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Discover the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop: A Budget-Friendly Powerhouse

Discover the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop: A Budget-Friendly Powerhouse


Ideally, the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop is a potent, helpful laptop meant for professionals and any other tech enthusiasts. It is available on our website, This, therefore, means that it is superb in performance, reliability, and versatility. With the Intel Core i7 7th Gen processor, multitasking and processing of several applications and workloads are very fast because of its fast processing speed.

The 256GB SSD gives you ample space for files, documents, and multimedia. You also get to enjoy quick booting, easy access to data, 8GB RAM for enhanced performance, and run many applications simultaneously without any lagging issues. Thus, be it working on complex spreadsheets, creating presentations, or streaming high-definition videos, the Dell Latitude E7480 is up to the task.

It is sleek in design, durable, and for those on-the-go professionals. This Dell Latitude E7480 can stand up to the rigors of daily use. Weight is light as it is vital in its construction of build quality, besides higher resolution on a brilliant display that offers crisp and clear visuals to work with pleasure.

Available at a competitive price starting from Rs. 24,500, the Dell Latitude E7480 offers exceptional value for money. Visit our website,, to learn more about this incredible laptop and take advantage of our exclusive offer. With its powerful performance, ample storage, and durable design, the Dell Latitude E7480 is the perfect companion for your professional and personal computing needs.

Price and Availability

The Dell Latitude E7480 is Power-driven by an Intel Core i7 7th Gen processor with 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. Available online only on Filpz. com: This powerful laptop will be a perfect piece for professionals and students alike, as it will cater to your needs by providing you efficient computing power, fast storage solutions, and ample memory to multitask several applications comfortably. Working onури spreadsheets, making presentations, or simply web browsing, Dustin Dell Latitude E7480 will be there to give you a smooth experience.

This premium laptop is, therefore, available to you at at a very competitive price ranging from Rs. 24,500. We always set prices for our items with an eye on the quality and the prevailing market rates.

As such, we are confident that you will get real value for your money from this reliable product. The Dell Latitude E7480 is popular due to its durable design and solid performance.

Thus, it will adequately serve both your everyday needs and your specialized project requirements. Since we know how much accessibility and convenience matter, the Dell Latitude E7480 is available on our website. All you have to do is log on to to see the product details, read reviews, and buy it in just a few clicks-the. The user-friendly interface and secure payment options assure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Hence, one can own a high-end laptop at a very excellent price. For that, log into today and experience the best computing with Dell Latitude E7480.

Dell Latitude 7480 Detail

Today's discussion will be on Dell Latitude E7480 that incorporates the 14-inch display with a match finishing total energy clear display. This particular laptop has incredible bezel quality, and its build quality illustrates a premium look. The whole rubber laptop has a firm-grip feature and, with a high-quality hinge in all aspects, provides the fundamental quality business series standardish laptop.

It has a solid internal build quality and a long life battery. It features a premium keyboard along with a backlit for a fantastic type of feel. It is, therefore, the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen. 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop provides excellent tracking speed, along with premium features.

Dell Latitude 7480 Configurations

Find the power and performance of Dell Latitude 7480 only on our page, Specially designed for both professionals and students alike, this is one robust machine. With an Intel Core i7 7th Gen processor onboard, multitasking becomes absolutely hassle-free while high-speed computing is ensured, hence making it suitable for carrying out intensive applications and other arduous tasks.

The generous 256GB SSD on the Dell Latitude E7480 also means that you get enough storage to fit all your essential kind of files software, and multimedia. This particular solid-state drive not only ensures fast booting up but also quick access to all your data, enhancing overall productivity. This is supported by the 8GB RAM, which further provides a lag-free and smooth performance in handling multiple programs that you may be working on, helping you stay ahead in your work.

The Dell Latitude 7480 will cost just Rs. 24,500 and is during a time of purchase where any buyer would want the model to last as long as possible, giving brilliant performance. Sleek in design but highly durable in construction, it is made for delivering the best in office and on-the-go computing. Here is your ideal companion. Avail of this offer at, where technology meets affordability. Log on to our website for more information on the Dell Latitude E7480 today.

