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Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM Light Blue: A Closer Look at the Budget Killer

Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM Light Blue: A Closer Look at the Budget Killer


We are introducing the Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM in Light Blue, available at! The device is crafted to effortlessly combine style, performance, and affordability, making it perfect for any guy who loves reliability in a device and performance in everyday tasks.

At the core of the Realme 2 Pro lies a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE processor, together with 4GB of RAM for smooth multitasking and fostering efficiency in the most demanding applications. Internal storage is pegged at a spacious 64GB, giving you room for all your apps, photos, videos, and more, expandable further with a dedicated microSD card slot.

The Realme 2 Pro features a lively 6.3" FHD+ display with a dewdrop notch that will give you an immersive viewing feel in every video, game, and browsing page. The screen is armored with Corning Gorilla Glass for added protection against scratches.

Photography enthusiasts will be pleased with the dual rear camera setup: a 16MP primary sensor, and a 2MP secondary sensor for premium shots with bokeh effects. It ensures an ultrasharp and clear selfie using a 16 MP front camera further perfected by an AI Beauty mode, which gets it right every time.

Featuring a smooth and stylish design in Light Blue, the Realme 2 Pro looks good and boasts incredible performance. While powered by a 3500Ah battery designed to keep you in touch all day, it supports AI Power Master to get the optimized life of a battery.

With several unbeatable deals on offer, the Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM in Light Blue can be availed from a price starting at only Rs. 5,216. Visit today for this fantastic smartphone with the perfect combination of power, style, and affordability.

Price and Availability

We proudly announce that the Realme 2 Pro will be available through our website,, in this fabulous shade of Light Blue exclusively. Sleek and fashionable, this phone brings strong performance bundled with sensational looks that can deliver the best-ever mobile upgrade experience.

Fulfilling the needs of students, professionals, and even tech enthusiasts, the Realme 2 Pro arrives powerful in specifications and brilliant in design.

At, we do all we can to give our clients the most privileged marketplace prices. With a fantastic starting price of only Rs. 5,216, Realme 2 Pro becomes a relatively affordable option for people who desire both quality and performance at budget-friendly rates. This is an unbeatable price, promising you the best value for your money, thus allowing you feasible features in high-end smartphones at a fraction of their cost.

The second critical point   is KV: Oh.Okay.. It is for the exact cause that, at, we endeavor only and at all times to have Realme 2 Pro in our stores. You can always rest assured of a shopping experience so easy, fast, and convenient that it would be nowhere else. Our presence on the website is so dynamic that it is damn easy  . MP: Is damn easy; fetch your way around up to your ideal product by checking in Your new smartphone and checking out with safe payment options for quick and reliable delivery.

Get a Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM Light Blue today. Order by now and experience fashionable design and solid performance at a value. At all times customer service is on standby to assist with any request or inquiry.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM Light Blue has finally been launched, so everyone can see the budget masterpiece. Unboxing, followed by first impressions, will let you know and get an idea about the packaging, build quality, and everything else this device carries.

The polished red text on the white background of the minimally designed carton made it look clean and chic but, again, not wholly stripped of the air—proud to bear the "Made in India" tag, showing its local assembly and the quality standard to match.

It features a 6.3" FHD+ dewdrop full screen and a high 90.8% screen-to-body ratio for immersive viewing. The unboxing experience is loaded with essential devices required—from the charging cable to the noise cancellation microphone to user manuals.

The moment one beholds the Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM Light Blue in gradient variants, several design elements strike out: the USB charging and data-syncing port, the 3.5mm headphone jack, the bottom-firing speakers, and the neatly placed power and volume buttons for easy access and use.

Device Specifications and Design

The Light Blue 64GB 4GB RAM Realme 2 Pro is an exclusively available smartphone on, one of the most influential and stylish devices available, and that too from Rs.5,216 only. Formulated to give its sacrifice an unbelievable experience, it is built on robust performance and slim aesthetics.

