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Discover the Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB Ram Laptop: A Budget-Friendly Powerhouse

Discover the Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB Ram Laptop: A Budget-Friendly Powerhouse


You are presenting the Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB Ram Laptop, a laptop powerhouse that has been engineered to serve both professional and student workloads. Underpinning everything at the heart of the computer is the 7th Generation Intel Core i5 processor with four cores, which makes it fast and power-efficient for all your needs.

Whether you are multitasking, have a lot of resource-heavy applications open, or are just streaming content in high definition, the Dell Latitude 5490 is there to keep up with your lifestyle.

With 8GB of RAM, the laptop is well-resourced to operate many applications at once without a hitch. The 256GB solid-state drive is not only bombastic in its storage but allows faster booting times and data access speeds than the traditional hard drives, which means you get to boot your day faster in accessing essential files.

Dell Latitude 5490 is computationally made and put for its durable impact. The design perfectly guarantees the laptop's durability against daily rigors, while its light frame makes it portable. The sleek-looking professional will fit in at the office, school, or home. To top it up, offers the Dell Latitude 5490 at prices that can go as low as Rs. 23,310.

Price and Availability

The Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM Laptop is only uniquely available on our website,

This high-performance laptop is designed to match the requirements of professionals who need sheer reliability and efficiency in their everyday working routine.

Possessing a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor with a power-up capacity of up to 3.1 GHz, 256GB SSD with 8GB of RAM, be assured of smooth functionality and expedited speed in performance for all your calculation needs, whether it's complicated spreadsheets, creation of presentations, or multitasking with several applications.

Finally, it is priced such that under no cost will you fail to get the value at this price regarding a laptop with excellent performance, durability, and loads of enhanced features to present high productivity.

We know how much accessibility is essential to make your time a pleasant one. That is why we have made the Dell LATITUDE 5490 immediately available for purchase through our website service platform.

So go to, view our beautiful products, and place an order at the comfort of your seat. With our secure payment options and fast delivery services, you will indeed have this exceptional laptop delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Hurry up before this limited offer expires. Buy now at your Dell LATITUDE 5490 to increase your computing experience.

Solid Build Design and Durability

The Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop is one of those high-build designs. One can easily say that it comes with a pretty slim body in solid black, exuding a very professional and classy look.

The design is appealing and aesthetic, with a sturdy make that ensures durability for a reasonable length of time with sure reliability. The Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop is a unique product in the relevant line regarding high durability.

The product has been designed to resist the wear and tear of daily use and provide a reliable, long-term service period for the user. The sturdy built quality will ensure that it withstands the demand for cumbersome tasks without compromising performance or structural integrity.

Vibrant Display and Secure Infrared Camera

In addition, the Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop has a 14-inch full anti-glare full HD display with a top-mounted infrared camera and a very bright capacity of 500 nits, hence very vivid. A top infrared camera certainly enhances security. On the other hand, users can also get a non-infrared camera version, depending on their requirements.

Comfortable and Responsive Keyboard

The keyboard in the Dell Latitude 5490 i5, 7th Gen, 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop is very comfortable and responds, hence unbeatable for typing. It best suits students and professionals who engage in typing activities for long hours, as the keys are well distributed and offer an excellent satisfying tactility when pressed. Notice the keys are chiseled with a slightly concave surface that cups your fingers, making fatigue from typing minimal and enhancing accuracy.

Plus, the illumination from the backlight on the keyboard enables one to also work even in places with little lighting. This increases the scope and convenience of its use.

The keyboard is very responsive and lends itself to being precise; it's suitable for fast typists and those who demand reliability. An intuitive layout increases productivity by providing easy access to all the needed keys and shortcuts.

The Dell Latitude 5490 keyboard is also pretty rugged, not affected in performance by usual daily working use. Available only at Filpz. com: this laptop starts at Rs 23,310, which assures excellent value for the quality and reliability it hosts.

