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Exploring the DELL LATITUDE E7240 I5,4th Gen 4GB, 128GB SSD, 12.5inch Laptop: A Comprehensive Review

Exploring the DELL LATITUDE E7240 I5,4th Gen 4GB, 128GB SSD, 12.5inch Laptop: A Comprehensive Review


Welcome to, where we bring you the best of laptops at the best prices. Today, we cannot be more excited to present to you the Dell Latitude E7240 – a solid machine that fits the power you need in tight spaces. This laptop performs and provides smooth performance with excellent multitasking support—an Intel Core i5 4th Generation.

The DELL LATITUDE E7240 I5,4th Gen 4GB, 128GB SSD, 12.5inch Laptop features 4GB RAM, hence no hanging in-between while multitasking on different applications. This laptop comes with 128GB SSD capacity, which is sure to accommodate all your essential files and, at the same time, drastically improve the system with better boot times and quick access to data. The 12.5-inch display will show good color and details equally well, which is good for work and entertainment.

The Dell Latitude E7240 is an easy-carry laptop, be it on a business trip or even in between classes, with its thin and lightweight design. It's designed strong, providing durability and reliability in the long run.

Not your average laptop, this Dell Latitude E7240 notebook has a starting price of Rs.22,680 and will be available only at You don't want to miss the chance of getting a high-performance laptop for such an economical price. Do visit our website and make the purchase today!

Price and Availability

Get the Dell Latitude E7240 I5 4th Gen, 4GB, 128GB SSD, 12.5-inch Laptop very specially priced only at The laptop is highly compact, highly efficient, and performs well in professional, as well as personal, activities. The Dell Latitude E7240 Notebook is perfectly designed for a person in need of a good workhorse for his working needs; it is precisely apt with powerful specifications.

Being priced at Rs.22,680 onwards, this laptop is an absolute value for the money. Its 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processor ensures serviceability and hassle-free multitasking, while 4GB of RAM is just about enough to handle all the daily grind. The 128 GB SSD doesn't only offer much space but also improves the overall speed and performance of the laptop. It performs well for a 12.5-inch display, for people who want something portable without necessarily cutting down on clarity and quality on their screen.

At, we strive to offer the best deals on our range of products consistently. The Dell Latitude E7240 represents a commitment to performance, durability, and pricing. So visit our website for this remarkable offer today and move your computing to the next level with Dell Latitude E7240.

Display and Screen Quality

Now available at, the Dell Latitude E7240 is manufactured with particular concern for delivering excellent display and screen quality. It has a 12.5-inch screen size, which is the best balance between portability and usability. It needs to be said even in such a compact size, its screen will provide an impeccable view for both professional and personal use.

One of the strong points of the Dell Latitude E7240 is its high-definition resolution. It shows sharp and clear images, thereby providing the best where text and image presentation are key. Such clarity is essential when carrying out jobs that need detailed viewing, like those in graphic design, video editing, or just consuming high-definition media content. The colors on this screen are rich and well-balanced, giving a vivid visual experience.

In addition, the screen of the Dell Latitude E7240 has been given an anti-glare treatment. This feature minimizes the reflections and glares to a considerable extent, hence allowing people to easily use their laptops even in brightly lit rooms or while outside. The minimized reflection on the screen enables better readability, so there is minimal strain on the eyes even after continuous use over long hours.

The viewing angles are pretty good on the Dell Latitude E7240. The screen remains bright and color-accurate even if you must look at it straight-on or from an angle. This makes it best suited for sharing content and working with many people looking at the screen at once.

In brief, the product from is the Dell Latitude E7240, which retails for Rs. 22,680 and presents top quality in terms of both the display and the screen. With its high-definition resolution and color variation, anti-glare technology and wide viewing angles, it makes a very assured selection for applications across different categories.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard in the DELL LATITUDE E7240 I5, 4th GEN 4GB, 128 GB SSD, 12.5 INCH LAPTOP is pretty small but super comfortable, being by far the most ergonomic laptop keyboard to type on. Keyboards are great to type on because crucial travel is excellent, and the keys are silent and responsive but easy to move around, giving a very lovely, pleasant typing feel.

The trackpad on the Dell Latitude E7240 is also quite comfortable, with a decent click response. As a user, one will comfortably navigate and interact with the touchpad quite well, and hence, it becomes one of many major stand-out features of the laptop. The model also comes with a fingerprint scanner whose usage is according to the user's preference.

Additional Features

The Dell Latitude E7240 is, by all means, very compact in design; hence, it perfectly fits mobile professionals. The 12.5" HD screen ensures a sharp view and bright vision while handling documents, browsing the web, or streaming a video. With the sturdy build quality synonymous with Dell's Latitude series, it is durable and long-lasting for assured everyday use trouble-free.

