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Dell Latitude E7490 Touch I5 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop: A Reliable Workhorse

Dell Latitude E7490 Touch I5 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop: A Reliable Workhorse


The Dell Latitude E7490 Touch is quite a competent and diversified piece of equipment designed for professionals and everyday users. It comes equipped with an 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor with excellent performance and multitasking ooze from every pore.

This laptop offers an 8GB RAM capacity and a 256GB solid-state drive to ensure great document space and super-swift operations appropriate for work, studying, or entertainment.

One of the most outstanding features of the Dell Latitude E7490 is its touchscreen capability. It provides the best intuitive and interactive user experience in the class and is capable hitherto with high resolution, yielding sharp and clear visual content, perfect for presentation and video conferencing—even media consumption. Further, the laptop is sleek and lightweight in design, hence highly portable, letting one effortlessly carry it to meetings, classes, and even on the go.

Price: Priced at Rs. 25,000 and above, the Dell Latitude E7490 Touch is worth much more than such a fantastic laptop. To cater to the need for a professional and reliable notebook, the Dell Latitude E7490 Touch remains the laptop of choice among many people. Visit now to learn more about this statement laptop and boost your computing experience to the next level.

Price and Availability 

Exclusively on, available for buying from the website, is the hardcore Dell Latitude E7490 Touch I5 8th Gen laptop, with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

The machine can sustain heavy application both in the professional setup and by the students pursuing the career. Whether working with complex work or simply enjoying multimedia, the Dell Latitude E7490 assures smooth and efficient work at the hands of the user.

We at endeavor to give our customers competitive pricing with extraordinary value. The price of the Dell Latitude E7490, 8th I5 Gen, Touch, begins at Rs. 25,000, making it very affordable for the demographic cell buyer, which makes its investment in quality computing so hands-on today.

Here is our pricing system; we give the best possible on a unbeatable comprehensive product selection. Besides all these features, Dell Latitude E7490 includes a very lucrative price so that it can be purchased easily by anyone or everyone through our website.

You can order this laptop smoothly online with your computer from your palace, and the delivery will be done at your doorstep, saving time and easily controlling the burden. The user-friendly site makes ordering through the platform a smooth process, and secure payment options are available. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to own a good-quality laptop for an excellent price from

Ports and Connectivity

The Dell Latitude E7490 Touch I5 8th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop—a device for on-demand professionals from every sphere of life—comes with loads of ports and connectivity. It does come with a USB-C port for charging, so one can quickly and conveniently use what we call top-up charging. It also incorporates an HDMI, connecting your portable to the big screen for presentation and multitasking, all at ease.

An SD card slot is also integrated into the laptop, making data transfers and storage expansions simple. Other integrated features include a 3.5 mm audio jack for headphone or external speakers, making it easy to connect.

The Dell Latitude E7490 overall just feels like a very well-built machine, very evident in the quality of the notebook, and feels solid and durable. It will be strong enough for users to ensure it can withstand day-to-day use for quite an extended period in any area.

Ergonomically friendly, supporting good typing experience through easy typing in desired dark environments; the backlit keyboard supports ease. Efficient and accurate typing becomes possible with the essential tactile feedback and response of the keyboard, further supporting productivity. More so, it gives a better user experience as the operational and navigational parts of the laptop are sensitive to touch, which is intelligent.

Touchscreen and Cursor Control

The Dell Latitude E7490 also uses the Touch I5 8th Gen interactive technology, which provides an intelligent pathway for users in their on-screen navigation and interaction. This system also applies the double-tap touchscreen functionality, allowing quick access that will be both convenient and intuitive. The computer also supports the cursor control functionality that enables the user's experience concerning moving around to be more precise and effective in general.

Processor and Specifications

The Dell Latitude E7490 functions with an 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, powerful enough to execute a wide range of professional works. This kind of processor takes care of quality multitasking and seamless operation to service business professionals with great demands. Featuring 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM, the laptop does offer an enhanced speed of response, done correctly for giving productivity and reliability.

