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Realme Narzo 70x 5G's launch date and key specs revealed

Realme Narzo 70x 5G's launch date and key specs revealed


It's the world of smartphones with exciting new launches in the segment, a ton of features, and cutting-edge technology. Realme has been one of the brands which have made a lot of noise in the market due to innovation and value propositions of smartphones offered. The latest addition to the Realme family is the Realme Narzo 70x 5G, which is set to hit the Indian market very soon.

This newsletter will take you through all the important details of this much-awaited smartphone, right from the official launch date up to the key specifications. So, read on as I take you through more about Realme Narzo 70x 5G and what it has to offer.

Official Launch Date

The much-awaited Realme Narzo 70x 5G has finally been announced, and its launch is due in India on the 24th of April. After the launch, the smartphone will be available for sale exclusively to the fans of the smartphone from the country.

One of the standout features of the Realme Narzo 70x 5G is its AMOLED display, which is a first in its price range. It is armed with a 120Hz refresh rate and has an in-display fingerprint sensor to give its users the best experience they have never enjoyed before.

In terms of performance, Realme Narzo 70x 5G offers a few of its variants to choose from, going as high as 8GB of RAM, with expandable storage support available via a microSD card slot. The storage will be of UFS 2.1, and the type of RAM will be LPDDR4X, ensuring the smoothest and most resourceful operations in multitasking and gaming. Running all systems in the Realme Narzo 70x 5G shall be the MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G chipset, which shall be 5G-connect technology.

The camera, on the other hand, is ideal for the enthusiast. It is made up of a dual setup, packing a 50MP primary sensor and a 2MP depth sensor. Upfront, an 8MP selfie camera is available to take great photos and shoot video.

These include a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, a face-unlock feature, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and dual stereo speakers that provide a complete audio-visual treat. In addition to this, the Realme Narzo 70x 5G has a big 5000mAh battery, which supports the Type-C port and 45W fast charging to give long usability times and quicker power-ups. Promising such incredible features, it's the Realme Narzo 70x 5G from the company that is sure to create a big boom in the market.

Display Features

On the front, you find a high-quality AMOLED display, which ensures that the Realme Narzo 70x 5G displays clear visuality along with excellent colors. This unit makes the refresh rate 120Hz, hence smooth transition between applications and swiping through your feed.

An in-display fingerprint sensor provides access to your device quickly and securely. Also, the addition of an AMOLED display and high refresh rate in this price category will blow a completely new wind into the smartphone market. Plus, the phone really does rock an IP rating for dust and water protection. This would sure make the phone sturdier and able to resist more, so it could be used in numerous environments or users that are on the go all the time.

From watching videos to gaming or just mere browsing, the AMOLED display on Realme Narzo 70x 5G captures every point of your screen with an engaging immersive feel.

Processor and Performance

The phone will be powered with MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G chipset to experience flawless connectivity, supporting the best of current technology. It will have a 6nm technology architecture based on the chip for effective performance and power management. The 6GB and 8GB are pretty good amounts of RAM options that will provide the user the very best of experience in multitasking and gaming. It also has UFS 2.1 storage and LPDDR4X type of RAM that will enhance overall speed and responsiveness of the device.

And those who require a bit more, the microSD card slot is also on the Realme Narzo 70x 5G for expandable storage. Tech lovers will have the ideal experience of running more applications on the device at once or dealing with graphic-intensive gaming, thanks to its powerful processor and efficient performance.

Besides, the smartphone will have dual SIM features, which will make it possible for a user to operate in both his or her professional and personal worlds without any contradiction. The device also comes with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner and a face unlock feature for a secure yet friendly customer experience. It has 5G connectivity, a power-packed chipset, and can perform in any manner to make the Realme Narzo 70x 5G a contender to deliver appealing smartphone experience.

Camera Specifications

The Realme Narzo 70x 5G boasts an impressive camera setup, featuring a dual-camera system on the back. 50MP main sensor and 2MP depth sensor make the camera an offer of detail and color for all users under different lighting. The high-resolution main sensor brings perfect sharpness, which will have clarity in every picture; however, the depth sensor allows for those stunning portrait shots with rich bokeh effects.

An 8MP front camera for quality self-pictures and clear, detailed video calling, the selfie cam is presented well ahead. The advanced AI technology and image processing algorithms together enhance an improved camera experience that promises extraordinary results every single time. Be it capturing the moments of your daily or creative photographic journey, or recording videos that are never meant to be forgotten, Realme Narzo 70x 5G provides you with an all-round and stabilized camera system.

Besides, the camera app of the device comes with different modes, filters, and settings, which users can be in a position to express their creativity with and capture nice pictures easily.

Additional Features

The Realme Narzo 70x 5G comes equipped with a range of additional features that enhance the overall user experience. To include a side-mounted fingerprint scanner and also face unlock, all to ensure easy and secure access to the device.

The 3.5 mm headphone jack, in conjunction with the dual stereo speakers, offers a flexible user audio system and an opportunity to achieve the best quality of sound in interfacing with most audio devices and accessories. In addition, the device offers an astonishing IP rating with regard to foreign matter and water resistance. Such an IP rating will give an added advantage to making it more durable and resisting its exposure to different environments and settings that a Realme Narzo 70x 5G might be exposed to by the user.

Besides, with expandable storage support by a microSD card slot, the user, therefore, has an easy way of increasing the storage capacity of the device and gets to store all their media, apps, and files. The new Realme Narzo 70x 5G is expected to feature the above, allowing more in a single device for an all-round and more comprehensive user-centered smartphone experience, ensuring the product is diversely ushered into a new era for Realme smartphones.

