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11-inch Redmi Pad SE Launching in India on April 23

11-inch Redmi Pad SE Launching in India on April 23


The recently announced Redmi Pad SE model is all set to launch in India on April 23, and fans have already started talking about it. That said, with a sleek design, good display, and powerful performance, the Redmi Pad SE can very well be the best entry-level tablet for the Indian market.

So in this newsletter, let us delve into a deeper look at its unboxing and design, feature by feature, alongside its specifications, all meant to give you an all-rounded preview of what to expect from this much-anticipated tablet.

Display and Features

Users can expect an 11-inch size for the Redmi Pad SE; available in three colors and a display quality with 90Hz refresh rate. This gives vivid and fluid visuality for an all-around multimedia immersion experience. The display also comes in three color options that change according to the preference of the user.

Snapdragon 680 brings system processing to performance while balancing power for your day-to-day tasking and fun on the device.
Besides, the Redmi Pad SE comes with an impressive 8000mAh battery that will ensure sustainable usage to cover even your longest movie marathons or gaming sprees. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which will enable users to listen to any form of audio without them having to hunt down more adapters or accessories.
In addition to these, the tablet also has stylus input support, thus allowing it to be the best surface for digital art and notes. The fact that it also has microSD support means one can expand their storage, thus being able to carry large capacities around of your media and apps.

Key Features:

• 11-inch LCD display with 90Hz refresh rate.

• Powerful Snapdragon 680 processor.

• Three color options for customizable display settings.

• 8000mAh battery for extended usage.

• 3.5mm headphone jack for audio connectivity.

• Stylus support for creative tasks.

• Expandable storage with microSD card support.

Performance and Connectivity

It has been assembled with the Snapdragon 680 chipset, which can be clubbed with 6GB RAM so that multitasking does not boggle down and app operations can be smooth. The tablet supports 4G but doesn't have a SIM card slot, so you can use it on Wi-Fi only.
For gaming, the tablet will support up to even high settings, and gaming on it will give you a smooth experience with an average of up to 59.8 fps. The device can also allow the use of a stylus and provides temperature within the required levels for one to engage in casual gaming.
It is also ready for connectivity, with a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer and a 3.5mm audio jack so you can easily plug in your audio gear.
Whereas the system would be home to storage as large as 128GB, and the provision would rest upon microSD.

Key Highlights:

• Snapdragon 680 processor for reliable performance.

• Up to 6GB of RAM for smooth multitasking.

• Supports 4G connectivity for Wi-Fi usage.

• Smooth gaming experience with high frame rates.

• USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer.

• Ample storage options with 128GB internal storage and microSD support.

Gaming and Multimedia Experience

This means that the Redmi Pad SE is going to have an 11-inch display and will be a gaming and media tablet. It will be bringing in an 11-inch LCD unit with a 90Hz refresh panel to give lively flicker-free images, befitting your gaming and movie marathon needs. Enhance further with the capability to personalize their favorite display settings from three color options. The audio connectivity is covered with dual stereo speakers that provide an immersive sound experience. Besides the above, the 3.5mm headphone jack is another feature that is very friendly for users, since there are quite a few people who love old-style, wired headphones for their multimedia needs.

Further, the Redmi Pad SE supports stylus input and is a perfect device for those into digital art or note-taking. It has an 11-inch screen large enough to give you a canvas that has space for pretty much anything—video consumption, gaming, or even digital art. 8000mAh of battery capacity is introduced in the promise of long operations that will be able to carry the uninterrupted multimedia extravaganzas without the irritant need for repeated recharging. What is more, the device is light in weight and has a thinner profile that is easy to handle.

Price and Variants

Redmi Pad SE, a competitively priced tablet, is coming to India from the 23rd of April. It sports a large 11-inch LCD—best for multimedia use, like movies, videos, etc. The tablet comes with two variants of storage: 4GB RAM with 128GB and 6GB RAM with 128GB. If the device is to be translated for the Chinese variant, Redmi Pad SE's Chinese price is around 899 CNY, which gets translated into nearly 10,000 INR.

A large-screened tablet with vast storage capacity at such competitive pricing—it emerges as the best buy for a budget-conscious consumer in India.

Comparison with Other Tablets

Compared with other tablets, the Redmi Pad SE offers a very interesting mix of characteristics for the price.