Working under it all is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE octa-core processor, which makes sure the smartphone can juggle tasks with both ease and style. Multitasking with 4GB of RAM will undoubtedly present a smooth app performance and prompt response time, even if many applications are running. Up to 64GB of onboard storage space is provided for all your images, videos, and apps. Application processes and results can further be accelerated with vast memory expansion supported by microSD card slots.

The Realme 2 Pro is designed with a curve. Dressed in the Light Blue color, giving some new liveliness to the exterior, surely it will stand out in most surroundings. It rocks a 6.3-inch Full HD+ display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels that shows your display lively and enhances visuals. The maximum screen-to-body ratio design provides maximum display content, and with that dewdrop notch, more display content appears.

Camera performance from the Realme 2 Pro doesn't fall behind either. It has a dual rear setup—a 16 MP primary sensor and another 2 MP depth sensor to facilitate superfine photos with great depth and details. Snap attractive selfies with the 16MP sensor at the front, delivering nice and sharp images and explicit video calling.

Further, there is a big 3500mAh battery that has enough juice for the day and can run operations throughout the day without the need for frequent recharging. This phone also provides AI battery management for minimum power consumption for long-lasting battery life.

In addition, from performance, design, and affordability altogether, the 4 GB RAM, 64 GB Memory Realme 2 Pro in Light Blue available on is a perfect deal to strike for potential customers.

The Stunning Display

Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM in Light Blue is a device with a spectacular screen, which wins the heart just by looking at its elegance and operating functionality. The beautiful waterdrop notch appears significant and ladies will specifically appreciate a gorgeous, smooth design that, in turn, grants the owner a great visual contact experience. The big 6.3" FHD + dewdrop full screen with an outstanding 90.8% screen-to-body ratio provides a more extensive view area perfect for a more affluent multimedia consumption and better interaction with applications.

The 4GB RAM Realme, 2 Pro in 64GB Light Blue variant is designed with a curvy glass back graded in a sleek and stylish light blue hue that somewhat brings out the class of this device. This feature not only gives it the perfect distinction in a device but also gives it an ergonomic feel that makes the gadget well-fixed in the hand while using it or just holding it.

Quite expected, the waterdrop notch on this Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM model Light Blue will avail of a modern, smooth design to the product, providing more view space for the user; it is usual, clean, and immersive.

Battery and Charging

At, we offer the Light Blue Realme 2 Pro 64GB/ 4GB RAM smartphone, which not only provides state-of-the-art-built performance and design but, surprisingly, the most unbeatable battery and charging capabilities. With this, a consumer can avail themself of a device for as low as Rs. 5,216.

With an impressive 3,500 mAh battery, the Realme 2 Pro is here to accompany you throughout the day with whatever keeps the endless nagging feeling at bay. Stream videos, play games, or work on all-important tasks: this battery keeps up the tasks.

Additionally, the device is fitted with AI PowerMaster technology that ensures battery consumption is optimally intelligent by hibernating background applications or processes, saving the battery further.

Fast charging on the Realme 2 Pro is good until a maximum of 10W, meaning you can juice your device pronto. Meaning without wasting much time, you'll be able to get enough percentages so it doesn't hold back the things you're required to do. The charging inside the micro-USB comes geared to charge efficiently and safely for your device.

In addition, Realme 2 Pro's battery, with multi-level protection, averts any possibility of overcharging or overheating issues and assures you. Realme 2 Pro has actual performance and is the phone of choice among most users for reasons of safety and proper battery management.

In summary, the Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM Light Blue is available to buy at and hosts good battery life with fast charging functions for users looking for a reliable smartphone at a budget price.

Software and Performance

The Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM Light Blue variant is driven by Android 8.1.0; hence, users should expect a similar, intuitive operating system. This device has been powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB onboard storage to make the performance smooth and responsive, making multi-tasking and running several applications easy. By default, on the first boot, it arrives with about 46.8GB free space, which is okay for saving data and media.

