Unleash the Power of the HP EliteBook 8460p, I5 2nd Gen 120GBSSD, 4GB website
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Unleash the Power of the HP EliteBook 8460p, I5 2nd Gen 120GBSSD, 4GB Ram Laptop: A Gamer's Dream Laptop

Unleash the Power of the HP EliteBook 8460p, I5 2nd Gen 120GBSSD, 4GB Ram Laptop: A Gamer's Dream Laptop


Welcome to Filpz.com, where we give you the cream of technology at unbeatable prices. One of our stand-out offerings is an HP EliteBook 8460p laptop, which helps users facilitate their everyday computing needs. This sturdy HP Elitebook 8460p is bound to make any professional, student, or any other user who needs a versatile yet resource-efficient machine proud to carry it under the arm.

The HP EliteBook 8460p is powered by a 2nd generation Intel Core i5 processor, meaning you never have to compromise output and efficiency. This powerful processor assures smooth multitasking with no lags while running many applications simultaneously. This laptop, with 4GB RAM backing it up, gives a relentless experience with your documents, surfing the net, or watching movies.

Another high spot for the HP EliteBook 8460p is its storage, care of the 120GB SSD that facilitates fast booting and quick access to one's files and applications.

SSDs are pretty reliable and operate at reasonable speeds, making them a perfect choice for everybody looking to have a performance-oriented and secure laptop. This way, you get enough space to quickly back up important documents, media files, and software without running out of space.

The look built into the HP EliteBook 8460p is stylish and possesses high durability. EliteBook features a sturdy aluminum chassis—stylish in looks and offers high durability. The ergonomic keyboard and responsive touchpad in the laptop give comfort through hours of typing, which is efficient for long working or studying hours.

At Filpz.com, be assured to get the HP EliteBook 8460p at an exclusive price starting at Rs. 16,275 only. This price is simply meant to ensure that against any other market prices, you get the most favorable one without compromising on quality or performance. Be it for professional work, academic purposes, or self-entertainment, the HP EliteBook 8460p is just the right companion one should rely on by considering its varied features.

Visit our website, Filpz.com, for more details about the HP EliteBook 8460p, I5 2nd Gen 120GBSSD, 4GB Ram Laptop and relish this great deal. Bring your computing to a newly experienced level by trying a gadget that fuses power, performance, and style at tremendous value. Take this chance to hold the premium laptop that will meet all your requirements.

Price and Availability

It's great that we can present the HP EliteBook 8460p, an I5 2nd Gen powerhouse featuring 120GB SSD and 4GB RAM, in our e-store, Filpz.com. This sturdy and dependable notebook accommodates excellent performance and reliability for home and personal use.

In case you need to work on it daily in your office, play multimedia on it, or get into some light gaming, the specifications of the HP EliteBook 8460P are pretty competitive and challenging.

At Filpz.com, we are very much concerned about the fact that it is not only the quality offered to our customers but also the price at which it is delivered.

The HP EliteBook 8460p comes at a best-buy price of ₹ 16,275, hence providing an excellent, cost-effective, yet efficient solution to users who use laptops. At this rate, you would undoubtedly get more for less since this laptop has the ultimate number of features provided and is power-efficient. And with special deals and discounts that we offer from time to time on our site, you might get an even better deal.

One of our service hallmarks is availability, and thus, we find it just that the products our customers need are at their disposal. The HP EliteBook 8460p is readily available on Filpz.com right now with same-day delivery service and a pleasurable experience when buying anything online.

Various payment options are available for your convenience, and immediate shipment services are available so that your brand-new laptop makes its way to your doorstep. Our able customer support team is always available to help you out with any query or issue, thus making your shopping experience with us hassle-free and satisfactory.

So, the HP EliteBook 8460p I5 2nd Gen 120GB SSD, 4GB RAM laptop is available at reasonable pricing and is an all-rounder and reliable device that brings forth good performance and is very affordable in pricing.

Only on Filpz.com, it bears a starting price of Rs. 16,275, which is called an intelligent investment upfront for any user wanting a quality laptop. An opportunity surely should not be elusive for a great machine meeting your expectations and budget.

Remember to visit Filpz.com today to place an order and benefit from shopping with us.

Sleek and Durable Design

The HP EliteBook 8460p I5 2nd Gen.120GBSSD4GB RAM Laptop is only available on Filpz.com, and it's a brilliant platform with a slim design and rugged construction.

The body has been designed to withstand the stresses of daily life, making it a traveling companion for any business person. The sturdy aluminum chassis not only sports a professional appearance but also guarantees long-lasting durability; it somehow safeguards your device from bumps and scratches.

Power comes from the Intel Core I5 2nd Gen processor in the EliteBook 8460p, which ensures that multiple applications, including the most demanding ones, will have reliable performance, ensuring work is done smoothly. A 120GB SSD provides quick boot speeds and data access, with a multitask rate of 4GB RAM.

