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Millions of Indians Buying iPhone: The Rise of Apple in India

Millions of Indians Buying iPhone: The Rise of Apple in India


Apple's significant increase in sales within India highlights its successful strategic emphasis on this growing market. Between 2020 and 2021, there was an impressive near-doubling of iPhone sales. This surge is partly due to India's position as the world's second-largest smartphone market, a title it has held since 2016. Initially, Apple faced some challenges in this market, but its dedicated strategies, including establishing local manufacturing and improving customer service, have yielded fruitful results. Presently, a substantial 70% of iPhones sold in India are produced locally, beginning with the iPhone SE in 2017. This move has enabled Apple to more effectively penetrate the market with reduced risk. Additionally, enhancements to Apple's online store and the introduction of products like the M1 MacBook and iPad amid the pandemic have further spurred demand. A crucial aspect of Apple's strategy has been its pricing approach. By offering a balance between premium quality and competitive pricing, particularly for its non-pro models, Apple has managed to attract a wider range of customers in India.

Apple's Strategy in India

Apple's proactive approach in India, marked by Tim Cook's visit in May and subsequent strategic initiatives, has led to a dramatic increase in iPhone sales. The decision to manufacture 70% of the iPhones sold in India locally, starting with the iPhone SE, has allowed Apple to offer competitive prices and discounts, appealing to the price-sensitive Indian market. Partnerships with manufacturing giants like Foxconn and Wistron, encouraged by Indian government incentives, have bolstered Apple's local production capabilities. Coupled with an enhanced focus on customer service through the online store, Apple has successfully navigated previous challenges and established a strong foothold in India.

Factors Driving iPhone Sales

Several factors contribute to the burgeoning iPhone sales in India. The brand's image and popularity, despite premium pricing, resonate with many Indians who view owning an iPhone as a status symbol. Trust and authenticity associated with purchasing directly from the Apple website, along with improved after-sales service, have also bolstered sales. Additionally, the increased availability of iPhones on major online platforms like has made these devices more accessible, further driving sales.

The Impact of Apple's Product Range

The introduction of M1 MacBooks and the growing popularity of Apple's product range have significantly influenced the Indian market. The M1 MacBooks, launched amid the pandemic-induced demand for laptops, have received glowing reviews and captured substantial market share due to their performance and competitive pricing. The growing acceptance of Apple products, along with their availability on platforms like Filpz, has made them more accessible and desirable to the Indian audience.

Affordability and Product Range

Contrary to the perception that iPhones are prohibitively expensive, Apple has strategically positioned non-pro models to be more affordable, particularly during festive sales. Local manufacturing initiatives have further reduced costs, making iPhones more accessible to a broader Indian audience. The psychological allure of the Apple brand, coupled with the convenience offered by online platforms, has significantly driven sales.


Apple's ascent in India is a multifaceted success story, driven by the absence of direct competitors like Galaxy Note, strategic local production, improved customer service, and a keen understanding of the market's pricing sensitivities. The company's continued focus and adaptation to the evolving Indian consumer landscape hint at a promising future, albeit with potential challenges like increasing competition and changing market dynamics.


1. Why are iPhone sales increasing in India?

iPhone sales are rising due to Apple's strategic initiatives, including local manufacturing, enhanced online customer service, and competitive pricing, tailored to the Indian market's growing attraction.

2. What is Apple's strategy in the Indian market?

Apple's strategy revolves around local production, improved customer service, and competitive pricing, aiming to make iPhones more accessible and appealing to Indian consumers.

3. How has the online store improved after-sales service?

Apple's online store offers direct, reliable, and seamless service, addressing the challenges previously faced with third-party repair centers, thereby gaining consumers' trust.

4. Why are non-pro iPhone models more popular in India?

Non-pro iPhone models are more popular due to their more affordable prices, especially during festive sales, making them accessible to a larger segment of Indian consumers.

5. What impact has the absence of Galaxy Note had on iPhone sales?

The absence of a direct competitor like Galaxy Note has steered consumers towards iPhones, contributing significantly to the increase in sales in India.

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