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The Xiaomi Poco M4 5G 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black: A Budget-Friendly Powerhouse

The Xiaomi Poco M4 5G 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black: A Budget-Friendly Powerhouse


Here is the Poco M4 5G 64GB 4GB RAM, available now exclusively on Filpz.com. It's a flagship smartphone woven so advanced that it exudes a cool and intelligent experience not just in performance but also with a powerhouse of style mashed together.

One could instantly notice that this new Xiaomi Poco M4 5G, ideal for tech enthusiasts or even casual users who want to get a bit more out of Android, really has a lot for the features department, more than what should be expected from such a very saturated smartphone market.

The 64 GB of inbuilt storage on this Xiaomi Poco M4 5G assures you that you can store all necessary files, apps, photos, and videos without any need to cautiously delete. Coupled with 4 GB of RAM, it promises to run silken smooth and take care of efficient multitasking—all without the trouble of having to flick between tasks. Be it gaming, streaming movies, or working—whatever you throw at it, Xiaomi Poco M4 5G does it promptly.

Other outstanding features on this model include 5G connectivity and the internet, wherein different browsing, download, and streaming speeds are at an amazingly fast rate. Other than the model being sleek, the Power Black finish on this device adds some amount of sophistication to this make—not only something powerful in performance but also one stylish gadget. All of this for a mere Rs 9,850 makes this Xiaomi Poco M4 5G one of the lowest-priced gadgets attainable presently.

Available only at Filpz.com, in the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black—your phone if you wish to lead the fight. Do not miss a chance to grab a super-featured smartphone meshed with tomorrow's technology into the airs of the slimness of design. Visit our site today and make this wonderful device all yours.

Price and Availability

We, here at Flipz.com, are happy to bring your attention to the new variant: Black of the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G Power, in addition to its content of 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. After all, this advanced smartphone is offered to meet your multifaceted needs: staying posted, entertained, or connected with your dearest ones on the go. In one fusing of advanced user-friendly features, you get a real technological masterpiece in the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G.

Launching with Filpz.com, the most trusted online store for gadgetry and its brethren, is the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G. We believe in offering quality products to our customers that value their pockets. Right now, the model is available from Rs 9,850. It's got to be fantastic value if you're running high on the performance but low on the budget in today's day and age.

Each product, among which you will find the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G, is thoroughly described, and reviews by people who have bought them allow you to make an informed choice. We further give various payment options, coupled with services done fast, which ensure safe delivery right at your doorstep on time.

Get the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G now, exclusively available in Power Black frolic, at Filpz.com. Get the deal now. Grab it for something toward the upgrade against your current device or for smooth everyday convenience. This Xiaomi Poco M4 5G has just enough for you. Get yours now, and you will be part of an innovation brilliantly put into affordability and practicality into one device with Xiaomi.

Build Quality & Ports

Available in an all-black finish, the look of the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black is completed with a textured rear panel to provide a hand-made, premium feel. Other features on this device include a fingerprint scanner, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a USB Type-C port, which remains top priority in a smartphone for easier connectivity and quick access.

This dual-SIM card and memory card slot feature make the phone versatile enough to sit at the top position in the mid-range phone market.

Besides adding some style to the weapon, the textured finish on the back panel of the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G also serves a more important purpose: ensuring strong adherence to the user's grip. Practical needs on the part of the user, such as the fingerprint scanner and a headphone jack, are also important.

Moreover, there is also a USB Type-C connector; important soon will be the possibility of fast charging and work with data. Two SIM card slots and a memory card have been arranged within the Poco M4 5G for the purpose of giving flexibility in connectivity. Moreover, it provides a USB Type-C port to extend the reachability of the device by providing a modern and handy interface for charging purposes and data transferring.


This particular model for the Xiaomi Poco M4 64GB 4GB RAM comes in Power Black and has a 6.5-inch Full-HD+ display, featuring a refresh rate of 90Hz for a smooth and immersive view. And that one has a 6.5-inch display on the front fascia, with very good outdoor visibility and color accuracy.

The extra bits about the display of the highlight are that it supports Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection and is very resistant to scratches and impact. So, the experience here too should be good with the Poco M4 5G.

The Poco M4 5G from Xiaomi has a massive 6.5-inch Full-HD+ display, meaning everything will be extremely vibrant and rich in detail—an ideal display for absolutely cracking media consumption or some smooth gaming. The 90Hz refresh rate certainly means smooth animation and transitions. That being said, looking at the display creates quite a great experience.