Battery Life and Charging

A 5000mAh battery powers the Realme Narzo 70x 5G to provide a long-lasting experience, enabling the user with usability and productivity over a prolonged period of time. It also gets support for the Type-C port and 45W fast charging feature to replenish the power in a very short duration of time.

These bring users an extended usage period without recharging now and then; therefore, Realme Narzo 70x 5G is an ideal companion for demanding, on-the-go user scenarios. Out of the box, it will also come with a 45W fast charger, enabling users to quickly replenish the device's battery for continuous usage. This long life—that will not disappoint—reliable battery of the Realme Narzo 70x 5G, plus fast-charging features adds up to a totally smooth smartphone experience for work, entertainment, and communication.

Overall Specifications

For the first time in this price segment, Realme Narzo 70x 5G is bringing a 120Hz AMOLED display with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

It will be offered with up to 8GB of RAM in memory and will have expandable storage through a dedicated slot for a microSD card. Processor-wise, it shall run on the MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G chipset to cater to the 5G connectivity with ease. The device is set to sport a dual-camera setup at the back, which will include a 50MP primary sensor along with a 2MP depth sensor. On the front, it will include an 8MP selfie shooter. It also has the features of the side-mounted fingerprint scanner, face unlock feature, IP rating, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and dual stereo speakers. The Realme Narzo 70x 5G also hosts a 5000mAh battery with a Type-C port and 45W fast charging, combining long usage duration and fast power-up capabilities.

Upcoming Realme 5G Smartphone

With these specifications in hand, upcoming Realme Narzo 70x 5G Smartphone is really poised to make some major noise in the Indian smartphone market. It will be officially launched on the 24th of April, and users can exclusively buy it from, bringing users a compelling and versatile smartphone experience. Other visual features include a high refresh rate on the AMOLED display and an in-display fingerprint sensor, making for an ultra-immersive and effortless view. Powering the device will be a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G chipset, coupled with more than one RAM option and extendable storage to make everything between the running of various tasks—be it regular or gaming—smooth as ever. In the camera department is where the phone is bound to appeal to true camera enthusiasts, featuring a dual-camera setup with a 50MP main sensor and a 2MP depth sensor for clear and vibrant imaging. The side panel of the device further houses a fingerprint scanner with unlock options such as face unlock. There's the option of a 3.5mm headphone jack on the device, along with dual stereo speakers. The Realme Narzo 70x 5G features a powerful 5000mAh battery that claims to last the device for over 45 days in the standby mode, along with 45W super-fast charging. As we are getting closer to the date of the unveiling of the invention, there will be a chance for Realme Narzo 70x 5G to experience new technology and customer-loving features which will set a benchmark in the Indian smartphone market. Watch out for the grand unveiling to truly harness the potentials of this most awaited 5G smartphone from Realme.

Community Feedback

The Realme Narzo 70x 5G specifications and launch date announcement open a wave of hope and excitement among the smartphone users as it is about to storm the Indian Mobile Market. Many people, who reviewed the product, were well delighted with the AMOLED display, high refresh rate, and in-display fingerprint sensor, this assuring them that those features were great upgrades for the phone price range. The performance features such as things like the MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G chipset and multiple RAM variants were as well accepted by community, users find it exciting to have smooth multitasking and gaming experiences which keeps their device alive.

The prospective buyers of the company product showed the enthusiasm especially to the camera specifications, especially the 50MP primary sensor and the presence of the depth sensor, staying for a long time to understand the capabilities. Also, the community acknowledged the extra features such as side-mounted fingerprint scanner, face unlock, and the decent build with the IP rating. The community commended these additions and saw them as a complete package and all-inclusive product. Generally, through the community feedback, attention was drawn to the Realme Narzo 70x 5G which has created a great interest among the Indian consumers with most of the customers waiting anxiously its official launch in the market.


1. Is it on the starting day of the Realme Narzo 70x 5G being launched?

The company CEO tweeted the release date of the Realme Narzo 70x 5G as April 24th in the Indian market.

2. Which means the Realme Narzo 70x 5G will be, where the other popular phones are available, also available?

We will have an exclusive distribution with Amazon which will create a larger channel to reach out to customers.

3. What is the most suitable screen form exploration of the Realme Narzo 70x 5G?

It will have an AMOLED screen that refreshes up to 120Hz with an under display fingerprint sensor that has become a usual thing by manufacturers at this price level.The Realme Narzo 70x 5G, powered by a humble processor, is lackluster in performance.
Within the framework of the phone a MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G chipset, providing 5G syncing and effective performance for multitasking and gaming is placed.

4. What is in terms of camera specifications capable for the Realme Narzo 70x 5g?

A dual camera is implemented with a 50MP primary sensor and a 2MP depth sensor to handle the different needs that may arise in photography and an 8MP selfie camera for the selfie lovers.

5. What is beyond basic? When talking about the Realme Narzo 70x 5G, what else would it be?

The smartphone has its Shark Fin fingerprint as well as a face unlock feature, an IP rating, a port for headphone jack and a dual speakers system thus providing a good user experience.

6. How long will the battery life cycle be and what is the phone's charging capability like?

The device witch Lithium- Ion battery, type- c port, and 45W fast charging 5000mAh will not discharge quickly for the unbreakable usage and you can replenish with a quick recharge.

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