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Unboxing and Review of the Realme C30s 32GB 2GB RAM Stripe BlueSmartphone

Unboxing and Review of the Realme C30s 32GB 2GB RAM Stripe BlueSmartphone


The New Realme C30s 32GB 2GB RAM Stripe Blue - Available only with us, exclusively with This is the innovation of something stylish, powerful, and pocket-friendly—all jammed into one super-hot Realme series smartphone from one compact box.

The design of the Realme C30s looks modern and fluid; take this Stripe Blue finish for one.

Now add a bright 32 GB internal storage, expandable with a microSD card, plus 2 GB of RAM to crown your device with wholesome space for innumerable applications, pictures, and videos—all this while comfortably multitasking. All this combines to make for a user-friendly interface and high performance, guaranteeing that every average task conducts itself with ease.

A perceptible processor power under the hood of the Realme C30s would ensure fast and efficient performance during browsing, viewing videos, and playing games on this mobile. With long-lasting battery life, you are guaranteed to keep running all day without rushing into charging quickly.

There is also a very vibrant presentation on the Realme C30s, with friendly, clear, and great brights coming in, adding joy. You can click some nice pictures and even use a camera setup to share videos with them.

The Realme C30s 32GB 2GB RAM Stripe Blue is officially a value-for-money deal, starting at only Rs. 5,809. Be sure not to miss getting this particular deal, which happens only on Get your Realme C30s today—experience style in new packaging with an unbeatable price.

Unboxing the Realme C30s

If ever there was one, to put it in short words, this is exhilarating. Exciting - unchecking the seal of the "32GB 2GB RAM Stripe Blue" available at our Filpz online shop, it has style and performance. Swipe the seal, flip open the box, and welcome the beautiful, shining, slim, and elegant model of Stripe Blue Realme C30s.

Its color is deep; at first glance, one would have easily noted that this should positively be very different from the rest of its competitors in this same range.

The perfectly designed quality build contributed to the sufficient strength that the device had in the hold. Perhaps that 6.5-inch screen is a view of wonder, and typical applications look simply amazing, whether people are up to streaming video content, browsing, or playing games, with bright colors, sharp detailing, and proper device use.

The Realme C30s processes with its competent processor that delivers good underpinning firepower to ensure smooth, good performance. On top of that, it comes with internal 32 GB storage and 2 GB RAM that we suppose should be enough for your favorite apps, pictures, and videos. It also has expandable memory to increase.

And when we turn around to the camera, the Realme C30s fronted. Well, the rear shooter is completely capable of clicking neat and bright images, which is generally quite beneficial for point-and-shoot consumers. The selfie camera is sufficient for you to look great in your shots under any lighting.

To further explore the pleasure, observe the accessories that come in the box. So, besides the smartphone itself, you will receive a charger, USB cable, and a user manual that guides you on how to get started using it. In one word: these accessories will make sure that with that phone in your hands, you get started right away.

All this for just Rs 5,809—a smartphone worth far more but ruggedly priced. One part fantastic design, settled assurance of performance, and then, of course, this flawless camera experience. Head to now and put your name on the list. The Realme C30s in Stripe Blue — there's much of it present.

Design and Appearance

Realme C30s 32GB 2GB RAM in Stripe Blue is a design product made with refinement to the most modern aesthetics.

Present only on, the device comes with a splendid blue color with thin stripes, causing it to appear very elegant, unique, and the best design in town. Hardly thick yet light, the C30s is easy to grab and set on the go—all with a finish so slick it remains friendly to the grip.

By turning it upfront, the Snapeed X comes with a humongous, vivid display ranging from one edge to the other, which gives the user the feeling of real estate immersiveness. While the screen gets minimal bezels to align with the new-age trend, the front camera finds a very unobtrusive resting place for the user.

On the other hand, the rest of the back side of the phone is made in a utilitarian but fabulous manner, bringing an excellent module with the primary camera setup placed in the mainstream layout.