Hosted with a nice keyboard and outstanding performance—the 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB SSD, and 8GB of RAM—the Dell Latitude 5490 is an ideal pick for anyone willing to upgrade from their regular notebook.

Visit our website for more information on this great laptop, and use this exclusive offer right now.

Powerful Speakers for Rich Audio

Are you after a laptop that gives you not only top-notch performance but also an audio experience that is highly immersive? Look no further than the Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5 7th Gen, available now at a never-before-seen price, exclusive to The powerhouse of a laptop has designed powerful speakers that give rich, clear, and vibrant audio for work or play.

Whether it is virtual meetings, movies, or music that you love, the Dell LATITUDE 5490 makes sure of an excellent sound experience. The high-quality speakers in the laptop pump out deep bass, sharp highs, and balanced mid-tones to make any audio content fully real. This is what makes it an ideal choice for working professionals who depend on audible conversations during video conferences and for entertainment buffs who thrive on quality sound.

At, we offer the Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 8Gb 256Gb SSD, at prices that start from Rs. 23,310. This competitive price makes it accessible to many users who desire a reliable and durable laptop but do not want to break the bank. Experience the right mix of performance and superior audio quality with the Dell LATITUDE 5490, available exclusively on our website.

Visit today for this fantastic laptop, and arrive at your higher audio experience.

Versatile Port Selection for Multitasking

Get the ultimate multitasking experience using the Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen, 256 GB, 8 GB RAM Laptop, a exclusive. It is a robust laptop designed to satisfy your professional and personal needs due to high performance.

One of those great features the Dell LATITUDE 5490 boasts is its comprehensive range of ports. This is enabled with the various USB 3.1 ports that are on offer, giving you the chance to connect several devices at the same time without going through the burden of switching cables back and forth constantly.

Besides, it has an HDMI output, meaning you can plug it directly into an external display for great presentations or extended working space. A VGA port is also included for compatibility with older display equipment to cater to different environments. The Ethernet port of the Dell LATITUDE 5490 is going to deliver stable and swift internet, which is so crucial to online work and streaming.

To make things more convenient, it even comes with a memory card reader, allowing you to quickly transfer data from your camera or other devices. It has all those ports in good numbers, so you can effectively practice multitasking—whether it is performance on power-hungry tasks, multitasking, working on some complicated projects, taking virtual meetings, or spending some time with multimedia content.

Available at for a list price of Rs. 23,310 onwards, the Dell Latitude 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop provides unrivaled value for a product that can do it all. Enhance your productivity and ease your life with this fully loaded laptop aimed at facing today's very dynamic computing environment. Get yours now from

Impressive Intel Core i5 Processor

This Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop works on the solid performance of the Intel Core i5 chipset towards many different sectors. The 7th generation Intel Core i5 7300U processor offers a base that is very solid for multitasking without any hitches and efficient computing. In this regard, there is also provision for an 8th generation variant with an 8th generation 3650U processor, which further beefs up the processing capabilities of the laptop.

Expandable RAM and Storage

It is further supported with an expandable RAM size of DDR4 8GB, making it fast and responsive for good computing. Users can still benefit from this feature by customizing memory capacity up to 32 GB for more demanding experiences. In return, a user can customize the laptop's RAM according to their required specifications so it very well fits in the scenario.

With a 256-GB storage capacity, the feature of Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM laptop can enable the storing of abundant files, documents, and multimedia, among others. This leaves ample space for the user to store data and keep it organized without the fear of running out of space. Diversification extends to external storage solutions for further expansion, which caters to different diverse storage needs.

Long-Lasting Battery and Power Adapter

The 256GB Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 8GB RAM 7th Gen Laptop—with a massive battery backup and consistent power adapter—will always keep you productive all the time. The strong laptop is made for the purpose of meeting professional needs and learners who require the same level of performance and an assured power supply for their daily tasks.

With an efficient battery life, you can confidently go on with your work, attend virtual meetings, or even enjoy multimedia without being bothered by constant recharging.

