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Motorola Moto Buds Plus: A Complete Review and Analysis

Motorola Moto Buds Plus: A Complete Review and Analysis

Introduction to Motorola Moto Buds Plus

Just lately, Motorola has introduced Motorola Moto Buds Plus—a type of earbuds with a B type classification of premium Bluetooth earbuds that are offered for a very cheap price compared to the usual standard price of a pair of B earbuds.

Designed in collaboration with B, these wireless earphones are valued at 13,272.96 Indian Rupee, which still remains to be a favorite for many due to the best sound quality at its asking price. Packed to the brim with features, including noise cancellation, touch controls, and class-leading battery life, the Buds Plus are not just stylish and comfortable but offer so much more.

In this review, therefore, we delve deep into the design, performance, and overall user experience presented by the Motorola Moto Buds Plus.

Design and Comfort

The Motorola Moto Buds Plus comes in a dinky, rounded case that's pleasantly easy to slip into pockets or bags for high portability.

Buds are offered in colors suchjson as Forest Green and Beach Sand to give users more choices in matching their style.

The M6 PRO is so comfortable, its silicon eartips are in many sizes, and with its user-rewrappable cable, it's ideal for all-day wear.

They added an IP54 rating to ensure the Moto Buds Plus are splashproof and can be used under any weather conditions. This ensures that the user of the earbuds can listen to his music comfortably without any worries that they can either spoil the earbuds in the rain or while engaging in any outdoor activity.

The Moto Buds application can easily be downloaded from the Play Store or Apple App Store with a smartphone. The app comes with simple interfacing functionality, which is basically the checking of battery life, control over the noise cancellation, and an adjustment of output sound through an in-built equalizer feature.

It enables one to fully control the touches through Moto Buds Plus, with double tapping, triple tapping, and tap and hold gestures. Easily adjust different settings in the headphones: adjust the volume, change the smartphone voice assistant mode, and even switch between the modes of noise cancellation. Plus, the Moto Buds is fine-tuned by audio output support from B for Dolby Atmos and High-Res Audio. It even goes ahead to support head tracking of 360° for compatible Motorola devices. However, the audio streaming across the wireless connections is commendable, trying its best in servicing a sound experience that is passable for listening, especially when used with compatible devices.

That includes about 6 hours of playback with a single charge, though realistically, you will be able to eke out more from the battery life if you decide to turn off some of the features. In this regard, the case also features quick charging, which can easily top up the earbuds with juice quickly when needed. And the Motorola Moto Buds Plus battery delivers an above-average performance according to the features, making it a good choice for long listening sessions.

Moto Buds App and Features

The Motorola Moto Buds Plus comes with the Moto Buds app, which further ensures that the user has all the features he needs at bay, hence a fully furnished experience.

It is even available on the Play Store and the Apple Store, making the app compatible with all devices. Once these are installed, users will get simple layout access, which will enable them to manage different aspects of the Moto Buds Plus: check the life of the battery, audio output can be customized with an inbuilt equalizer, and dabble with the levels of noise cancellation. It also features a fit test for the ear tip to ensure that it is giving the right seal for the buds to let sound out.

The Moto Buds app displays complete touch controls in such a manner that features of volume settings, getting help from a smartphone voice assistant, changing between environmental modes, and noise-canceling modes can be performed from the earbuds. The touch controls are responsive and intuitive, providing users with a seamless way to interact with their earbuds. In addition, the application has the characteristic of in-ear detection, so it stops audio playback upon the removal of the bud from the ear, thus enhancing convenience in the user's experience.

Moto Buds Plus come with audio fine-tuning from B, including support for Dolby Atmos and high-res audio. Not to forget, 360° head tracking is done on compatible Motorola phones. These earbuds focus on supreme audio streaming through the wireless connections that offer sound experience one might find rather decent. Even more so when coupling with a compatible device.

Users can further tune the sound using the equalizer feature on the app, which gives them an opportunity to have a personalized sound configuration.

Speaking of the battery performance, it shall monitor both the earbuds and the case for the remaining battery life via the Moto Buds app, also for quick charging support to top up the buds quickly as and when required. In addition, the Moto Buds app is purposed for additional utility in the performance of the Motorola Moto Buds Plus by easily allowing the user to have complete control and personalized settings over their wireless earbud experience.

Audio Output and Quality

Motorola Moto Buds Plus are B-tuned that support Dolby Atmos and High Res Audio, allowing 360° head tracking for compatible Motorola phones. The earbuds are designed to provide the highest quality audio streaming over wireless links and thus provide a modest sound experience, especially with paired equipment. On a full charge, users can realize about 6 hours of playtime at constant levels, which with the turning off of some features, it can be extended. The case is also fast charge enabled to quickly top the earbbuds up when need be.

All these features stuffed in the Moto Buds Plus by Motorola make sure that the battery performance is above average, enabling longer listening sessions.