This laptop provides enough power for multitasking with an Intel Core i5 4th gen processor, supported by 4GB of RAM. With 128GB SSD storage, it offers ample capacity for your files and documents while ensuring fast boot times and data access—precisely what is needed to attain high performance. It features several options for connectivity, including USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, and even a mini DisplayPort to ensure comfortable compatibility with a myriad of other peripherals and external displays.

To add on, the Dell Latitude E7240 also features a backlit keyboard, which serves as a savior whenever one is operating under meager light. The laptop is equipped with an advanced security system without compromise, including a fingerprint reader and TPM (Trusted Platform Module) technology for maximum data safety.

Furthermore, further optimized battery life means that this laptop can work for long hours on a single charge, making it convenient to work over the weekends, on extended workdays, and even on travels. These features combined make the Dell Latitude E7240 versatile and highly efficient for those who desire performance and portability.

This laptop, with a starting price of Rs. 22,680, is available only at Visit the website and learn more about this killer device with excellent pricing.

Battery Life and Performance

The Dell Latitude E7240, despite its unique features, is flagged down by declining battery performance after five years of service. The battery now runs low quickly but gives out approximately an hour's charge if under heavy usage.

This degradation in battery life is to be expected as laptops age. All the same, this laptop has featured great speakers for its size and form factor to ensure a great user experience all through the years of service.

Selling the Dell Latitude E7240

Dell Latitude E7240 is a high-end business notebook that brings in professionals requiring a reliable, productive computing experience. This sleek and compact machine features an Intel Core i5 4th Gen for robust performance in multitasking and carrying through intensive applications.

With 4GB of RAM, the Dell Latitude E7240 continues best of the pace and response—just perfect for any business person on the go.

The Dell Latitude E7240 has a 128 GB SSD that should provide ample space to store your essential files and documents while reducing boot and data access time.

You can take it everywhere, and this 12.5-inch screen size is just ideally portable, with all the clear and sharp visuals to support your work operations. Clarity and ease are what you get from working with this laptop, be it in the drafting of reports, making presentations, or video conferencing.

Available exclusively on, the Dell Latitude E7240 is now going to be available for a phenomenal starting price of just Rs. 22,680, which makes it one of the best investments for any professional looking at quality while being within their budget.

Our website offers a shopping experience where you will easily find and buy this quality laptop. Don't miss this chance to become more productive with the Dell Latitude E7240. Visit now for yours under this exclusive offer.

Longevity and Reliability

At, we proudly present the DELL LATITUDE E7240 I5, 4th Gen 4GB, 128GB SSD, 12.5inch Laptop, which starts from a competitive price of Rs. 22,680. This laptop is trendy for its outstanding durability and reliability; therefore, by all measures, it can make a significant investment, be it personal or professional.

Another remarkable quality of this DELL LATITUDE E7240 is its ruggedness. The design of the laptop by Dell is rugged and uses premium materials that will withstand the demands of regular daily use. The compact and lightweight nature does not compromise the laptop's strength, thus ensuring that it can more than stand up to the beating and banging around for everyday handling and travel.

The 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD enables a seamless, smooth computing experience in terms of performance. This configuration ensures that files access quickly and boot time is minimized for this note, but also multitasking proves a breeze. The laptop is additionally made even more reliable with the best data protection and fast data access times compared to traditional hard drives because of the ancient-style hard drives commonly used by other laptops.

Besides, a 12.5-inch screen provides a perfect compromise between use and portability. The display is of clear and lively output, for many tasks from office to multimedia applications.

Another essential feature of the laptop is its battery, which enables the machine to run for several hours on a single full charge, which is critical for people who are always on the move.

Overall, the DELL LATITUDE E7240 I5, 4th Gen 4GB 128GB SSD 12.5inch Laptop from proves Dell's years of commitment to quality and reliability. It is durable, has a solid performance, and a long battery life that makes it ideal for people who want reliable laptops that very easily manage daily use. Invest in this dependable machine and avail yourself of the peace of mind that comes with a Dell Latitude.

Potential Battery Replacement

Is your Dell Latitude E7240 battery acting up? Then, your search should probably stop at because we might just have the replacement you need to bring your laptop back to that fantastic performance it had. Dell Latitude E7240 is a very reliable and durable machine that performs well and has portability because of its Intel Core i5 4th Gen processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and 12.5" screen. In the same way, every laptop's battery life tends to wear off with time, powerful as it may be, putting a toll on your work output.