This ensures the user works on monstrous spreadsheet files, documents that need editing, or multi-tab Internet browsing without a hitch on this laptop.
This makes the HP EliteBook 8460p, with an attractive price starting at Rs. 16,275, much worthy of an investment for whoever wants to have a dependable, stylish laptop. Please follow this link, Filpz.com, for more on this versatile device and make your purchase today.

Impressive Hardware Specifications

The HP EliteBook 8460p is an outstanding notebook that meets the needs of learners and working-class people. Driven by an Intel Core i5 2nd Generation processor, one gets unyielding performance in all functions, coupled with a 120GB SSD. The EliteBook 8460p has a faster booting time and opening time for files that will surely increase your productivity rate.

Equipped with RAM of 4GB, this laptop can easily support running several programs at the same time without a single lag. The durable and robust build of the HP EliteBook 8460p makes it an excellent choice for working on the go.

Buy the EliteBook 8460 at an exclusive price of Rs.16,275 on our website, Filpz.com, with excellent deals on quality laptops such as this. Do not miss this impressive laptop with sequential hardware technology cased in a sleek outline. Be further acquainted with the same and make your purchase at Filpz.com now!

Vibrant Display and Color Options

As a single laptop, this HP EliteBook 8460p I5 2nd Gen 120GB SSD, 4GB RAM, is the perfect option for individuals searching for style and performance. The laptop has come equipped with one of the most prominent display features, uplifting—making visuals quite clear and bright—professional or even personal use.

View documents, browse the web, and do just about any multimedia entertainment with this high-resolution screen, offering gratifying color accuracy and sharpness to elevate your viewing quality further.

Sleek and Stylish Color Options

This feature-packed in, along with a stunning display, the HP EliteBook 8460p is sleek and elegant, fit to go with this robust design too. The exterior of the laptop is not only complex but stylish too; it also hosts a very business-like look. Therefore, it can fit in any given place. This can be a perfect investment, starting from Rs 16,275, for all those looking for a dependable performance and style. Visit Filpz.com to get more details about this versatile and cost-effective laptop.

Compact Size, Versatile Use

Get the best deal in compact size and versatile use through the HP EliteBook 8460p on Filpz.com. In its profile, fitted up is a compelling laptop device duly powered by an Intel Core i5 2nd Gen processor, intended to perform all your computing tasks efficiently. Get quick and easy access to files and programs with the 120GB SSD that makes boot times quicker for smooth and better efficiency at work.

It's included in the EliteBook 8460p, 4GB RAm, giving quite some memory to multitask and run several applications simultaneously without a glitch. In hubby-dubby exterior design, this model also makes it perfect for business people and students. Whether working on the go or from a home office, this compact laptop fits into your life effortlessly.

Found at Filpz.com starting from Rs. 16,275, the HP EliteBook 8460p is the best value for one's money. Do not lose this opportunity and enjoy tremendous productivity with this flexible yet reliable laptop; visit our website today!

Unlocking the Laptop's Potential

Let your aspirations take flight with the fast, efficient HP EliteBook 8460p powered by an I5 2nd Gen processor, furnished with 120GB SSD and 4GB RAM—a feature found only here, Filpz.com. This notebook is designed for easy, smooth application in your daily routine.

The EliteBook 8460p does not back down whether you are using powerful applications, browsing the web, or immersing yourself in multimedia use. Also, power-driven by an Intel Core i5 second-generation processor, it will give you the strength to ease through several applications at a time without causing delays.

With 120GB of SSD, it will add to your great storage for your important files and documents, supporting faster booting and quicker access to your data. It is also holding 4GB RAM for attaining better and smoother multitasking ability, contributing to an increase in your computing productivity.

Now availably priced for as low as Rs 16275 for the available models this HP EliteBook 8460p is very affordable concerning its performance and features. Log on to Filpz.com to learn more about this all-rounder laptop and exactly how it can benefit you in your productivity and entertainment tasks. Don't miss the chance to unleash the full potential of your HP EliteBook 8460P.

Ideal for Students and Gamers

This HP EliteBook 8460p is perfect for students and gamers, as it is very robust in features and compact in design. It is compactly sized and strong in performance. It is sleek and vivid, fitting perfectly in the game, while durably constructed so that it might be a perfect companion in studies.

Bringing the HP EliteBook to the Forefront

It's really good to know the elite HP EliteBook 8460p—a powerhouse laptop for professionals looking for a reliable and ultra-performing device. This sturdy device, powered by an Intel Core i5 2nd Gen processor, will ensure smooth multitasking and completion of tasks at remarkable speed for all computing needs. With 4 GB of RAM, numerous applications can run smoothly, which makes it apt even for profligate gaming and other leisure activities.

Outfitted with a 120GB SSD, the HP EliteBook 8460p provides fast boot times and quick access to your files and programs. This solid-state drive not only increases general performance but also offers a more resistant, reliable storage solution against traditional hard drives. Whether working through complex spreadsheets, editing photos, or streaming videos, this laptop sails through.