Topped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, an additional protective layer, the Poco M4 5G display stays one step ahead when it comes to durability over the course of its life. All this, bundled with better outdoor support and better color accuracy, means the display is trustable even when it comes to showcasing content under various light conditions.


Behind the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black is the powerful MEDIATEK Dimensity 700 Processor that assures proficient performance for effortless multitasking. The handset measures the very smooth and fast operation with 5G technology.

Well, in addition to that, the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G, driven by the latest 5G technology, is supported with great computation power and is able to save a considerable lot of energy through a backed-up MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor. This includes getting rid of performance lag, backed up by great and robust power from multitasking to playing games or using interactive applications that really pronounces its need for any modern smartphone user.

This native 5G modem makes the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G breathe hair-raisingly high rates of download and upload, ensuring users savor flawless video streaming and get to relish the fruits of low-latency gaming. The rich integration of 5G in the technology makes any user assured that he will never go off and unproductive in this mighty rapid wireless communication period.


Benchmark Testing of Xiaomi Poco M4 5G, 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black Benchmark tests show the user how capably a device can effectively perform different kinds of tasks and run applications. Benchmarks turn out to be very useful in measuring daily usability and overall performance, processing capabilities, graphics, and many other keys for performance.

Furthermore, benchmark testing added decent performance metrics of the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G, which emerges to be quite process-intensive. Major scores output in processing speeds, memory management, and graphical rendering position this phone as quite minus for both productivity and entertainment.

Benchmark tests show the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G to be the workhouse for graphics. That is what makes gaming on it smooth and highly immersive. The device handles high-level graphics usage quite well.


Things goine quite smooth on the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G 64GB 4GB RAM while gaming, as the processor was quite an effective one and it had a special gaming mode in place.

There were also a few other settings that could be regulated depending on the percentage usage of the CPU at a particular time to make the game run smoothly. This device also rendered pretty impressive performance in a few popular games like Call of Duty, chortling up to make the gaming experience quite enriched at this price point.

The Poco M4 5G supports Dedicated Gaming Mode, where CPU usage and performance settings result in a maximized gaming experience. The user could be flexible in balancing or tuning its performance settings further against parameters into a made-to-order gaming mode for silky-smooth game operations and efficiency in resource use.

The Poco M4 5G does well with Call of Duty: Mobile, and running frames in the game are really smooth with butter, making the controls very ultra-responsive. With such graphically intense games as Call of Duty running incredibly smoothly on the gadget, therefore, it actually proves this gadget can handle what users want—to the extent of gaming, and this is very apt for mobile gaming.


The Xiaomi Poco M4 5G 64GB 4GB RAM is also equipped with a versatile camera setup. It features a 48MP main camera sensor, a 2MP depth sensor, and an 8MP selfie camera. This spells excitement for users looking for great camera experience within this price bracket, with a high potential for taking highly detailed images and 1080p high-quality video recording.

Of which, the video that the main camera in the Poco M4 5G can capture is in high resolution, which is 1080p; hence, the clarity of videos will be perfect, giving much foresight to any event. That ability will reflect well in video recording on indoor and outdoor events.

The 48 MP primary camera presents disgusting and delightful images; hence, every moment of the users is vividly filed away, detail-rich. Moreover, the 8 MP front camera captures very nice selfies and video calls, hence allowing users to capture and share experiences confidently.


The Xiaomi Poco M4 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black comes based on a single speaker setup which delivers sufficiently good sound quality for daily usage. The decent sound may seem quite renderable because users will find the audio experience quite depthless.

But even though these speakers on such a budget smartphone are practically designed, they do not give much in terms of being audio immersive. However, keeping the budget-friendly factor in mind, the speaker performance is pretty okay for a smartphone of this range.


To add to the punches, there is a rumored muscular feature of our Poco M4 5G: the 5,000mAh battery. This battery capacity allows the device to keep up with its life without running out of juice, and turns out to be suitable for heavy users whose needs are great—such as devices that can stay until the end of the tide every day.

That employees should therefore need a 22.5W power brick to allow the device to take its sip, while people go about the whole day with pretty good connectivity, should be evident. Efficient power management and fast charging are two ways the Poco M4 5G stabilizes battery performance enough to meet modern-day demands, somewhat similar to those of a smartphone.