Booting and Start-up Time

After pressing the power button, it boots at a relatively high speed, about 24 to 25 seconds. The prompt one-touch allows you to easily access anything with just a touch of a button, without holding any button, which turns out to be an incredibly hassle-free experience for the users.

Bluetooth Connectivity

One important point to bring out is the fact that the Dell Latitude E7490 has no built-in Bluetooth capabilities. One will have to get an added dongle that is very easy to connect to the side port of the laptop to ensure that one may use Bluetooth. In these points, one hosts the advantage of allowing someone to use Bluetooth devices like the speakers outside the laptop easily.

Dell Diagnostics and Driver Management

The Dell Latitude E7490 Touch I5 8th Gen is a powerful laptop designed and configured to fulfill all your versatile needs. Exclusively available on Filpz, this laptop brings all the features and the performance into one sound, cutting-edge denominator of reliability. The Dell Latitude E7490 is a value-for-money deal starting at a minimum of ₹ 25,000 for professionals, making it an affordable buy for myriad students and tech enthusiasts.

The highlights of the Dell Latitude E7490 are star features such as advanced diagnostics and driver management. Dell Diagnostics is a whole battery of utility programs by which you can diagnose and, if need be, solve hardware problems quickly and easily.

This means your laptop is kept operationally optimized, guaranteeing, therefore minimal downtime and optimum productivity. That, in addition to Dell's driver management software ensuring an up-to-date system at all times with its latest drivers and firmware, brings compatibility enhancement and improvement in performance.

An Intel Core I5 8th Gen processor is fitted into this test-machine one, with solid processing power that is good for multitasking and makes brutal applications justice. Its 256GB SSD does offer large storage capacity and quick access to data, while the 8GB of RAM makes for smooth and responsive system operation. An added level of function, however, is the easy interaction with specific applications in use because of a touch-enabled display.

TouchLive I5 is a robust performer laptop with an 8th gen with an SSD of 256GB and RAM capacity of 8GB; now available on When you would not like to miss out on such devices, attached to them will be the high performance and reputably high diagnostic results and driver management systems that may be found attractive and valuable. Who knows, with this exclusive offer for a limited period available only on, own your piece of the Dell Latitude E7490 and feel the flavor of a difference in quality and performance.


The Dell Latitude E7490 Touch is one of the high-performance and multi-utility laptops one can get at Starting from Rs. 25,000 for this laptop that brings power, efficiency, and convenience to the list, this makes it a top recommendation for both professionals and students. 8th Generation Intel Core processors infuse robust performance all over while facing very challenging applications and also mix perfectly with flawless multitasking.

The 256GB SSD will have room for most of your end-user data besides being in a great position to read the data fast, reducing the boot time and increasing the system's responsiveness.

This proves useful for your end-user's quick file access, and its opening applications become a no-hitch to tasks. Plus, 8GB of RAM supports a hitch-free multitasking feature now, whereby many applications run at the same time without any speed reduction.

A vital feature of the Dell Latitude E7490 is its touch capability. The touch screen makes this machine great because interacting with it is easy and effective. These features shall be very applicable to creative professionals and a working class always involved in activities that need direct interaction with the screen.

The Dell Latitude E7490 Touch is designed as a lightweight, slim device that facilitates high portability. That makes it the perfect option for professionals who are always on the move, giving a light and slim look while it's very strong. Furthermore, its robust nature ensures it will stand the test of time in any working environment.

This Dell Latitude E7490 Touch I5 8th Gen, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM laptop carries certain performance features that set it out from other laptops worldwide. It's competitively priced—has top-end specifications—and is ergonomic; this lands at the top of the list for recommendations to anybody seeking a reliable laptop. Don't allow this great deal, found only at, to pass you by.

Everyday Performance and Usability

The Dell Latitude E7490 Touch I5 8th Gen is a rugged computer that is diligent with its robustness remarkably fit for the rough daily job. This laptop becomes efficient and productive when touching placeholder Intel Core 8th Gen processors that work with multiple applications simultaneously.

This 256GB SSD not only provides a lot of storage space but also boosts the entire system to perform faster; it features quick moments for boot and data access. You can expect a smooth user experience, even with the multi-threaded and multi-task-running processes, although with 8GB of RAM.