Get your high-quality battery replacement for efficiently running your Dell Latitude E7240 laptop from This is where a potential replacement battery assures that the computer works just without hurdles because it mainly saves you time by working for longer hours in situations that would have seen other batteries easily give out. The battery is designed and manufactured according to original specifications for compatibility with the device and safety.

At just Rs. 22,680, this is the potential cheap replacement that you surely must give your Dell Latitude E7240 a new lease of life. Select our product today and, for once, avoid the great expense and hassle of having to replace the entire laptop. Just go to to place an order; order that battery replacement and continue experiencing unbeatable performance from your trusted Dell Latitude E7240. Get actual battery replacement because it's worth keeping your laptop at top performance.


The Dell Latitude E7240, the only place to find it is It is a fantastic computer for anyone who wants a highly efficient computer. It is powered by an Intel Core i5 4th generation processor, so one would expect it to perform well no matter what professional or personal work is being done. Whether multitasking, working with large spreadsheets, or just using the internet, E7240 runs and drives smoothly.

One other feature that makes the Dell Latitude E7240 stand out is its 128GB SSD, which considerably boosts boot time as well as application loading time. This, coupled with 4GB RAM, creates a hassle-free user experience devoid of lags. It doesn't just enhance performance but also seems perfect for people who value their data's integrity and quick access to files because of its durability and reliability.

Notably, the 12.5-inch screen of the laptop is its other strength, as it projects bright and clear images. The compact size is for high portability, which suits on-the-go professionals or students who wish to have a reliable machine that does not weigh them down. The E7240 has a sleek and professional design that gives it the sophistication to fit into varied work environments.

The Dell Latitude E7240 is excellent in value, starting at Rs 22,680 on This unit incorporates performance, reliability, and portability for everyday versatile use. Avail yourself of this exceptional offering on the site—quality and affordability in only one fantastic package.


1. What characteristics distinguish the DELL LATITUDE E7240?

DELL LATITUDE E7240 I5 4th Gen laptop comes with a 4GB, 128GB SSD, 12.5" Laptop with a 4th Gen i5 Intel Core processor for easy and swift performance of everyday computer operations. Further, the laptop is pre-installed with 4GB RAM, which is quite reasonable to facilitate several applications running concurrently without causing problems.

Its 128GB solid-state drive brings meaning back to the word "instantaneous": boot-up and lightning file access. The enormous, bold power of that 12.5-inch display is clear and compact for work or entertainment.

2. Is the DELL LATITUDE E7240 travelworthy?

The DELL LATITUDE E7240 is one of the best laptops for travel, owing to its light and slim nature. It is pretty portable and lightweight, weighing only about 1.3 kg. It fits perfectly for traveling professionals or business people. With solid construction out of rigid materials, this machine can take a beating on the road, over which you would not have to worry just because you are out of town by missing a beat.

3. What operating system is DELL LATITUDE E7240 on?

Generally, the operational system preinstalled on the DELL LATITUDE E7240 laptop is Windows 10 Pro. It has an operating environment thoroughly understood with many varied characteristics that could be suitable for work in any sphere: business activities, or at home. Advanced security features, improved tools to enhance your productivity, and native integration with all other services by Microsoft make Windows 10 Pro versatile software for any user.


The battery life of a DELL LATITUDE E7240 is up to 6 hours on a single charge, depending on usage. This will help in working without necessarily being close to a place where power is convenient for the user's sake, who might find themselves far away from the energy source and working for a pretty long time. Additional battery packs are also available for those with even more demanding power needs, and external power solutions are provided.

5. Can I upgrade the storage and memory on my Dell Latitude E7240?

It is noticeable that in Dell Latitude E7240, the only upgradable option is storage and memory. The maximum size to which the RAM can be upgraded is 8GB and above, depending on the user's needs. This next one will be upgrading from the 128GB SSD I explained earlier to a larger one, scaling for a higher-capacity drive to assure users of all the space they need to store their data in better general performance. With these upgraded capacities, the E7240 becomes a very flexible notebook for any user with growing storage or memory needs.

6. What connectivity options does the DELL LATITUDE E7240 have?

Other than that, the connectivity options on the DELL LATITUDE E7240 include several USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort for easy connection of external peripherals and displays, inbuilt Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for easy wireless connectivity so that a user can keep on the web and connected to other devices without much bother, not forgetting an Ethernet port that allows a hardwired network connection.

It's a DELL LATITUDE E7240 l5 4th Gen 4GB 128GB SSD 12.5-inch Laptop, available on starting from Rs. 22,680. Professionals and students have generally recommended this laptop because the design is enhanced for on-the-go and versatile use, and it has the best performance.

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