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Dell Latitude E5290 I5 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop: A Comprehensive Review

Dell Latitude E5290 I5 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop: A Comprehensive Review

Introduction brings the Dell Latitude E5290 I5 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop, which is an ultimate mix of power, efficiency, and portability. This laptop is powered by an Intel Core i5 8th Generation CPU that will enable you to maneuver smoothly over a wide range of activities. The Dell Latitude E5290 offers great speed and rapid response in performance regarding the most demanding applications, multitasking aspects, or enjoyment of multimedia content.

The 256 GB SSD further capacitates the laptop to allow any user to save oodles of files, documents, and media. It also relates to quicker boot times and data access beyond what a standard hard disk drive can do. All this is coupled with 8GB of RAM, which ensures you are running multiple applications at a go, not suffering from any lag—it's great for productivity on the go.

At, we are pleased to offer the Dell Latitude E5290 I5 8th Gen at an exclusive price of Rs. 22,000. This competitive pricing makes it an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality laptops without going over budget. This Dell Latitude E5290, with its slim design, presents strong performance and advanced features. It lies within the great pieces offered in our array of premium laptops.

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Price and Availability

This Dell Latitude E5290 I5 8th Gen, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM laptop is exclusive for sale on our website at Powerful Laptop: This innovation is created for professional and personal use, whereby it is becoming way more versatile and providing the excellent performance that an individual needs. For sure, Dell Latitude E5290 is a superior-quality laptop for business, creative work, and daily use.

At, we understand that quality products with a sense of confidence at competitive prices matter most to our customers. This Dell Latitude E5290 comes at a very competitive price, starting from Rs. 22,000, so it is affordable yet saves cash for those needing a premium laptop.

This striking price ensures you outstanding value for your money by affording it the features of an 8th Gen Intel Core fast processor, a vast 256GB SSD for expedited data access, and 8GB of RAM for running numerous applications simultaneously. has no availability issues as we pride ourselves on maintaining considerable stock for highly demanded items, such as the Dell Latitude E5290. When you buy from us, rest assured that it will be delivered as expected and in a fashion made to be fast. With our easy-to-navigate website, pick and choose the items you want to buy without hassle. Our reliable delivery service will further ensure your new laptop reaches its destination.

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Laptop Overview

The Dell Latitude E5290 is rugged and versatile—ready to stand up to business professional demands or power users, with its 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor that impresses in performance, offering less disturbance with smoother execution of tasks in challenging and complex applications.

The Pavilion is equipped with 8GB of RAM, which ensures an easier run even when using multiple programs simultaneously. Supported by a SATA drive, the device only offers 256GB for storage, but fast SSD cuts boot and load times.

In design, the Dell Latitude E5290 can be rough, compact, and easy to carry around for on-the-go professionals. This laptop is rigidly built to effectively deal with the daily strains of using the machine, hence very able performance for a more extensive period ahead. It has an equally brilliant full HD 12.5-inch display for presentations, video conferencing, and content creation.

Connectivity is made strong with several ports the Dell Latitude E5290 carries: USB-C, HDMI, and lots of USB types, which will enable you to connect ten peripherals and some external devices easily. Plus, you can work under a full load with total peace of mind in its long-lasting battery life that will indeed offer you comfortable and reliable running, even with long, power-draining meetings and traveling.

The mighty Dell Latitude E5290 ranges from just Rs. 22,000 in price, so this is a business laptop with really reasonable functionality. Visit to learn more and add this versatile laptop model to your professional toolkit.

Left Side Ports and Connections

The weekly featured product for this week is the Dell Latitude E5290, I5 8th Gen, 256 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM notebook, which has a high number of ports and interfaces all hashed up on the left sidewall that gives this laptop great potential and ubiquitous purposes in various fields. Exclusively available on our website,, the right here created laptop serves the needs of professional and casual users—an intended promise for uninterrupted links to peripherals and devices.

On the other end to the left side of the Dell Latitude E5290, there is a USB Power Delivery-enabled Type-C port, which also doubles up to serve as a DisplayPort. In short, this port is sick: charging a laptop, typically transferring files, and driving an external display—all from one connection. This features well for users who need to tidy up cables and power supplies because it makes your work area much more efficient.

That aside, there is a USB 3.1 Gen 1 port, a home of high data transmission rates and quite handy in connecting external storage devices, such as USB drives and external hard drives, to guarantee the availability and quick transfer of files at convenience.

Further, to the left side of the Dell Latitude E5290, it will not go without mentioning that there is an HDMI port for connecting your laptop to an external monitor, projector, or even HDTV. Useful during presentations, while watching videos on a bigger screen, or for enhancing productivity by setting multiple monitors.
To the left is a Smart Card reader, making sure a user can have secure access to data and systems. It provides the computer with a grade of security that is great and critical for business and enterprise settings.

At the retail shop,, the first on offer would be the Dell Latitude E5290, starting for Rs. 22,000. The laptop in question is designed to provide superior performance with multiple connectivity options, hence suitable for a broad spectrum of users.

Laptop Exterior Design

On the outside, the aluminum chassis not only comes in handy but is stylishly designed with the ports well laid across both sides of the laptop and a robustly built quality added onto it. The overall design of this laptop is of a very professional and durable nature, practically fit to be used in squally environments.