Display and Build Quality

The Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop features a 14-inch display that is a 14-inch matching finishing total energy clear display. This Laptop has top-notch Bezel Quality along with a top-quality build. It gives a rubberized exterior so that it provides a firm clutch and also a fine-quality hinge that essentially provides a premium finish.

Durable components and long-lasting battery form the inside contents of the laptop. This in effect, is a very reliable laptop for most computing purposes. The keyboard of the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB RAM laptop gives a solid premium feel. It consists of backlit keys that provide a person a comfortable typing experience. The trackpad is also articulate with vital speed in tracking, giving one an excellent experience. The backlit keyboard and high-quality trackpad easily prevail for their explicit usage in different tasks.

Performance and Specifications

The Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen is one of the most reliable and impressive devices that can be adapted by any professional or gadget freak. Available from, this ultimate machine relies on an Intel Core I7 7th Gen processor for incredible performance to allow multitasking and heavy-duty applications without any slowness. It features 8GB of RAM to deliver speedy and agile multitasking performance and make it more excellent in terms of productivity and usability.

The 256GB SSD lets you store all your files, documents, and other multimedia content on the laptop. It ensures you have fast boot-ups and quick access to all your data. This SSD is a natural addition to the performance of the Dell Latitude E7480. It is thus a very reliable buy for those who need their computers fast and efficient when doing their work. Hence, the sleekly designed and durable E7480 offers a perfect companion to professionals on the go.

Both style and functionality are combined in one package here. Another high-resolution display is also in the Dell Latitude E7480 for a much sharper and clearer view. From working on very detailed spreadsheets to doing presentations or streaming videos, the E7480 is very clear and precise. It is also very sturdily built and comes with a wide range of connectivity options ranging from USB ports up to HDMI, making it a very versatile piece of electronic gadget that can be comfortably used in a wide range of professional surroundings.

The Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen is available at just the competitive price of Rs. 24,500 or above at for high-performance, reliable, and stylish computing purposes. So just avail this brilliant piece to give a new dimension to your work and entertainment.

Battery and Charging

The Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB RAM is a blessing as far as its electric life is concerned. This all-time favorite product sold on excels both on work and personal fronts. It satisfies that the battery of this mutual benefit machine enables a user to be functional and connected all day.

Also, one of the prominent features of the Dell Latitude E7480 is its very long battery life.

Thanks to the power of a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, this notebook can deliver many hours of battery use from just one charge. Thanks to its battery, the E7480 stands up for long hours when working on projects, viewing videos, or participating in teleconferences, as has been the case in earlier times when one had to keep looking for a socket. This long-lasting battery life also makes it a perfect choice for on-the-go professionals and students who need a reliable device that can keep up with their busy schedules.

In addition to a long-lasting battery, the Dell Latitude E7480 has efficient charging technology. The fast charging feature of the notebook computer lets you charge your battery rapidly and return to work after minimum delay. Its technology is such that even if you charge your battery for an insignificant amount of time, you will get the much-needed battery life out of it, which is perfect during those brief intermissions when you want to top up the power of your portable laptop.

Available at a very reasonable price, starting from Rs 24,500 only at, the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen is an excellent device with high-speed charging and battery power, allowing you to perform your task without any hassle continuously. Power-packed performance, along with efficient charging and long battery life will enable you to work without any hindrance. It is one of the top additions to the list of gadgets that would provide value to you by customizing itself to serve you both on power and convenience.

Audio Quality

The Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB RAM lap available at our website exclusively is a sound machine in a beautifully built frame; hence, this machine is ideal for professional and personal use. Whether you are there attending your online meeting situations, listening to music, or streaming the latest movies, the machine gives you a rich sound experience. Built-in stereo speakers deliver clear and balanced sound. Whatever the sound coming out from this machine is accurate with perfect details.

The integrated Waves MaxxAudio Pro technology in Dell Latitude E7480 is beyond par. It is a state-of-the-art suite of audio enhancement technologies that enhance the clarity and volume of sound to make the audio all the more engaging for listeners. It sure does ensure that the high frequencies are crystal clear, midranges well rounded, and bass tones full of depth.