In addition, the Dell LATITUDE 5490 has a reliable power adapter with fast and dependable charging, allowing you to recharge your laptop during a break quickly.

It is incredibly convenient for people working on very tight schedules who always need their gadgets ready at any moment. A powerful battery and a suitable power adapter will ensure your laptop is always ready to serve you from inside the house, inside the office, or even on the road.

The Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM Laptop, available from Rs.23,310, is undoubtedly an investment product that one can feel highly confident about, with performance taking precedence above all other functionalities.

Exclusively available at, it aligns the perfect convergence between power and portability; hence, an addition your tech arsenal will need. Experience undisrupted productivity and continuous deliverance with the Dell LATITUDE 5490, and enjoy the convenience of long battery life and a power adapter with utmost efficiency.


The Dell Latitude 5490 I5 7th Gen 256GB 8GB RAM laptop is a versatile device for all professionals needing high performance and durability. Exclusively available at, this advanced-design laptop can accommodate high specifications for different purposes of computing.

The 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor ensures efficient multitasking and smooth operation, complemented by 256GB SSD storage for quick data access. A further boost to the laptop's ability is the 8GB RAM, which handles multiple applications simultaneously, hence sustaining the speed. This hardware combination guarantees smooth computing for any type of project, streaming activity, or even internet browsing.

Priced from Rs. 23,310, the Dell Latitude 5490 finds its place in the value-for-money laptops category. The build quality is rugged and durable, meant for everyday use. It's got an ergonomic keyboard and a responsive touchpad so that it may feel comfortable for those long hours—long hours of work or study cases.

Conclusion: the Dell Latitude 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM Laptop is a pansy thing for people who are firm in their desire for reliability and performance. Its sole availability through can, without a doubt, assure you of getting top-quality goods at a fantastic price, with quality and customer satisfaction being our only priority. Make sure not to lose the opportunity to acquire this excellent laptop and have the time of your life in computing.


1. What are the key features of the Dell LATITUDE 5490?

The Dell LATITUDE 5490 is configured with a high and satisfactory performance processor, the Intel Core i5 7th Gen. It comes with 8GB of RAM to give you an award-winning smooth multitasking workflow. The 256GB SSD stores multiple files and fast access from the storage disk. It comes with a 14-inch display that offers good resolution for the clarity and vividness of the image quality on a screen. In addition, it is solidly constructed to make it durable for everyday use.

2. What operating system is available for the Dell LATITUDE 5490?

The Dell LATITUDE 5490 runs Windows 10, so users get a familiar and versatile OS. Further, Windows 10 is just power-packed with features and updates, such that it assures the user that they remain compatible with many applications and, of course, installing new measures in security. Linux also runs on the laptop if a user prefers something other than Windows.

3. What is the battery life of the Dell LATITUDE 5490?

Dell LATITUDE 5490: The battery is long-lasting and promises approximately 10 hours with typical use. This makes it highly relevant for professionals requiring complete reliability in working on the go. Users can expect consistent performance since the device will not need frequent recharging.

4. Is the Dell LATITUDE 5490 good for gaming?

Dell LATITUDE 5490: This could be something more for business and professional-like tasks, but it can perform very light gaming with the Intel HD Graphics 620. However, gaming on higher-end or graphics-intensive games is not recommended on a laptop like this. Everything will be excellent with casual gaming or lower-demanding titles in that genre.

5. Connectivity Options on Dell LATITUDE 5490?

The Dell LATITUDE 5490 allows diversified connections in terms of connectivity. It has USB 3.1 ports, HDMI, VGA for wired connections, and even Ethernet. Infused with features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity, this gives the laptop a versatile edge for usage in connecting to peripherals, networks, and other devices. The Dell LATITUDE 5490 I5, 7th Gen 256GB, 8GB RAM Laptop is exclusively available at up to an introductory price, Rs. 23,310, on Visit our site to learn more about this highly reliable and high-performing laptop.

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