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Unboxing and Review of the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue

Unboxing and Review of the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue


Welcome to, the home of cutting-edge technology and innovative gadgets. First to experience is the Realme C33, 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue, which combines all extreme performance, style, and affordability in one fantastic smartphone. This device is tailor-made for the modern technological user on the go who wants both functionality and class in his device.

One can be confident that with 64 GB of internal storage in the Realme C33 2023, they would have sufficient space to store all their apps, photos, videos, and other things. Aiding the latter is 4 GB of RAM, making this smartphone well-suited for handling multitasking seamlessly to enable you to have a smooth experience in web browsing, video streaming, or even playing your favorite games.

A glucometer, which is going to add to the sophistication of the design for sure, in its Aqua Blue variant, gives a sleek modern touch to the design of the device that will turn eyes.

Get the Realme C33 2023 from to get an exclusive price starting from Rs. 8,157, indeed an exceptional deal in terms of its value for the amount of money. With outstanding performance and stylish looks, the Realme C33 2023 is designed for everyone who wants to renew their mobile experience without any dents in their pocket. Visit our website today to explore more about this incredible smartphone and take advantage of our unbeatable offers.

Prices and Availability

Grab the Realme C33 for 2023; the device has 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. Get your hands on it in this dazzling Aqua Blue color. Exclusively available at, it gives the perfect compromise between performance and looks, an ideal model for someone looking for a trustable yet stylish smartphone for a reasonable price.

We are happy to announce that we offer Realme C33 2023 at a fantastic starting price of Rs. 8,157 at This price range is one of the most competitive ones, making Realme C33 2023 an ideal choice for people who need an inexpensive smartphone without compromising any of the primary features and quality. Compared to the others, it comes with Aqua Blue elegance and modernity being quite famous among the users.

Our website ensures the easy availability of the Realme C33 2023 with efficient delivery options so that the product reaches you as fast as possible. Buying from ensures a great price, and with very many hassle-free buying experiences our customer support is always at hand to help you every step of the way. Visit now and book your Realme C33 2023 to enjoy a unique blend of low cost and high performance on this smartphone.

Unboxing the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue

We are unboxing the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue. Unboxing will show us what lies within the box's packaging with our first-look impression of the device. Let's find out in detail about what is inside the box and initial impressions of the smartphone.

The Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue will pack several things. These will include documentation and, a charging cable—an essential part of any other valuable accessories for deriving the right experience for use.

First Glances of the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue Immediately when unboxing, some of the first impressions to emanate let the user carry the general look and feel of this particular smartphone's color variant and build quality, and, of course, any standout features in it.

Display and Viewing Experience

The Realme C33 2023 64gb4gb RAM Aqua Blue is available exclusively from us on, which is quite the smartphone series for displays and wallpapers. This device packs a vibrant 6.5-inch HD+ display that ensures vivid colors in the streamed video and sharp detail in any type of photographic perfection, so anything on-screen will look indulgent.

This big screen-to-body ratio supplies a powerful immersive aspect of what you are viewing in it—accessible from a single disturbance.

The 720 x 1600 resolution of the front ensures that every photo is vivid and clear, such that the added pixel density helps bring out life in the details. From your favorite movie to the latest gameplay, Realme C33 ensures such experiences are accommodating. Moreover, its Aqua Blue color variant makes the device elegant, concerning the looks, as good as the content you view.

The Realme C33 2023 also attaches importance to eye comfort. In addition, this phone has an eye protection mode that is built in it; this will reduce the blue light emission, in turn, reducing the eye strain that one is put through when they have to use the phone for very long periods. As such, this can be rather useful since a user may be on the device throughout the day and will wish for their eyes to remain comfortable and safe.

Now officially makes the price available on the website: Rs. 8,157. Only for the ASP, it's guaranteed to clinch a fantastic deal with a fantastic display and visual experience. Don't miss this chance to enhance your vision with the help of your previous-best-smartphone-now-work-stuffed smartphone.

Battery Life and Charging

It has a 5000mAh battery in a Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue, and, as you use it excessively, it will serve you with long-lasting power. It supports a 10W charge, thus making it convenient and reliable for daily activities.

The 5000mAh battery in the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue helps the gadget be used for a more extended period without recharging it, thus proving to be friendly to users with relatively high demands from their smartphones.

Realme has stated that the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue can last up to 39 days on a battery on full charge. Extended standby time gives customers more convenience and less anxiety.

In GPS speed monitoring with the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM in Aqua Blue, its display also includes efficiency and reliability due to fast charge support of 10W for quick refueling of the device to continue using it.

Camera Performance

The back of the device will host a dual camera setting: one 50MP primary sensor and another AI one. In addition, there will be a 5MP front lens for perfect selfie clicking and video recording.

The Aqua Blue Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM houses a 50MP primary sensor that gives clear photography, while adding on to it is the AI sensor, hence giving the camera optimized processing of images and recognition of scenes with mindfulness.

The 5MP selfie camera on the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue clicks sharp and clear selfies, thus letting users freeze each moment they want to. Video recording is possible for the user.