Another excellent feature is the touch capability of the Dell Latitude E7490.

It automatically paves the way for a glitch-free, interactive, and free-flowing interface, most appropriate for professionals who would require fast switching between various applications. The laptop has a slim design. Thus it can be taken into a professional or official setup without any hassles.

There is no need to worry, though; the frame is made of lightweight and rugged materials, ensuring the strain of everyday traveling cannot bring it down. The high resolution further provides the display is always stellar, boosting the general computing experience to the highest levels.

The Dell Latitude E7490 Touch I5 8th Gen is available at an exclusive price starting from Rs 25,000 on This computer is retailing at a very competitive price compared to the improved performance and enhanced usability, and it is a precious investment for anyone aiming to upgrade the all-important computing device. Visit today for more details on this multi-purpose laptop and to grab specific deals we have going on.


Dell Latitude E7490 Touch i5 8th Gen is stubborn competition for the demanding professional with high-grade performance and rock-stable reliability. Bundling in solid hardware with a surprise design for the business and personal lot, the installed processor, 8th Gen Intel Core i5, assures excellent processing power to run tasks smoothly, ensuring good performance even for high-demand applications.

Well, the 256GB SSD truly gives this laptop a nice storage size not only externally but also in speeding up the system's performance.

Furthermore, the 8GB RAM will allow more of your work to include different programs running simultaneously, without sticking in the process. Touch makes using this ultrabook more convenient as control of the screen takes place without having to reach the bottom-right on the screen's surface. Whether you are browsing the web, editing documents, or flipping through presentations, touch integrates an intuitive user experience seamlessly.

Now selling from Rs. 25,000, the Dell Latitude E7490 Touch states value for money. Very sturdy in make, it's packed to the gills with premium data security features, making it quite a solid option for most intense pros on the move. It is very compact and light in weight, adding extra pragmatism for mobility use. By and large, Dell Latitude E7490 Touch I5 8th Gen is a bow across all decisive and nimble laptops. This combines performance, durability, and high portability at very reasonable pricing, especially in places like They are designed both for working and playing hard.


1. What are some of the essential features of the made-in Dell Latitude E7490 Touch Laptop?

Dell Latitude E7490 Touch I5 8th Gen Laptop: Dell Latitude E7490 Touch I5 8th Gen is one of those few machines with many exhilarating features. An up-to-date Intel Core i5 8th Generation processor powers the machine with robust performance for various tasks. Furthermore, this laptop is loaded with a 256GB SSD, which is fast storage, plus 8GB RAM for effortless multitasking. This also hosts an enabled-touching display with a high level of interaction, which proves very useful to anyone. Moreover, this laptop is filled with a raft of connection options like USB-C, HDMI, and much more.

2. Does the Dell Latitude E7490 Touch Laptop have business compatibility?

Yes, the Dell Latitude E7490 Touch Laptop is meant for business purposes. This laptop offers durability in its design and portability for on-the-go productivity. A strong processor with high RAM for business apps and multitasking allows them to run effortlessly on this laptop. Moreover, it features a fingerprint reader as well as TPM 2.0 for reasons of security to protect sensitive business data.

3. What is the battery life of this Dell Latitude E7490 Touch Laptop?

The Dell Latitude E7490 Touch Laptop works with convenience, as it has a terrific battery life and lasts, therefore, for up to 10 hours according to usage before the next recharge. That is enough time for any user to work very long—a perfect jewel for long meetings, traveling, or working remotely.

4. What operating system is built into the Dell Latitude E7490 Touch Laptop?

Already preloaded with Windows 10 Pro, the Dell Latitude E7490 Laptop with Touch has a system designed for an operation that thrives in business and professional processing. Building in advanced features, including BitLocker, Remote Desktop, and Group Policy Management, Windows 10 Pro amps the functionality and security of this laptop for use in professional settings.

5. Where can I buy the Dell Latitude E7490 Touch Laptop, and at what cost?

It is available only on Grab it for the special price of Rs. 25,000 only. For more product details about specifications and customer reviews log into now and win this deal.

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