A device running on the ColorOS 5.2 version ensures an enriched and highly customizable interface that drives an advanced experience on any smartphone. ColorOS offers numerous intuitive features and optimizations that make the device more usable and functional.

Light Blue: Realme 2 Pro, 64 GB 4GB RAM, testifying to excellent camera specifications, meeting all photography needs for every user. From AI beautification to its portrait mode, the device's camera features are built to capture fantastic images with convenience and precision. With a 16 MP selfie camera backed up by AI beautification and a 16 MP + 2 MP dual rear camera, users can easily capture all lovely moments with sharp clarity and detailing.


In short, the Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM Light Blue is a creation in the world of resilient yet elegant smartphones. This phone will not fail to live up to the expectations put forward since it is a performer and the ultimate looker in this price range. Its price starts at Rs. 5,216, which is above par with the value for money in this range of models. Hence, it will ideally position itself in the hearts of people looking for quality without spending too much.

With Realme 2 Pro, the large memory of 64GB is absolute pride, adding to an adequate quantity of installations and storage for apps, pictures, and videos—the existence of a 4GB RAM facilitated frictionless multitasking. Illustration by Usama Eijaz I.L Men's Magazine Light Blue touch gives the device a formal and trendy look at the same time.

Moreover, the Realme 2 Pro has excellent display vibrancy and a robust camera setup for you to take striking photos and enjoy maximal viewing. These are designed with a friendly interface and long battery life to further appeal to practical daily use.

To summarize, available on is Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM Light Blue, one fantastic smartphone with a perfect spectrum of features unparalleled in price. It will indeed be the most satisfying thing you would ever shop for; it doesn't matter whether it is your next purchase or you are buying for the first time—avail of this all-in-one, feature-packed smartphone at a never-before price by grabbing the deal on Check out today for purchase.


1. What are the key characteristic features of Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM Light Blue?

On top of this, the Realme 2 Pro features a 6.3-inch FHD+ display to provide you with an experience of crisp colors and sharp details. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE processor for frictionless performance and smooth multitasking. Inbuilt storage is a massive 64GB and is expandable up to 256GB with a microSD card to save all your apps, photos, and media.

It also features dual cameras, a 16MP primary sensor, and a 2MP secondary sensor for photographers wanting to catch spontaneous shots in video or picture form.

2. What about battery life on Realme 2 Pro?

The Realme 2 Pro has a 3500mAh battery, which does justice if one factors in battery life. At medium use—surfing, social media, video streaming—the battery can last an entire day. For heavy users who game or are heavy on multimedia, that battery life may vary from person to person. However, it will be pretty reliable to help you stay connected all day.

3. Can the Realme 2 Pro use fast charging?

The mobile does support quick-charging technology. A 10W charger that comes free with the device in the box swiftly recharges the power, hurting the least amount of downtime to keep you on the go. Especially when users have a busy lifestyle, it'll help to ensure the device is ready at a moment's notice with the fast charging feature.

4. Which version of Android does the Realme 2 Pro run?

The Realme 2 Pro runs on ColorOS 5.2, with a base of Android 8.1 Oreo. It's based on easy-to-use and intuitively designed software with many options for personalization and loads of features. Realme continually works to update its software to optimize performance further and deliver the utmost level of security, so common updates whose additions would enhance the general user experience could be anticipated.

5. Do colors differ, or is there another color of Realme 2 Pro?

The Realme 2 Pro grand charity comes in Light Blue color only at This variant gives a slippery and contemporary feel, making millennials accustomed to flaunting their stylish and trendy design take an interest. Yes, the luster is there in the grand charity for a fashionable feeling, and by something chic, it meant that the luster attracts to the mobile.

Other color variants may be available on the market, but this Light Blue variant is exclusively available on our website, The Realme 2 Pro 64GB 4GB RAM Light Blue falls into your lap here at our lovely website in beautiful India, starting as low and convenient as Rs. 5,216. Make this purchase already today!

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