All this excellence in aesthetics aside, the Realme C30s has also packed great pragmatism. All the buttons and ports have been placed with an extraordinary intuition to make them accessible and helpful. All these things run down to the bottom, with the charging point and the speaker grilles.

The SIM tray goes right to the side on the left, and interchanging them even means that, optionally, you put in that extra one instead of that second SIM.

The Realme C30s 32GB 2GB RAM in Stripe Blue is, among its stripes, the device that will be a perfect resolution for folks looking for excellent equipment that will be equally effective to handle inside it. Fashioned in all its glory at a wonderful price point of just ₹ 5,809, this telephone on gives maximum value without compromise in design and quality.

Display and Screen Quality

Made with a 6.5-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, the Realme C30s 32GB 2GB RAM Stripe Blue smartphone brings forth a 720 x 1600 pixels enumerated resolution that partially provides an all-around vision, just like watching HD movies. The screen additionally supports an 82.1% screen-to-body ratio view area for a pleasing multimedia experience.

It makes everything sharp with extensive clarity, which is ideal for fine video, web surfing, and viewing shots with outstanding clarity and detail.

It's also excellent with color reproduction; hence, everything viewed appears feisty, with real-life appearances that make the experience worthwhile. As such, the Realme C30s will satisfy the end user in temperament, just as it will be to the gamer it is meant for or the streamer and surfers.

Performance and Specifications

It will arrive in 2 configurations with different internal storage: 2GB/32GB and 4GB/64GB. Full hardware features for a device based on UNISOC SC9863A were an octa-core processor clocking in at 1.6GHz—enough for expected regular and fluid operation regarding most tasks set at the disposition of this device. That assures processing power, multitasking, hard for hardly any other—almost nothing can emulate that and this system's ultra-low latency.

This octa-core processor indeed does have a put-in effort to make it work well within various applications and tasks, given that there are so many cores.

Realme C30s gives nothing more than a budget deal but doesn't disappoint when facing an opponent like safety or workable low-level/device task gaming experience. It is in this respect that the PowerVR GE8322 GPU is competent in handling light-to-moderate gaming kinds. It mostly runs popular mobile games smoothly, but in heavy games, the performance can be sales appear.

Battery life

It lasts the whole time that the phone does; it eliminates the nuisance of the hassle of charging your phone multiple times. These two excellent features may enrich the users' experience of the device.

This makes it convenient for those users who love to charge with a wire. Besides, it could be reflected that, for a tremendous charge battery, such a capacity fits best for those searching for a reliable battery.

Security and Biometrics

The Realme C30s is designed with biometric security for fast and secure access, hosting a fingerprint sensor at the device's side power button. Similarly, the device offers face unlock, and that is way more convenient for users, as it can unlock due to facial perception, which improves users' experiences with devices against data security.

Camera Performance

The Realme C30s 32GB, 2GB RAM Stripe Blue is a single-cameral reason; on the back, it being a single camera, one can casually be chuffed about this, but it features a rather boastful 13 MP primary sensor to offer on its brow. On the front, one cub it with a 5MP lens attached to it.

Accurate, but acceptable performance specs in the primary rear camera are tabled for this device since it's of budget class, and has an all-around decent image output. The phone also features a 5-megapixel front camera, which gives ample opportunity for good selfies because it has an f/2.2 aperture.

The overall quality of the camera on the Realme C30s is appreciated within this price bracket, so it is concluded to be a better option for someone looking for a budget smartphone with good camera competence.

Pricing and Variants

Enjoy excellent value and extravagant designs with the Realme C30 32GB 2RAM Stripe Blue, present only on our website,

This device because the user gets many features they want while finding the best balance between the two different worlds: performance and elegance that are combined perfectly with the touch of an unbelievably low price tag, lacerating their wallets with a sting much less than this Realme C30S at Rs5,809. That too in stripe blue, just like the Realme C30s. Indeed, with every touch of new tech experiences in daily life, it feels elegant.

Welcome to; you can now find the best deals on all recent gadgets. Realme C30s did not show any abatement and claims the serene personal user experience with its 32 GB of storage space coupled with 2 GB of RAM.