The Moto Buds app, on the other hand, may prove useful for users when they opt to manually tune the audio output using an in-built equalizer feature for just the right sound output they would want to hear, granting full authority over their audio experience. Further, the earbuds come with Adaptive ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) using a proprietary algorithm to B. With the silicon ear tips offering a solid seal, the users have a good job when it comes to muffling traffic sounds, trains, and other surrounding noise features. The Moto Buds Plus also come with a full-on transparency mode that sounds as if it would keep the user aware of their surroundings whenever it is necessary.

The Moto Buds Plus has exceptional call quality; the gadget allows users the clear transmission of voice even in a noisy environment. The earbuds are effective in noise isolation at the background to ensure that the speaking user's voice is sounded clearly and prominent in phone calls.

Adaptive ENC and Transparency Mode

As for the Motorola Moto Buds Plus, these get Adaptive ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) using B's very own algorithm. If the ear tips seal well, these should do an admirable job of drowning out traffic sounds, trains, and other environmental noises.

The Moto Buds Plus even give you a decent outdoor listening experience with only a little wind feedback, even on such a very windy day.

In addition to Adaptive ENC, the Moto Buds Plus also feature a full-on transparency mode.

This mode will be used in such kinds of situations where the users need to remain aware of the environment even using this feature for this model of transducers. From everywhere between your office commute to wherever your ears want to stay tuned with the environment, the transparency mode sounds clear and powerful.

On call quality, this guarantees that the user gets clear voice transmission from end to end, even though the environment is noisy. It does active noise reduction, thus effectively putting the background noise down so that it will bring up the user's voice during calls, making it crisp and clear.

Microphone Quality and Call Performance

And about the call quality, the Motorola Moto Buds Plus are able to ensure it as well. Their surroundings may be extremely noisy, but the person wearing these earbuds will still be able to make calls with clear voice transmission. The earbuds do well in blocking background noise, making a user's voice sound vivid and clear, hence communication remains crisp from quiet surroundings or even noisy surroundings.

Another standout property is the quality of the microphone with the Moto Buds Plus, which does a pretty commendable job of picking up the user's voice without distortions or crackling. Even on a windy day, expect little wind feedback to make the call quality experience just decent. The microphone filters off all the surrounding ambient noise and hence enables the other person to clearly receive the voice of the caller at the other end of the call.

Overall, the quality of calls and the microphone used was quite good. Therefore, that was ideal for making calls and receiving calls across different settings.

Battery Life and Charging

Rated with a long battery life, the Motorola Moto Buds Plus will go for close to 6 hours on full-on playback from a single charge. They will stretch towards 8 hours if some features are turned off, like high-res audio streaming. The case also supports fast charging, delivering around 2-3 hours of playback with just 10 minutes of charging. The case supports fast charging; thus, users can easily juice up the earbuds whenever they are running out of power. The case can near three full charges for the buds before one has to recharge the case, thus offering convenience in cases of use for long periods. The case also features a USB Type-C interface in order to enable fast charging. It also supports wireless charging, hence giving the user the go-ahead on whether he or she would prefer on-the-go power.

Comparison with Competitors

• Based on Motorola Moto Buds Pro.Regular B Earbuds.

• Motorola Moto Buds Plus cost 13,272.96 Indian Rupee, and that's lower than what you will pay for the regular B earbuds.

• Moto Buds Plus are equipped with features like noise cancellation, touch controls, and a battery life that's as good as the regular BEarbuds, but at a much lower price than they go for.

• The Moto Buds Plus may not be able to compete with the higher priced brands on audio quality and noise cancellation but still deliver good sound overall within the budget range.

Verdict: Pros and Cons


• Kindly small-sized, dinky and convenient design

• Extremely soft and gentile for extensive wear.

• IP54 water resistance rating.

• Controls through touch and in-canal detection uniquely.

• Extended use of vehicle should be enabled through fast charging support.


• Weak bass performance

• No sound personalization feature

• Not an assistive audio technology tailored to individual’s hearing ability.

• Noise-cancellation detail not high end competitors.


Q1: What is the selling price for the Motorola Moto Buds Plus?

A: The price of the Motorola Moto Buds Plus is at Rs 13,272.96, which makes them very cost effective in comparison to the other premium Bluetooth endphones.

Q2: Features range from the color choices offered for the Moto Buds Plus.

A: Unlike the Moto Buds First Generation, the Moto Buds Plus are now available in two colors, Forest Green and Beach Sand, to meet the style needs of all customers.

Q3: How a Moto Buds stands apart from the rest of other apps in terms of features?

A: Moto Buds is a digital environment where users can monitor the battery and noise cancellation, tweak sound using an equalizer, access in-ear detection, and do other things.

Q4: The question concerning how long are the batteries in the Moto Buds Plus Motorola devices can be answered in such a way.

A: The battery (at full power) should last in 6 hours for continuous audio, with an option to save power by pausing some of the features. The case answer the "fast charge" background, which means the earbuds can be charged quickly if necessary.

Q5: What is the audio quality level of Moto Buds Plus compared to rivals that are highly priced?

A: The audio quality and noise cancellation of Moto Buds Plus likely will not be comparable to premium-priced rivals, but they will still financially outperform them, offering a performance that is not too bad at all.

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