convenient when you are dealing with sensitive data. However, compatibility with modern operating systems—Windows 10 in particular—may cause issues with these features.

It has a well-made notebook trackpad that doesn't allow entry of accidental hits, and the user can also disable it by double-tapping the top left-hand corner. This is a real advantage, particularly if the use of the point stick is mainly used, or when typing up long hours. The HP EliteBook 8460p doesn't really have the user's mind of having a built-in webcam, which can be a turnoff for people with much video conferencing.

An important drawback of this model is the screen quality: the EliteBook 8460p comes with a TN panel having low contrast of 200:1, meaning less vibrant color and poorer quality of display, something that might disappoint users looking for sharp and clear performance of visuals while working. All said and done, the HP EliteBook 8460p, retailing at Rs 13,125 at Filpz.com, is certain to have a lot in store in terms of usability. While a good design of the keyboard, security features, and satisfactory trackpad functioning might tempt most, lack of webcam and not-so-good quality of the screen might be some of the put-offs. Notwithstanding, it still is quite a sensible choice in a sea of business laptops if assurance and safety are your basic criteria.

Disassembly and serviceability

HP EliteBook 8460p disassembly is very easy and user-friendly; it is designed in such a way that the main notebook parts are accessible without any tools. To release the lock and push it out, just push the button on the bottom of the laptop. The battery for the HP EliteBook 8460p is very wide-ranging; there is a 3-cell, 31-hour 6L, 62 watt-hour one; a 6L long-life 55 watt-hour; as well as a 9-cell, 100 watt-hour. And also, there are two battery slices for extended usage. Once the battery is off, reaching the core components of the machine is a total breeze. Another slider at the right side opens to raise the complete base, exposing the socketed CPU, cooling system, the RAM slots, Wi-Fi card, media bay, and the hard disk. The HP EliteBook 8460p is designed for easy serviceability with a discrete fan that is easily removed for cleaning, easily removable RAM slots, and a media bay that is easily removed for service. The smart card reader and hard drive are likewise easily serviceable to remove and replace. Disconnection of the keyboard is done by unscrewing screws and pushing on clips. On doing that, the keyboard becomes easily detachable and can easily lift off, providing access to the inside for further dismantling or maintenance.

Boot time and performance

After all of this, once a debate on boot times and performance is put to rest, the HP EliteBook 8460p available only on Filpz.com comes across as a laptop that is sure to provide decent performance tailored to business and everyday computing. Priced at Rs 13,125, the EliteBook 8460p proves to be valuable expertise for not only its specifications but also performance metrics.

The normal booting time for an HP EliteBook 8460p is between 30 to 45 seconds. This depends on how exactly the configuration for the machine has been done and if it has more software installations. The booting time is quite fast for its generation, enabling the users to start with their tasks without any major delays.

This EliteBook 8460p at its heart has a 2.5GHz Intel i5 2520M Processor; the chip can undertake general common operations such as surfing the internet, running applications for word processing, and more than one application at a time. Enough performance will be delivered to the user for their everyday use, although the user should bear in mind that this processor will be stretched to its limits with some more demanding software and new resource-hungry applications.

The HP EliteBook 8460p features Intel HD 3000 graphics and an option for AMD Radeon HD 6470M. The graphics, in this case, should be sufficient for basic video streaming, minor photo editing, and other simple graphics-related tasks without any problem. But those activities that are more graphically intense, like most modern video games or professional video editing, are going to be rather poorly done. Altogether, the HP EliteBook 8460p on Filpz.com offers a decent blend of performance and pricing that might prove reasonable for users looking out for a not-so-hyped yet reliable laptop for office activities and multimedia consumption.

Pros and Compromises

HP EliteBook 8460p available at our Filpz.com website for Rs. 13,125 is the bang-for-the-buck option to go for. The most important and impressive feature would be the durability of the laptop. It is designed to stand up against constant travel and use while having a robust design built to take accidental bumps and drops. It is also made easily serviceable. Modular by nature, it is easy and quick to upgrade for various components: memory and storage—a huge plus for users looking to extend the life of their device without significant cost.

But then, the EliteBook 8460p does make a few compromises. Along with its robustness and the extendibility it offers due to the ability to upgrade the hardware, this laptop does not excel in its multimedia capabilities. The pop and the sharpness that the display offers in a normal newer model are not there, and this could be a dampener for the users who get on with much media-richer content.

Further, absence of an integrated webcam is not going to be quite convenient for those professionals who have to attend video calls or virtual meetings, since that has become one of the top staple requirements in the business environment today. In a nutshell, the HP EliteBook 8460p from Filpz.com gives great serviceability and longevity but will be somewhat constraining in terms of screen quality and the absence of some modern features for users looking for a more wholesome business laptop experience.


Finally, the HP EliteBook 8460p is part of this exclusive offer only through Filpz.com, at an unbelievable price of just Rs 13,125, and is indeed a good purchase for professional use where a strongly-built solid laptop priced on the affordable side is concerned. This model is especially strong and serviceable, suitable for those who need a machine that will be put to use every day and carried around a lot.

The EliteBook 8460p is driven by dual-core Intel processing, lots of RAM effective for daily functionalities, business environment-friendly, and comfortable with basic multitasking activities. Sufficient connection options confer the ability to comfortably integrate the laptop in all sorts of scenarios to experience high productivity. Not only that, there is always the facility for upgrading the components to suit the needs at hand, thereby enhancing the performance levels and life of the laptop.

Of course, with these come the downsides for potential buyers to consider: the display is lackluster and the built-in webcam is omitted. This could make a difference if you are heavily dependent on media quality and video conferencing. Most likely, with this brought in tow, the EliteBook 8460p can boast a fairly good mix of performance, durability, and price that may just convince a user to buy this functional and tough laptop.

Learn more about detailed specifications and make a purchase of your HP EliteBook 8460p by following us at Filpz.com; reviews and other additional product information to make sure you are an informed buyer. Secure this solid workhouse today and experience firsthand the many benefits it brings to professional and personal computing.


1. Is the HP EliteBook 8460p more enterprise-central?

The HP EliteBook 8460p is considered business-class because it ships with business-class and notebook-classed durable, serviceable, and modular parts that make it the perfect choice for business users in search of rock-solid reliability.

2. What processor choices are available on the HP EliteBook 8460p?

The processor of the HP EliteBook 8460p is offered in three different choices—i3, i5, and i7—to cater to different demands of performance, which, in its own right, will assure the user of choice.

3. Can the RAM be expanded in HP EliteBook 8460p?

The HP EliteBook 8460p is a powerhouse that supports expanding RAM, opening a way for users to either stick with the baseline 4 gigabytes or expand all the way to 16 gigabytes by using a maximum of two sticks of eight, therefore allowing the user flexibility for enhanced performance.

4. Graphics options for the HP EliteBook 8460p?

The HP EliteBook 8460p gives the user the choice of two graphical options: either an Intel HD 3000 or an AMD Radeon HD 6470M, based on his/her graphical needs.

5. How's the quality of the display in the HP EliteBook 8460p?

The screen quality on the HP EliteBook 8460p is definitely one area of compromise, sporting a low contrast ratio and a TN panel that may not provide the most vibrant, sharp display most users will expect. 6. Is it easy to service the HP EliteBook 8460p? Besides, this HP EliteBook 8460p is designed for easy maintenance, and in case a user has to change CPU, slots for RAM, or a hard drive, it is within easy reach of its core parts.

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