It offers enough room to fit all application and picture needs, along with files for a flawless user experience during multitasking. Its aggressive pricing and perfect, pocket-friendly designs should have evoked promising sales for this model.

Buy Filpz The Realme C30s Now Style x Performance Idfty aggregated with Affordability, Our commitment to the customer serves only to provide you an experience of doing shopping at the lowest prices in the vicinity for high-grade smartphones. Then head to our site and read on with the Realme C30s and more.


True, it is a fact that every person admires the Realme C35S-2GB RAM-32GB Blue Stripe, which is a point assuring one realizes that Realme is inherently committed to the mission of delivering quality smartphones but at pocket-friendly prices.

This device powerfully combines sleek design with solid features that enclose the best value inherent for one to give to his budget-conservative friends who do not wish to compromise on essential features.

The lowest Variant of Realme C30s starts at Rs 5 809. Realme C30s 32GB internal storage does not rest the pillow on many app installations before saving the media files.

The 2 GB RAM complements space in doing adequate and smooth multitasking with reliable performances on tasks limited to an average level of work. This variant is presented in daintiness and style-enhancing Stripe Blue, just answering when called upon to look attractive.

The same case with the Realme C30s is the considerably good camera setup, which can again make clear and vibrant photos. It just never comes to a stop with wise usage away from an outlet, a perfect companion for anyone active.

This is a 32GB 2GB RAM Stripe Blue Realme C30s that one has to act upon now, only at an exclusive price from for just Rs. 5,809. Be sure that this budget smartphone will bring you the perfect combination of storage, performance, and style. So take a step toward never missing out on this great deal, and right now, go to and shop to get your Realme C30s to enjoy a seamless mobile experience.


1. What are the key features of the Realme C30s 32GB 2GB RAM Stripe Blue?

The Realme C30s 32GB 2GB RAM Stripe Blue is a relatively cheap cellular device that has been selling on the market for quite some time while remaining at the top, for it comes with a 6.5-inch display that will grant you a vivid-wide and panoramic viewing display view, every single actual detail adequately captured.

For operation under the hood, there is a Unisoc SC9863A processor, which will give you the proper handling of all operations with ease.

Accompanying this is a battery of 5000 mAh, which can only prove that the ordeal promises to burn for the most extended periods. It is expandable storage from the in-house 32GB to 256GB with a microSD card—big enough space for all your apps, photos, and files.

2. Is the camera quality in Realme C30s good enough?

13MP Realme C30s Rear Camera with Resolution Chip The entire photography pursuit from whatever user will result in an outstanding photograph, where everything can still be nicely shown, clear, and every tiny detail can be seen even in the dark.

The camera is teeming with innumerable modes, from HDR and panoramic, to Portrait, thus allowing users to be creative with their shots. 5MP front camera for video calls and selfies Both are imbued with AI enhancements as setting adjustment concedes in favor of picture quality.

3. How much is the Realme C30s 2GB + 32 GB in Stripe Blue?

The Realme C30s 32GB 2GB RAM Stripe Blue is out at starting from Rs. 5,809. This will surely be a life deal for friendly customers on Smartphones with excellent attributes. Kindly look across our website for deals that may make this even sweeter.

4. Which OS do the Realme C30s run on?

The software front on the Realme C30s is spearheaded by Realme UI, featuring on top of Android version 10. There are many customizations available to users thanks to added horizons and staleness aside from dark mode, digital well-being tools, and multiple privacy modules.

5. Is the realme C30s gaming friendly?

Although the Realme C30s comes under the budget segment, the device can handle some light-to-moderate gaming quite well. That's when you load it with a Unisoc SC9863A processor besides 2GB of RAM, and you have a combo capable of delivering smooth performance in casual and light mid-range titles.

Otherwise, it might slag a bit if treated with more graphics-intensive gaming. It will not let you enjoy your marathon gaming sessions without fearing that it will drain out with that 5000mAh battery. Visit, for more details about and to purchase Realme C30s 32GB 2GB RAM Stripe Blue.

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