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Discover the Power of the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop

Discover the Power of the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop


Welcome to, your prime source of top-notch Laptops and Gadgets. We proudly present Dell Latitude E7480, the most powerful and feature-loaded laptop to cover all your professional and personal computing needs. It's powered by 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processor. You'll get extraordinary battery life and performance to run all kinds of tasks smoothly, whether you are working on big projects, multitasking, and playing multimedia stuff. Thanks to its ultra-thin overall profile and rugged elements, the Dell Latitude E7480 could be an elegant fusion of form and function that will work for professionals on the go.

The Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB Ram Laptop is equipped with a 256GB SSD, allowing a majority of your important files or documents and applications to be stored right on your laptop with the added advantage of notable speed and performance. With 8GB RAM, the multitasking and general operation on this machine remain truly smooth—you can run many apps at a time. With rich color, good contrast, and brightness, the 14" screen provides joyous and excellent, clear, and precise images for presentations, video chats, and entertainment sources.

At, we believe in bringing the best to you at the most affordable prices. The Dell Latitude E7480 on our platform enjoys an exclusive starting price of Rs. 24,000. It's no ordinary machine; this is the meanest powerhouse and tool you need to add to your tech arsenal. Seize the opportunity to own a top-of-the-line laptop that will enable you to do more with a computing experience that you will surely enjoy. Visit today for details, and place your order now!

Price and Availability

This is the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen 256GB SSD 8GB RAM laptop, available exclusively at for all your top-notch professional and tech purposes. Now available for purchase at the home of quality goods is the top-notch Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen 256GB SSD 8GB RAM Laptop from Built with performance and reliability in mind, the Dell Latitude E7480 is ideal for professionals looking for a best-in-class mobile device.

This Dell Latitude E7480 runs on the 6th generation Intel Core i7 chip, which is capable of powerful processing, taking loads from multitasking and demanding apps. Coupled with the 256GB SSD storage, the laptop reboots pretty fast and readily accesses your files upon your wish. Again, this adds up very well to your general productivity in whatever you decide to undertake through your Latitude E7480. With 8GB of RAM, its working is sure to be smooth since this laptop can even run many applications simultaneously, hence ideal for business use, schools, and just about anybody else.

This high-performance laptop is available for a very competitive price starting from Rs. 24,000, proving to be an excellent value for investment in case of seeking quality. We here at believe that customer satisfaction is the prime criterion, therefore we emphasize highly on the aspects of competitive pricing and high quality of the product. So, do not let this versatile and efficient laptop go out of your hands; avail of this handiness by logging on to to avail of this and enjoy seamless convenience in shopping online.

Exterior Design and Build Quality

Talking about the build quality and exterior design of the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB RAM laptop, it beholds a robust and professional look. It combines durability with the comfort of the rubber material within the metal material used to build the laptop's body. It gives a comfortable grip to the clutch and avoids scratches so that it looks sleek for longer.

A definition High-Dell Latitude E7480 screen, at 14 inches, is best for work and entertainment. Additionally, the laptop comes with a definition HD camera, which ensures the projection of striking and sharp images to the users during video calls and call conferencing. Since it has a resolution of 1920x1080 for images, the photos will be crispy, staying focused on whichever detail of the screen, suitable for users who are highly interested in energetic displays.

Processor and RAM

The Dell Latitude E7480 is a high-performance laptop available exclusively through For the competent experts, the student must experience the superb results of potent computing through the advanced, brilliant portable machine powered by Intel Core i7 6th Generation. This processor easily supports multitasking and runs all the extensive programs.

Whether you're catering to complex projects, running many software one after another, or doing media editing at high resolution, the i7 processor is powerful enough not to break a sweat over any task.

The large memory supporting the powerful processor is the 8GB RAM that comes with the laptop. The generous memory ensures that you name applications, and it switches without lags or slowing down. Prominently, the 8GB RAM is the handiest for those who need the computer to be very responsive. This guide designers, programs, and business professionals. That comment simply means producing a high level of efficiency at work, where the time wasted in waiting for the loading of applications or processes is significantly reduced.

Dell Latitude E7480 provides a good value for money concerning its performance. It is readily available at prices starting from Rs. 24,000 at Therefore, this is an excellent productive choice available today since it supports the need for exhaustive work profiles in the coming years. So, place an order for this compellingly relevant device right away from our website today, and we will deliver it to your remainder within hours.

Storage and Upgradeability

The Dell Latitude E7480, obtainable at, ensures that you get the proper storage solution for personal and business use. This refers to the included 256GB SSD in the package requested for this laptop. So, you can access your data and applications fast, and within a couple of seconds, you could be on your feet to work. It's also a broad, solid state drive that stores files and essential applications and is strong enough to endure everyday computing.

In terms of upgradability, the Dell Latitude E7480 is afforded such through the very flexible 8GB RAM installed within the system—to much more demanding applications and multitasking implications. This expandability enhances the ability for users with a use case to run memory-intensive software or maintain multiple applications simultaneously.

The internal design of the laptop is made such that it's relatively accessible so that the RAM can be easily upgraded, or the SSD can be replaced with a higher capacity model if need be or if desired. This ensures that the Dell Latitude E7480 is truly an evolution of your computing needs, rendering momentary trends somewhat irrelevant. Future-proof this device and push the lifespan and usability of this machine to the maximum.

