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Xiaomi India Reveals HyperOS Update Rollout Plan For Q2 2024

Xiaomi India Reveals HyperOS Update Rollout Plan For Q2 2024


Xiaomi India has also detailed the roadmap of the HyperOS update. It will roll out during the second quarter of 2024. Most devices are expected to get significant performance improvements and new features that would promise a better and more enriched experience for users in India.

The update will be rolled out in batches, with the first batch already being released in quarter one.

The HyperOS update brings users faster performance, together with the addition of new features and improved security. Thus, in line with the vision of Xiaomi, all their devices run with the latest software and give a good performance quite smoothly and effectively.

In order to assure the users of Xiaomi an optimized experience on their devices, staying ahead in performance and usability, this will assure an improved and optimized experience on their devices.

Quarter One and First Batch Rollout

First, Xiaomi India released this software's update to a plethora of devices during quarter one of 2024. Already, around 50+ devices have been properly updated to this software, and users are already benefiting from the new features and improvements.

Now, we have successfully rolled out the first batch, and devices of only quarter one, along with the first batch, are pending for the update.

For its part, Xiaomi has given a loose word of an official schedule for the rollout of the update, ensuring that the HyperOS update in the smartphone will happen
Already, devices like the Redmi 5G, Redmi 10T, and Redmi Note 8 have seen the start of the rollout—with so much more to follow. This will assure that users get the update for better user experience and, on its part, assures them of having up-to-date software.

Devices Already Updated

The HyperOS update has already rolled out to a major number of devices in quarter one, with approximately over 50 devices receiving the update. Some of the devices that have already seen the update include:

• Redmi5.tk 4G model.

• Redmi10.tk.

• Redmi Note8.

• Poco.com 4 5G model.

• Po5 4G model.

Of course, the aim of Xiaomi was to ensure that eligible devices receive the update in due course, and that is why all of these have started to receive new features and improvements already. The devices selected for the update have begun receiving new features and improvements already. This goes well with the aim of Xiaomi, which is to ensure an enhanced user experience for its Indian customers.

Devices Waiting for Quarter Two Update

In Q2 2024, Xiaomi India would be rolling out the second batch of the HyperOS update to a wide range of devices. The rollout for the update is pending in some of the below-mentioned devices and would be done in Q2:

• Redmi 5G.

• Redmi 5G Redmi 10T.

• Redmi Note 8.

Already in the second quarter, these two devices would expect the HyperOS update, providing important improvements and new functionalities aimed at offering an enhanced experience.

Xiaomi will be providing an official roll-out schedule, and by all means, there's no device that is eligible but fails to receive the update on time. In light of the incoming HyperOS update, it is evident that users will definitely have a more optimized and smooth device experience.

Official Schedule for Quarter Two Update

Now, Xiaomi India has officially announced the rollout schedule of the HyperOS update for Q2 2024. This further reinstates that the updates will be rolled out in batches to the eligible devices and make sure all of them get the update pushed in a timely fashion.

The second series will bring many improvements and new features to enhance the user experience on devices of all sizes.

The next HyperOS update will bring a more efficient and improved setup on their devices, as Xiaomi prepares to roll out updates for all devices with the latest software.

Thereby, the official timeline will further clarify the period when updates for the devices will be released and, therefore, transparency along with the assurance from Xiaomi India.

Upcoming Updates for Second Batch

The second quarter of 2024 will see a mix of Xiaomi India prepping up to roll out the second batch of the device for this wide range of the HyperOS update. The update will bring significant improvements and new functionalities that we were expecting, therefore enhancing the user experience on the eligible devices.

The rollout is expected in the coming months, as the company intends to see all devices running on the latest software. The next update for the second batch will bring new functionalities, improved security, and further enhance and optimize users' performance. The company also listed official schedules for the rollout on the community forums, and the same may be checked there by interested Mi Fans and users to know more about eligible devices and timelines for the respective updates.

Anticipated Devices Receiving the Update

The second batch of the HyperOS update will be rolled out in Q2 2024, and several devices are expected to be on the list. They include:

• Redmi 5G.

• Redmi 10T.

• Redmi Note 8.

Devices like the one listed below are scheduled for the update of HyperOS with a bunch of improvements and many new cool features, bringing the customer experience to a completely new level.

Xiaomi India is working aggressively on completing the roll-out of the update to all eligible devices at the earliest so that users across India can experience an optimized and seamless MIUI 12.5.

Xiaomi's HyperOS Update List

The company is announcing the official HyperOS Update schedule for the second quarter of 2024 for all the devices of Xiaomi India, including major changes to enhance performance and more features.

Given the eligibility, the update will gradually roll out to ensure that all eligible devices get it in time. Following are a few of the devices that have got the update already, and some others are in line to receive the update soon:

Devices Already Updated Redmi5.tk 4G model:

• Redmi10.tk.

• Redmi Note8.

• Poco.com 4 5G model.

• Po5 4G model.

These devices would now have received the update, and customers would have started experiencing new features and improvements. Xiaomi takes it as their vision to have its devices updated with the latest software to bring updated modern features for its customers in India.

Anticipated Devices Receiving the Update Redmi 5G:

• Redmi 10T.

• Redmi Note 8.

The above are some of the many devices that are to receive the HyperOS update in Q2 2024, therefore enabling optimized, distraction-free experiences to all Xiaomi users across India.

Expectations and Conclusion

Q2 2024 is the much-expected roll-out plan of the Xiaomi HyperOS update, which tests the new features and improvement deployed over devices by all its users. This sets the pace for a timely and efficient roll-out of the HyperOS update, ensuring that it reaches all eligible devices.

Once in place, users on Xiaomi devices in India, therefore, can expect an improved and optimized experience with an official schedule in place. The updates should, therefore, carry major updates, new functions, and improved security, thereby making the user experience with the device smooth and hiccup-free.

"This step, in other words, by Xiaomi does show their commitment toward updating the software in all the devices that, in turn, shows serious commitment from them to provide a nice experience for users.

Next in line is the HyperOS update for Q2 2024, looking all poised to not only fill the promises made to India users in the previous release but also add a plethora of features and improvements.


1. What devices have already received the update in quarter one?

The HyperOS update has already been rolled for 50 plus devices in quarter one, including the 4G model of Redmi5.tk, Redmi10.tk, Redmi Note8, Poco.com 4 5G model, Po5 4G model.

2. Which devices are awaiting the update rollout in quarter two?

These include the anticipated Redmi 5G, Redmi 10T, and Redmi Note 8 rolling with the software update in quarter two of 2024.

3. What is the official schedule for the rollout of the HyperOS update in quarter two?

On these lines, the HyperOS update roadmap for the second quarter of the year 2024 was officially released by Xiaomi India, where it mentioned that they shall be diligent to assure all eligible devices receive the update.

4. When can users expect the second batch of the HyperOS update?

In other words, the update should roll within the next couple of months. So, Xiaomi wants all its devices updated with the software.

5. Which devices are anticipated to receive the update in quarter two?

The Redmi 5G, Redmi 10T, and Redmi Note 8 are expected to get updated to HyperOS in the second quarter of 2024.

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