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Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black: A Powerful Budget Performer

Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black: A Powerful Budget Performer


Now enjoy the efficiency and style of two worlds with this Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black, now available for an exclusively low price at our Filpz.com store. Built to cater to diverse, modern-day mobile users, this smartphone combines powerful hardware with stunning beauty, no other device in its class can match.

Powering the Xiaomi Poco C55 is a strong core enriched with a 64GB storage capacity paired with 4GB RAM. If it's streaming high-definition videos, switching between your myriad apps, or even just storing your favorite content, this bad boy is designed to deliver a performance that's buttery smooth with tons of room for your needs.

Power Black is capable of aesthetically matching to means other than that of the appeal because the device has a sleek finish that provides a good grip, which is easy to handle and carry around for use on the go. The phone's vivid display is coupled with sharp graphics, offering a fairly immersive view that one enjoys, including web browsing, gaming, and multimedia watching.

With advanced camera capabilities, the Poco C55 Xiaomi is one device that ensures you capture every moment in high-definition detail. From high-resolution photos to Full HD videos, it is all thanks to this camera setup, providing clarity and sharpness hence storing memories in exceptional quality.

It's user-friendly, with responsive touch controls when navigating through applications and features. The Xiaomi Poco C55 is powered by a reliable battery to give long-lasting iPhone performance, ensuring that users can stay connected all day.

Exclusively at Filpz.com, the Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black offers leading features that speak premium at an inexpensive cost, thus delivering to the users a smartphone on which they can rely, have excellent performance, and style. It is sure to deliver an advanced mobile lifestyle—work, entertainment, or staying always connected, with good performance to help match dynamic and aggressive lifestyles.

Price and Availability

At Filpz.com, we are proud to present the Xiaomi Poco C55 64 GB 4 GB RAM Power Black, a great option for those wanting a mix of power and affordability for their smartphone. Available through our website exclusively, this model is a piece of sleek design that envelops robust functionality and would address various needs ranging from communication to multimedia use.

The Xiaomi Poco C55 is headlined by the quite extensive 64GB storage and powered by 4GB RAM to keep things running smoothly, help you multitask, and keep all your favorite apps, photos, and videos with ease. The Power Black one rocks an edgy design that makes it a gadget to crave, almost like something most tech enthusiasts wish they could have.

Designed at highly competitive pricing, starting at Rs 7,912, this new Xiaomi Poco C55 is an excellent value for the class it wants to represent, making some of the advanced features in a smartphone class available at such a price but not compromising with the quality or the performance. This one is sure to strike a note in the minds of users with reliability and innovation for an upgrade in a device or new possibilities with mobile technology.

For availability and preferable choice, log on to Filpz.com for complete detail on specs, customer reviews and ability to get your purchase. Enjoy the comfort of sitting at home as you shop online without the slightest bit of harm in having your transaction processed securely. At the same time, fast delivery ensures that you get your Xiaomi Poco C55 in your hand as soon as possible and with no trouble.

Dont let this one be out of your hand—the chance to own Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black here on Filpz.com, where for every person there is a quality smartphone within reach at a good price. Be among the many other happy customers who now prefer Filpz.com as a place for all things tech gadget- and gizmo-related and that's why we are a name people know and trust in online gadget retail.


Inside the box of the Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black, you uncover a slim box that contains the SIM tool, documentation, a compact charger, and a charging cable in USB Type-C port. The phone is covered in leather-like design and Poco branding, with a big camera module. With a premium feel, the device is expected to be priced aggressively, which should make it quite appealing to budget-oriented consumers.


Talking about the weight, the Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black is quite a lightweight model, weighing about 188-189 grams. Lightweight as it is, the device is very comfortable in the hand as well—in fact, good for sturdiness and portability. With its flattened design and manageable weight, the Poco C55 is a very pragmatic user gadget for daily use.

Ports and Buttons

The volume rockers and the power off/on button are positioned on the right-hand side of the Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black. It has a microUSB port, a mike, and a speaker grill.

On the left side, one can find a SIM card tray whereas on the top, a 3.5mm jack is there. The dedicated slot for a microSD card provides expandable storage of up to one terabyte, allowing users ample space for data. The build quality feels robust; including even the glass on its front and back, it exudes an excellent look.

The card slot of the dedicated SD card supports expandable storage of up to one terabyte of storage, ensuring a storage space that is just sufficient enough.

The Poco C55 is very sturdy; it commands a premium feel through the peal of its glass front and back, which majorly adds to the phone's appeal.

In-hand Feel

This model was made with a 6.7-inch display size, though, compact for a comfortable handling experience with the Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB RAM 4GB. It has a slim, sleek design that helps to compensate for a space on the screen without compromising ergonomic usability. This makes the device lightweight and thus handy to be carried in your hands for hours without feeling uncomfortable, therefore ensuring good user experiences.

Not anything extra bulking from the sides, it becomes compact enough to fit easily into your pocket for all the practical choices one has to make in terms of dail telephony uses. The design plus build quality, these are the factors that succinctly bring out all that charisma in the Poco C55 and hence make it the best package at this price point with budget smartphones.


In a bit of a turn of events, the Poco C55 has an odd, unlike 6.7-inch display at this price point, giving the users quite the vast area for doing all kinds of visual activities.

Further, the Full HD+ screen comes with a 120Hz touch sampling rate, which makes buttery smooth things flow and react to gestures well, in turn enhancing the user experience. It also offers decent sunlight visibility and brightness levels, which ease comfortable viewing.

This device is the Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM in color Power Black with an interesting display, which seeks to provide an experience full of satisfaction for users who enjoy multimedia.


The Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black is supported by the MediaTek Helio G85 processor with an AnTuTu score up to 40,000. It offers variants of 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage, as well as another running 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

The overall combination, thus, provides a seamless experience of multitasking and efficient performance with the Helio G85 processor, coupling it with ample RAM and storage for budget-conscious consumers. With the quite capable hardware, you can even enjoy seamless gaming experiences with the Poco C55 at medium settings. More than this is the performance on heavy games; video games can be played seamlessly, but at this affordable price tag.

Besides, the device enables the extended storage to be as high as one terabyte, thus giving users maximum flexibility and freedom to store huge amounts of the chosen store type of data: games, applications, or multimedia content.


Running on MIUI 13 based on Android 12, the Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM in Power Black. This loads you up with a customized user interface that provides numerous features to enhance your user experience. The user interface will easily navigate with smooth and intuitive experiences, and there are various options for customizations and system settings just within hand's easy reach.

Though, it runs Poco's proprietary skin out of the box. This also means no Google Dialer integration here, but recording calls is possible, and there are several third-party apps available that give a full range of options rather than any single set.

The Poco C55 features a fingerprint sensor mounted on the back for a smooth, convenient, and secure way of accessing the device. It is also enhanced with face unlock, which will give the user more ways to unlock their devices for data protection.

However, the lack of support for a gyro sensor in the device is made up for by other key sensors that make possible the running of most applications and smooth execution of tools.

With such strong OS and UI, this Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM is in Power Black which can offer nothing short of remarkable performance, extended security, and a set of customization features, further making it one of the top choices in today´s budget smartphones.


The Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black has Bluetooth 5.0 for easy connectivity to a variety of devices. It is also IP52 certified, besides an FM Radio, so it will offer a decent amount of resistance from dust and water. Other than this, it supports a wide range of connectivity options but lacks the notification light. Combined with certification, it makes it one of the most diversified offerings for customers looking for connectable and trustable builds.


At the bottom of the Poco C55, there is a mono speaker, quite loud and clear. For the immersive multimedia experience, the device comes on a great screen, which will be well fitted and fantastic for video and music consumption. Further, a big battery backs up the device to ensure long usage without stressing about constant recharging.

Although 10W of charging can be considered toward the modest end of the spectrum, a pretty large 5000mAh battery means extended usage, making it convenient for multimedia purposes throughout the day.


Here it comes in the form of A strong camera setup found in the Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black, including a 50MP primary sensor, a depth sensor, and a 5MP front camera.

The main 50MP sensor definitely produces impressive photos; more priority is set in good light conditions, though the depth sensor works fairly well in portrait mode and low light.

Whether it's night mode, portrait mode, HDR support, this camera on the Poco C55 seems to have it all. Whether it's stunning landscapes or personal moments, the Poco C55 camera system is set to capture high-quality pictures with detail and vibrant color.

For a budget device, however, the camera performance from the Poco C55 is something to eye on, enabling users to capture sharp, detailed, and visually stunning images. Considering any situation of photographing, this device's setup is good enough to hold consistency in performance with respect to light and conditions of the subject.

Speaking of video recording, the Poco C55 supports video recording of up to 1080p resolution. In this fact, the HD quality ensures that you can capture something in a video clip, whether it will be keeping moments for friends and family or cooking something for social media.

To add more delight to the photography experience, the Poco C55 will include an array of such enhanced features that are optimized with AI working in the background using advanced image processing. Great results are thereby presented and hence make the device very compelling to anyone looking for a device of any budget with its able and versatile camera setups.


Experience unparalleled performance and cutting-edge features through the Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black, now in at Filpz.com. The statements speak about a superb combination: a sleek design with toughness that makes it a crossbreed creation standing out among mobile products and users every day.

At Filpz.com, we have the Xiaomi Poco C55 available, with great pricing starting from $106. This device is featured not only for its cheap price but also for acceptable specifications.

It also includes a vast 64GB internal storage capacity, paired up with 4GB RAM, infrequently seen around here, for smooth multitasking with big room for your apps, photos, and media. A potent processor drives it, promising no less when it comes to performance.

Seamlessly find your way through the applications and games on this device with the Xiaomi Poco C55. Watch streaming videos, click memories using an advanced camera system, stay connected with your friends and family members, or do whatever else—you can do it all on this phone.

What is more, is its work in an elegant finish in Power Black with a flairy addition that matches an ergonomic design, all while fitting comfortably into your hand.

You will view brilliant colors and detailed images with an improved quality, whether you are browsing on it or watching video on it. Can't afford to spend much but looking for anything that will get the job done for an all-feature smartphone?

Then try the Xiaomi Poco C55 available at Filpz.com—it's sure to be up to par regarding performance, design, and value. Go to Filpz.com today to learn everything about the Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black and why this will be the perfect smartphone for you. Experience it all at your fingertips: it's a Filpz.com exclusive.


1. What is the battery capacity of the Xiaomi Poco C55?

Battery-wise, the Xiaomi Poco C55 64GB 4GB RAM Power Black has a mostly sufficient large battery capacity of 5,000mAh, good for the device's use even if you would barely recharge it regularly. Though coming with only a 10W charging solution, the substantial battery size helps it to wade through the day well on multimedia usage, while most other day-to-day usage doesn't face any problems.

2. Does the Xiaomi Poco C55 support external memory?

Yes, the Xiaomi Poco C55 supports expandable storage of up to 1 TB, offering users enough room to store so much data: games, apps, photos, or multimedia content. The dedicated SD card slot brings flexibility and ease of use for those who need more storage for their digital content.

3. What powers the processor in the Xiaomi Poco C55?

The Xiaomi Poco C55 is driven by MediaTek's Helio G85 processor, designed specifically to run applications, multitask, and even play the most recent games. In general, capable hardware and a number of options in memory and storage make the device something worthwhile and valuable for budget-conscious consumers who are looking to get something with reliable performance.

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