Available from at the highly competitive price of Rs. 24,000, that's the Dell Latitude E7480 for you—a laptop that does give you efficient storage and upgradability, but above all, an experience that feels pretty wonderful.

Display and Build Quality

Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Generation Laptop is selling at our website: This laptop has a perfectly cut display structure and very strong body material.
The 14-inch Full HD display of 1920 x 1080 resolution delivers clear images with colorful and bright details, making it ideal for professional work or play. The chassis has a sturdy and solid construction for durably ready-to-take rigors of every day. Hinges are long-suffering so that the applied screen won't wobble at an angle change.

The Dell Latitude E7480 has an excellent, ergonomic keyboard that feels good to type on; moreover, with the backlighting, one can do his work even in dark places. Right in the middle of the wrist rest, this laptop has a nice touchpad; therefore, it's pretty smooth and accurate. The fact that such a machine is built upon the needs of a demanding business pro in both maximum reliability and performance comes on the surface here.

Offered on from a competitive price of Rs.24,000 onwards, the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen /8GB/256GB Laptop is ideal for users looking for mixed performance, durability, and visual excellence.

Battery and Wireless Connectivity

The Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen, 256 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM laptop available at our website, We give you no-pause productivity with its robust battery and advanced wireless connectivity options. Furthermore, this laptop is fitted with a high-charging battery, so you can browse, work, and stream without the constant worry of getting your battery recharged.

Better yet, Dell Latitude E7480 outperforms with more robust wireless features than its nano-lifetime. By supporting the latest Wi-Fi standards, the laptop provides speedy and reliable wireless internet connections.

This fundamentally gives you the ability to browse, conference video, and share files without interruptions. Apart from that, the Bluetooth connectivity that this laptop comes with allows you to pair the different peripherals in the easiest of paces, giving you the highest satisfaction. This pair of good battery life, along with advanced wireless connectivity, makes the Dell Latitude E7480 perfect for professionals who seek a reliable and well-performing laptop. sells the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen 256GBSSD 8GB RAM laptop, which it practically gives away at prices starting from as low as Rs 24,000. This powerful and versatile laptop is all set to deal with modern demands regarding portability, connectivity, and an all-day battery for the perfect match of performance for today's user in today's day and age. Visit our web page to view this great device and seal the deal today.


The Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen Laptop is reliable, packing both speed and portability in one sleek package, fit for professionals and casual users alike. Indeed, this is a high-performance machine and is to cater to professionals as quickly and comfortably as it would a casual user. Installing an efficient Intel Core i7 6th Generation processor that seamlessly, together with 8GB RAM, executes demanding tasks comfortably, you honestly cannot ask for better service.

From multitasking to running complex applications or just simple web browsing, this Latitude E7480 makes sure that nothing is in your way.

Besides, the 256GB SSD ensures that your files and applications are adequately stored, other than tremendously impacting the booting time and overall system responsiveness. Apart from faster data access and transfer rates from the traditional hard drive disk drives, the SSD also ensures the laptop is lightweight and, therefore, easily portable. The Dell Latitude E7480 has not been left behind when it comes to design; the slim and professional finish makes it one nice gadget to complement your flesh.

We were proud to launch the Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen laptop on our website at a very competitive starting price of Rs. 24,000. This way, you get the best value for your investment without compromising quality or performance. The laptop is available on our website and can be delivered to your door.

The Dell Latitude E7480 is a competitively engineered system endowed with niche features and some more of the highest performance—so get yours over at today and feel the difference in tallying your every move.


1. What are the key features of Dell Latitude E7480?

The Dell Latitude E7480 takes in an Intel Core i7 6th Gen processor, meaning high-end multitasking performance is experienced, handling demanding applications easily. It has 8GB RAM, therefore working with much ease and at a breakneck pace. It further provides a 256GB SSD, thereby offering quick access to data with ample space for data storage. The design is also sleek and very light—meant for professionals ever on the run.

2. What is the approximate battery life of the Dell Latitude E7480?

The Latitude E7480 features a long-life high-capacity battery offering up to 8 hours of battery life. This is ideal for work throughout a long working day or traveling because one does not have to carry the power adapter all the time.

3. What are the connectivity options on the Dell Latitude E7480?

Many of the connectivity options mentioned above apply to the Dell Latitude E7480. An investment in several USB 3.0 ports, one Authentic HDMI port, DisplayPort, and an Ethernet port is sure to make linking to devices, gadgets, and networking quite a leisurely task. Besides this, there is support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

4. What is the build quality of the Dell Latitude E7480?

The Dell Latitude E7480 also has excellent build quality. Chassis construction is excellent, having the usual claim of MIL-STD-810G-level design for standing daily and even rougher handling should this come up. The keyboard will resist spills, and the general construction makes it very likely to fit all office or field applications.

5. What warranty and support options does the Dell Latitude E7480 have?

In the event you buy the Dell Latitude E7480 in, you obtain Dell's comprehensive warranty, and also the support services come together with that. It includes one year of standard warranty, which can hence be extended, along with access to customer support from Dell that would provide you with troubleshooting and many more support services. Accidental damage protection is also offered in the extended warranty options. This Dell Latitude E7480 I7 6th Gen, 256GBSSD, 8GB RAM Laptop is available only at in RS 24000.

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