Camera Samples and Photo Quality

The 4GB Aqua Blue 2023 64GB Realme C33 provides a great camera offering high-quality image and video capturing. Through the dual camera setup, a 50MP primary sensor is bundled with an AI sensor, which aids in taking sharp and clear photos for various photography needs.

The 5MP selfie camera on the device aims for impeccable picture quality with shootability versatile for most scenarios.

Video Recording Capabilities

Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue would then showcase competitive features regarding video recording due to an advanced installation of cameras. Notably, the 50MP primary and AI sensor pass for one to realize and achieve superior quality during video recording marked with extra detail and clarity.

Only on, the Realme C33 comes in 2023, featuring 64GB of 4GB RAM in Aqua Blue, promising to provide one of the highest-quality video shooting features of any smartphone. This device has a flashy camera setup, sure to highlight important moments with clarity and precision. Be assured your videos are nothing less spectacular with the Realme C33.

High-resolution sensor, primary camera good for recording high definition videos. Similarly, in bright sunlight or with a low light setup, the advanced technology in the form of Realme C33 adjusts everything to provide clear, vibrant video output. Moreover, EIS further smoothens the video quality with reduced shake and hence acts as a perfect tool for shooting the action or serenity of landscapes.

Besides the impressive primary camera of the Realme C33, a lot is going for this in terms of recording: time-lapse and slow-motion video recording. The features mentioned above are sure to unfold the creativeness in you when taking videos, with still the professional feel others like. It has an intuitive camera interface to switch modes, adjust settings, and have real-time previews.

The front camera is also relatively more than capable in that it gives an output of top-quality videos for selfies and video calling. Your recordings will look polished and professional at all times, as it is AI-enhanced for the best quality under any lighting conditions. Realme C33 is the go-to phone for all levels of vloggers, content creators, or people who just love to document and share their everyday lives.

Connectivity and SIM Support

The flexibility of SIM support is the essence behind the robust connectivity of the Realme C33 2023 model, making the handset workable for users who need an uninterrupted link with contacts and the internet. It equally supports dual SIM, thus two SIM cards in one pocket. It's ideal for people who'd love to keep their contacts separate for personal and work purposes or for people who frequently change to different network providers while roaming.

Speaking of network compatibility, the Realme C33 supports 4G LTE in both its SIM slots. You will receive excellent, reliable internet connectivity while the app is running online, watching videos, or downloading big files. It also extends its support to 3G and 2G networks, thus giving you flexibility and broader coverage, especially in places where the 4G signal is weak.

For wireless connectivity, the Realme C33 supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n for connections with available Wi-Fi networks. This will assist you in staying connected to high-speed internet at home, work, and public places. The device is also Bluetooth 5.0 enabled and pairs quickly and efficiently with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as headphones, speakers, and smartwatches.

Aside from this, the Realme C33 is also packed with these basic things, such as A-GPS and GLONASS, positioning it towards precision in tracking locations for navigation. These are especially useful when there is a significant need for maps and directions so that these devices will answer the request. The device further includes a port for the charging and data transfer of microUSB 2.0 and a 3.5mm headphone jack slot compatible with most available audio accessories.

The Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue as a whole will be available for sale on for Rs.8,157,. List, with all-inclusive connectivity and SIM support features that can befit all classes of modern smartphone users.


Overall, for the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue, considering everything, it generally turns out to be pretty good value. It's been more tilted toward grouping lots of gains in features and abilities with quite an affordable price.

The professional view across this can push two major functionalities, video, and photos, on this large 6.5-inch screen. Besides generous support in the form of an extra-long lasting battery and versatile camera setup, all-around communication with this dual-SIM device gives remarkable impetus.

This will, therefore, be a model that will radiate outward quality and innovation, according to Realme, through superior craftsmanship and a user-friendly interface. In general, this Realme C33 2023 is for students, professionals, or modernity-loving persons.


1. How many color options are the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue available?

The Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue will present the user with two gleaming color options: Glowing Black and Glowing Green.

2. Which processor does the Realme C33 have?

In this case, it is the 2023 edition, with 64GB RAM of 4GB and an Aqua Blue color.

It features an octa-core 2.0 GHz Unisoc T611 12nm processor using the Cortex A75 structure, whose reputation for performance efficiency and final response is very high.

3. What is the battery capacity of the Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue?

It arrives with a 5000mAh battery that is long-lasting and just supports the gadget's usage. Beyond this, it also adds a charger of 10W to illustrate more convenience.

4. What are some of the camera features of the Realme C33 2023 64 GB/4 GB RAM Aqua Blue?

At the back, there's a setting for dual 50MP main sensor cameras, while it features on the front an AI sensor and a 5MP selfie shooter.

5. Does the Realme C33 2023 with 64GB and 4GB RAM in Aqua Blue support dual SIM?

Now, speaking of the Extra Realme C33 2023 64GB 4GB RAM Aqua Blue, it does support a duo of SIM slots. Doing this, one would feel that this adequately allows for the fitting of two 4G SIM cards to ensure maximum usability in terms of connectivity.

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