Where the Redmi Pad SE could be compromised, performance-wise compared to the expensive flagship tablets, but it covers up for that with an 11-inch LCD display and 90Hz features for proper multimedia consumption.

The Redmi Pad SE, however, has a larger display than that of the iPad Air, with slightly thinner bezels. In general, the Redmi Pad SE gives an even brighter and more saturated impression from any video content.

Further, the Redmi Pad SE can be connected to a stylus for input and has a 3.5mm headphone jack, ensuring that creative workers can have their accessories wired to provide an environment with no inconveniences conducive to their work. Generally, the Redmi Pad SE generally offers an enticing package to anyone who might be interested in a media- and creative-based tablet but is under a very tight budget.

Availability in India

Another of its models, the 11-inch Redmi Pad SE, will be unveiled in India on April 23, amidst very high expectations by Indian patrons who are always in the lookout for cheap yet quality high-end tablets.

It is, therefore, that the Redmi Pad SE is expected to be equally good-looking, a performer with a powerful performance, and likely to have its display very suitable for the large number of tech enthusiasts, gamers, and multimedia enthusiasts. Positioned rather as an entry-level tablet, the Redmi Pad SE is going to be an offering for an attractive multimedia experience with its 11-inch LCD display boasting a 90Hz refresh rate. Three color options ensure that users can match the viewing experience with the personal choice in the styling of the device.

The Redmi Pad SE will be powered by the Snapdragon 680 chipset. It is set to have up to 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, hence fully complete for daily usage in applications, gaming, entertainment, and much more. The tablet will also add further convenience for usage, supporting the stylus and microSD card expansion to adjust the size of the card, even for free creative tasks or storage requirements.

To further sweeten the deal, there is also an 8000mAh battery installed to ensure usage times relatively longer for die-hard multimedia fans to keep watching their favorite shows without losing the tablet on an all-too-frequent basis. It is slim, at 8mm, with a lightweight design of 367g, making the tablet highly portable.


With the launch of 11-inch Redmi Pad SE in India on April 23, people in the country will be able to purchase a value-for-money tablet provided with some of the best features.

Hence, with the brighter display and powerful performance, all these versatile abilities from the Redmi Pad SE can efficiently rule the market in India.

It will also be the Redmi Pad SE that will offer the most demanded features for multimedia, gaming capabilities, and stylus support, meeting the widest span of user preferences and demands.

Further, the competitive pricing, which starts at around 10,000 INR, gives this tablet added beauty as a large-screen device that has expansive storage capacity. After a day of its official announcement, the Redmi Pad SE has obviously become one of the most interesting Android tablets coming to the market. The first videos of unboxing and design overviews, as well as performance and connectivity features, are now appearing on the web, leaving the most demanding users satisfied.

Redmi Pad SE, set to be released in the coming days, is definitely poised to make a big difference in the Indian tablet market, which has been experiencing a kind of renaissance lately. After all, the value offered seems to be very intriguing for the budget yet well-equipped seeker.


1. What are the key features of the 11-inch Redmi Pad SE?

The front of the Redmi Pad SE has an 11-inch LCD, and it runs with the Snapdragon 680 chip. It features a triple camera system and an 8000mAh battery, designed to support a stylus and has been engineered for microSD card expansion.

2. What are the connectivity options for the Redmi Pad SE?

The tablet is said to support 4G for Wi-Fi only use, together with an interface used in charging and data transfer through the USB Type-C port, while it connects with 3.5mm headphones jack for audio connectivity.

3. What is the pricing and variants available for the Redmi Pad SE in India?

The Redmi Pad SE is estimated to be available in two models: 4GB RAM with 128GB storage and 6GB RAM with 128GB storage. It is expected to be priced around 10,000 INR.

4. How does the Redmi Pad SE compare to other tablets in the market?

The Redmi Pad SE won't be able to shine at a much higher level of tablet performance like other expensive ones. Still, it carries an 11-inch LCD with a 90Hz refresh rate, which probably is fairly immersive for the price point.

5. When will the Redmi Pad SE be available in India?

On April 23, Redmi is planning to launch the Redmi Pad SE into the Indian market, which focuses on media consumption and the other targeted device is the creative tools of an affordable tablet.

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