Laptop Interior Inspection

The observable features at a glance are a 12.5-inch screen size and there used to be a camera fixed upon laptop installation because many of the sessions include participating virtually. It also has a screen resolution, an excellent backlit keyboard with the power button and speakers. It also has an i5 next-generation processor and a responsive touchpad with right and left buttons. When this very laptop powers on, the screen resolution and the specification for the amount of RAM appear. The SSD, famed for its speed, allows the display set to be brought up in a jiffy, and now it is visible if the resolution clarity truly is what it suggests.

RAM Speed and Capacity

Instead, the 8GB RAM in the Micro Slat Dell, E5290 I5 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop helps the device to barge on with its operations smoothly and promptly even with several applications taken up altogether up and running. Lots of flash-based RAM is integral within the laptop, which bears assurances that its functions are smooth and speedy, and users can shift between services without worrying over the issues of slow speeds and lags. Given that this laptop supports up to that high level of RAM capacity and speed, it should remarkably perform in demanding workloads, multitasking, content creation, or light gaming.

Storage Performance

With that, on the other hand, the Dell Latitude E5290 I5 8th Gen 256GBSSD 8GB RAM laptop is powered by a 256 gigabyte solid-state drive, where storage performance becomes excellent with fast read and write speeds. The laptop will even be more responsive due to this characteristic of SSD storage, where it can boot fast, access data, or even launch applications. The system extends the endurance and saves energy. You can be sure of effective file handling, good storage of data, and general good performance through the high-speed storage capability of an SSD.


It is powered by an i5 8th Gen Processor, 256GBSSD with 8GB RAM, which ensures high-speed performance in most common computing tasks. This strongly enhances general speed and responsiveness so that multitasking becomes an easy venture while handling all sorts of supplementary applications concurrently.


Dell Latitude E5290 I5 8th Gen, provided by, is one of the most critical business laptops on the market. It features the processing strengths of an 8th Gen Intel Core I5 processor, which maximizes speed for productivity and responsiveness while multitasking or working on business applications. The 256GB SSD is fast enough for ample storage and will significantly improve boot time and quicken the pace of accessing data to make using the laptop more user-friendly.

Alongside this hardcore performance, the Dell Latitude E5290 is made very much on mobility grounds. It is pretty handy, with its compact and lightweight design, making it most convenient to carry for people setting out on business tours. An 8GB RAM is in place to milk its processing power, meaning it can navigate as smoothly as butter even when different programs are opened at once. And that's quite a deal, isn't it? The laptop can handle big files, virtual meetings, and that massive spreadsheets.

Available at an attractive price starting from Rs. 22,000, the Dell Latitude E5290 represents real value for your money. We at bring in front of you a deal that nobody shall ever find for such a high-end laptop—committing toward quality and customer delight. Elevate your working station with the Dell Latitude E5290 for unlimited productivity and efficiency.


1. The features of Dell Latitude E5290 I5 8th Gen?

The Dell Latitude E5290 I5 8th Gen is hosted by a powerful Intel Core 8th-generation processor, perfect for executing personal and professional work. Much better with 8 gigabytes of RAM, performance will be smooth with effective multitasking to handle several applications that may be running at a go. It further comes with massive inbuilt 256GB SSD storage, hence making it further expansive to store enough files and speed up the access time to bring quicker responses for the files stored inside the laptop.

Verdict Sure enough, the Dell Latitude E5290 is also elegantly and toughly designed to perfection for grown-up professionals on the go.

2. Is this more business-oriented, the Dell Latitude E529?

Well, the Dell Latitude E5290 is actually built for business professionals. Built on business-based options featuring the Dell Data Protection suite, the device offers encryption, advanced authentication, and malware-prevention rights. Besides, the device itself is very portable, has compelling performance, and has good battery life, turning into the best laptop for people on business trips who need some secure and reliable work management applications.

3. What ports and connectivity options come with the Dell Latitude E5290?

This device is equipped with different connections and ports in an elaborate bid to cater to various needs that the user may have. First up, USB 3.1, a USB Type-C port, HDMI, and an SD card reader are some of the ports that have also been fitted into the laptop setup not just to assure compatibility with a plethora of peripherals and other attached devices but also ease the process.

The system also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance a seamless mode of communication between the computer and any other computing machine worldwide. These features also help in the versatility of the laptop to connect with various devices and networks, therefore upping the user's overall productivity with such a laptop.

4. How does the display of the Dell Latitude E5290 perform?

The 12.5-inch Full HD display of the Dell Latitude E5290 has much power, brilliant detail, and color viewing for whatever application you are working with—say, graphic designing or video streaming. An anti-glare treatment applies on the surface, minimizing reflections so that the screen is tolerable to look at, even under bright locations. This screen quality ensures the user uses his eyes effectively without incurring much pressure on the eyes, which is useful when used for long periods.

5. What is the warranty and support like for the Dell Latitude E5290?

Purchase of Dell Latitude E5290 at is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, which generally includes hardware problems/defects only and works for a stipulated time frame. Dell offers a wide range of support options—from an online resource and customer service to professional technical support for users experiencing problems with their products.

All these varieties in the support system make sure that users are enabled to have complete trust and dependability upon their device with availability to get the most complex help. More information about taxes, shipping, support, and warranty can be found at The Dell Latitude E5290 I5 8th Gen, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM Laptop has a price starting from Rs. 22,000 on

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