Also, the noise reduction feature of the laptop makes it perfect in places where background noise can be a problem, which enables you to receive the best possible sound at all times. The Dell Latitude E7480 also features an easily effective microphone and audio input system that picks up crystal clear audio.

Thus, it perfectly fits the regime of video conferencing, online comms, and the like, thanks to its dual-array microphones that ensure reduced ambient noise and better voice quality. This means your voice will not be muted in such situations, especially when hard -In everyday situations.

Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB RAM laptop At a starting price of Rs. 24,500, it is available in the market. This laptop generates powerful performances. Also its sound quality is superior. Explore this laptop on and experience its audio quality for yourself.


The Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB RAM Laptop is one effective and reliable laptop for most professionals in search of laptops that have a mixture of outstanding performance and durability. As a brand, it is sure to satisfy as far as demanding performance in today's fast work environment is concerned. It will be found on our website,

The powerful processor of the Intel Core i7 7th generation ensures multitasking efficiency and smoothness. Secondly, the 256GB SSD allows ample storage and toggling across diverse data at very high speeds. Adding 8GB RAM adds to multitasking efficiency, whereby several applications on the laptop are allowed to run simultaneously. Therefore, business performers who need an efficient and reliable machine will find this laptop helpful.

Couple all that impressive performance with an excellent and professional design that will see the Dell Latitude E7480 fit in perfectly in just about any office. It's so easy to carry, thanks to its lightweight and compact form factor, that means you can keep your work comfortably with you just about anywhere you might want to go.

The high-resolution display is clear, vibrant and makes everything you do a pleasure to view. It also offers every user long battery life, making it the perfect companion for any busy professional.

The Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB RAM Laptop is available at a very competitive price of Rs. 24,500, thereby making it a complete value proposition.

It is, in fact, a brilliant investment by anyone who requires a work laptop to serve them for a long while and efficiently satisfy their interest with powerful performance, muscular build, and professional design. This item is available at Nowhere will you be able to change how you work with this Dell Latitude E7480 as your work companion.


1. What are the key features of the Dell Latitude E7480?

The Dell Latitude E7480 also comes powered with an Intel Core i7 7th Gen processor for speed and efficiency. Additionally, 8GB RAM is available, that works fine for multitasking and requires high application running. Additionally, 256GB SSD is available, providing huge space and fast data access. It gives a speed to the entire processing speed by a significant margin and is available in sleek, solid design, makes it pretty handier for working professionals also.

2. What is the battery life like on the Dell Latitude E7480?

Indeed, this model is provided with a capacious battery that can last long. The 10-hour running capacity means you can use the Dell Latitude E7480 consistently throughout the day. Depending on how you use the notebook, though, you might probably get up to 8-10 hours of running battery on a single charge.

3. What are the connectivity options available in Dell Latitude E7480?

They've included an extensive range of connectivity options on this laptop to meet your every need, from several USB 3.0 ports. They even include an HDMI port and a Thunderbolt 3 port, ensuring that it will connect you to many different external devices and peripherals easily. Additionally, it's also featured with the facility of an SD card reader and headphone/microphone combo for ensuring you've got all the shoulders in terms of a port.

4. Is the Dell Latitude E7480 good for gaming?

The otherwise very business and productivity-oriented Dell Latitude E7480 could play light gaming with its Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM-combined packaging. Still, there is a crucial point to note: no dedicated graphics card was given to this machine.Hence, sunshine-tinged-laden graphics games won't work correctly on the computer.

5. What are the security features of the Dell Latitude E7480?

It comes fitted with a fingerprint reader that lets you log in quickly and securely alongside a Trusted Platform Module chip hardware reference for security. It also supports Dell Data Protection and encryption software in case sensitive information falls into the wrong hands or someone gets hold of this personal info. In case you seek the smallest of details and intend to buy a Dell Latitude E7480 I7 7th Gen, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM laptop, then do visit our website today!

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