The user-friendly and intuitive MIUI 13 is based on the new Xiaomi Poco M4 5G 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black with more defined, personalized privacy features, customized themes, and enhanced system optimization. The refinement of the user interface gives you a personalized, fluidly reacting experience during daily use. It is features innovative functions that make the general use of the device even further enhanced.


The up-and-coming Poco M4 5G will support dual-band Wi-Fi. In summary, this opens the gate to speed that may prove its worth with stable internet connectivity during browsing, streaming, and other online activities. This means that, besides this test of serving at least two masters at different levels of connectivity each, users will have this feature to guarantee the stability of the network with unyielding performance all the time.

With Bluetooth 5.1, the Poco M4 5G promises effective and strong wireless communication with devices. In consequence, users will find it easy to pair earphones, speakers, and wearables with the device. The next generation of Bluetooth will bring about even lower energy consumption, improve highly on data transmission, giving a very friendly connecting experience.


In a word, the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G 64GB 4GB RAM—Power Black should be an excellent smartphone, purporting to merge the best technology with elegance in design. This is one must-have for all—from tech epics to commoners. The only destination you can buy this product is at Filpz.com. So, undoubtedly, it results in an incredible blend of performance, style, and affordability.

Indeed, one of the most standout features about the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G is really stunning 5G connectivity which surges on with lightning internet speed. The streaming gets incredibly seamless, thus allowing the ones who are heavy users of their smartphones to execute fast data transfer, play online games, and multimedia consumption. With 64GB of internal storage and 4GB RAM, this will be quite easy to do since this storage can easily fit many of their apps, photos, and videos.

Starting at as low as ₹9,850, this is nothing less than what Xiaomi managed with the Poco M4 5G. It would truly be a correct steal at some very, very affordable pricing without letting compromise crawl in.

It is powered by a very powerful processor from MediaTek, Dimensity, and detail-oriented with high-resolution displays and battery that lasts the whole day long. An extra class touch infiltrated with the Power Black model makes it from anything more utility to something less than just an accessory.

At filpz.com, we have always worked to source some of the best-rated products for all customers at very competitive prices. The Xiaomi Poco M4 5G attests to this very fact—that is, quality and the ability to be easily purchasable by all customers. The Xiaomi Poco M4 5G, 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black, makes your experience of fine functioning real as you either upgrade the current device or look for a back-up smartphone for everyday use.

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1. What comes to the fore in the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G?

Upfront, the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G boasts a 309 PPI 6.58-inch FHD+ panel, featuring a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. It comes in with the MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor, throttled down by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, expandable up to 1TB for microSD card use. The handset is powered by MIUI 13 based on Android 12 for butter-smooth performance and a user-friendly interface. There is a 50 MP shooter at the back, with a 2MP depth sensor. On the front, there is an 8MP camera for selfies.

2. Does Xiaomi Poco M4 5G support 5G?

Yes, the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G is enabled to support equipment that shall necessitate faster internet and networking since it supports 5G connectivity. It is a dual-standby 5G, so evidently, it is possible to insert dual SIM cards into the smartphone, and with that, you are well assured that you always stay connected to the fastest network that is there without cutting off on any browsing, streaming, or gaming.

3. What is the battery capacity of Xiaomi Poco M4 5G, and is it Quick Charging?

The 5000mAh inside the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G should be huge and be able to hold a charge for very heavy usage in a day. Besides, it also supports 18W fast charging for quicker recharges so you can use the phone again with no lingering. You get high-capacity battery support and the availability to stay active for long periods without the fear of being disconnected.

4. How is the camera setup on the Xiaomi Poco M4 5G?

Camera performance with the Poco M4 5G is very agile, especially from its back with dominant dual cameras. A very detailed single 50MP main lens sensor incorporates vibrancy, while a 2MP depth sensor helps to present nice portrait shots with a bokeh effect. The 8MP front camera captures great quality selfies for video calls with a richness of clear and sharp images. There are even more shooting options and modes available in this camera app, such as Night Mode, HDR, and AI Scene detection.

5. How many security features does the Xiaomi Poco?

The Xiaomi Poco M4 5G is a very secure phone, having the needed security features to make sure that your data is very well protected. Couple this with an affiliated fingerprint sensor that will help you unlock your device quickly and safely whenever you need to—all with just a single tap. For further support in securing the device, there is AI face unlock, with facial recognition for extended security. That way, none but you will have access to the phone with whatever is inside; otherwise, personal information of a private nature remains private.

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