Exclusive deal at Filpz. com: the HP EliteBook 8460p starts at Rs 16,275—unbeatable prices. Do not miss this lifetime offer on one of the most powerful, brawny, and affordable EliteBook range of high-damaged laptops. So, hurry up and lay your hands on that HP EliteBook 8460p at Filpz.com.


The HP EliteBook 8460p is testament that HP goes to the extent of ensuring quality and best performance for business laptops. It has such a robust build and top specifications that cater to all professionals who need efficiency and high reliability at work.

Besides, equipped with an Intel Core i5 2nd Gen processor, it would make the device capable of doing all sorts of tasks easily, from running complex software applications to handling multitasks like multiple scrolling tabs on the browser. This processor basically backs up the 4GB RAM to give the user a smooth multitasking experience for maximum productivity.

Moreover, the 120GB SSD significantly improves the overall performance of your laptop. One of the main advantages of SSDs is that, unlike their HDD counterparts, they are very fast and reliable. This means that it will boot faster, transfer files quicker, and generally be much snappier. Any user will feel an efficiency boost, particularly when working with large files or running resource-intensive applications.

The EliteBook 8460p has a strong design, one of the reasons this model belongs to the EliteBook class of HP notebooks.
It has a strong chassis that endures daily wear and tear, making the laptop excellent for working professionals on the go. Another excellent feature of the laptop is the keyboard.

It's designed for both comfort and efficiency, hence the overall typing experience is pleasant, even in extended working sessions. The touchpad is responsive, while the user interface is intuitive enough to make sure that whatever one needs to do, he will be able to navigate his way around it with ease. Further, the EliteBook 8460p boasts a collection of multiple connectivity options, like USB ports, VGA ports, and Ethernet ports that provide flexibility in the manner that one would want his devices, or peripherals, connected.

Taking it all into account, the HP EliteBook 8460p from Filpz.com is an investment-worthy business notebook laptop for anyone who needs a dependable, high-performance machine. With all these great features that package it, the computer starts for Rs. 16,275 and makes an investment worth quite some rupees.

Be it running applications for businesses or necessities for students, the EliteBook 8460p is well-equipped with enough muscle underneath the hood. Grab this absolute deal now only at Filpz.com. Take your computing to the next level with HP EliteBook 8460p and a premium business laptop difference.


1. What are the key features of the HP EliteBook 8460p?

This HP EliteBook 8460p is a model run by a powerful Intel Core i5 2nd Generation processor to give you excellent performance, not only for accessible office applications but also those many times more demanding. Running under this device is a 4GB RAM size for quite good multitasking and a 120GB SSD capacity that assures considerably fast boot times and data access speed.

Besides, this laptop has a strong and solid design that can be carried around for business purposes. The 14-inch display is clear and sharp enough to suit work and leisure.

2. What operating system does an HP EliteBook 8460p support?

The HP EliteBook 8460p can operate under various environments, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. It runs independently of the machine with reasonable flexibility to enable the user to select a proper operating system of interest. The laptop hardware is proficiency-compatible with these operating systems; hence, there will be easy running and interfaces with many software and applications. Users can also run Linux distributions if inclined towards an open-source operating system.

3. Can the memory capacity of an HP EliteBook 8460p be increased?

Yes, the storage capacity of the HP EliteBook 8460p can be upgraded. It presently has a 120 GB SSD installed, but one can go ahead and install a bigger SSD or HDD adequate to satisfy the user's storage needs. This is a very straightforward process that has the effect of greatly bloating performance, especially for people requiring lots of space to keep files, applications, and multimedia. Besides these, a gain in storage capacity would boost users' experience with data by accessing it faster.

4. How long does the HP EliteBook 8460p's battery last?

The HP 8460p is equipped with a 6-cell battery that gives it a pretty good battery life for most applications. Using it for the most common of tasks, like browsing the internet, making documents, and maybe watching a bit of video here and there, will yield a battery life of up to 5-7 hours. However, battery life depends on what is being done and what settings are in the laptop. Users can also purchase a higher-capacity battery if they need extended battery life for longer periods of use without access to a power outlet.

5. What is the available connectivity on the HP EliteBook 8460p?

The connector options available in the HP EliteBook 8460p are numerous for the accommodation of other devices and network connections. This is besides the many USB ports, an Ethernet port for a wired internet connection, a VGA port that allows users to connect nearly to most projectors or other external displays, and a DisplayPort port for higher display monitors.

This laptop also comprises an SD card reader, a headphone/microphone combo jack, and Bluetooth capability with wireless peripherals. It also supports Wi-Fi for seamless internet connectivity and is used for professional or leisure purposes. The HP EliteBook 8460p, I5 2nd Gen, 120GB, 4GB RAM SSD Laptop is now exclusively available at Filpz.com to purchase only at an exclusive price starting from Rs. 16,275. This laptop merges performance, toughness, and flexibility for daily use by just about anybody.

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